Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Is She Drawing?

At last Angel is drawing something that I could ‘sort of’ understand :). She is doing her normal drawings again while we were having ice cream in Swensen and she keeps saying “Ba-na-na! Ba-na-na!” and I didn’t pay much attention to her as I thought she was referring to the sliced bananas in our cup of ice cream. Looking that we didn’t respond to her, she raised her voice and kept pointing ing at her piece of drawing paper so I take a look just to keep her quite down for a second …….. Oh my!! Is that a blue banana there? LoL Indeed it's a blue banana that she drew!! :)

A Little Blue Banana

She also starts to draw some imperfect circles and a lot of ‘C’s in her drawing pad lately ……. I can see tiny little circles and half circle here and there. I didn’t get to ask her what those circles mean until just now, she told me it is “Tice” as she pronounced it. Hhhhmmmm, what is ‘Tice”???? ……… Does she mean “Rice”????

This is “Tice” ….. don’t know what that means :)

Yesterday, I also noticed Angel was drawing some very strange looking objects in her drawing pad and one of them is this little thingy. Can you make out what is she drawing??? I thought I see eyes and a mouth there and thought that it is some kind of fish and guess what she told me? She said it’s a 'BUS'!!! LoL Comes to think of it, all the buses in the cartoon network really look kind of similar to that though, all with eyes and mouth and who talks too.
See .... even now that she saw that I am uploading this little picture of hers in the web, she still pointed to it and told me it's BUS!! LoL

Angel’s little Bus! LoL

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival 09

Yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival but sad to say that this year, no dumplings from Angel’s grandma coz she is back at hometown and we are here, just to far to sent those dumplings over and I really misses Angel grandma’s dumpling so much. *saliva all over the place now* No choice but have to ask hubby to get some from the market, they taste ok but still, no taste of ‘home’ if you know what I mean :) Mom’s cooking is always the best! But I also get to know from ‘someone’ that she is so lucky enough to get some dumplings from Angel’s grandma yesterday …… so envy!!! Oh, how I wish I could get a bite too :P :P

So that I heard there was a tradition saying that if you are able to make an egg stand up at noon time of the Dragon Boat Festival day, luck will be at your side in the coming year. So I set my alarm 10 minutes before noon and start trying to make my egg stand up in the kitchen table while Angel is pulling and climbing on the other side of the table wondering what I am doing and certainly wants to lay her hands on those eggs, I can’t seems to make the egg stands still after several attempts until suddenly …….. the clock strikes 12 pm and my egg just suddenly stood upright on my kitchen table, just like that, free standing on it’s own …………… OMG! I just can’t believe my eyes, it’s so …… ‘unnatural’ !!!!! LoL

^ ^ Left: Top view of my free standing egg ^ ^ Right: Front view of my egg

Actually I wanted to make another egg stand beside the first one but Angel starts to get cranky and keep on asking for ‘Egg! Egg! Egg!’ and starts pulling my pants so finally I have to give up trying!! It’s so hard to make the egg stood upright with a crying baby pulling and moving the table you know. *sigh* Or else I would have double lucky year ahead I think :)

Actually this phenomenon can be explain scientifically due to the gravitation between the sun and the earth are pulling each other to the most one this particular day of the year in lunar calender and hence those eggs can be made standing up more easily. Although I have witness the phenomenon myself with my own eyes but somehow, my brains keep refuse to accept the fact that it is true and I have done it! Coz again … it’s so ‘unnatural’ to the eyes!!!!!! LoL

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Little Soprano

Angel’s grandma had let Angel explore with the organ which we had back home and surprisingly, she seems to love the organ very much and even learned the sing Do-Re-Mi in a day according to grandma. She might not be the greatest singer (her pitch is almost flat I think, kekekeke :P) but her facial expression really amused me!! Whenever I watch this video clip, it will never fail to put a smile on my face. That is how she normally practicing her Do-Re-Mi at home with her eyes shut as if she is enjoying herself in her most enchanting voice LoL.

My little soprano singing Do-Re-Mi, the video is a bit dark though ……

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Angel Says

While watching theTV
Angel : Oh No ….. (looking at the TV showing a guy falling down LoL.)


Suddenly she rushed to the doors shouting
Angel: Oh ~No~!!! Nen-ning (raining)!!! ........ (while pointing outside)


Angel: Oh Ow ........
She handed me her new sets of crayons, all broken into half ….. by her. Urrghhhh!!!


Angel: Oh Ow ...... Oh No!
When she saw Mr. Bean’s car was crashed flat in one of the episodes LoL


Mommy is taking bath
Angel’s itchy hands start playing with my toothbrush and it felt into the bath tub
Angel: O Ow ....... Sow - rry ~~ (sorry)


Everytime after I changed her into her pyjamas or dressed her up to go out, she would say
Angel: OK ~~ OK ~~ (and can’t wait to start moving around again)


Angel: Aunty !!!! Aunty!!! Uncle !!!!! Uncle!!!! (Everybody in the whole Taman can hear her voice,)
That’s the way she greets our neighbours when she sees them outside their house doing their gardening.
She will keep doing that until they respond her back LoL


I call for her from the kitchen and handed her tjhe bottle of milk
Angel: Kek – kiu ~~(thank you)
and walk away with the bottle of milk already in her mouth


Every morning when I changed her soiled diapers, she would look into her diapers making funny face, shake her head left and right and fingers under her nose saying
Angel: Yeeeeeeeee ...... chiu chiu (臭臭/Smelly)


Mommy: Angel, come let’s go kai kai
Angel: Kai Kai! Kai Kai! Weeeeeee!!!!
With both hands up in the air


Mommy: ANGEL!!! Look what have you done!!!!
Running quickly towards daddy, making a horrified look, looking and pointing to me and said to her daddy
Angel: Nohh ... Nohh ...!!! Ma-Mi .... (pointing at me) Noh~~ …… Pah Pah (afraid)!!


Mommy: Angel, come let’s go sleeping now, it’s late!
Angel: Don’t want!!! 不要 (don’t want)!!! 不要 (don’t want)!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26th Month Old [2Y2M]

I must say that after her 2nd birthday, Angel has certainly making rather a lot of improvements in her development milestones. She is no more a crying bb, instead she is now a considerable ‘expressive’ young toddler (crying toddler still)and I can really feel her difference. I do hope that the terrible 2 stage will not kick in so soon though ..... .

I am glad that things has been changing from ok to good these couple of months, with her being able to express her love and care by snuggling and kissing mommy and daddy every minutes and every seconds from the time she wakes up till she went to bed at night :) We can finally watched movie together and laze around the bed in the morning enjoying each other’s company hugging and tickle each other at times. Also I felt that we are actually communicating now!!!! *Feels so great*

Oh, I just love this little person more and more each day that sometimes I would carry her up from her bed in the middle of the night just to hold her for a second or two, touched her feet and hands (can’t believe that she has grown up so much now) and give her a good night kiss before I went to bed :)

Height: 84.5 cm (10-25 percentile)
Weight: 12.7 kg (50-70 percentile)

Acts and Behaviour

• Start to understand our simple instructions and questions
and will give us responses and tell us what she wants
• Love hugs and kisses. Tantrums could be control with lots of hugs from mommy.
• Can differentiate between family and strangers finally, LoL
• Starts showing concern to our feelings.
• Sometimes know and wanted to ‘make up’ for her own mistakes, either with a hug or word of ‘sow-rri’ (sorry) LoL
• Loves to wear pretty clothes and will be very happy + shy when we praised her 美美 (pretty) or she would tell us she is 美美 (pretty) herself.
• Starts using words like He-yooo (Hello), kek-kiu (Thank you) and Sow-RRRii (sorry) and Piss (please).
• Laugh out loudly when watching funny scenes in Mr. Bean or feel scary towards horror movie, starts to have a better understand about story lines in cartoons.
• Very independent, wants to do everything on her own.
• Get her own highchair and grab her own bib ready for meal time, will wipe her mouth clean after eating.
• Will grab her own towel ready for bath and switch off TV before meal time.
• Will take her moisturizers asking us to apply for her after bath.
• After milk will bring her own bottle to us and say “Wash!”
• Get and place books back to shelf after reading.
• Will asked for a favour by gently stroking and kissing my hands (testing) and follow by a gentle “Ma-mi~~’ with a sweet cheeky smile LoL
• Loves to make friends, normally would make the first move holding other kids hand first although feeling shy at times :)
• EXTREMELY friendly …. will shout “Auntie / Uncle” loudly from inside our house to greed our neighbours or at strangers passing by to get attention when she’s bored.
• Rough when play alone / play with daddy but gentle when mingle with other kids.
• Calling me “Ma-Mi~~!!! Ma-Mi~~!!!” 1000 times everyday (I am still enjoying it so far ….. :P)
• More willing to hold hands when going out to kai-kai.
• Have more patience compare to few months back.

Motor skills
• Can wear own shoes, take and place them back to the shoe rack, even help with mummy’s shoe before and after we go out.
• Start using kiddy’s scissors, know how to paste using a glue stick.
• Start drawing irregular shapes, lines and imperfect circles.
• Brush her own teeth with little help.
• Wash and dry her own hands before and after meal time.
• Can help setting up dinner table, manage to take a plate of rice and put on table
• Can balance a pot of uncooked rice + some water in it (her uncooked porridge) and bring it across the kitchen for me.
• Riding her bicycle like a pro.

• 2 porridge + 3 feedings of 9 oz milk + 1 tea break everyday.
• Starts taking adults food when we were out shopping.
• No more a picky eaters most of the time :)
• Ok with no additional seasonings in her solid.
• Starts drinking with a straws and cups, milk still from bottles.
• Can eat with no spills without a bib (but I still insisted that she wears a bib at home).
• Fully self feeding on soups and beverages from a bowl or a cup.
• Will ‘force’ us to feed her solid with mouth wide open most of the time (oh ya ….. now she decided that she loves to be fed again????)
• More willing to eat vegetables but still adores meat the most.
• Willing to drink Plain water
• Loves soup so much and crazy about Yogurt!!! And EGGS!

• Normally taking 1 nap 1 - 2 hours per day (sometimes no afternoon naps at all)
• Willing to sleep in her baby cot if I am willing to lie down on my own bed too
• Sleeps around 11 pm and wakes up around 9 am.
• More of a back and side sleeper now
• Still goes to bed with a bottle of milk

• Can recognized and name most item in her board books with her not-perfect pronunciations.
• Will say 要 (want) or 不要 (don’t’ want), want or don't want, when we order her to do something.

• Started to communicate with us with short 2 or 3 words e.g. ‘want go kai kai’, ‘drink water’, ‘eat banana’, “make egg’, ‘take shoe’, etc (no luck on sentences yet).
• Start using words like “Oh - No!!!” or “Oh-ow” (when she broke something, saw something bad happened, etc) or “OK~~” when something is done, to express herself.
• Will be squealing “Weeee” with both hands up in delights if she knows we are bringing her out shopping.
• Will say “WAH ~~ “ or “Nice ~~” (with a roller coaster tune) when she saw something amused her or things that she likes (e.g. food, toys, fireworks)
• Will say “Noh ……” with a big O shaped mouth and making a terrified look when I am angry at her.
• Will tell us “pain pain” when she hurt herself, “hot hot” with her meal or “Yeeeee …… 臭臭 (she pronounced as chiu chiu) ” (smelly) when I am changing her soiled diapers.
• Showing reactions when we tell her “Angel, Mummy love you” where she would instantly give me her sweetest smile, hug me + patting on my back while (obviously mimicking me :P) saying

“Oh ….. BB ……” following with a very gentle long long kiss on my cheeks, nose, forehead ….. Basically my entire face *LoL*.

* * Last night I heard her saying "Lizard~~! Where are you?" at the corner looking at the ceiling LoL Is that her first sentense finally???

Likes and dislikes

• New found love – Mr. Bean.
• Can’t get her eyes off Mickey Mouse toys and stuffs (She would pronounced as “Kii-Mouse”).
• Crazy about merry - go - round and slides.
• A fantastic footballer at home and absolutely fascinated about all types of balls.
• Loves French Fries and Coke (coz she never gets to eat them much) ..... and YOGURT!!!!
• Love kisses and hugs.
• Like to be tickle.
• Dislikes all kiddy’s rides that moves.
• Dislikes bitter food and leong cha (Chinese herbal tea) :(
• Hates medicine syrup.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry!! ... First Watch.... MakeUp … Feet?

While playing on our bed with Angel just now, my naughty little girl accidentally hit my face real hard, OOuchhh!!! That was really painful!!! She didn’t feel sorry about that, as usual, she starts to giggle out so loud and seems to be so happy that she sees I am twitching my face due to the pain :( So I just sat there, keep quite and look on the floor showing that I am sad ….. suddenly she stopped her giggles, coming near to me and gently put her hands on my face gazing at me, give me a kiss on the cheeks while putting on her sweetest smile then I heard “Sow – ry ~~! ” (Sorry). Oh …. My 2 year old is learning that word already??

No wonder few days ago while we was on the terribly crowded sky train and hubby carrying little Angel while trying to move out of the train saying “Excuse Me ….. Excuse Me …..” and I heard my girl’s voice saying “Sow – ry ….. Sow – ry …..” I thought I heard that wrongly but now I know that she really says 'Sorry'! that day.

First Watch
Daddy got Angel her very first watch last weekend. It’s a Red Mickey Mouse cartoon watch with a changeable watch cover. I asked hubby why he suddenly got a watch for Angel as I have been wanted to buy a watch for her but hubby always says “No!” and now he is getting them for her instead. Then hubby told me Angel keep looking at them and say “Kii-Mouse (Mickey Mouse) I guess this Daddy wants to make his little girl happy himself :P

Well … I think the money is well spent as Angel has been wearing the watch every single morning she wakes up till the time she takes it off for her nap. Surprisingly the covers of the watch is still attached to it’s place so far :)

Girl is always girl ….. I thought my tom-boyish Angel will be very tom-boy but instead, I noticed that she loves to be pretty and always insisted that I also put moisturisers or do makeup for her when she saw me standing in front of my dressing table. So everytime before going out, I will HAVE to pretend to do some make up for her and she will shut her eyes and not make a move letting me get my job done. After that, she would give me a super duper sweet smile and saying: “ 美美 ~~” (pretty). Oh …. My little vain pot she is :) I guess from now on, I should probably keep all my makeup in a safer place just in case …..

Who’s Feet Is That?
Angel loves to peep underneath our doors at home lately despite I told her not to do so! Is it a growing up phase as I remember when I was a kid, I like to do that too and it was fun, guessing who will come behind the door next. Few days ago when I was reading some magazine inside the room with door close, I saw her laying down on the floor peeping out underneath our door again so I wasn’t paying much attention to her (coz I just mop the floor that evening so it shouldn't be that dirty) then suddenly she moved herself backwards from the bedroom doors moving like a snake and told me, “Oh~~ FEET!! …. PAPA!!! ” then comes hubby opening the door entering our room. Then minutes later, she said “Oh~~ FEET!! Ah Ma (grandmother)! ” and there comes my mom knocking at our doors. She actually recognised us by feet already LoL No wonder in the morning I always heard her saying “FEET!! Ma-mi …..” outside my room before I came out. I didn't even recognised my own feet till now LoL

*Today, I also noticed Angel is peeping underneath our front door (wooden door) just to wait for daddy to come back from work LoL

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Mother’s Day 2009

Another back dated post :P :P ...... This year’s mother’s day was just a simple celebration for us. We had an early eating out with my brother & sister in Saisaki Japanese Restaurant and 7 of us all was stuffed until we couldn’t breathe anymore LoL Guess which food is Angel’s favourite food of all? …………. The deep fried quail!!! I think she has at least 2 quails all by herself.

And on the day itself, we went for a simple Chinese cuisine as my mom (Angel’s grandma) says she would like to have Chinese food for a change. Our dish was very simple too but very tasty. We ordered 1) Ginger Chicken 2) Steam Chicken 3) Fresh Prawn Salad 4) Mixed Zai Choi 5) Fried Bean sprout and 6) Fish bitter gourd soup for 4 of us. Angel loves the chicken so much and also eaten a lot of the bean sprouts (yes, she is willing to eat vege nowadays :) ) while my mom loves the soup. Again everybody was terribly stuffed so our initial plan for another round of ice cream after the dinner was cancelled eventually. Too bad :(

Hubby got me this handbag this year as my mother’s day gift. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm …… a black colour handbag? Is the design more suitable for shopping bag or as Angel’s diaper bag when we go out ??? I am not so sure about the colour and the design at first (honestly, what do you mommies think??????), but since it’s a gift from hubby, maybe I should think of some occasion to ‘use’ that bag so that hubby won’t be complaining that I always ‘store’ his gift of love in the cupboard as usual LoL
I know I will grow to appreciate and love this bag one day when I have start using it ...... thank you dear for the lovely gift :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something She Loves - Books and Puzzles

Angel loves books a lot but she has a short span of concentration, maybe 10 - 15 minutes maximum per session but she just loves them very much and would flip them and name those objects she recognised very loudly. Book shops are the place where I normally hang around now instead of toys department and I can sit there for hours just to pick up few books for Angel. If she saw me coming home with another brand new book, she would be screaming in joy and wanted to have a look what’s inside the book. Yes, that’s how happy my little girl is when I give her the book and I am more then happy to read her a story everyday :)

My very happy baby with her new book :P

Apart from the normal books, this is another type of magnetic sticker book which she absolutely adores ….. she would play with them everyday arranging those shapes into their designated place and name them one by one, telling me their colours and also trying to find the missing shapes out from the pages by sticking the correct magnets on it (i.e. Wheel – Circle, roof – triangle, etc). And each page comes with few line of easy to read wordings making a very simple story. This activity is very interesting for young toddlers like Angel training their eye hand coordination as well as learning shapes, colours, simple wordings, objects while having a whole great fun doing it! Even I will join in sometimes too :P

Sorting and identifing different shapes and colours on her magnetic sticker book

Apart from books, she also loves doing puzzle very much. This puzzle is not the same as those normal picture puzzles which I got but it's an educational jigsaw puzzle for young toddler where Angel gets to learn to match the same pair and also differentiate the LEFT from the RIGHT. I found this puzzle at a small bookstore in Bangkok. I first started the puzzle with her when she was 1 ½ years old. At that time, hubby still told me it’s too advance for her but Angel seems to be very interested in that and surprised daddy in just 2 days time where she completed the entire puzzle all by herself. Even now she still plays with it couple times per week :)

Trying to pair her puzzle :)

Then we proceed to the harder ones, matching the head to the body to different types of animals. I still remember vividly that Angel would scream in frustration and mess up all the puzzle throwing them all onto the floor when she was first expose to this puzzle because she can’t seems to get them right! LoL So as not to discourage her, I always showing her the correct matching ‘unintentionally’ so that she won’t reject trying them. And after 2 week +, she manages to complete the entire puzzle and name out all the 20 animals on the board such as Squirrel (kui-rel), Panda (Ah-daaa), Rhino (ai-no), Raccoon (koon), Fox (fox), Leopard (perd perd), etc but of course, in her not so ‘accurate’ pronunciations 2 weeks later following that LoL. Since then, she has completed 2 more different types of puzzles of the same kind and some other types of very simple puzzles but still, she would always take out and play with her beloved OLD puzzles whenever she 'misses' them now and then.

Matching the face and recognising animals

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Few weeks back when I return to my hometown, or should I say after her 2nd birthday, hubby and I noticed that our girl seems to going through a tremendous changes in her behaviour and development, she starting to ‘understand’ about a lot of things more compare to before this. Making me sometimes feels that she really is growing up and no more a baby anymore.

Angel speech development is also improving lately. Her vocabulary is growing stronger and stronger each day (but the pronunciations is still so-so only) but I am glad that she is trying.

Angel use to call herself as “Jer” as in An -“GEL” all these while so whenever I asked her who she is, she would point at herself on the chest and say “Jer”. And while we are back at my hometown, she started to regard herself as “An-Jer” (Angel) ever since. She could remember how to address almost everyone in the house now. It’s such a sweet thing to see that she could recognized faces and would point at the pictures or addressed all of us correctly from An-jer (herself), Ma-mi, Pa-pa, Ah-Mah (My Mom), Gong Gong (My Father), Ah-gu (My bro), Ah-Kim (SIL), Yi Yi (my Sis), Mah Mah (My MIL), Yeh Yeh (My FIL), Gu Ma (My SILs), Gu Jiong (My BIL) Koko and jie jie (her cousins), Uncle and Auntie (our neighbour), etc. If someone she doesn't know, she will somehow call them "Ah-WA" ..... don't know why LoL

So my little Angel finally knows her own name, my little ANGEL she is :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Parcel Is Finally Here!

This is one of the most awaited package for so long. Of all the items inside the box, the first items I was most looking forward to is Angel’s long awaited Ave*t bottles. I am glad that I am finally holding onto the duo pack bottles after a good ½ year of anticipation for them.

Why the wait??? Look closely, it may seems like one of Angel’s normal Ave*t bottle but it’s not!! It’s the new improved BPA FREE bottles from Av*nt - FINALLY!!!! Look at it’s colour in the right picture below, the BPA Free bottle (on the right) has a slight golden tint as compare to the normal clear ones (on the left). I think I like the colour very much and even hubby says Angel’s new bottles look so cool !! LoL

Angel just love the bottle from Ave*t’s so much and refuse to take any other brand although I am a bit concern about the BPA issues all these while. But now, I am very thankful that they have finally come up with the BPA FREE bottles and I could have a peace of mind with my little Angel’s feeding bottles at last :)

* However, all my Ave*t bottles will somehow leak at the bottle neck part after some time for some reason even though I have checked the teats was properly inserted and tighten. Anyone experiencing this as well and know why??

Neno's Award

I received this lovely award from the sweet Mummy LemonJude and Sha and I would like to say thank you for such a mearningful award :) *hugs* . So here are the rules:

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:

1. Paste the Award Logo in your blog
2. Give out the award to 10 Blogs that you feels the most inspired and most friendly.
3. Make sure u back linked the recipients' blogs to your blog.
4. Inform the recipients about the award by leaving them comments on their blog
5. Give some love to the person who give you this award.

I am passing this award to some most inspired and friendly blog 'kaki' here :-

1. Ai Peng
Joanne Tiew
4. Esmeralda
7. UmmiRosma

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angel’s 2 Y.O. Birthday Gifts [Back Dated]

Angel would like to say a sincere belated “THANK YOU” to Auntie Ai Peng, Auntie KC, Auntie Esmeralda, Auntie Mummy Moon, Auntie JoanneT and also Auntie Nicole for the lovely birthday gifts for my little Angel’s 2 years old birthday *so touching* Thank you once again for your sweet gesture for getting Angel those lovely gifts and she loves them very much *muaks muaks muaks*

^ ^ From Mummy AiPeng and Mummy KC

^ ^ From Mummy Esmeralda

^ ^ From Mummy Moon and Mummy JoanneT

^ ^ From Mummy Nicole

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mission Impossible …. Accomplished! [Back dated]

It’s nice to be back again and of course, a lot of unpacking to do which is really killing me ….. oh, the house looks like nobody lives in it for ages. I wonder how hubby can stand the mess in the house for soooo long! Sigh ……. Men!!

Well, ‘Mission Impossible, all alone this round’ wasn’t that impossible after all. I really couldn’t remember how I survive our first flight after getting up at 4am but I did! At least I did not have a heart attack in the airport when I found out that Angel is doing this (refer picture below) when I was busy picking up my luggage from the other luggage belt when we landed! I made my 100 meters run to get her of course to get her down from there and there goes my luggage unclaimed which I have to wait for the 2nd round. Surprisingly, Angel recognised it’s my luggage and she actually wanted to reach for it when she saw my luggage appear in front of her :)

Look Mommy Look!!! *OMG*

And also, when Angel was in the airport toilet with me, she started to developed another naughty behaviour which kids loves to do - bend down with both hands on the DIRTY toilet floor and peep outside or to the neighbouring cubicles @~@ I hope that she didn’t scare anybody from the next toilet when the person saw a pair of eyes was looking at her from down beneath before I could pull my girl away. *So Sorry* And while I was busy looking for tissues in my bag for few seconds, suddenly I noticed that she has found herself a new toy from no where and started to examine it ………….. and when I take a closer look, O-M-G, she is holding onto someone’s USED sanitary pad loaded with blood stain which she grabs from the dustbin beside me, EEEEUUUUUWWWW …….. *I nearly pengsan* which I scream out so loud in the toilet and washed her hand over and over again which she scream like mad of course. I really cannot take my eyes off her for a second, can I??

Also, I manage to find a less crowded spot in the airport where Angel could run more freely (hoping to exhausted her a little before boarding again) without afraid being knock down by the fast moving passengers and trolleys while waiting for our next flight. She was so happy and would run so fast across the hall then run back to me while shouting “MAMI~~!!!!! MAMI~~!!!!” with her nearly fall down speed and pose, my heart was going up and down whenever I see her doing her ‘crazy and clumsy’ run but somehow, she always managed to ‘stabilise’ herself from falling by moving her legs faster, picking up her ‘speed’ and supported her lean-forward-ready-to-fall body eventually. She is such an active toddler and I hope I can still catch up with her in few more years.

Or course she has been very active on the plane and refuse to put on her seat belt or carrying by me at first but after much hard work, I managed to strap the crying baby down on her seat belt with a bottle of milk after the stewardess give me unhappy look (who actually did sound her off once) when she saw that Angel couldn’t sit still in her seat for the entire 3 hours journey (she will know how hard it is to get kids sitting in one place for long hours without making a move one day :) ). There was once Angel was so cranky that I have to give in by offering her few sip of my PEPSI to make her sit still and it works :) So Pepsi really save our day!!! She even refuses to eat her Heinz biscuits and demand for my Nasi Lemak which I finally have to give in and ordered her another portion of chicken rice ….. but all the colouring books, pen and papers, new toys, snacks+fruits, doodling board, song singing and of course the ‘Mr. Bean Movie’ really is a life saver for me for the entire journey.

Left: Being strapped down with a bottle of milk
Right: Watching Mr. Bean in the airport

Although it’s very tiring but I am glad that I still have a very happy baby who enjoyed her expeditions as well as a very happy mommy with a smile on the face still at the end of our long long journey :) Mission impossible accomplished!!! *Phew*