Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing Chase

This is one of Angel’s favorite pastimes – playing chase and catch with mommy. Although it is so tiring for mommy to run here and there, but by looking at this giggling happy Angel, everything seems worthwhile to me. I just hope that my little Angel will take her own sweet time in her development, enjoying every pure, happy, uncomplicated and priceless moments of still being a baby and toddler while mommy try her very best in capturing every laughter, every gesture and every cute little steps that my Angel is making. Nothing can compare to a smile of a little Angel.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Hairstyle of Love

I would love to tie Angel’s hair nicely and with all those colourful ribbons and clips but her hair is growing in such a slow pace. I have bought lots of hairclips and accessories for her but just for the sake of ‘taking photos’ as they will never stay longer then 1 minute on her little head. She hates it when there is something gripping on her hair and she would scream and pull them down even before I manage to snap a picture.

At last after a long wait, her hair is long enough and I manage to bribe her (with lots of bb biscuit of course) before I manage to tie an ugly rubber band on her hair. I used to have my hair tided up that way too when I was much younger and I used to call them “coconut tree” on my head :) My granny used to tide them for me everyday. Seeing that now my girl is having the same hairstyle as mine really makes me so happy.

This special hair style does have certain sentimental values in my life and I am so happy that my Angel looks cute in it (although it looks tiny bit AH-LIAN to me, hehehe.)