Monday, February 28, 2011

Annabelle In Cheong Sum

This is Annabelle's first CNY hence Grandma and Kau-Fu is so 'sayang' to bought Annabelle her first few very pretty Cheong Sum and went out to snap some pictures. See .... little Annabelle is so 'attached' to grandma and probably thought grandma is her mommy already :P :P :P

Unlike Angel, Annabelle is a more controllable baby when she is out shopping and hence, grandma is more willing to bring her out kai-kai. What a lucky girl she is :)

She is not that afraid of strangers anymore as compare to previously. She is also more willing to let anybody carries her. But she has to make sure she can see grandma around or else ...... she would start crying. But I think grandma won't mind a bit as it shows how important grandma is to her ^_^


Hey, Who Off the lights???!!! (as what Angel normally says.) I think my little Annabelle looks so cute in grandma's sunglasses but I am not sure how she feels coz she doesn't looks so ..... happy in it. Playing cool???

After a long day out posing for grandma and Yi Yi, little Annabelle is so tired dozing off in the car. Oh .... I just love watching her sleeping so soundly in grandma's arms (enjoy while she still fits into our arms). Must be extremely cozy :) She looks so big girl already ya.

Annabelle is 8 months 3 weeks old now. She is a very tall little girl reaching 72.5 cm in height and 10.2 kg in weight. And she has got her first 2 teeth popping out which I am still waiting for the pictures.

"Hello Grandma! Where are those pictures please!!" ^_^

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bento #10: Frosty The Snowman

Winter will be over soon. Although the weather is still very cold and temperature were still near to zero at most of the nights, but I think it will be unlikely to snow again. Oh .... I start to miss those pretty winter snow now.

Soon, this fountain will melt and the fishes inside the pond will be happily swimming around again. I couldn't believe the gold fishes survived the cold winter days under that thick icy fountain!

Of course, Angel always loved snowy days. I love to Look at her little face all brighten up kicking and catching the snow with her mouth. She have slipped 'hard' several time in the slippery pathway but I am glad that I wrapped her all up in that thick clothing which protected her well.

We can stay in the snow for hours until I realised I haven't got our dinner ready yet! Gosh ..... to much fun for both of us enjoying every bits of the cold winter days. Just the 2 of us :)

She got herself a new small umbrella too just because she saw my umbrella was full of snow, and then she 'taught' me the way of remove them by hitting the umbrella hard on the floor until it was crooked! Not a good idea after all, my dear! Couldn't believe my eyes that she was that rough strong.

Well, that day it snowed so heavily until someone manage to built a huge snowman which is taller then her!

Not only huge snowman. We found some kids around the neighbourhood built a few of very cute little snowman along the sidewalk too! That was really cute!

Angel tried to build her own snowman too which turn out to look like ..... anything but a snowman *smile* But she is having great fun until both of us forgot about the time and rush back home at night after a good 4 hours playing in the snow!

I prepared a snowman bento (in-a-plate coz I'm in a rush preparing other dishes) for little Angel that night which she was totally overwhelmed. I am glad that she likes her Mr. Frosty The Snowman for dinner :)

As you can see, fish balls were hidden underneath those rice balls which she loves so much :)

I guess it's time to say goodbye to Mr. Frosty for the moment being as well as our cold winter days. Hope to see you again soon, Mr. Frosty. But not so soon ya! ^_^

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CNY Is Over Already?!!

^ ^ WHAT~~~~!!!!??
Chinese New Year is over already??
But Mommy, I haven't wish all Aunties and Uncles Gong Xi Fa Cai wor .....

^ ^ Ok Ok, quickly help me to snap a picture in front of the cherry blossoms before they take it away! Ghee ..... should tell me earlier mah.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Aunty and Uncle ah!
I am Annabelle and don't mistaken me for my Angel Jie Jie ah! ^_^

^ ^ And oh yes, I had the most wonderful CNY this year at Ah Mah house meeting a lots of Uncles and Aunties.

I am not even afraid of the lion dance nor the 'oh-so-loud' firecrackers.
See .... I smiled at ALL OF THEM ^_^

^ ^ Tell you a secret oh .......
I got something very 'unusual and magical' from the adults this year during CNY oh.

^ ^ The adults told me only well behaved kids will get IT.

So whenever the adults come to my house, I will greet them gong-xi gong-xi with my hands moving up and down as taught by Ah Mah. *so tired*

And I will also sit properly .... like this, smile and babbles to them in my best manners.

^ ^ And then, taa daa ...
The adults will give me this 'unusual and magical' big red packet and wishing me ‘快高长大’.

Tell me isn't that magical or what?

^ ^ But I wonder what's inside leh?
Toys? But it looks .... so flat!

^ ^ Why not I'll just have a peek inside although I have been warned not to open it in front of the adults!

Errrmm ..... here comes the truly unusual and magical part.
I think I saw papers with the sign of $ on it which the adults told me it's a blessing to me. And if I like to, I could even 'exchanged' it for my favourite toys in the shopping mall?

A red packet can do so much?? Wow ^_^

^ ^ And guess what, I am not getting only 1 but lots of them too! See .... I even got my favourite Hello Kitty Red Packet!

There .... I have shown you mine and tell me, tell me, do you get your 'magical' red packet too?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Yuan Xiao Festival - 上海 豫园 (Yu Yuan)

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy 元宵节 (Yuan Xiao Festival) to all!!!

I have learned from the locals here that Yuan Xiao Festival falls on the 15th of the first lunar month, signifying the end of our Chinese New Year and also the first full moon of a lunar calender. Hence, the Chinese would normally celebrating with eating 元宵(yuan-xiao) which is 汤圆 (glutinous rice balls) symbolising togetherness. Kids will be carrying yuan-xiao lantern celebrating the first full moon while the adults, will be participating in the most awaiting event - 猜灯谜 (solving riddles on the lanterns).

^ ^ A huge paper lantern decoration in Shanghai Yu Yuan(豫园)

If you happens to come to Shanghai or planning to celebrate Yuan Xiao Festivals in Shanghai next year, one of the most happening and crowded places where you could find all of the above was at the Shanghai Yu Yuan(豫园).

* We need to pay a fee to enter Yu Yuan (which normally is free) if we were to visit Yu Yuan during this 3 days to attend the festive event.

Ok .... so Shanghai Yu Yuan, here we come!

^ ^ Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy 元宵节 (Yuan Xiao Festival)

Yu Yuan (豫园)was so crowded throughout the 15 days of Chinese New Year (we went last weekend) and we are walking shoulder to shoulder, being pushes and knocked at boorishly squeezing our way out from the crowd and heads held up high competing for a good view! I am glad that I brought along Angel's stroller so she was fully protected inside her own comfy zone with her stroller cover pulling all the way down (she loves doing that.) enjoying her raisin and biscuits inside while having a good time watching at ........ people's legs and pants? :P :P

The weather is still very cold and we take a good picture before entering the 'battle field'! :P

We first went to the 城隍庙 (Cheng Huang Temple) as hubby wants to do his prayers for the new year. The ticketing counter was floaded with people but I am glad that we finally enter without any chaotic matters.

A lot of people went to the temple praying for a smooth sailing and prosperous year ahead. A lot of them were holding their red hot burning colourful joss stick roaming around searching for a good spot to pray. Angel refused to stand still at the corner and wanted to join in the fun of lighting up the joss stick with the crowd too. *so dangerous* She suddenly stretched out and snatched hubby's joss sticks from his hands and eventually the tug of war breaks the joss sticks into half *oh-oww!! >:(* Hubby was fuming mad!

So I asked her weather she wants to get her new CNY clothing all smoked up and she answer me with a big NO! Finally, she told me she wanted to do her prayer with bare hands and that makes our little missy happy again. Phew!

^ ^ Happily posing for the camera again ^_^

We went to the 2nd floor of Yu Yuan's food court to have lunch and we had the most disgusting dim sum and drinks ever!! We don't really fancy the food in Yu Yuan's food court (more for tourist) but this one is really bad until we barely can force it down our throat! *yucks!*

So whoever came here, please avoid the food court unless you wants to torture your taste buds or was dying for food that you could basically swallow ANYTHING! The various snack stalls inside Yu Yuan selling various of Shanghai snacks taste much better then the food court!

At first we was planning to cross the 九曲桥 (meaning nine-bend-bridge)as a tradition to get rid of the bad luck but look at the crowd on the bridge!! I don't think I wanted to squeeze into that crowd of people (the part with colours were the crowd 'sardin-ed' on the bridge) and add further load onto that poor bridge! So we decided to leave it instead and move on to jalan-jalan else where.

Although the entire place was sooooo crowded but the decorations and Chinese New Year displays were awesome! It would be even beautiful if those lights were lit up :) I love CNY!!! ^_^

Wow .... The lanterns with riddles!!!! You could see such lanterns everywhere, hundreds and thousands of them where ever you lay your eyes on.

If you look closely, each and every lantern will have their own unique riddles written on them! Can you solved them all?? I wonder how they manage to see what was written up there. So far above ...... I think I need a binoculars! :P

^ ^ 猜灯谜咯 (solving riddles on the lanterns)

I think Shanghai Yu Yuan(豫园)looks so beautiful during this season of the year with all the lighting turned on beautifully every night! No wonder the place was flooded with tourists!

But mind you, a lot of pick pockets were out there looking for victims too and please be extra careful. That day I have seen guys (age 20+) following some ladies with hand bags, with eyes glued on their hand bag ready to attach and they are working in a 3 person gang! Hubby thought they were some 'samseng' at first but I saw them trying to lay thier hands on one lady handbag but failed! So scary! If I am not with young kids, I will surely alert the police!

^ ^ My happy girl who refused to nap after seeing all those pretty lanterns and decorations :)

When the night falls, the lanterns were all lit up and they look so elegant swaying along with the wind ^_^ Feels so happy just by looking at those bright red lanterns. I am not sure whether prizes will be given out for whoever solved all those riddles up there in tonight's event?

That's the look of Yu Yuan (豫园) when the night falls. It sure looks extra beautiful tonight. I can spend my entire day here eating, walking, shopping ... basically everything that you could ever imagine! I love Yu Yuan! ^_^

I am sure I'll be visiting the place again soon when it's not that crowded anymore and cross that 九曲桥 BRIDGE!!! ^_^

Have a very HAPPY and PLEASANT YUAN XIAO Festival spending time with your family and friends to everyone! ^_^

p/s: Oh dear, my VPN is still not working and I can't leave comments here and in any other blogspot too! So I can only be your silent reader for the time being ya until I find a way out!! Till then, Take care my friend ^_^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our CNY 2011 - Firecrackers

I think I have finally regain back my joy in Chinese New Year here in Shanghai after all these years.

CNY back home is really great but it's just too ......... 'quiet' without the traditional firecrackers anymore. in addition, I hardly see a good lion dance with strong and uplifting drum beats too. Afterall, my childhood memories of cny was all about loud firecrackers and fireworks, noisy lion dance, ample of good food, loads of ang-pow and happily squeezing myself along the busy cny market flooded with people until I can only see people's head instead of what's selling. That's what my once a year CNY memories is all about and guess what, I finally found all of them here, especially those loud and annoying firecrackers which I love the most ^_^

^ ^ Mommy! Mommy! Look!! There's fireworks out there!!

Angel spotted fireworks the 1st night we were back from our HK trip (will try getting myself motivated to post it up soon .... I hope) and she was all excited as well as myself too. Only to find out that according to the tradition here, after midnight will be the 5th of the lunar Chinese calendar and everyone will light up fireworks and firecrackers to welcome the 财神爷 (God of Fortune). Since Angel is so excited and the mommy is even excited to see fireworks and hearing all those big bang EVERYWHERE, we managed to drag hubby out from the house in the cold winter night to get us some firecrackers or don't come back see whether he could find some firecrackers for his darling princess-es :D :D

^ ^ Finally, we found a man who is selling firecrackers at the roadside at 11pm! ^_^

Yahooooo!!! Finally we get to light up firecrackers and fireworks LEGALLY!!!!! The sound of those fireworks hasn't been stopping since 11pm! We felt like our ears are not functioning anymore while the night was so bright from fireworks everywhere and car alarms were joining the orchestra of noise-making too! What a night!!

^ ^ Hello my old friend! I missed you SOOOOO much! ^_^

I can see that hubby is a bit chicken out from lighting up the firecrackers after such a long time absent from practicing :P :P He would run away before the firecrackers were actually lit up and he even trying to extend the tip of the fireworks with newspapers to steal some time from escaping but his trick was not working at all *laugh* Luckily there were some brave security guards around to save his day and he is happily leaving the honour of the job to those brave guys :P

^ ^ It's such a funny scene to see a few big guys gathered around discussing how to light up those firecrackers ^_^

Before approaching midnight, we drag Angel back to the house to get her some ear plugs as she wants me to cover her ears while I myself was so busy with the camera.

The heap of explosives which were waiting to be lit that night and that's not it. There were few more cars of firecrackers being wheeled out after that and you could imagine how noisy and smoky it was! But hey, it's CNY!!!

^ ^ Men busy preparing for the big explosion! Those big box in the middle of the road were actually fireworks! So big box!

Finally the show begins! It was so noisy until I could barely hear when hubby is trying to talk to me. And the whole sky were so smoky and as bright as sun rises and I could actually felt 'small grains' dropping from the sky all the time which was from the fireworks. It was crazy!!

^ ^ Let the show begins! My LX5 was giving up on me due to the bright lights and smokes and do not want to focus anymore! No luck in capturing nice fireworks picture!

And hubby is so nice for getting our little Angel her own sparkles too :) She was super duper happy and I am so happy too watching her smiling so contentedly dancing around with her sparkles.

^ ^

The next permitted time for lighting up fireworks here in Shanghai will be on the last day of CNY which is ... tomorrow!!!! So fast!! On this day, kids would carry 元宵节灯笼 (lantern), eat 汤圆 (glutinous rice balls) and celebrate with more firecrackers. We have got ourselves ready for the next round of 'explosion' and at the mean time, I am just praying that it won't not rain!! ^_^

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Can Smell Love In The Air

^ ^ Lovely Valentine's Day packaging :)

Today it the V Day and I can smell Love in the air!!! ^_^ Wishing all the old and new love birds out there a very Happy Valentine's Day, for it's the time to celebrate and treasure the love we have with the person who we care most :)

^ ^ Me and my little Valentine :)

So in order to avoid the 'no-surprise' surprise from hubby which he is very good at, I reminded him about the V Day and he mumbled softly with his same old phrase again, "Huh?! Valentine's Day AGAIN? I must thank whoever invented this day ......"

^ ^ A lot of Valentine's deco around here and I don't think anyone would missed it :P

AGAIN?? What does he mean again?? Well, not everyone loves Valentine's day I guess especially mine here coz he is just too lazy to think of what gift to get and being 'robbed' alive during that day :P So normally I would not asked for any gift especially roses but this year, I really 'feel' like getting something from him for some reason. ^_^

Anyone thinks that 情人节 = 情人劫?? :P

^ ^ My very first Valentine's Chocolate from my not-so-romantic Valentine + a family trip to Korea next month too! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!

Lastly but not the least, my Valentine got his valentine's gift too this year :) Nothing special but just a token of my appreciation towards his care and love which he shower our family with.

^ ^ A gift for my Valentine + a 3 person steamboat valentine's dinner and a movie date.

We will be watching 'The Tourist' tonight follow by hubby's favourite steamboat valentine's dinner for 3! Hubby will be very happy this year coz he gets to spend the night with TWO pretty ladies! *smile* And I think it's snowing a little too outside on this Valentine's Day ^_^

Anyway, to be able to spend quality time as a family and truly care for each other profoundly is already the biggest ever valentine's gift to me.

Happy Valentine's Day to My One and Only XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO :)