Friday, April 01, 2011

Angel Is 4 Years Old

So fast that Angel is turning 4!! I have always wanted to bake her a personal birthday cake and since I don't have an oven at my present house, I booked myself for a DIY baking session in a baking school for my big project but end up, our busy-body handy little birthday girl wants to play Angel-The-Baker instead and gets her own birthday cake done. ^_^

I was so amazed that she could almost do all the little measuring and mixing job perfectly! What a handy little girl she was and what was I doing then? Well ..... I became her assistant instead and proudly standing there smiling and 'entertaining' everyone who came over praising how well my little girl can handle the job! Something which is a bit out of planned actually *smiling embarrassingly*

Looking at her pouring and asking for help along the way telling me that my little girl is not a baby anymore which almost brings happy tears to my eyes :P :P. She was fully concentrated at ‘her project’ (not mine anymore, urrgghhh!) and even asked me to move my hands away from the utensils and telling me, "Mommy, I can do it all by myself!!" @_@

While waiting for the cake to settle, we pay for another cookie baking session. Now I can see that by playing her play dough at home really does polish up her motor skills perfectly :D

However, the cookie dough which we made seems to be a bit dry but the shop assistant assuring that it's alright. Urrggghhh ...... but Angel did have a great time moulding the cookies and even ran to others table and asked to help them moulding their dough! *embarrassing* However, those cookies turn out so well that Angel almost finished it off before we gets home!

When asked what birthday decorations she wants for the cake, she still asked for the same hello kitty cake! Ghee ..... she already had a Hello Kitty Cake (from Secret Recipe) which makes her on top of the world on her 3rd birthday and another Hello Kitty cake again this year?? After much persuasion for picking another cake, then she unwillingly asked for Tom and Jerry cake (pointing to Tom!!). Huh, Tom ?? Let's try again and this round she asked for a 'Wolf' cake! Huh?? A wolf cake?? Gosh ..... (slap forehead) Among the 3 choices, she will be having either a very cute hello kitty cake which she loves vs 2nd choice a Tom and Jerry cake vs a 3rd choice a wolf cake (huh?!!!) So you can easily guess which cake a mommy will choose for her little girl, right? :P *wipe sweat*

A Tiramisu Hello Kitty Cake as per our Princess wish! :) However, mommy was so eager to cream up the cake (1st time ma and the fun is unstoppable :P) and then ends up, she is having a Tiramisu cake loaded with fresh cream! *:P*

Of course, our little girl was so happy with her cake and told daddy that she is the one who baked the cake ‘all by herself’ and also helping with the decorations ^_^

When the clock strikes 12am, we brought the birthday girl into the room with her eyes covered and with her birthday girl party hat on! ^_^ She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw that we got her all those gifts and keep asking is it real that it's her birthday and she gets to open up all her gifts? That put a smile on my face to know that she is so happy ^_^

As the Hello Kitty Cake doesn't consider a surprise for her anymore, we decided to brighten up her days further with another Haagen Dazs Princess Cake on her birthday morning. She is a big fan of ice cream which she doesn't get many chances to indulge in. So her big day is an exceptional day for all she has wished for. The ice cream cake taste so great!! Yummy!

The smile on our little girl's face is definitely priceless!

To me, to see her living each day happily is my greatest pride and satisfaction being a mom! She doesn't need all those candles to brighten up her cute little face but I do need all those candles to remind me of how fast that our little girl has actually grown up, that I wanted to treasure each and every moment that she is still attaching to me like a leech and shouting for me, "mommy! mommy!" hundreds and hundreds time each and everyday for even the tiniest matters.

I will forgive all her mischievous and crankiness while trying my best to discipline her without spanking as I know one day, when all the wrong, bad behaviour or her mischievous stopped, it's time for me to let go while she, will be venturing her own life and having her own little family ahead, with or without mommy and daddy.

She would then pursue her dreams and chasing for her wishes while both mommy and daddy would watch her with our pride telling everyone that this is our girl that we brought up, hard and sweat! ^_^

I just hope that she could feels deep down inside that how much we loved her and how much we will loved her forever. And trying beyond all we might just to give her the most happy childhood life that we could provide not in terms of material wise but something inside her heart!

“My little Angel, mommy and daddy's wishes for so x 10 many greatest things for you just to tell you how much we love you. But all and all, it only came down to 4 little words that we hope that you could remember, that is "WE LOVE YOU" ... more then you could have ever known.”

Blow out those little candles my little Angel! Mommy and Daddy wishes you a very Happy and full of love 4th Birthday!