Friday, October 29, 2010

Overcame her fear of ...... [3Y6M]

...... Kiddy rides! ^_^ For some reason Angel is EXTREMELY afraid of all the kiddy rides! She hasn’t really been on a kiddy rides since young let alone standing anywhere near them at all and if she does, she would asked me,” Not to put money, ok?” so that the kiddy rides doesn’t move or she would tell us, “Angel touch only, Angel don’t want to sit on, ok? Ok mommy?!” So only 2 'moving' rides she has ever got up onto till now was the Merry-Go-Round and the choo-choo train rides back in Bangkok.

^ ^ These pictures seems like ages ...... Angel is still so chubby and ‘Little’ then ^_^

So one fine day when I was shopping for some autumn outfit for her in a shop near Carrefour 大埔桥road, suddenly hubby show me Angel is sitting on a ‘moving’ 喜羊羊 (Pleasant Goat – that’s what they call it in Astro! :D) ^_^ Although she still show some reserved in her face but when the rides is finally over, she quickly hopped down from it and asked hubby for another RMB1 coin :) She took 4 rides that night until we have to drag her out of the shop and of course, she is crying profusely refused to leave!

^ ^ Angel: I still look a bit puzzled, don’t I? :D

So we promised to bring her to a place called 卡通尼乐园 at 金桥广场 which is a kids wonderland. I can see all kids and even some parents (ahem!) are having a great fun indulging themselves with the massive rides and games with their kids in the fun land. This is the very first time that she is willing to get on to those kiddy rides voluntarily and we are so happy to watched her having so much fun at last!

^ ^ Angel: Yeah ...... I can enjoy all the rides now ^_^

^ ^ This particular car rides moves pretty fast too and looks like a mini roller coaster but she is doing just fine with it :)

Besides all the kiddy rides, she is so busy trying her hands on all the different machines and games which she could found there. Not only Angel is having a great time but me and hubby were also having great fun that day. But due to time constrains, Angel doesn’t have the chance to get into their toddler gym yet. Maybe next round then.

The next day, we woke up with sore muscles on our arms from excessive balls throwing and playing games while Angel have an extra long night sleep till the late afternoon. She must be exhausted from the outing :)

^ ^ Angel loves fish catching and this young lady managed to scoop a full basin of gold fishes unbelievably!! She is really good in it!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angel the 姐姐 (2)

I would let Angel have her share in ‘taking care’ of Annabelle as much as possible and Annabelle seems to ‘connect’ with Angel very well. Annabelle’s eyes would follow Angel wherever she goes and she would turn her head left and right searching for Angel’s whereabouts all the time ^_^ If Annabelle is crying, Angel would mimic what we normally do by patting Annabelle to soothe her while saying "Ok ok ok kkkkkkkk .... I said OK! OK?" which really sound like us :D It makes us laugh watching her babysit Annabelle. (How I wish she will do that more often) She would also ask me to let her bottle feed baby Annabelle too and manage to do the job pretty well as you can see ^_^

^ ^ The little ‘mommy’


It’s so funny when I accidentally found this picture storing away in my camera. This is what Angel does when she first heard baby Annabelle crying out loud during Annabelle first day home from the labouring hospital. After few months spending time with Annabelle, Angel has got use to Annabelle’s crying and Annabelle has somehow managed to 'survived' the noises that her big sister was constantly created at home especially when Annabells is having her sweet nap. Incredible but that's the essential surviving skill which a younger siblings must possessed I must say :)

^ ^ Mommy, why is the baby so noisy?


When Angel saw mommy breastfeeding baby Annabelle

A: Mommy, what are you doing? *frown*
M: Mommy is feeding baby. You want some? *teasing her*

A: But Mommy ...... that’s not a good idea!! *Frown and covering her mouth*
M: But mommy milk is yummy!!!

A: Oh ~~ NO THANKS!!!! Angel have goat milk o-re-di! *pointing at her formula milk*
M: Oh, nevermind then. Later after mommy finished, it’s Angel’s turn (breast)feeding Annabelle ok?

*looks shock and quickly with both hands crossed in front of her chest covering them tight, frown more with tears in her eyes*

A: but ...... ANGEL DOESN’T HAVE (breast) MILK!!!! *Tears in her eyes*

Oh, Poor little Angel! Is breastfeeding really looks so terrifying for you??

^ ^ Angel says: Don't worry baby, although I don't have (breast) milk but I can help to bottle feed you ...."

Monday, October 25, 2010

An Early Preparation for Winter

It’s still Spring time here in Shanghai but due to the global climate changes and the tropical storms ‘Megi’ which hits Guangzhou and Taiwan few days ago , Shanghai is currently experiencing a sudden drop of temperature by 9 to 10 degree Celsius and it will hit the minimum temperature of only 9 degree C by Wednesday. *shivering* Oh ... I hate the cold weather and missed summer sooooo much!! The chilly, windy and soggy weather everyday really drive my mood low because all of us are so looking forward to visit the World Expo again but due to the soggy weather, we have to put our plans on hold.

Digging into the pile of Angel’s winter clothing only to realized that Angel has outgrown almost all her winter clothing from last year (What a waste!). That means daddy’s ‘pocket’ will be shrinking a lot more again this month :( Choosing winter clothing for all of us will be a headache for me in Shanghai coz it’s either Price is acceptable but the quality / style is Out or ... the quality and style is acceptable but the price is making our eyes popped out, TWICE!! A good quality of ‘kids’ jacket or a pair of walking shoe in the shopping mall can easily cost a ‘minimum’ of RM400 / pc or pair! Absolutely ridiculous (coz it’s only used for a few months during winter time and kids mostly will outgrown their winter clothing by next winter!) and yet most of the time, the desire size will be sold out too. Sigh ...... no wonder it’s called SHANGHAI and everything is priced sky-HIGH :P

^ ^ First round of winter shopping for Angel. Doesn’t really liked the colour of Angel’s winter boots but hubby likes them a lot and it looks comfy on her :)

Bought some winter clothing for Annabelle 1 month back too and only found out those clothing might be too small size for her already when the winter time is here, sigh!! Annabelle is absolutely growing up in a lighting speed I must say (happy ^_^) ...... so I have stopped piling up winter clothing for this little girl for the moment being and probably will continue to shop for her when ‘the time is here’ :). So hard to estimate her growing speed now :)

^ ^ Some winter clothing for little Annabelle. Absolutely love the 'super duper mini sized' silver colour winter jacket from Mothercare and everything there in the shop!!! How I wish they cater adult size for the jacket too ......

So I can foresee that we will start dressing up like a 'dumpling' again soon and it's so troublesome 'coating' ourselves into those layers of clothings everytime we stepped out of the house. I have started to miss Malaysia already .....

^ ^Left: Angel with my scarf :)
^ ^Right: What’s so special about this jacket?? Coz ...... mommy also have the same piece of jacket at home!!! :D :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Happy Chatty Baby

Baby Annabelle is truly a happy and chatty baby! Whenever we talk to her, she will respond back with some “ee~~ah~~woo~~” sound then flash us with her sweetest smile ever which never fail to melts our hearts all the time ^_^ Not only that she would smile at us when she is awake, she would even giggle in her dreams too and makes some cute chuckling sound. Whenever she saw Angel, she would starts ‘talking’ and smiling at her with her eyes glued on her big sister running around in the house (that’s her favourite past time) ^_^

At times when she was sucking on her pacifier and we start talking to her, she would spit out her pacifier then starts her baby talk while give us her brightest smiles too. There was once I laugh at her cute act of being so ‘talkative’ and when she saw that I am laughing at her, suddenly she give me a big laugh which really makes me laugh so hard and then she laugh even louder at me, hahahaha …….

She’s sure my little happy sunshine and those pictures above will always brighten up my days ^_*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 (1 of 3)

Unbelievable!! Truly unbelievable, unforgettable and crazy experience! Yeah …. We finally went to the Shanghai Expo 2010 and it’s nothing like any of the expo in Malaysia at all! The size of the expo is absolutely beyond words (5.28 KM/2 and it’s the ‘largest world fair’ ever!) and also, it makes a world record of a total of 66.4 Million visitors to date (Malaysia population = 28 million only) and the number is still growing. Just the day before our trip, it hit a new record of receiving 1.03 million of visitors on the day itself which is absolutely insane. We nearly cancelled our trip to avoid being squeezed like sardines but I am glad that we make it in the end!

^ ^ It’s just a small part of the crowd at one of the entrance at China Pavilion! The visitors are really insane ….. just like ANTS!

Last Sunday (17/10/10) 5 of us make it to the expo at around 10am and adding to the number of 744,900 visitors to the expo that day. Entrance ticket cost CNY160/ pax (RM80/pax) and visiting the China Pavilion need a special pass (FOC) by appointment but we did not plan to line up stay overnight at the entrance just to “rebut” (I am not kidding!!) for a China Pavilion Pass which a limited number was distributed at 9am everyday (absolutely crazy!). Hubby’s aunty who flew all the way from Malaysia is so keen to enter the China Pavilion hence with no choice but we finally have to ‘flock out’ RM800 just to get the FOC tickets from the illegal ‘source’ (bad bad!!!).

^ ^ The absolutely infamous China Pavilion, here Angel comes!! We are actually up high at the exhibition hall where the arrow was pointing ^_^

The experience inside China Pavilion is absolutely speechless. After a few hours queuing and being ‘pushed around’ by huge crowd , we were finally transported to the top of the pavilion and saw the 123 meter long of gigantic infamous painting ‘清明上河图’ (‘Along the River During the QingMing Festival’). The painting is absolutely breath taking because it’s just sooooo huge and all the characters inside the ancient Chinese drawings are actually moving!! It’s just like an ancient city brought into life in front of our eyes! The 3D theater, the expedition train, the future cars exhibition, the huge lotus pond and all the displays inside China Pavilion is just so high tech and innovative! Beyond words can describe our feelings, even Angel were dancing and exclaiming about everything she saw. However, not much pictures were taken as the place were extremely crowded! We were so lucky that we even have a chance to have a peek on whatever it was display there :) :) The display halls are as big as few footballs fields, division and distributed among a few levels. It’s just an eye opener for all of us.

^ ^ Some of the view inside China Paviion. The top picture is the infamous China ancient city painting, the 123 meter long imitated national treasure ‘清明上河图’ (‘Along the River During the QingMing Festival’) and the character in the drawings is actually brought to life!!!! Incredible!!!!!!!!!!! You can imagine the size and length of it by the look at the people down there.

^ ^ Angel enjoy herself in the Shanghai Expo. She actually told me that “Angel is so happy today!” which I am so glad ^_^

We have to line up for 2 – 3 hours normally just to enter the so-called not so famous pavilions in the expo. Even Malaysian Pavilion takes minimum 1 hour that day but luckily, we brought along our Malaysian passport which we get to enter through the ‘green lane’ :) We are quite lucky enough to cover a total of 10 pavilions in the Asia Zone (including China Pavilion) namely China, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

^ ^ Not much picture was taken coz there were so many ppl that day and our eyes were so busy! OK ok ..... Mommy and daddy took most pictures la coz Angel was so busy running around ^_^ She was so happy and 'high' for pictures most of the time ^_^

I would say that Thailand Pavilion is magnificent with so much surprises in it (love it so much). Philippines Pavilions is just so kind enough to provide a marvelous complimentary 10 minutes massage to the visitors (must go) with great entertainments – singing and dancing (truly cultural) and handcrafts for sell too. Australia Pavilion’s 3D 360 degree gigantic revolving stage and animation was absolutely thrilling + inspiring (must watch ). Singapore pavilions takes more then 3 hours to enter but we manage to enter it for less then an hour that night and the sky garden is a nice touch. Cambodia Pavilion is small but with a nice touch as if entering into an ancient city. As for Malaysia pavilion, I am absolutely proud that Malaysia Pavilion’s outlook looks absolutely breath taking during the nights (well done Malaysia!). However, the inner content of the pavilion itself, I would say needs a lot improvement as it’s a bit lack of identity and afford, not well maintained, too commercialized (as if doing an industrial trade) and it’s just a typical expo just like the one we have in Malaysia :(

^ ^ Zone B with some of the Asia Pavilions. Malaysia Pavilion’s building (Purple Roof, 2nd picture on the right) is absolutely different from the inner content (sorry to say that) but I must say that it does make a great impression to the visitors and well done to Malaysia architectural team!

We went home around 10.30pm that night coz my camera runs out of battery :( However, I am sure I will make another visit to the expo again hopefully next week (Europe Pavilion this round) before the expo officially ends on the 31 October 2010. It was absolutely a tiring day (must have good stamina to walk walk walk and squeeze squeeze squeeze) but I am glad that we make it to the expo with Angel which is absolutely incredible and that’s absolutely once in a life time experience. We enjoyed it so much and I am so happy Angel does too ^_^