Friday, February 27, 2009

Having Fun With Stickers

Angel loves playing with stickers so much from the first day that I let her exercised her little fingers and imaginations with those cute little stickers. She absolutely loves it and always looking forward to her 5 – 10 minutes of pure sticker fun time whenever I have the time to do it with her. Through this activity, she gets to refine her fine motor skills and improved her pasting abilities while having so much fun at the same time. Furthermore, I think it helps to enhance her sense of shapes, positioning and also creativity while acquiring new vocabulary too.

It’s absolutely fun watching her making her own master piece out of those cute little stickers and she just can’t wait to gets her hands on another few more pages :) For mommies who love to have this type of stickers for their little ones, a lot of similar stickers activities booklet can be easily found in various good bookstores (e.g. Popul*ar, MP*H, Border*s, etc) with lots of options to choose from too. I just simply love doing this kind of fun activities with my little Angel because not just she is having so much fun, me and even hubby is having such a good time watching her doing her little creations while spending a quality playtime with her too :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Tea Time Menu

Angel is having some hard stool few weeks back so this is what I prepared for her tea break in order to loosen her poo poo and helps her bowel movements. It’s Bread with Prune Puree + Goat Milk Yogurt with Grape Puree (sometimes I do it plain if not enough time to puree the fruits) + Papaya + Apple Juice. I think all the above are good in helping to regulate her bowel movements and the end results? Surprisingly there were no more hard stool for Angel the very next day and she was able to pass motion regularly as well *phew* So whenever I noticed that she is having hard stools again, that’s one of the healthy tea time menu which I would normally prepared for her and it really does helps a lot in her bowel movements from my observations. I am glad that she loves this menu very much too but I try to avoid giving it to her everyday as prune puree sometimes can be a little bit too sweet for young kids :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Couple Of New Teeth

I have been waiting for these 2 Lower Cuspids like forever!! Her gums has been very swollen for months and finally, today I manage to spot some white spots erupting and get a good glimpse on these 2 cute little Lower Cuspids finally!!! I am glad that this round, those teeth don’t seem to bother her much. However, her appetite really went downhill …… I am not sure whether it’s because that she is teething or she has really turned into this picky eater after the CNY. Anyway, I am glad that her lower cuspids are finally erupted making 14 teeth in total for Angel :) And hopefully, more to come in the next few months :)

Pregnancy and Delivery Story Tag

Thanks to Mummy Gwen, Doreen and Lemonjude on this very interesting tag!! I like it very much and by doing this tag really brings back a lot of memories ……… Thanks dear for the Tag :)

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? What do you think? Kekekeke ……
3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? That time I hope it’s not true because me and hubby just got married for merely 2 years and just had our new job and were too busy to think about babies.
4. WAS ABORTION AN OPTION FOR YOU? Hhhmmm ….. not really.
5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? I was 31, not young already :P :P
8. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? Yes … coz I was hopping for a girl and hubby was hopping for a boy :)
9. DUE DATE? 23 March 2007
10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Oh yes …… more then morning sickness until I constantly go back to the clinic telling the doctor I am going to die. I can hardly eat, the ceiling was always spinning due to nausea, my tummy was constantly painful, vomit n times a day, headache was a norm from the moment I woke up till I go to bed, Feeling so sleepy all the time until I can dozed off while in the toilet and wake up 5 minutes later wondering where I am … LOL I couldn’t think straight or walk straight, I don’t feel like a human being anymore actually and that goes on for a long 5 months. The only thing which makes me feel better was lying down on the bed doing nothing :)

11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Hokkien Mee, Maggi Mee, Coke :)
12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Errmmm … I hate noisy place and I can’t go near canteen or places which have the aroma of food which will makes me vomit. Oh ya, and the person who irritates me the most is my dearest hubby!!!!! I hate smokers!!!!
13. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CHILD SEX? Oh …… it’s a sweet baby girl!!
15. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREGNANCY? I gained 25kg (50 pounds). Gosh!!! I can really eat a lot after my 5th months :(
18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? Oh … fibroids!! But luckily Angel didn’t get effected by it and I am thankful actually :)
19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Errrmmm …… hospital of course! Hahahahaha :P
20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? I have a prolonged labour for more then 15 hours and finally I need to go through a c-section to get Angel out safely :(
21. WHO DROVE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? A cab driver drove me and hubby to the hospital :)

22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? My hubby, my gynae and few nurses …
31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? She is coming to 2 years old soon :)

Now I would like to Tag the following friends to share their birth stories :)
Ai Peng
2) MuiYen
3) Leann
4) Alyse
5) Enan (Maggie)
6) Vicky
7) KristyTsen
8) Esmeralda
9) Natalia
10) who ever would love to share their birth stories but don’t know where to start :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tofu Dishes

Initially I was a bit worried about the borax (硼沙) issues which some heartless manufacturer would used in making their tofu instead of the normal salt or acids coagulant, so it take such a long delay for me to introduced tofu to Angel. Tofu actually is a food full of Iron, Calcium and Protein and sometimes referring to the ‘beauty food’ which women should consume more so that our skin will be silky smooth like the Tofu *smile*.

I also learn that tofu maybe be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week if we store it in a container of water which is airtight, changing the water daily. So here few of the dishes which I had prepared for Angel since I first started her with the beauty food – Tofu.

So here it is Angel’s 1) Plain Tofu Porridge with Bone Soup Base and also 2) Tofu + Tomato and Meat Porridge. Angel could accept the plain Tofu porridge so I guess she doesn’t hate the taste of tofu which is good. And she absolutely like the Tofu + Tomato and Meat Porridge and this dish is so simple that could be done in less then a few minutes.

Moving to the more ‘toddler’ version is 1) Stir Fried Tofu with Mince Meat and Spring Onion (I serve it with Porridge / Plain rice / Pasta for Angel) and also 2) Japanese Tofu topped with Tomato Meat Sauce. Surprisingly she doesn’t like the Japanese tofu which has been stir fried until golden brown. She would spit the tofu out but I honestly think that it taste nice even for adults. So now I know Angel likes her tofu to be plain and silky smooth as compare to the golden brown version. No wonder she doesn’t like her fried eggs sunny side up. What a picky eater she is :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thomas and Friends

Angel loves the theme song of Thomas and Friends and this is actually the first cartoon that she pays attention to since she was around 8 months old. Whenever Thomas and Friends were shown on the TV, her eyes would be glued to the screen for a good ½ an hour very concentrated! Personally I think this animation is not as colourful and interesting as Mick*y Mouse Club House, etc but she just enjoy watching Thomas very much. Although as she gets older and has a new found love – Barney, but once in awhile, she would still watch Thomas and Friends and still is absolutely crazy about the theme song! Those original VCD’s that we bought featured the older version of theme song which is totally different from the TV’s version in Astro*. So at the end, I couldn’t resisted but get her a Push and Go Thomas Train which will sing the partial tune of the theme song melody whenever the train was pushed. So that day, I quickly snapped this picture of Angel watching her Thomas cartoon again. She does look like a little boy holding onto the Thomas train and wearing the boyish Thomas and Friends T-shirt, isn’t she?

Friendship Award

Thank you
Cath for this lovely Award ..... Appreciate your friendship very much dear :)

Now that I have received such a beautiful award, I would like to pass this to ALL THE BLOGS that I have visited frequently
and also
To those who visited my blog and dropped in comments frequently.

Just wanna say that, I treasure all your friendships very much which really means a lot to me.

And thank you for being a part of my life now and thanks for being a dear friend of mine always :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drawings or Doodles ?

This is Angel’s most recent 'abstract' drawings done at home and normally she would asked from me a piece of paper and her crayons when she feels that her ‘sense of creation’ is flowing like a fountain :P However, her span of concentrations is rather short I might say so normally she would have a good 10-15 minutes max and would normally do 1 piece of drawing per day only. She is very independent when it comes to her drawings, refused me to help her or coached her totally so sometimes I feel like teaching her to draw a star or a circle, she would cry and signing me to leave her alone *apalah ni*….. Hhhhmmm, is she showing her ‘artists attitude’ to me?? Kids ….. LoL Sometimes after she hurriedly finished her ‘masterpiece’, she wants me to paste it up onto our walls and sometimes she just simply drew some simple lines here and there, lazy little girl ….. but of course I paste it up to please her then take it down when she is sleeping in order for her to complete it after she wakes up :)

Also I noticed that when she is drawing, she has this strange behaviour to doodle a few lines and then gaze onto those art work that she does previously on our wall for few seconds, then start to doodle again and gaze onto her drawings few seconds again as if she brain storming or what LoL Her drawings are getting more and more and my entire walls are so packed now. I do afraid that one day I might loose her precious drawings hence decided to post it into my blog and keep it safely up here ….. I hope :) And lately she starts to do some lines and dots on her drawings but too bad, she torn all that before I manage to rescue her drawings …. So maybe next round then :) Have fun!!

^ Magical Swirls

^ The Galaxy

^ A Sudden Bad Mood !

^ Sound Waves …..

^ Colourful Grass

^ Rainbows?

^ Shooting Stars ... in Black :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

1,2,3 and A,B,C [1Y10M]

The time has come, It surely was a great milestone achieved on Angel’s development. In terms of speech progress,

1) she is taking her own ‘sweet time’ and she speaks not many words which make sense to us as yet despite a few simple single / double words so far. She babbles a lot in her own baby language still.

she refused to co-operate with us most of the time if we asked her to point and tell / speaks … naughty little girl. She would only communicate / point whenever she feels like it *urrgh ...*

Hence most of the time, I am taking it slowly and let her progress / developed her skills at her own pace, helping along the way (i.e. I do the readings / singing and she just listens of follow if she likes to) and giving her more encouragements and praises, hoping that she will be more opened up in her speech and not being afraid to speak up.

So last week when my mom told me that Angel recites her ABC and 123 to her, I didn’t believe her at first until I heard her myself. What a surprise!! So after a few days of waiting, finally I managed to capture some ‘evidence’ using my mobile phone (she hate camera!) to show her daddy who was also having the same reaction as me :D

1 - 10
She could count 1 – 10 but still, she would pronounce Seven as ‘Tu-tu’ instead of ‘S-e-v-e-n’ :P She can’t pronounce Se- or -ven yet. (she just woke up from her sleep in the video, kekekeke)


A - Z
She could recite A-Z but skipping the K and L in the video but these days, she has picked up the K and now waiting for the missing 'L' to join in the family :) She would also pronounce the ‘W’ as “Tu-tu” coz she couldn't say 'W' :P. This is actually the very first few times that she actually recite her ABC to my mom of course. We were expecting her first few ABCDE for a start actually but was surprised that she could do so many letters for a start .. cheeky little girl.


More Surprises to Come?
Few days after that when we was at the train station, suddenly hubby rushed towards me telling me that Angel could read numbers!!! Hahahaha ….. I laugh at him of course telling him that Angel is reciting her 1 - 10 actually. Hubby shook his head furiously and told me Angel could really READ the numbers …… so what hubby did was he walked to the platform and asking Angel to look up on the singboard of Platform Number 4 and Angel spotted it happily and pointed to the signboard calling out
Angel: Fourrrr …..

Then we walked to platform Number 5, Angel quicky pointed at the signboard happily saying
Angel: Fiiiiive …..

Then we pointed at signboard platform Number 6,
Angel: Seixxx .....
*Pointing and smiling happily*

Then we walked back to platform 1 and once she saw it, she paused for awhile then pointing at it giggled happily and said
Angel: Onnne ….

Then we are so happy and walking to signboard Number 8 then she says
Angel: Eitttt …… (that’s how she pronounce 8, kekekeke)

When we reached home, I quickly grab and pointed at the remote control’s small little buttons and asked her again, she really could tell me the number 1 – 9 correctly (thinking hard of course) until I pointed at the number ‘0’ at the bottom expecting a 10 and she burst out
Angel: Oooo …… (as in the alphabet ‘O’).

I know it's a normal learning progress for kids her age but still, It’s just was such a magical moment to actually hear her saying her first sets of 123s and ABCs :) I just can’t stop myself from having this contented smiles on my face for the entire night, just can’t help it actually :) :) Now I am cracking my brain again, apart from continue to fine tune her complete sets of A - Z and 1-10, and also continue to exposed her on shapes, colours, drawings, stories readings, etc what other fun activities can I do with my little 1 year old coming to 2 next?

P/S: I am jotting these down for my remembrance of Angel's growing ups, so I hope it doesn't boded you all as I know it's quite a long winded post sometimes, can't help it though :P

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Egg Menu

That’s how I prepare Angel’s meal with eggs lately. Normally After the porridge was cooked, I would add in a beaten egg and keep stirring until the eggs was fully cooked. The first porridge was Pumpkin Porridge with Eggs with Mix Vegetables (1st pix). The colour sure look nice due to the nice colour from the pumpkin :) I tried to cook Plain Scrambled Egg (2nd pix) for Angel too but unfortunately, she doesn’t like the taste of plain eggs unless I hide it inside her meal.

Below are the 2 types of Steam Egg with Mix Vegetables which I love to cook for her. As you can see, all those ingredients are so simple to prepare. I think kids do get good nutrition from it as the dish was loaded with various mixtures of vegetables and meat, less oily and yet taste nice too. Noramlly I would serve the steam eggs with plain rice / porridge for Angel or let her eat it just like that. I just love how easy this meal can be done and I am glad that she likes the dish too. Thanks to Mummy KC for giving me such a nice idea of steaming eggs for our little one :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Mom Award

I received this special and meaningful award from
PeiWun and I am glad and honoured to have this award actually. Thank you so much dear, I will work my best to be a real best mom to little Angel!

The rules:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

My best experience being a mom is being able to spend every single day and every single minute watching my little Angel growing. Her smiles really makes my heart melts and her voice certainly is the best angel's voice that I've ever heard especially when she calls out mama :) I love her smells so much, love her hugs and kisses (oh, heaven on earth) and watched her every single movement really makes it such a wonderful day! Word's can't describe a mother's love and I am totally thrilled that such a small little cutie pie could bring so much happiness into my life :)

Now, I would like to nominate the following mommies for this award because I simply think that they are the best mom to their little precious :)

1. Vicky

2. PeiMun

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4. Cath

5. Natalia

6. 2ma (God mother also consider mother right?)

7. Joanne Ngan

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28. Juliana

Our Valentine's Day

Actually on the Valentine’s Day eve, hubby surprised me with a stalk of big red roses from the florist and I must say that I am thrilled! I am as happy as a little girl getting those flowers that and of course Angel make it as if it’s hers :P. Last time hubby did get me a bunch of roses which looks like it’s been wrapped in old newspapers, kekeke …. Of course I didn’t tell him that but this round, he not only got me a nice big red rose but he also a nice cards too. Even my mom couldn’t help it but say that the flurry decorations on the roses look so unique and nice :) Thanks Darling for making my day *Muaks*, I know that you are not a romantic person but I am thankful that you are trying hard to brighten up my day :) As for the real Valentine’s gift, hubby knows I am crazy about bento-ing lately so he aggress to get me these ….. my Japanese Bento Books!!! Oh ….. I just love it so much!! Also a big thank you to hubby’s friend in helping him to get those books for me :) Of course, my mom and my sister also got a nice little gift from Angel too that night just a way to say ‘I love you’ to them :)

On Valentine’s day, hubby was working in the morning so in the afternoon, we go line up to book / buy our first movie ticket after n years :) When it’s time to go out for our ‘romantic’ dinner, we actually is crazy enough to put on our couple T-shirt, kekeke ….. Looks so funny on us this ‘mommy n daddy couple’ :P The night is special because it’s the first time that we celebrate 5 person all together – Hubby, Me, Angel, My Mom and also my sister :) Actually I am glad that my mom and my sister were able to join us. After dinner and got back home, me and hubby finally get some couple time while my mom helped babysit Angel ….. we went our a mid night movie - “The Confession of A Shopaholic”. It has been years long since me and hubby watched a decent movie and luckily, we didn’t fall asleep in the theater as we were super tired by the time the movie starts around midnight (feeling old already :P). It just feels great and we only manage to hit the sack around 3am.

I am very thankful and happy that I am able to celebrate this special day with those I cared and love so much. Although the Vday had ended but I still would like to tell hubby, mom and little Angel that I love them so much in everyway and in every single day. They sure are my super Valentines forever and ever.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Angel's 1st Floating Balloon

Last week I got Angel her first balloon – a very pretty Minnie Mouse balloons and thought that she would be so happy to see it but oh no …… she was horrified that she cried out loud and tell us she is afraid!! Luckily the next day she is more ok and willing to play with it while chasing the balloon all over the living room (in her PJs still :P). She plays with the balloon but not crazy about it and when out of a sudden the balloon floated in front of her out of no where, she still will come to me and tell me she was afraid. I think she prefers those handheld balloons more then those floating ones. Ahhh …. I love x 10000 floating balloons when I was still a kid (and very shy to say that I still does at this age, kekeke .... ) but I guess that Angel doesn’t fancy it as much as I do. Daddy will be very happy because Angel gets to save him some balloons money in the future. Hhhmmm ….. I thought all kids likes this kind of balloons?

Google's Carol Needs!

I got this super fun tag from JoanneT, Mummy Gwen and LemonJude and this is indeed an interesting Tag to do :) Thanks you to all of you for this Tag!

The way it works is you type your name in Google and then needs i.e (YOUR NAME needs), and see what comes up! Mine is not that interesting though …..Here they are:

Carol needs Licensed Real Estate Agent
(If I do, I hope I am buying a bigger house and not selling ya :P)

Carol needs You
(Yes …. You!! Hahahaha …..)

Carol needs a change
(I indeed need only 1 but a lot of changes in my lifestyle in order to stay healthier ……. Hhhmmm, where should I start?)

Carol needs 2K more
(Definitely and the more the better I guess :P)

Carol needs to go
(Where to??)

Carol needs get back to study ASAP
(Phew …. Luckily I am done with that!! What a nightmare that is!!)

I am not going to tag any one this time but if you find it interesting, please feel free to grab it ya :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Surprise on the Eve of Valentine’s Day

Normally on Valentine’s Day the restaurant will be packed with lovers dining and having meals which is doubled or tripled the price of which normally charged. So since me and hubby is already ‘old husband and old wife’ and to avoid the crowds, we went to celebrate this special day on the eve instead. (I love to celebrate on the eve of every occasions coz this way, I get to celebrate 2 days instead :P). Actually it’s not really a celebration coz we gotta eat anyway, right? I think that’s how me and hubby celebrate special occasion --- >>> ‘Eat! Eat! Eat!’. Apart from that, we really do not know what else we can do :) Although it will be a lie if I were to say that I do not wish for surprises :) I do hope that the someone special will surprised me once in awhile but after HE constantly given me the ‘No-Surprise’ surprises, I think I am better off with no expectation of any surprise from the very beginning lo :) If I got it then it will be a bonus to me too, kekekeke ….. but normally we still exchange gifts or cards most of the time but nothing fancy though.

So on the eve, ‘WE’ went out for dinner ( WE = Me + hubby + Angel + MY MOM …. Hahaha …. Wanna know why?). Initially hubby planed to have a couple dates for the night but before the day, my mom asked me, “Where are WE going to celebrate on the eve????” …. Oppppsss ……. And honestly, I fill a bit guilty too when thinking of leaving my mom and Angel alone at home. So at the end, we went out in ‘two pairs’ lo :) :) Actually I am more then glad that my mom is able to join us in this special occasion as they are the 3 most important person in my life! And I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with these 3 ‘Valentines’ that I care for the MOST really makes this night extra special to me. I truly feel blessed to have them in my life!!!! Thanks Mom for everything! Thanks Darling hubby for your Love!! And lastly but not least, Thanks Angel for bringing so much happiness to the family!! I am really a contented daughter, mother and a wife :)

Anyway, The highlight of the event was not about the dinner, it’s when I suddenly noticed that Angel is holding onto something while me and hubby was busy with something else, can you guess what’s that thing??


Oh my!!! Angel is holding a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher Flowers!!!! I was so surprised to see the bouquet and asked my mom about it. My mom told me someone gave it to Angel! Apparently when me and hubby was away, a stranger young lady walked pass Angel and she is so kind enough to actually get her this nice little bouquet wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day!! Awwww …… How nice of her!! Angel is so blessed to get such special gift from a perfect stranger on such special day and these flowers are not selling cheap too. She loves the bouquet so much until she won’t even let us to hold it for her LoL

Gosh ….. I didn’t even get my first bouquet of flowers until I was like …… ‘soooooooooo OLD’ and yet, Angel got her first Valentine’s Gift when she was merely 1year + *roll eyes* Ok ok ….… she won!! She broke my record already and I am envy in greens *roll eyes again* Naaaah …. I am really happy for her actually! I will marked this special moments down as a remembrance so that when she is older, she gets to know that she is such a lucky girl. Although it is not a huge gift but, it has certainly bring so much joy to my little girl and also spreading the love to us as parents too. This is definitely the prettiest bouquet of flowers from the perfect stranger!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone :)

Valentine's Day Greetings

Being able to spending the day with those we loved and care about
really makes it such a special day already!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

“Where There Is Love, There Is Life”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shitake Mushroom and Red Dates Porridge

I have started introducing mushroom to Angel couple of months back but yet to post it up so here it is, Angel’s very 1st Mushroom Porridge – Shitake Mushroom and Red Dates Porridge. The ingredient is pretty simple as you can see from the picture below. This dish is one of the dishes where I would eat together with Angel because it really tastes nice to adults even I am doing it without any seasoning. Due to the fact that mushroom is a bit hard to digest for the little one’s tummy, so normally I will put in a lot of mushroom in order to get the fragrant into the porridge and only chopped up 1 or 2 smaller mushroom for Angel’s consumption. Where does the rest of the huge chunk mushrooms end up then? My tummy obviously :) I am glad that Mommy and Angel both love mushroom so much and I will try different types of mushroom for her meal time then.

How would you cook those mushrooms (less oily) for your toddler besides adding into porridge or making soup?

Green Peas / Garden Peas

It has been quite awhile since I last post up on Angel’s food. Before giving her the CNY Green Pea Cookies which I’ve made, I have tested the peas on her menu for a week and she is doing fine with them. I think Green Pea does make a healthy meal for young toddlers due to it’s high protein value and also loaded with Vitamin A, C and Iron too. I am glad that she likes the peas but I need to peel the skin off before I cook because she choked easily on the skin and gets frustrated with her meal.

So here was the first Green Pea dish I cook for her, Green Peas with Mince Meat porridge. It looks bland but it taste good. I boiled the pork bone soup base over night and use the soup based to cook her porridge.

Steam Eggs with Green Peas + Broccolis + Mince Meat and serve with rice / porridge / cereal. I think this is one healthy and simple dish to prepare especially when I can’t cook her porridge in time :) I have improved this version with some more colourful vegetables instead of just greens and I will post the other version up soon.

Green Peas + Pumpkin Soup Pasta. She just love her animal pasta so much compare to porridge / rice.

p/s: Any mommies know where can I get fresh green pea from? How a fresh green pea looks like before taking out the seed? Anyone? *shy*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swim! Swim! Swim!

The very first time that we bought Angel to the swimming pool was sometimes last month after my birthday. That’s one of my favourite swimsuit which I got for Angel and I just can’t wait to put the swimsuit on her that day :) She does look adorable in her super-mini 2 piece with the hug tummy, doesn’t she?

At the beginning, Angel does not wanted to get anyway near the pool but luckily there was 2 little girls who was playing and jumping inside the pool like a little mermaid hence attracted her attention. Kids really love to mimic each other and my heart nearly pump out when she was trying to mimic the 2 kids jumping into the pool LoL So we were holding onto her all the time and hubby was supporting her and let her play around with the water. As we anticipated, Angel loves her swim so much and having so much fun. She even wanted hubby to let her swim from this end of the pool to the other end of the pool while I am busy taking pictures of both of them :) Unfortunately, she doesn’t like the Pink bear float that we bought for her and wants us to get her out once we put her in, sigh!! We went there around 5.30pm so the weather turned cold pretty fast so after a good 45 minutes of ‘swim’, we packed and headed back home. Luckily she didn’t catch a cold that night and I should have brought her to the pool much earlier next time. Can’t wait to see her in her cute swim suit again :)

Angel’s 1st Toy Bicycle

Last Monday I went shopping with hubby then suddenly we spotted this cute little bike. Angel doesn’t have any toy car as yet and Angel’s grandma has always wanted to get her one but we stopped her because our house is so packed with Angel’s toys and stuffs already. But after much consideration about how it would helps Angel doing some exercises at home too, we cannot resisted this cute little bike (both me and hubby like it so much) so Angel officially got her first vehicle from daddy ….. finally :)

When she first saw the bike, she looks excited at first then hesitated for a moment and started running away from the bike. She stay so far away observing the bike for few minutes and told us that she is ‘怕怕’ (afraid) LoL But after a good 5 minutes of ‘warming up’ and circling the bike holding onto hubby’s hand while I show her how to sit on it (luckily I still manage to squeeze onto those seat uncomfortably of course, kekeke), she finally makes her first move and fall in love with it instantly. We are so glad that she loves her bike and we certainly hope that she will ride on it often and polishing up some of her paddling skills too :)

However, I noticed that the paddles of the bike are still slightly far for her feet to reach completely especially when she is making a turn. But I hope in a few months time, she would be able to paddle on it more comfortably. So I guess for the mean time, she just had to ride her bike like the normal kiddies’ toy car pushing with her feet loh …. :)

Looking at her happy smiley face really makes my day …… :) Angel also owe a big thank you to grandma for pushing Angel around the house on her new bike for a few days in a roll already :) Poor grandma :P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

元宵节(Chap Goh Meh) 2009

2 days ago was元宵节(Chap Goh Meh) which marks the end of our CNY. At first I was planning to do a western meal for all of us but my cute mom said that CNY must eat Chinese dish, hahaha ……. So on that night, my mom was so nice to be the chef for the day ‘again’ and prepare us a simple yet warmth meal for the occasion. Actually she has named her dish with all the meaningful names but I just can’t remember much about the name because I was too busy helping myself with the food!! Mom’s cooking is always to best!!

So after dinner, we brought Angel to play with some fireworks which me and hubby bought for her before CNY. She was so ‘tense’ when the fireworks lighted up on her hands but luckily she was not afraid. There was once that she almost reached out to the fire and luckily we are all prepared with hubby holding one hand of hers and my mom holding the other hand of hers all the time :) I think few of the fireworks actually blew up in front of us (nope, actually it’s not supposed to do that …. ) so after playing with some of it, we decided to discard most of them while Angel crying for more and don’t want to leave :)

She slept very late that night, maybe thinking of still wanting to play with more lovely but smoky fireworks maybe ….. :)

‘发糕’(Huat Kueh / Prosperity Cake) & Steam Banana Cake

Last week after I have read Alyse’s blog about how she makes ‘发糕’ (Huat Kueh / Prosperity Cake) herself, I am tempted to try too. So here is my first ‘发糕’ (Huat Kueh / Prosperity Cake) which was made last Sunday, the night before the 15th of Lunar CNY. Phew, I must say that I am very relief that my ‘发糕’ (Huat Kueh / Prosperity Cake) really raised so much *wipe sweat*. Angel loves this too and she finished 1 whole ‘发糕’ (Huat Kueh / Prosperity Cake) that night. Hubby was very happy that I know how to make this cake as normally during some special occasion, he will be searching high and low for this cake to do some praying rituals because they were selling like hot cakes :P The method of making this is very simple. Below is the recipe which Alyse provided in her blog. Thanks so much to Alyse for sharing this nice recipe with me :)

10 tbsp of Self Raising Flour
5 tbsp of Sugar (I use 6 tbsp of brown sugar)
Water (I use 10 tbsp of water)
Food colouring

(I also add in 1/2 tsp of baking powder)

1) Mix Flour, Sugar and Water together until reached a consistency slightly thicker then a cake batter
2) Add in food colouring (and baking powder)
3) Steam for 10 – 20 minutes

And also, I have done Chow Times' Steam Banana Cake again but this time, with a proper flour weighing machine which I got before CNY ….. finally!!! (Last time I am doing it without a weighing machine for my flour … sigh!) I must say that once weighing all my ingredients accordingly for the very first time, I manage to get the right texture of a Steam Banana “CAKE” finally, not bread or kuih texture which I normally gets like my previous attempts, although I must say that all of them still taste as nice *Smile*.