Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fishhhhh …Fishhhhh, Here I come!

To try or not to try …… I have been struggling with whether to introduce fish to Angel for a very long time due to Angel’s never ending allergy problems. So after consulting with her paediatrician, I decided to give it a go and see whether her body can accept the food or not. This has been the 2rd day of feeding her with the fish porridge and I must say that I am very relief to see she is doing very well so far.

I have chosen the red snapper for her first attempt because that’s the only fish I could find yesterday. To maintain the natural flavour and nutrient from the fish and also the vege, this round I am steaming them instead of putting them into her porridge (also just in case Angel don’t likes them). On 1st day, the filet was steamed for 15 minutes with some ginger and also some green vege but I think the taste is a bit bland without any seasoning (I am trying not to introduce any salt or soy sauce to Angel for as long as I could but try looking for other natural substitutes). She does like the fish but she ate with a slower pace. So on the 2nd day today, I experimented to add in some Chinese Wolfberries (gou qi) just for some extra flavouring and the fish actually turn out more then fine! She loves her porridge with the fish and the sweetness from the Chinese Wolfberries actually does helps to bring out the natural flavour and sweetness of the filet. I am glad that she can now have another choice of protein intake other then the pork or the chicken. Cooking fish porridge is much more easy then the other meals which I prepared for her. As for tomorrow, I suddenly have an idea of maybe I would try to baked fish filet with some ginger and few pinches of fresh rosemary leaves on top and served with mashed potatoes with broccoli florets? I am not sure yet ……. Anyway, 2 more days to go for the ‘4 days wait rule’ testing for food allergy and I am hoping for the best!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Happened to her Diaper?

My Angel has a bad habit of poo poo in a new piece of diapers instead of her soiled ones. So today she has yet to pass motion so when I changed her, I decided to let her off her MP pants and put her on another brand of HD diaper which I just bought (just in case she needs to poo). 45minutes later she came to me making this weird sound and when I look, I saw these ……..

At first I have no idea what is that until I take off her pants and check, a huge opening was form infront of her diaper and most of the filling inside the diapers has came off scattering all over the living room, and it looks like her little finger has poked through the diaper. Gosh ….. I didn’t know the diapers can be so easily tear off by a little toddler’s finger and furthermore, it’s a new piece of diaper which I just put on 45 minutes ago and I wasn’t watching her for 5 minutes ……. I guess either my naughty girl really has a ‘fast and strong fingers’ or the diaper are really brittle. This is definitely a first encounter to me coz all these while, she has not poke through any of her MP diapers before. Luckily she didn't eat any of those filling from the diapers. So it’s a busy day for me coz I need to vacuum and mop the entire living room all over again, sigh!

Blogging Friends Forever Award

I would like to thank Joanne Tiew and PeiWun for the tag of Blogging Friends Forever Award. It is really a meaningful award to me because friends doesn't come easily especially this one comes with the BFF Gold Card (hhmm ...... wonder can I used that??? Hehehe .... just kidding). I am really greatful for this award and may our friendship forever!!!

Here's the Rule

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award
2. 4 of them followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Well .... this is not easy to choose only 5 but I would like to pass this award to

1. Serene
2. Yen Ping (thanks for award this Award back to me again :P )
3. Esmeralda
4. Grape77
5. MuiYen

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

17 Months Old

Angel is entering into her 17 months old today and she is growing well. She is 77cm tall (25-50 percentile) and is a hefty 11kg toddler (50-75 percentile). Angel still loves her milk and solid very much and her favourite food is bananas still. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night crying and keep pushing me….. wanting me to make her milk. @~@ I was so sleepy these few weeks coz her appetite seems getting better and better despite she is having solid and 10 oz of milk before she sleeps. She has found a new best friend now – Barney, and she loves watching and dancing along with her Barney DVD. She would even know how to switch the TV channel with the remote control and switch on the TV manually all by herself. Her napping time has switched from 2 naps into 1 nap which means mommy have lesser and lesser time for herself coz the little princess and getting very attached to mommy and even wants mommy to be around while she is watching her DVDs. When we go out, she would want mommy to push her buggy instead of her daddy (if not, she will be crying until she saw my hands on her buggy) and also wants mommy to feed her or else, she would not open her mouth. Naughty little girl she is :)

She has learned to pick up her belongings and would put then back into places before having her lunch, dinner and sleeping time. She would even pick up tiny pieces of biscuits and hair on the floor and dropped them into the bin without being asked to do so. She would also place her shoes and mommy’s shoes back to the shoe cabinet when mommy tells her. I think her tidy-up training is really a success. Her potty training still in the progress and I will be patient with her and give her more time in this area.

So far she is still using her baby language to communicate to us except “muum muum” (eating) and “Ma ….. Ma” (mommy) which she can speak loudly and very clear. She has a total of 8 teeth at this moment and no sign of another tooth is coming out soon. So I guess she still needs to continue feed on her porridge rather then rice for the moment being.

Brillante Weblog premio 2008 Award

A big thank you to Yen Ping and Joanne for this Brillante Weblog Premio -2008 award. This is the first award to me so it is really meaningful :)

Here are the rules that come with the award:
The rules are these:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Now it my turn, I think I would make 3 nominations this time so the award goes to:
1. Mommy Doreen
2. Wokking Mom
3.Mommy Esmeralda

Have fun!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Porridge and Potatoes in Red

It has been awhile since Angel try on a new food so I am going to introduce her with another of my favourite dish – Beetroot!!! Traditionally, Beetroot has long been used in Chinese medication as a remedy for improving body system especially associate with digestion and the blood. I also love the taste and the vibrant colour of beets hence I think it would be a good food to introduce to Angel. For lunch, I make her Beetroot Porridge where I just put the beets into her porridge and cooked with some pork rib and mince pork in the slow cooker. The porridge turned out fine and Angel likes it. For dinner, I was thinking to make something different for her. Beetroot Mashed Potatoes!

The best way to maintain the nutrition in vege is by steaming them so after the beets were chopped into smaller pieces, it was steamed until fairly soft and discard the water from the beet. Boil one potatoes and peel, mashed it up and mixed with some milk ( I used Angel’s formula milk) until I get a creamy texture suitable for Angel to swallow. Lastly I add in the previously steamed beets and served. I was very impressed by the colour, it certainly looks pretty and very appetising, don’t you think so? Angel can’t takes her eyes off her dinner coz it’s so colourful and she wanted to feed herself instead. I think it is a good try and Angel does like the taste after all :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fruit Juice - Chinese Style

My Angel does not like to drink water and will choke on water (only water) everytime she drinks. I guess some kids just do not like water just like some babies does not like their milk or solid. In fact I myself do not like water at all (again ….. what can I say, it must be in the genes :P :P) The only drink she would drink is home boiled barley water. We (means me, hubby and her 2 grandmas) even tried to feed her with various fresh fruit juices (pure and/or diluted), even to my last resort Glucolin and Ribena that most kid loves, she would only take a sip and shake her head. So I was MSN to a friend just now (thanks to mommy Josephine Ong *wink wink*) and she is nice enough to suggest me to boil Chinese herbal soup with pork for my Angel and suddenly *Ting* …. Hey, I am trying to get rid of the 2 pears which has been sitting in my fridge long enough already, why not I try a more ‘Chinese Style of Fruit Juice' - 糖水 but without the sugar? The nutrition values might not be as good as fresh blended fruit juices but as long as I can increase Angel’s water intake, I am more then happy to let her try this (heard that this sweet soup is good for lungs too).

So I just get whatever ingredients I have from my fridge because I really have no idea at all. (Yup … you’ve got me!!! I am bad in cooking and I hates …. (Opps …. Correction!!) I DO NOT HAVE MUCH INTEREST in cooking, I hardly cook or even step into the kitchen at all that is before I got married, lazy me …. ). So here it goes ….. the ingredients would be 2 pears, few red dates, 1 honey dates (coz I love the taste) and 1 piece of dried tangerine (hhmmm ….. must be my mom’s) and all goes into the pot with few bowls of water. I let it on high heat for 10 minutes and then turn to low heat for another 30 minutes and keep warm in my pot warmer and done. I did not add in any sugar coz I find this sweet soup is just nice for my girl with the very mild sweetness from the dates and fragrance from the tangerine. I let Angel tries it and she just loves it so I am thinking to share it with other mommies too. She could finish her 5 oz of water in one goal which is a huge breakthrough to me. I am so happy at last I’ve found a way to prepare something Angel likes. Me and hubby even have a share of this sweet soup. Hhhhmmmm …. Then I really should try to think of some other soup which I can make for my Angel. So to those mommies who’s bb doesn’t like water or juices, here is a great ‘Chinese Style’ of fruit juice to try!!

This keep me wondering ….. what drink does other mommies offer to their babies/kids apart from water, juices and milk???

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Left Right ... or Right Left?

My Angel likes to go shopping or Kai-Kai and everyday she would whine and whine asking me to bring her out …. Guess that all kids like to go out and have fun rather then staying at home :) Normally I would just bring her to the market nearby just to have an evening walk to release her boredom. So I would usually ask her, ” Now Mommy brings you to kai-kai and Angel go and take Mommy’s shoes and Angel’s shoes while Mommy go get changed …..” and she would happily go to the living room and opened up the shoe cabinet and throw out my shoes (yup, ‘throw’ that is!) and then arrange it nicely but she always does this …… can you see the strange arrangement?? Left feet on the right and right feet on the left always @~@ Despite I have teach her numerous times about left feet and right feet but she just loves her strange arrangement. Do you think the shoes look better this way???

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping for shoes ...

Angel’s feet are growing so much bigger now. Her old shoes do not fit her anymore and she is officially a size 16-17 now …… so today mommy bring her out for a new a pair of shoe and I guess I am not a good planner, I ended up buying more then initially planned (bad planning!!! I know ....). Poor mommy cannot resist the temptation of those nice little cute shoes. (How mommy wish I could wear them too …..). I read from some baby site that babies below 2 years old should always opt for soft shoe with good cushion at the base, I am really glad that they actually take that into account and made those cute little shoes so soft and flexible for those tiny feet. I would love to post some pictures of Angel trying out her new shoes but unfortunately, she is not in the mood of letting mommy takes her picture today so ..... sigh!

Anyway .... This pink bunny shoe is Angel’s pick coz she would never let go of the shoe, just this pair (well … talking about preference in such a young age? Toddlers nowadays …… sigh!). She even cried out loud when the shop assistant pack them up in a bag!!!

I love this pair of white leather sandals so much coz they are so soft and very comfy to wear (see …… how soft they were).

Daddy love the white Crocs so much so since daddy insisted …. there goes in the shopping bag! The last piece is a colourful slipper for Angel’s daily wear in the house. She loves to move all her shoes out from the cupboard and wear them then kick them out as a ‘Flying Shoe’!!! *fainted* So this will be the pair that I would let her occupied herself with. Since it is so light and tiny, I think (oppps .... no) I HOPE it will not knock off the vase or the fish tank that easily …………..… errrmmm, will they?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kiwifruit .... Gold or Green?

Angel is trying another new fruit. She has a very bad allergy record in the pass to many foods and hence, I am taking this process very slow and steady hoping that by delaying them, she will outgrow her allergies real soon.

I have bought her 2 types of Kiwifruits since I couldn’t make up my mind, A Green Kiwi (on the right) and a Gold Kiwi(Smaller one on the left). However Kiwifruit is acidic so it might cause mouth rashes or rashes at the bottom for some younger babies and I do hope my Angel is doing just fine. I certainly hope the rich Vitamin C in Kiwifruits would also helps to uphold and maintain my Angel’s healthy immunity system.

The first time Angel takes her Green Kiwifruits, tears start rolling down her cheeks (She didn't cry)….. it might be a little too sour for her but I am glad she still loves it. Then she tries the Gold Kiwifruits, oh my, she just loves it. I think I prefer the Gold Kiwi because firstly, the seed seems to be much lesser then the green one and secondly, Gold kiwi does taste less acidic and have a nice pleasant honey smells. I am glad I let her tried the Gold Kiwifruit because she just loves it so much and it certainly is another options for me if I were to opt for a ‘No Tear formula’ Kiwi for my little Angel :) I read that Kiwi can be cooked with Chicken meat, we just need to stir fried the chicken meat with other vege in mind and add in Kiwi 30 seconds before the dish is done …… hhhmmm, I don’t know about that but I do hope this is another good option to try when my Angel is a bit older.

Household Chores I Hate

Thanks Mommy Serene and Mommy Joanne for the tag. Yes .... I hate "ALL" of them to be honest but hey, I can't stand a dirty house either! Luckily I have a nice hubby who does not mind to share some of the chores with me so I am glad :)

This meme is pretty simple.Here are the rules:
1.) List down the household chores you hate and why. Do you think you can survive without helpers and nannies?
2.) Copy the image.
3.) Tag as many girlfriends you want, the daddies and hubbies can also join.
4.) Add your blog's link in the domesticated divas linky love. You can add all your blogs.
5.) Leave a comment at Stripe and Yellow to be added to the masterlist.

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My answer:
I hate Ironing!!!! I just can't do ironing because I think it is drop dead boring!!! I felt like I am actually ironing myself out for every single piece of cloth I did and I just hate hate hate hate and super hate x 100000 to do it!!! Unfortunately, every clothing that me, hubby and my Angel wears need to be iron or else, I will feel something wrong somewhere .... sigh!

Helpers and Nannies ..... well, I don't think that I can survive without one but ............ hey, I am still alive without one (I am glad to know that) :) So I guess I could live without one actually :P :P
So ..... Here I would like to pass on this tag to my blogger buddies, YenPing, Doreen, PeiWun, and Esmeralda, I would love to know whether is there some mommies out there actually enjoy doing house chores and love doing them all the time :) :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potty Monster!!! Help Me!!

Yes, it is a tough and dirty job!! However, after 1 week of hard work, finally I got the "pop"!!! Yes ..... first poo and first pee in the toilet from my little Angel, Hurray!! Actually I have been potty training for 'n' times and I have lost count on this one. Normally she will struggle and crying no matter how I coax her to sit on her potty but she just refused to co-operate at all (as you can see from the picture -->>..... Grandma is trying her best to hold her …….) She did manged to poo once in the toilet long time ago ( I think that time the timing is right) but after that, no more from her until today! I still grumble about that to Mommy Joanne yesterday saying that if Angel still not pooing or peeing for another few more days from her potty train then maybe I will stop and start again next month coz sitting with my little girl in the toilet for 1/2 an hour everyday breathing in all the 'nice gases" really starts to make me feel tiny bit sick :P ..... guess luck is on my side today. I do hope that she will be able to get off her diapers at least in the morning before she is 2. This sure is a good start :)

I love this toilet seat which I bought for her (compare to the 2 which I have kept in the storeroom) coz mommy do not have to do the 'cleaning' after she is done! Don't know why, I just have this phobia against cleaning up poo poo which I am still trying to overcome till now :) :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Angel's 1st Barney Book!

Yesterday we brought Angel shopping and she was very cranky and fussy all day long. Once she entered the bookshop which I planned to buy her another book for her readings, she just simply won’t want to leave the place despite that I have told her we will be leaving in 5 minutes ….. and 5 minutes again ….. and another 5 minutes. I try to distract her attention by giving her biscuits, her milk and her toys but she just want to stay in the bookstore moving those books around (while hubby is busy tidy them up for her). So finally, I just carry her and this round, she is crying out loud, kicking, arching, screaming and lying down on the floor refuse to leave while I am having a touch time pulling her out from the shop while pushing her stroller out too ….. everybody is looking at us!! What a nightmare! Hubby says it is really getting tough bringing our little Angel out nowadays coz she either don’t want us to carry her / don’t want to sit in her stroller and want to walk all by herself to the escalator, or she will refuse to leave the place of her interest! Boy …. You should also see her when she saw a toy that she likes ….. gosh!! No wonder some mommy told me never bring the kid to the toy section!!!!

So finally, I only manage to get this book for her which will sing the Barney “I love you …. You love me ….. We're best friends like friend should be…….” song. She likes it a lot and never let us takes the book out of her hands. This is her first Barney book :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Little Known Facts About Those YOU Know!

Thank you to Yen Ping and Joanne Tiew for the Tag.

So here it is! Directions! Now, Here Is What You Are Supposed To Do...And Please Do Not Spoil The Fun! Copy And Paste the following, Delete My Answers And Type In Your Answers. Then Send This To A Whole Bunch Of People That You Know...Then, let me know if you're done, so i can visit your blog and know your answer. The Theory Is That You Will Learn A Lot Of Little Known Facts About Those You Know. Remember To Let Me Know When You are Done!


2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Hhmmm ..... last month when my Angel felt down and hit her eyes ..... I was so horrified to see blood coming out from her eyes, my poor baby .... sob sob

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? I guess so ......

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE LUNCH MEAT? Steaks, steaks and more steaks please :) :)

5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Yup, I have a very naughty but adorable daughter.

6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Yes .... Well, that depends whether the ME and this ME clicks??

7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Nope, I hope not :P

8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? No ..... I am not sure to be frankly. (Hhhmmm ....... Why would somebody interest in whether I still have my tonsils???????????)

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? I would love to but I am not sure whether I will get a heart attack?

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Coco Crunch!!! I could finish the large pack in a day.

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? Nope!! Lazy me, hehehe ....
12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? I look strong from the outside but I am quite a soft person actually :)

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Magnum Almond, Yam flavour ice cream and Yogurt Ice Cream


15. RED OR PINK? Red


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My mom and my Grandmother


19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? I wear jeans and pink colour sandals

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Rice, vege and soup (my dinner)

21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Colbie Calliat - Bubbly


23. FAVORITE SMELLS? Mint and fruits




27. HAIR COLOR? Brown black

28. EYE COLOR? Dark Brown


30. FAVORITE FOOD? Western or Japanese Food and with lots of cheese, yummy yummy :P :P


32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Forbidden Kingdom (Jet Lee and Jacky Chan)


34. SUMMER OR WINTER? Winter ..... oh .... I really miss winter so much!!!

35. HUGS OR KISSES? Kisses

36. FAVORITE DESSERT? Hot hot apple crumble

37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? eerrrmmm ... my hubby???

38. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Those who gossips ....

39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Fishing and Parenting magazines (that doesn't count as a book, does it?)



42. FAVORITE SOUND? My daughter's giggling sound



45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Errrmm ....... is feeding my daughter while I am at my computer + talking on the phone at the same time ...... that's the talent I have developed after my daughter was born ;)


47. WHOSE ANSWERS ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING BACK? From all my online buddies especially Serene, Yuki, Yugene and Vivi. Enjoy your Tag :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mommy's Good Girl

Before I forgot, I must blog this down ….. Today my Angel actually helps me to pick up her books and toys and put them back under the table!!! It’s her feeding time and I saw all her toys scatter all over the floor. She might be hungry and crying for “Maam-Maam” and I said, “ Put back the toys first” (which I mean mommy has to put back the toys before feeding her) and went to the kitchen to get something. When I walk back into the living room, Oh boy ..... she is actually picking up all her toys and putting them back under the table (only manage to catch the last few shots)….. I did remember few days ago I taught her how to pick up the books and toys and put them back. She does understand me after all :) I am so surprised and happy yet hoping that this will not be the first and the last time :P

---->>>>> Go ................................... ---->>>>> Going ............................ --->>>>> Gone!!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What about Zucchini?

Have you ever tasted a “Swollen Ovary “ before? According to the internet, zucchini is actually an immature fruit being a swollen ovary of the Female zucchini flower … wow …. Swollen Ovary?? That is something new to know and it sounds cool too when you are actually thinking “I am eating that???” :)

At first I expect Zucchini to look like a cucumber from the inside (the skin does though and you are right ….. I never had one before and oh Mom …. What did you feed me last time?!) but guess I am not totally right. It looks like ….. errrr .... yup, an eggplant is more like it. For the preparation of Angel’s meal, I do take off the skins coz I should have gotten an organic one in the first place which I didn’t. After cutting it into smaller pieces, I steam it and serve with porridge with corn (which she has passed the 4 days wait trail before) and pork mince. The soup base to boil the porridge would be pork bones boiled overnight in slow cooker. That’s my Angel Zucchini with Corn and Pork Mince Porridge. Hahahaha ….. what a long name!

[3 hours later] Taa daaaaa ….. Wow …. I didn’t know the porridge would taste so good with the fragrant of the zucchini mixed with the corn and the pork mince. Although the colour of the porridge looks a bit dull but it surely is a very delicious mixed of porridge which I am going to cook more often for my little Angel. But all of that, it still has to go through the final ‘tasting test’ from my “Queen” after she has waken up from her afternoon nap.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Avocado Medley

Avocado ….. hhmmm, I have no idea of the preparation or whatsoever with it because I never had one in my whole life (so far). Ok ok …. Not that I never …. I did try it ‘once’ which is the avocado ice cream my mom made and to be frankly, I just do not fancy the taste of it at all despite that my mom bet me a RM50 notes if I am able to finished my entire cup of Avocado ice cream (of course, I never did.)

I read from the internet that Avocado is a brilliant fruits for bb’s brain and physical development which is full of vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fats (good fats for maintaining a healthy heart). Seeing mommy JT’s baby loves avocado so much, I decided to give it a try.

I picked up a dark green and bumpy avocado from the market (a ripe one), sliced in half, take the meat out, mashed and served just to see how my Angel likes it plain. 1st feeding, she makes a frowning looks, 2nd feeding she makes another frowning looks and actually peek into her feeding bowl, by the 3rd feeding, she is actually running away from her feeding spoon which is the 1st time ever when it comes to food!! I think she has actually found her ‘least favourite’ food for the very first time coz she used to wallop up everything that I served. (It must be in the genes I guess). I think in the later afternoon for her tea time, I will try to serve her the fruit again and this time, I am going to mix the avocado into an Avocado and Bananas Medley ration 1:1.

The results?? …… she manages to finish the entire bowl of the medley! I am glad :)

............ Avocado and Banana Medley :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Asparagus Porridge

I will blog about my Angel’s lunch for today. Normally I would prepare her porridge in the morning with slow cooker for approximately 3 hours and her lunch would be ready. I try to cook 2 different variety of porridge for Angel’s lunch and dinner hoping that she won’t get bored with her every meal. So for today, mommy decided that she would try a new food ASPARAGUS and her lunch would be Asparagus with Pork Meat Porridge.

Asparagus is full of a vegetable full of Vitamin C, Fiber, some vitamins B and Folic Acid and protein. ( However, asparagus does caused some gassiness in some babies so mammies might want to take note of that and avoid giving to bb below 10 months old and also bb with digestive issues. After washing and chopped the Asparagus into smaller pieces, I would wait until the porridge and pork rib + pork slices is almost ready before adding in the asparagus and cook for another 1 hour to make sure the asparagus is soft enough for my toothless bb to chew (Angel has only 6 teeth at the moment). I would mash up the pork slice before serving them to Angel. Salt and other seasoning is not being added into Angel’s porridge and she is doing just fine with that. That is the reason why I would normally add in some extra pork rib or chicken meat just for some extra flavouring in her porridge. Those ‘extras’ meat and ribs would end up in mommy’s tummy anyway :) :)

I do hope that Angel would love asparagus as much as her daddy. I hope that she would also pass the ‘4 day wait rule’ just to test for allergies or any indigestive issues. Bon Appétit!