Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Angel Says

While watching theTV
Angel : Oh No ….. (looking at the TV showing a guy falling down LoL.)


Suddenly she rushed to the doors shouting
Angel: Oh ~No~!!! Nen-ning (raining)!!! ........ (while pointing outside)


Angel: Oh Ow ........
She handed me her new sets of crayons, all broken into half ….. by her. Urrghhhh!!!


Angel: Oh Ow ...... Oh No!
When she saw Mr. Bean’s car was crashed flat in one of the episodes LoL


Mommy is taking bath
Angel’s itchy hands start playing with my toothbrush and it felt into the bath tub
Angel: O Ow ....... Sow - rry ~~ (sorry)


Everytime after I changed her into her pyjamas or dressed her up to go out, she would say
Angel: OK ~~ OK ~~ (and can’t wait to start moving around again)


Angel: Aunty !!!! Aunty!!! Uncle !!!!! Uncle!!!! (Everybody in the whole Taman can hear her voice,)
That’s the way she greets our neighbours when she sees them outside their house doing their gardening.
She will keep doing that until they respond her back LoL


I call for her from the kitchen and handed her tjhe bottle of milk
Angel: Kek – kiu ~~(thank you)
and walk away with the bottle of milk already in her mouth


Every morning when I changed her soiled diapers, she would look into her diapers making funny face, shake her head left and right and fingers under her nose saying
Angel: Yeeeeeeeee ...... chiu chiu (臭臭/Smelly)


Mommy: Angel, come let’s go kai kai
Angel: Kai Kai! Kai Kai! Weeeeeee!!!!
With both hands up in the air


Mommy: ANGEL!!! Look what have you done!!!!
Running quickly towards daddy, making a horrified look, looking and pointing to me and said to her daddy
Angel: Nohh ... Nohh ...!!! Ma-Mi .... (pointing at me) Noh~~ …… Pah Pah (afraid)!!


Mommy: Angel, come let’s go sleeping now, it’s late!
Angel: Don’t want!!! 不要 (don’t want)!!! 不要 (don’t want)!!!


LittleLamb said...

when kids say oh kinda cute right... cos philip always say ow oh when he did sth wrong ..

Merryn said...

too cute! too cute! i like da part she ran to daddy n pointed towards u like u r a monster! LOL! she's so cute!

Cath J said...

Hahhahahaha....she is sooo cute!!!!

the little prince said...

I like the kek kiu (Thank u) when u pass to her the bottle!! :-)

So sweet of her ya!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahhha...she's so cute. i love it when kids say sorry :D

Anney said...

It's nice to hear kids learning how to speak and express themselves.

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..she's so cute. She is such a polite little girl. :)

Linda said...


Serene said...

Heheh.. she is really friendly Angel!! She will shout your neighbours "Aunty" and "Uncle" so loud ah? so cute.. Can see her speech has really improved a lot!

Irene said...

hahahaha... really cute... oooohhh nooooo... mine will say omg! cialat!

Mummy Ryan said...

I like the way our little rascal talk...........cute hor....some more still cannot pronounce in proper way (lisp)..ha ha..

Angel u such a CuTe gal:)

little prince's mummy said...

Hahaha... so cute!~

My boy likes to say oh ow also.. :)

Mama Mia said...

Hmm, i'm having a hard time getting my daughter to sleep these few days. Any tips to share?

MommyAngel said...

To All, thanks for your comments :)

Mama Mia, I am also having a hard time making my girl goes to bed :( But sometimes for kids, it's just a phase so it will pass soon. These few days she don't even take afternoon naps anymore :( :(

2ma said...

wah...angel can really expresses herself well!! so adorable!

MommyAngel said...


Bonnie said...

Cute.. She can speaks pretty well already. And some are same like wawa.. HEHE

MommyAngel said...

Bonnie, oh ... wawa too? Maybe they can communicate with each other better hor coz sometimes, I don't understand what Angel's saying :)

Esmeralda said...

She's so cute. Can really comprehend what she is watching now ya.. so cute when you hear her say 'oh-oh'...right? Haha... she's full of good manners now. Keep it up Angel.

MommyAngel said...


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wah...Angel is getting better and improved in talking. I think she soon be very good in communicating with you.

Seems like she likes to say "oh no" ya?

She is very polite and not timid ya. She can call out the Auntie and Uncle loudly. Not like Sarah...very soft and timid one.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, yes .... she likes to say "Oh No" for some reason! Maybe I use that word quite often at home coz she is always so naughty :P

I can see that Sarah is those soft type of person and I think that's how girls should act right? Angel is always very 'boyish'!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah recently also learned to say "Oh O". I think she picked up the word from Barney.

Sarah only act LIKE SOFT when at outside, at home she also very boyish one.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, oh ... she also starts using the Oh O already ya? Hahahaha ..... cute!! But I think Sarah don't look boyish at all leh. From her voice you will know la .... you should have listen to Angel's voice ..... hahahaha!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I have listened to Angel's voice before from the video mah...ok wor.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, hahaha ..... That's only the girlie side of her voice, wait till you hear the boy's part! :P