Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angel the 姐姐 (2)

I would let Angel have her share in ‘taking care’ of Annabelle as much as possible and Annabelle seems to ‘connect’ with Angel very well. Annabelle’s eyes would follow Angel wherever she goes and she would turn her head left and right searching for Angel’s whereabouts all the time ^_^ If Annabelle is crying, Angel would mimic what we normally do by patting Annabelle to soothe her while saying "Ok ok ok kkkkkkkk .... I said OK! OK?" which really sound like us :D It makes us laugh watching her babysit Annabelle. (How I wish she will do that more often) She would also ask me to let her bottle feed baby Annabelle too and manage to do the job pretty well as you can see ^_^

^ ^ The little ‘mommy’


It’s so funny when I accidentally found this picture storing away in my camera. This is what Angel does when she first heard baby Annabelle crying out loud during Annabelle first day home from the labouring hospital. After few months spending time with Annabelle, Angel has got use to Annabelle’s crying and Annabelle has somehow managed to 'survived' the noises that her big sister was constantly created at home especially when Annabells is having her sweet nap. Incredible but that's the essential surviving skill which a younger siblings must possessed I must say :)

^ ^ Mommy, why is the baby so noisy?


When Angel saw mommy breastfeeding baby Annabelle

A: Mommy, what are you doing? *frown*
M: Mommy is feeding baby. You want some? *teasing her*

A: But Mommy ...... that’s not a good idea!! *Frown and covering her mouth*
M: But mommy milk is yummy!!!

A: Oh ~~ NO THANKS!!!! Angel have goat milk o-re-di! *pointing at her formula milk*
M: Oh, nevermind then. Later after mommy finished, it’s Angel’s turn (breast)feeding Annabelle ok?

*looks shock and quickly with both hands crossed in front of her chest covering them tight, frown more with tears in her eyes*

A: but ...... ANGEL DOESN’T HAVE (breast) MILK!!!! *Tears in her eyes*

Oh, Poor little Angel! Is breastfeeding really looks so terrifying for you??

^ ^ Angel says: Don't worry baby, although I don't have (breast) milk but I can help to bottle feed you ...."


Alice Law said...

Oh My~! I must reckon Angel is good at handling baby, she can really carry such a tender baby with properly, salute!!!

Proud of your girl! Have a great day to you!

Kristie said...

clever jie jie!!!!!

so sweet to see angel showering her mei mei with TLC :)

Am sure she is of very good help to u!

Mummy Gwen said...

Angel has grown to be an understandig and sweet little girl. She loves her mei mei so much. Good girl. *muacks*

BoeyJoey said...

Angel is so sweet and such a good help! I LOL when I read about your conversation with Angel... hahaha, she's so innocent and cute :-D

Serene said...

Aiyoh... Angel is such a swett jie jie!! Envy envy! I not dare to let Xixi go near Didi, cos she is so rough, I scared she will hurts Didi instead. Angel indeed did a great job by baby sit Anna. Hahaha.. the conversation is really cute!

mNhL said...

All the photos of Angel and baby are priceless. Must show her when she grows up.....what a caring sister.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Angel is a very good jie-jie! The last two pics are really heart-warming :) So loving and motherly!

Mommy to Chumsy said... the photos of the sisters together. Angel is such a good jie jie :)