Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Little Landlady's Chrismas Day

On our early Christmas morning, our little "包租婆" woke up in a very jolly mood. It's the day that she has been asking and waiting for so long!!! Gosh, where she learn to pose like that?!

Does she look alike the character of the infamous 包租婆 (Landlady) in the movie "Shoulin Football"??

Our little "包租婆" was so happy when I told her that she could open up her Christmas presents finally! She has been waiting for this moment for so many days since she got her first Christmas present from Aunty GX a week before Christmas ^_^

Yeah!! X'mas present from Daddy!! Actually this is not her first fishing set. I think it’s her 2nd or 3rd but she either lost all her fishes eventually or breaking the rod so she hasn't been seeing this toy for quite some time. She was extremely happy about her new fishing set and start squealing with delight :) But she was a bit upset for daddy wrapped mommy’s present in pink while hers in brown :P

Next is from Mommy! I don’t know what to get for her and then I came across a couple of nice children books and think that she might like them. And she surely does especially the 《鳄鱼怕怕,牙医怕怕》. She has been asking me to repeat and repeat that book for almost 5 days in a roll now ^_^ Chinese books are so complete and relatively cheap here in Shanghai and it’s such a waste if I do not add to her book collection while I am still here.

Aunty GX is so thoughtful to sent Our little "包租婆" a very nice Christmas gift all the way from Beijing too. She is so happy when she first received the parcel and thank you so much Aunty GX for your thoughtfulness! Our little "包租婆" love the set so much ^_^

Mommy got a gift from Daddy too ^_^ And of course Our little "包租婆" insisted it’s her gift instead and refuse to let go (as you can see from the picture!) She wants everything and everything belongs to her! @_@

This little bunny was a gift by Aunty A few days before Christmas. She loves bunny and will rock 'Pink Bunny' to sleep everyday.

Our Christmas lunch + dinner was a steamboat in Dolar Shop (豆捞坊) in 龙之梦 Shopping mall. The food served was so good!!!! Have you ever tried a “sea urchins” (海胆) meat ball before? It’s the picture on the lower right below (yellow + white colour) and oh my!! That’s the most delicious meat balls I have ever tried!!!! NO KIDDING!!!

One of the best steamboat I have ever had so far and I am still drooling over it when I saw the picture. I said it is our Christmas lunch + dinner coz the queue for this restaurant is incredibly insane hence we decided to go there at 4pm just to avoid the normal crowd and finally got a really nice window seat!! A steamboat restaurant not to be missed!

There, that’s how we spend our Christmas day in Shanghai. Tomorrow will be another new year for all of us hence a very Happy New Year 2011 to all of you, my friend!

May the new year brings you Healthy, Joy, Love and Peace throughout the whole year!!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our X'mas Eve

X'mas is our most favourite season of the year! Even the day has gone by, Angel is still wishing me "Merry Christmas" every morning @_@ She told me she loves Christmas so much and even asked me whether Santa will give her any gifts this year :P X'mas to us also means celebrating with food food food!!

^ ^ Yummy Curry Pork Wrap at 蛋蛋屋 restaurant

So on our X'mas eve, we decided to dine out and do our last minute X'mas shopping as well. Since everywhere was so packed, we settle for a restaurant 蛋蛋屋 near Popular Book Store at 美罗城 mall. The queue was quite long that night.

^ ^ The weather is so cool and windy so we wrapped ourselves up like a dumpling especially 'yours truly' :P I think I wore 3 layers of thick clothes and 2 pants!! :P :P

This 蛋蛋屋 restaurant was famous in all egg specialty dishes. So we ordered their famous Curry Egg Rice, Tuna stuffed eggs, Fried Bomb (egg), Stuffed Fish Balls, etc. I personally think that they taste really good! Pay a visit there if you happens to be in Shanghai but be prepared for long queues especially during lunch and dinner hour :)

^ ^ Dishes we ordered! All were so yummy and Angel loves the stuffed fish balls!

^ ^ So many X'mas trees in each and every shop in the mall!!! Only manage to capture a couple here due to too crowded! People was everywhere!!!

We manage to do our last minute Christmas shopping that night. Angel cried out loud for our camera out of a sudden and we have to give in to her request for we don't want to deal with a crying kid in such a crowded place on our X'mas eve. Passers-by continuously stopping to see how our little girl insisted to give us 'instruction' as to how we suppose to pose (@_@) and snapping our couple portraits! Although most of the pictures came out blurry but at least, she is satisfied :)

^ ^ Angel was happily snapping away in the mall and lastly but not the least, she even manage to snap few of her own self portraits :P :P
You are looking great, My Sweetie ^_^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Telling The Time [3Y8M]

I have started some simple activities with Angel on our leisure time such as simple word recognition, arts and crafts, logical thinking, simple math, etc but the one she was most interested in was “telling the time”. *Ya, I know, better be late then never :P :P* As our table clock has the little short hand for alarm hence she is always confused between the short hand and the alarm indicator. So finally I have to resort for this little cardboard clock which can be easily found in any book store and oh boy, she was so happy with her new toy!

She is progressing well and would correctly indicate where the “X” O-Clock and Half-Past “X” and still practicing her ‘a quarter past’ and ‘a quarter to’. For example, when it’s 3:45 PM, she would confused whether it is a quarter to 2 or a quarter to 3 coz her eyes will always telling her that it's not yet reaching the number 3 so it shouldn’t be a quarter to 3 :P

On every napping time, She would now asked me the same old question which is, "Mommy, what time do I sleep" and "Mommy, what time do I wake up?" without fail. Lately she also starts digging out all her previous Mickey watches which she got as a gift from us and wear it to bed all the time and even thinking to wear them to bath. When she found out all the batteries have run flat, she would tell me that her watches are all 'broken'!! *smile*

I am not planning to replaced the batteries as yet for all her watches were showing 'digital time' (xx : xx pm)and I don't want to confused her further with what she has learn at this moment. Maybe one of these days, I would get her a decent mechanical hands indicating watch to have more ‘practice’. Too bad that I don't have my own garden here or else, I would even considering getting my own Sundials on one of those nice Pedestal bases which will surely looks great in a beautiful garden :P

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peeling Eggshells/ IQ Beads Puzzle

Peeling Eggshells

I love hard boiled eggs but dislikes peeling the eggshells (especially quail eggs). Most of the time, hubby is the one who does all the work *embarrass*

^ ^ Peeling eggshells are so much fun!

Seems like someone can finally take over the job willingly and enjoying doing it so much!! She told me it’s so much ‘fun’ and even ‘thank’ me for that! :D

^ ^ Happily showing off her half done work ^_^

This is a very good exercise for small hands practicing their fine motor skills. As long as she is happy doing it, no complain from me here :)

^ ^ There you go! Perfectly Done! ^_^


IQ Beads Puzzle [3Y6M]

A sales girl was demonstrating these IQ beads Puzzle in the mall and Angel was hooked on the spots and when I saw the price, my eyes nearly dropped!! It cost nearly RMB 400 as tagged (around RM 200) while hubby is considering buying. Luckily we didn’t!! As we were book hunting in Popular bookstore in Xuhui, we found that it only cost RMB 45++ (around RM 20++), incorporating 2 different version (2D and 3D pyramid which the previous mall sold them separately) with the original laser marks proving that it's original set too *confused*. We grabbed it happily and I think it’s a very good buy indeed.

^ ^ Working and thinking real hard!

This is like a piece of puzzle which you need to solved the last few pieces depending on which level you are playing. At first she can’t even arrange the position of the beads but as she practiced, I can see tremendous improvements in terms of her arrangements and positioning. She loves it very much and will take it out from her toy box once every few days and show me her end results :)

^ ^ Mommy, Mommy, Look! I have solved the puzzle!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Minor Changes In Blog Headers

Nothing much was done coz ……. I ‘JUST’ found out I have forgotten how to photoshop!!!! Urrrggghhhh!!!!!! How could that be?? HOW COULD THAT BE???!!!! *screaming*

Anyway, after struggling hard, finally Annabelle was added into the big picture and therefore:

"A KISS OF AN ANGEL" now officially welcoming another new member ^_^

^ ^ Old header ......

^ ^ Ta daaa ~~ Two is definitely more merrier ^_^

That goes the same with my multiply header. Still, nothing much has been done but Annabelle is now happily being added into the header too ^_^

^ ^ Still using Angel’s old picture there coz hubby was against me changing it. That photo of Angel is actually his favourite of all.


Angel noticed my new blog header and said to me:

"Mommy, why did you put Annabelle's picture up there? Can you please take her down? I like (to be) one person there wor ~~"


Dropping Hair

Postpartum hair loss is hitting me bad this time. I started shedding hair since Annabelle was 3 months old. And another 3 months has passed and Annabelle is 6 months + now, but the amount of hair loss is still unbelievable! Sigh! I wonder how long this horrible stage will continue .......

^ ^ The amount of my hair loss EVERYDAY! Cry .....

How nice if I have a nice head shape that I could shave my head totally bold! Trying to avoid the mirror at all times now, huk huk huk *sad sad sad :'(*

At the mean time, what would ease my sadness a little would be to take look at this ......

^ ^ Oh, my sweet sweet Annabelle! Mommy loves you so much ^_^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angel says at 3Y8M

M: Angel, Mommy have to go out to do something and you stay home with Papa ok? Don’t be naughty ya!
A: Ok Mommy! Be careful Mommy, I love you very much Mommy!”

“I love you very much mommy!” *she says that quite often everyday* and continue with
“You love me very much or not mommy?” and
“Now say you love me too Mommy! Say eh ….”

“I am Princess Angelina! I am a beautiful Princess! Mommy, you are a beautiful Queen!”

She loves to play doctor and always tells us that, “I am Doctor Angel and mommy, you are my patient! Now ….. lets see where mommy feels pain pain!”


M: Angel, you look like Papa!
A: Nooooo!!!! NOOOOO!!!! I don’t look like Papa!!! I look like Mommy wor!! Ya? Ya? Mommy?

M: But everyone else says that you look like Papa!

A: Nooo!!! Wahhhh ….. (crying) I don’t want to look like Papa wor!! I DON’T HAVE ‘DOT DOT’ ON MY FACE!!!!

M: Dot-dot? What dot-dot?

A: Dot-dot is like Papa’s face!

**Note: dot dot = pimples scar, hahahahaha!


When she saw mommy is busy in the kitchen, she would asked, “Mommy, are you cooking for Angel? Mommy love Angel ah?”

And once the food is served, she would sometimes says, ”Oh … thank you mommy! That’s Angel’s Best Porridge Ever, Mommy! Thank you so much Mommy for cooking this porridge for Angel ~~~!” (Ya! That’s the exactly how she said it!) Oh …… don’t know where she learn to talk like that and of course mommy’s hearts melted straight away la! *mommy in cloud nine*

She get hold of a RMB1 coin from daddy and when I asked her how she’s gonna spend it, she have a thought and answered, “I can buy mommy some water!” *Yes, I always bought drinking water when we were out shopping and it’s so nice of her to think of mommy before herself* ^_^

A: Mommy, I will buy you a breadmaker ok?
M: Oh, OK!
A: No Mommy,you must say “Thank You My dear!” lah ....
*sound so much like mommy leh :P :P*

Start using exclamation such as “OH ~~MAN!” or “OH ~~ PICKLES” (what does that mean?) with hands hitting her chest whenever she was disappointed! *_* (I think she learn it from the Dora cartoon?).

She would mimic me saying, “Mommy, don’t speak when you are eating! It’s a safety violation mommy!” So whenever I forbidden her to do something, I would tell her that it’s a safety violation explaining to her the reason why and she would normally obey :P

When she’s angry:
A: Mommy, you are not LISTENING TO ME AT ALL!!!

When she’s sad:
A: Papa ~~~ Mommy is angry at me!! Mommy DON'T love me ANYMORE!! WAHHHHHHHH *crying*

When she is happy:
A: OH BOY!!! I can’t wait!! Now give me some FOOD!!!!

M: Angel, how are you?
A: I am 3 years old *@_@*
M: Angel, how OLD are you?
A: I am fine, thank you *@@_@@*

She starts popping us the question “WHY …. WHY …. WHY …..” in everything now.

She could express herself better now telling us whether she is happy, sad, hot or cold. Lately she keeps telling us numerous time that she Is ‘So Happy’ because she back here in Shanghai with mommy and daddy! *laugh* I even heard her talking to herself that day saying
A: Oh, bye-bye Ah Mah (grandma)! Angel go to shanghai already~~~! Angel not going back to Ah Mah house already …. Angel is soooooo HAPPY!!! *@_@*

M: Angel …. What are you doing there?
A: Emm …. NOTHING! *hiding something behind her back*

M: Angel, opened up the door! What are you doing in there?
A: EMMM …. NOTHING! *found that she was climbing on the ledge of the window*

M: Angel, what are you eating? *saw traces of food at the corner of her mouth*
A: Emm ….. NOTHING mommy! *found that she secretly hide the jar of peanut butter behind the curtain*

M: Angel, what are you doing locking yourself inside the toilet?
A: NOTHING ~~ mommy! *saw pieces of Kisses Chocolate wraps beside her potty*
p/s: if she says NOTHING, my heart pounded faster actually! NOTHING always means SOMETHING!!!

A:Mommy, I Love CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM!! It’s so delicious!

Asking mommy numerous times a day,
“Mommy, Angel good girl or not today?” or
“Mommy, are you happy today?“

“Mommy, are you happy with ‘me’ or not today mommy? Huh?? Huh?”

She still ‘overused’ the word Sorry. “I am soooooo sorry Mommy!! I promised!!! ” and forget all about it as soon as she turns around.

“Mommy, I am so sorry AGAIN, mommy!”

“I promise that I will be good girl next time AGAIN! Can you don’t be sad at me AGAIN mommy?”

“Don't worry mommy, I'll be OK, I promise! (means she'll behave! :P)”

“I don’t want to sleep Mommy! I want to lie down and REST!”
*we can't use the word SLEEP coz she hates to sleep*

“I am Angel Jie Jie!”

She would reply all our instruction with the word ‘but’ at the front.

M: Angel, go to sleep!
A: But Mommy, I am not tired!

M: Angel, please pick up your toys!
A: But Mommy, I still want to play the toys!

M: Angel, please don’t say ‘but’ anymore! Just do as mommy says ok?
A: But …. But …. But ….. But Mommy, I want to say ‘but’ wor!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X’mas 2010

A very Merry Christmas and
A very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011 ahead!

May God bless our family and friends with
Good Health, Love, Peace and Happiness
In the new year
and many more years to come.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

She Does Not Speak Mandarin

At the playground, Angel met new friends A & B:

Kid A: 来。。。 小妹妹,我们一起玩!(Come play with us.)
Angel: Come! Sit there! You sit there! *pointing at the seesaw*

Kid B: *referring to kid A* 她说什么??她说英语??(What she says? She is speaking English?)
Angel: Jie Jie come here! Sit THERE! You sit THERE!!! *says it LOUDER*

Kid A: 我不会说英语啦! (I don’t speak English!)
Kid B: 你说中文!!(Can you speak Mandarin!!)

Angel: 。。。。。*in mandarin* 一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十!!
(she recites her 1,2,3,4 in mandarin :P :P :P)

That’s the best she can do ^_^

^ ^ Finally, they manage to communicate ...


Strangers: Come here 宝贝! (bao-bei)
Angel: I AM NOT 宝贝! (bao-bei)!! I - AM - ANGEL!!!!
*and she makes a very angry face too :P*


But she is improving ....

Mommy: Angel, speak Chinese please!
Angel: Ni-hao! (你好!)

Mommy: What’s next?
Angel: Wo-Shi-Angel 。(我是Angel。)

Mommy: And …..??
Angel: *thinking hard* ……. Xie-Xie! (谢谢!)

Mommy: Somemore?
Angel: Zai-Jian! (再见!)

Mommy: That’s it?
Angel: But I already said Zai-Jian (再见) ah!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice 2010

Happy 'Dong Zhi' to everyone. Today is indeed a very special day for eating 'tang yuan' ^_^

The same festival last year and Angel said ......

^ ^ ‘Dong Zhi’ last year

What about this year? Will she finally knows how to appreciate the yummy 'tang yuan' finally?? Let’s see ......


^ ^ This year ... She still doesn't likes them :(

Of course, what makes the different in our little family was, we have another Little Missy who is also celebrating her 1st ‘Dong Zhi’ (winter solstice) this year ^_^ Oh, she is as ‘round’ as the glutinous rice balls in her bowl! *cute* ^_^

^ ^ Hello there!! I am the Little Missy who is just being FORCED to pose in front of the Tang-Yuan :)

Lazy me, this year I am still buying those glutinous rice balls from the supermarket! Hopefully I will learn how to make my own colourful and delicious glutinous rice ball someday :)

^ ^ Ehhhh .... What are those?? Balls?? Let's me poke and see .....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Very Red X'mas Tree 2010

Daddy went groceries shopping. Instead of the normal stuffs, our 'Santa' came home with these .....

^ ^ Oh, how come our 'Santa' knows that I silently wished for :P :P

Angel woke up from her afternoon nap, saw the packaging and start jumping up and down shouting, “Christmas Tree!! Yeah!! Christmas Tree!! Is it Angel 的??Is it Angel 的??Oh ~~~ I love Christmas!!!”

She just can’t get her hands off all the Christmas decorations and even start tearing off the packaging saying, “Oh boy ~~, I can’t wait!!”

That’s not hubby’s style who will buy this sort of stuffs back home normally but I am glad he did. ^_^

M: Angel, what do you want for your Christmas present?
A: Emmm ... I want ... I want Apples and Bananas! *kids are so easy to please isn’t it? Kekekeke*

^ ^ Work in progress ...... 'kacau' here and there :)

But today
M: Angel, what do you want for your Christmas present?
A: Ahhh ….. I want Toys!

M: But what about your Apples and Bananas? You don’t want them anymore?
A: Oppss, sorry! I want Toys, Apples and Bananas!!

^ ^ Our first Christmas Tree here in Shanghai.

Tah Dah!! Presenting our X'mas Tree, finally!! Doesn’t it look great?? I am all in the Christmas mood now ^_^

Ho, ho, ho! Merry X'mas to All of You out there ^_^

Shanghai World Expo 2010 (3 of 3)

........... Continue (end)

4th Visit to Shanghai World Expo:

^ ^ The top right picture was Denmark’s national treasure - ‘The Little Mermaid’ and it’s her first time getting out of her country. That’s very generous of them to exhibit that in Shanghai.

We continue our journey at the Europe Pavilion on Tuesday, 26 October 2010. Unfortunately it’s raining that day and Angel is extra cranky too. Temperature is very cold at around 12 degree Celsius but we still continue with our journey. This round we visited the bigger pavilion.

1. Finland
2. Denmark (the little mermaid)
3. Sweden (the home of Ikea)
4. Norway

^ ^ She looks boyish today and a lot of strangers come asking me whether she is a boy or girl :P

5th Visit:

We went to the expo again on Thursday, 28 October 2010. As the queuing was extremely long, we only manage to visit 2 pavilions but it’s awesome!

1. Spain (gigantic baby doll)
2. France

^ ^ The Spain Pavilion which was the facade was build using rattan (藤)

There is this humongous 小米宝宝 (if I remembered the name correctly) who has facial expression inside the Spain Pavilion. Angel is extremely horrified when she first saw this gigantic baby and starts crying! Really incredible to be able to stay so close to such gigantic BABY!

^ ^ The Gigantic 6.5 meter electronic animated baby - the Miguelin (小米宝宝) inside Spain Pavilion and it’s so huge! Do you noticed the actual size of the visitors down there?

Then we visited the France Pavilion. It actually has a nice restaurant up there which required advance booking! That’s a very good place for taking nice pictures, especially with a DSLR but not for a normal cameras coz the light is way too dimmed.

^ ^ The France Pavilion. There is also some LV display at the lower left picture.

France Pavilion has a very nice open air garden but then again, my digital camera failed to take a nice and decent picture there due to very dimmed condition again :(

^ ^ Top: That’s not real snow/drawings on wall, that’s just some lights and images projected from the projector. Looks nice isn’t it?
^ ^ Bottom right: She is horrified by those high tech mini size robots at her back :P

6th Visit:

^ ^ Pavilions!

We went to the expo again on Saturday, 30 October 2010. We managed to visit quite of number of Pavilions that day :)

1. African Republic
2. Netherlands (Holland)
3. Polska
4. Belgium EU (Land of Chocolates and ate a RMB20 tinny size waffles :P)
5. Ireland (the builder of Titanic)
6. Italy
7. Canada
8. Mexico
9. USA

^ ^ Views inside some of the pavilions. Those tulips are all real tulips from Holland in Netherlands Pavilion!

^ ^ Angel in African Pavilion.

Now only I knew that there really was a place call MADAGASCAR in Africa from one of my favourite cartoon Madagascar!! *embarrassing* It’s really an eye opening opportunity for me :)

^ ^ Oh ... she looks so tiny standing beside the wall sculpture there and on the right, those were Madagascar trees from Madagascar :)

^ ^ The Mexico Pavilion is full of beautiful kites! Enchanting views and great for pictures!!!! Oh ..... My camera ran out of batteries here! Urrgghhh ...... :(

7th Visit:

We went to the expo again on Sunday, 31 October 2010 (The Closing Day of Shanghai Expo 2010). The last day of our visit so we bought a special day ticket and the pavilions we managed to cover were:

1. Sultanate of Oman
2. Pakistan
3. Sri Lanka
4. United Arab Emirates (2 hours) – and oh boy, this place is even developed then Shanghai!
5. Turkmenistan
6. Nepal
7. India
8. Japan
9. Vietnam

^ ^ Nepal Pavilion

And that marks the end of our Shanghai World Expo 2010 Marathon! Angel enjoys the entire journey a lot and even asked to go to the expo again after it ended. That’s truly a journey which will last in our memories for a very long time as I have never visited a place for 7 times in a row within weeks! A place where I least expected to learn something but got a whole lot more from it for all of us :)

^ ^ My stack of used Expo Tickets!

The next coming World Expo would be held in Korea and I wonder would I be able to visit Korea and continue my World Expo journey there? Most unlikely I think :)