Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It Is Snowing!!

It’s quite unusual to get snow during winter time in areas such as here in Shanghai but this year, it did!!! It happened on the 27th December (Sunday) around 1.30pm and those snowflakes are quite visible and lasted for a few hours too ^_^

It’s Snowing!! Woo~~ Whooo ~~~!!!

When our friend SMS us that it snow, we saw raindrops outside our window and thought it was a joke but with a blow of the wind, suddenly all the raindrops slowly changing into snowflakes! So we quickly grab whatever jacket we can reach for and ran outside like mad. It’s such an amazing view as if we were in a fairyland! Angel was absolutely thrilled and she jumped and squealed with delights “Snow~~! Look …. SNOW~~!!! Wah~~!”. Only then I found out it’s actually very difficult to capture a good decent picture of snowing with a normal digital camera and also a kid running like mad from east to west ‘chasing’ the snow ^_^

Manage to force Angel to stand still for a picture with some tiny snowflakes on her hair before they melts :P

Not that Angel is trying to chase the snowflakes and catch them with both hands, but she was trying to catch them with her mouth and laugh happily if she felt ice in her mouth too :P The wind was blowing strongly and I could see Angel’s face were all wet and she could hardly opened her eyes as winds keeps bringing snowflakes into her eyes :P Oh dear ….. although I could see that she is having soooooo much fun but to avoid catching a cold during winter time, too bad we have to cut her fun time short this round.

She was trying to catch the snow with her mouth wide opened LoL

It was simply amazing to experience all these in a city that rarely snow and hopefully, the cold weather will bring in more snow in the coming days :) We began to enjoy winter time a little more now ^_^

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010

Christmas! Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!! ^_^

Wishing Everybody a very

Merry Christmas and

a very Prosperous New Year 2010

P/S: I am still having problems leaving comments in some of your blogs with the current blocking of blogspot & facebook in China hence I shall sent out my greetings to all my lovely friends here instead :)

Daddy's Haircut Of Love ^_^

Hubby decided to give Angel a haircut himself (ahem!!!) while I think that’s really sweet. I prepared Angel before hand showing her videos of kids having their haircut and she was so excited and shouted, “Cut Hair!! Cut Angel hair!!” for the past few days.

So when the day came, hubby brought Angel into the bathroom and then start doing his first cut with the 1 and only equipment he brought along – a scissor, while I worriedly grab a comb along and said …….

M: Errrrmmm ….. you don’t need a comb to straighten her hair before cutting????
H: No need la!! I can use my hand. *touch touch Angel’s hair*

H: See, they are straightened!
M: *gulp* …..

M: Aren’t you want to wet Angel’s hair a bit so that they were easier to cut???
H: What for? I think I can handle dry hair …..

M: But you need to wet them and then comb them properly first so that you could ……..
H: *angry* Aiyaaaa!!! You stopped bothering me lah!! I know what I am doing!!!!! Can you go out, close the door and let me do my job????

*praying while I closed the toilet door leaving a gap keeping an eye on him and Angel*

Snap! Snap! Snap! with Angel starts crying because she was terrified with those black looking hair falling onto her shoulder and body. Hubby trying hard to console our poor little girl and occasionally raising his voice to keep her standing still.

Finally, everything was done in less then 10 minutes (that was quick) and after Angel got her shower, hubby carried Angel out with a smile on his face ……

H: Not too bad!!! Not too bad!! I am good at this *wink at me*
M: Really?? *what a relief* That’s great!!! Come ….. let me blow dry Angel’s soaking wet hair after she got dressed.

Once I blow dry Angel’s hair, that’s the ‘not too bad’ outcome according to the si-fu (master) ………..


Gulp~~!!! Is that a hair cut or a terrible ‘dog bite’???? O-M-G!!!! *fainted*

M: *call hubby* Come see yourself!!!! Is that a straight line ???
H: Impossible!!! I cut her hair straight I am sure!!!! *embarrassed*

M: And why you cut her hair that short?? That’s a boy cut!!!
H: How to cut them middle length while her ears are both side blocking the way??? I won’t want to cut into her ears you see ……

M: That’s like a ‘coconut hair’!! And a ‘crooked’ coconut hair too!!! *you know …..*
H: I think they look stylish and ok mah ~~

M: ……………….. *totally speechless so I hold Angel before him to let him have a closer look himself*
H: It is not that bad what ~~ *O.o*

Then I show Angel to the mirror while she take a long looked at herself without showing or saying anything and then suddenly, she frown in the mirror and said: “BOY~~~” *>”<* Luckily it’s another 1 month + before Chinese New Year and I am trying to be optimistic hoping that her hair will grow a bit longer by then. Since this is daddy’s first hair cut for Angel so I know that he has tried his best but restricted by his ‘very limited talents’ (which he is trying very hard to deny until now) :P. Anyhow, apart from the ‘outcome’, that is indeed a very memorable moments for our little girl as well as for daddy I think :) And later that day while hubby was carrying Angel alone in the other room, I overheard hubby secretly whispers gently to Angel “Angel~~, Sorry oh ~~…….” *Smile* I guess that must be referring to the hair cut …………

Monday, December 21, 2009

So Smelly!!!

Now that my little girl understand what’s the meaning of “smelly”, she would cover up her nose tightly and act the way just like how it is in the pictures when we help to clean up her soiled diapers. She wouldn’t want to take a closer look at her own ‘creation’ if we show her her “creation” and even cried asking us to take that away from her. If we shower her soiled bump and she saw some ‘dark brown’ stuff sliding down her legs, she would scream on top of her lungs trying to shake the ‘thing’ off her legs and there was once she even climbed on top of our bath tub (hands on one end and feet on the other end making a bridge style) trying to avoid getting in touched of her own poo poo ^_^ She would always says “Yucks~~!! 臭~~!! Bau-Bau~~!!! Yucks~~!!!” covering her nose tight refused to look at her own diapers :P

I have phobia of a baby’s poo poo too but now, I just tried hard not to think of anything or not to watched directly into her poo poo and also disregard that she is constantly complaining that her poo poo was “soooooo smelly” while I was doing the job ^_^ I wonder did all toddlers would afraid of their own poo poo like my Angel too?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Angel the Photographer [2Y6M]

Angel has been very enthusiastic in taking pictures for the past couple of months. She would told us that she wants to “Ying-San~~!!” (ying-xiang/ take pictures) whenever she saw our camera / handphone. I would say that she does has a steady hand compare to Daddy :P :P and also manages to aimed for the object pretty well too (Daddy, please learn from Angel!! :P). So in normal days when she is fussing to play with the camera again, we would let her used our handphone and she will help to take pictures of us and also all the object that interested her and then show it to us with a pride on her face :) That could entertained her for quite a while while we were busy or when we were out shopping and when we returned home, sometimes we would not be so surprised to find that there were actually pictures of some “leng-lui” (pretty girls) posing for her in the mall in our handphones (sales promoters, etc).

Angel’s grandma has become Angel’s favorites model for her photo sessions and Angel would teach her how to pose too. It’s quite funny to see us adults actually making all sort of pose instructed by a 2 year old in front of the camera just to please our little photographer in the making ^_^ The positive side is, now that mommy and daddy won’t have to worry we do not have a couple photos anymore, as we can totally leave the job for our little photographer with just a few more clicks :) :)

Kids nowadays are so electronically savvy compare to our time. Now I am trying hard not to introduce her to my notebook which I know she would definitely get hooked on the computer games because she has been eyeing on what I do with my notebookok for quite some time already. LoL

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chinese Opera Fans Not?

I was not so surprised that Angel actually loves to watch Chinese Opera in the TV because sometimes, she loves watching oldies / Japanese Opera on and off while we have to wait patiently until the entire show was over. She normally would refused to switch channel and glued her eyes to the TV screen until the opera singer finished her performance then she would take a deep breathe as if the show is really that breathe taking. ^_^

I really thought that she purely enjoy opera singing until one day, she saw a Beijing Opera show was showing on the TV again

A: This one!! This one!!! (making a whine pointing at the Chinese opera channel)
Me: This show is not nice ……

A: 你(I) want!! 你(I) want see!!! Wuaaaaahhhh ~~~ *crying*
Me: Ok ok … Don’t cry …… Angel see TV!

(She watched the show without making a move)

Me: ……… Angel, you like to watch opera? Is it really that nice???
A: Oh yes~~~!! It’s Nice …… It’s “MONSTERS”!!! >”<>