Thursday, November 19, 2009

Her First ‘Few’ Snowflakes

* but sadly no picture was taken coz the snowflakes are really too ‘few’ to be capture by the camera :( :( *

While I was gazing outside the window, suddenly I saw that the raindrops today seem a little larger then usual and I look closer ……. OMG, it’s some snowflakes mixing with the rain! So I started to shouted uncontrollably with all I might for Angel who is doing her caterpillar crawl *again* outside our bedroom corridor

“ANGELLLLL~~~~!! COME QUICK~~~~~!!!!! IT’S SNOWING~~~~!!!!!!!!!!”

Then suddenly I saw her running like a lightning, shaking and look a little frighten while whining a little, rushing towards me hugging me tide ….. oh dear, I must have frighten this poor little girl with my sudden loud shout, poor girl!! *sorry dear*

After she has calm down, I show her the ‘very few’ snowflakes falling from the sky outside our house and tell her that they were snow. Although it just lasted for 1-2 minutes and melted before even touching the land, I think no one can really noticed that it’s snowing if they didn’t look closer but at least Angel did see ‘some’ of her first few snowflakes today :P It has been years since my last snow and I kind of missing it at this moment though ……..

However, I do hope that we could hang on till the day we really see some snow here coz at the mean time, all I could think about and longing for was the warm and nice hot weather back in Malaysia/ Bangkok. Although the people here keep telling me that it won’t snow in Shanghai during winter time but I am just keeping my wish. It did snow once and only once here few years back so I am keeping my finger crossed! :)

Right now, the first thing I really need to do is to ask hubby to get me and Angel both a raincoat so if ‘miracle’ does happen again, we will be the first one to zoom out of the house and feel it for real ^_^

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Freezing Weekend

It’s our very special weekend as it’s freezing cold!!! The winter has just arrived here in Shanghai and the temperature has dropped tremendously to around 2 – 4 degree C with strong wind and constant rain. When walking outside, it’s like walking inside a gigantic freezer with strong icy wind forcing its way strong into every inch of your body *shivering* Smokes begins to form once we starts talk (Angel loves that) and the wet weather has also made such cold weather slightly hard to bare at times ….

My Cheeky little girl likes to pose for mommy lately :)

Despite the cold weather, I drag hubby out of the house and we went to get some extra winter clothing and extra thick pajamas for Angel. I didn’t expect that the winter over here can be as cold as the UK!! Once we step out of the house, Angel start showing an excited face once cold winds blew onto her face and told me “COLD ~~~” showing me a huge grin on her face plus doing some extra shivery movements, kekekeke. I think she enjoys the cold weather here a lot so I would try my best to bring her out of the house once a week normally during the weekends just to get some fresh air and sunshine. Maybe due to the cold weather, she is having a great appetite that day and managed to polish off 2/3 of an adult full portion of meal!!

She is so hungry!! She finish 2/3 of that extra large bowl of rice + 1 plate of steam chicken with mushroom (an adult full portion) all by herself.

After a 6 hours of shopping marathon, I am glad that we finally managed to find some decent winter pajamas for Angel to fight the cold weather and few nice jackets for her outings. Clothing and stuffs can be super duper expensive here in Shanghai (which is something unexpected) but we really have no energy to look further as such cold weather is making all of us super lazy and best just to hibernating inside the warm cozy home :P

Some extra thick pajamas and some outing jackets for Angel. Not cheap and not as nice as I would like them to be but still ok lah :) Also a new stroller for Angel too :)

As we have left Angel’s old stroller behind while we left Bangkok, hence we got Angel a new stroller too because we do find that it’s very convenient for us to have that with an active kid who constantly want us to ‘carry’ while we were out shopping. I am so happy with the stroller as it’s extremely light weight and so easy to maneuver ^_^ It can carry to the maximum of 18kg so I guess Angel can still be able to used that for another year or so. Surprisingly, Angel seems to love this new stroller of hers compare to her old stroller (coz the shade can be fully covered) and wanted me to pushed her around the house with the shade down while she lies comfortably inside enjoying herself so much. Finally, I need to coax her to come down from her stroller and told her that the stroller need to ‘take a rest now’ and there is when she demand me to take a picture of her posing with the folded stroller *laugh* I certainly hope that once we were out, she will behave, cooperate and willing to sit on her new stroller as she would at home.

She love her new Combi very much keep saying that it’s “Angel 的” (Angel’s). Hopefully her love for it will last much longer then I have anticipated :)