Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Not-So-Happy Birthday 2012 ??

Another very belated post ....... :P

I celebrate my birthday 6 months ago and I flew to Hong Kong to meet up with hubby for my big day. Sounds great?? If you think it should be a great fun birthday that I had, please hold your horses!!! :P

Dragon air always prepared the nicest meal on board. Too bad they didn't serve Haagen Dazs ice cream that day coz I have been looking forward to it whenever I flew to HK, hehehehe.

Birthday cakes in Hong Kong are very cute!!! Actually I have ordered another cake from the bakery and then when I saw this one, oh, can't resist myself from having another Hello Kitty cake!! ho ho ho ho!!! I bet Angel would love this cake too so I bought it finally. And when the shop assistant asked me how many candles I need for the birthday kid (yes, she said "siu-pang-yao" meaning kid), I paused awhile and say "One please" LoL

** And true enough, when I show Angel the picture of my Hello Kitty cake after my return, she bawled out loudly:
"Wuahhh ~~~~~ Why didn't you invite me to your birthday party???!!!!!! You eat the Hello Kitty cake without me?????!!!!" O.o and then give me the most unbelievable look on her face and started to cry profusely!!! *Oh dear, that's really not what I'd expected, sigh. *

And on my most awaited birthday dinner, we set for dinner at 6pm but I have waited for hubby until 8pm where the shops in Queen's Road started to closed and I yet to see hubby's face! So I called him again and guess what, he is still having his nice cup of tea (or was it beer???) with his friends and asked me to wait for another 10 minutes O.o I thought his 10 minutes was an hour ago??

And then worst still, he called me 20 minutes later and said to me, "XXX says he wants to come along for our dinner and we will be leaving in 'SOON' ya cos he is still chit chatting with friends and refusing to leave."

Soon???? I have been standing on the cold dark street till 8.40pm waiting for him since 6pm and feeling so hungry and fuming mad, then I told him:

"You can have your dinner with XXX yourself!!! The shops is all closed now and don't you think 2 1/2 hour is too much for 10 minutes???!! This is ridiculous!!! I am fine if it's a normal day but i bet you have forgotten that it's your wife's birthday today and I do not need XXX to celebrate candle light dinner on my birthday with me coz I can't smile to anybody at this moment!! I didn't come to HK purposely to eat 'west-north' wind standing cold on the street while you are drinking beer happily with your friends there??? You should have told me earlier dinner is at 9pm and not 10 minutes since 6pm??!!! Don't you think that you are going over the board????!!! Enjoy your BEER!!!!!!" Then I just slam down the phone.

Gosh ...... when "Men + Beer + friends", I tell you, everything in mind including time will vanished into thin air, "pufff!!!", just like that, trust me!! And I bet they can't even remember their name too, even own wifey's birthday!!! :( :(

Most shop has closed at 8pm on Queens Road and I have no where to eat in the malls so I just walked up to Yung-Kee Restaurant around the corner and ordered their famous Goose Rice + Char Siew + the famous Century egg to take away!

I am so mad that I switched my phone off, and then opened my take-away dinner telling myself, "Happy Birthday to you eating take away on your birthday in HK and sigh ...... this yummy looking rice is such a waste coz at this moment, I think eating Dragon-Meat would be tasteless too!!!!"

And then I scope 1 spoon of rice into my mouth and O.o ......... *silence* My oh my!!!!!! *with my eyebrow raised* That's so DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even after the rice turn cold and with a super-duper angry mood, the rice still taste HEAVENLY!!!!!! That's the most tasty goose rice I have ever had in Yung Kee (although it's not my first time) and I quickly wallop the takeaway squeaky clean and all negative mood has been sweep thousand miles away with this heavenly scrumptious meal! The century eggs was so marvelous and what makes it extra special was that pink marinated ginger at the side!! Oh my, hardly words can describe!!!!

I gone to bed with a fully satisfied tummy and a big big smile on my face + some uncontrollable tears at the corner of my eyes of coarse :P Hubby was finally back to the hotel at the wee hours and having his 'good night sleep' on the carpet floor that night while his wife has been sound asleep at 11pm after the most wonderful and satisfying meal, (forgotten to take her bath too due to over eating!!! Opppss!) Hubby only returned to the hotel at 1am according to him (*_*) Ridiculous or not??? If you were as curious as me on what on earth has he been doing till 1am that night? He told me he has been rushing down to Queen's Road abandoning all his friendfs after I slammed his phone down and was searching for me till 10pm on the street *_*. After he couldn't find me there, he then rush back to the MTR station near our hotel and waited for me at the MRT entrance hoping to see my return till the MTR closed at 1am. His feet were swollen due to too many walking and standing *_* and asked me "touching" and "romantic" or not and can I forgive him due to his hard work??? O.o

My jaw dropped when I hear what he say! I was thinking "What's wrong with this man??? What was he thinking!!" No wonder some said that "Men are from MARS" and now I believe it!!! *sigh*
*p/s: At this moment, I can't stop laughing while jotting this down cos it's really ridiculous and absolutely hilarious!!*

So in order to make up to me, he dragged me into this shop and asked me to choose something and anything as my birthday gift and also served as a 'punishment' to him! Fire is still burning inside me but of course, I didn't burnt a hole in his pocket just because I am angry. The fact was, I just bought one and I don't plan to buy another bag which I don't fancy. At the end so as to make him feel better, I bought a key chain (less then RM2,000) and hubby quickly sign his card happy and said to me, "Lao-Po, you are so kind to me!!!" *O.o*

Now I was thinking, will I act differently if the shop he dragged me to was the double C or the H shop?? *evil smile*

And for the rest of the day, surprisingly my burning flame doesn't effected my taste buds at all. I had the most delicious Almond Dessert Soup at 大良八记 and also the most wonderful porridge at 富记粥品。Both are a very small shops lots situated at the most unnoticeable locations and if you don't look hard, you might just walk passed the shop without realising it. I can't remember the exact address for both shops but I think when you Google it, you would be able to find it.

Then out of recommendation from hubby's friend, we had Japanese Meal for our dinner next night. This is the most delicious Japanese meal I have ever had in Hong Kong! It's call 和民 and is an international chain japanese restaurant in many countries such as China and Singapore. But I think the one in HK taste better compare to the one in Shanghai. I am relatively surprised that due to the bad incident, my mood hasn't been affected much throughout the trip nor my taste buds! :D Thank God!!

Maybe it's due to 镛记 fabulous goose rice and century egg that saves my day? ....... Or I am already immune and all set to move on to MARS and survived?????

I am actually having a great birthday (apart from that incident of course!) although someone can still sense hot smokes pipping out from the top of my head throughout the trip!!! I am blessed and I do hope that this is just an one off incident. So I have learn my lesson, absolutely "NO beer + friends" policies prior to important occasions even it's just a quick one to avoid unnecessary 'disaster' happening. Hahahahaha.

Happy Belated 2012 birthday to me! :P :P What a 'memorable' birthday thanks to a person call Hubby :p :p

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Electronic Era

When daddy is busy working from home but still have to babysit little Annabelle, that's how he did it!!! *gulp* O.o

Kids (.... err, and babies O.o) nowadays are more interested in the electronic gadgets then kids toys. Most kids are going out with the Ipad in hand. I was thinking to get the LeapPad Explorer for the kids too but to my horror, it's more expensive then the Ipod Touch, and not including all the games that we need to purchase separately which cost us a bomb too :(

Hubby has been begging me to show the "ok" sign for the Ipod touch or Ipad long ago but I am a bit reluctant. I know once we got it, it will be very hard not to hand over the gadgets to them whenever we are out. And if we get it, we have to get 2 sets instead looking at how they are constantly snatching and fighting for the same toy 24 hours a day.

To buy or not to buy ..... that's a tough question! *think hard*