Friday, July 30, 2010

Someone Is So Sweet ....

That’s the person who has been helping a lot during the time when I am having those rough days during my pregnancy with Annabelle. He would rush to the wet market to get all the groceries, vegetables and meat before day breaks, If time permitted, he would also prepared Angel and my breakfast + lunch before he rush to work, and then once back from work in the evening, he would rush to cook dinner for us (if not eating out) and continue do all the dishes, cleaning up and then take over the job of entertaining little Angel while I rush to take my bath. When I was finally done, often that I find this man dozing off on the sofa after a hard day of work and house chores :). When I am able to get back in the kitchen doing all the cooking again in my 2nd trimester, he would still do much of the house chores such as cleaning, mopping, ironing & laundry at home (basically everything) which sometimes I am just thankful for having him at home when I needed him most :)

This is nothing like ‘him’ 3 years back, during the time I was pregnant with Angel where I would need to asked and asked, nag and nag, and found him did nothing / helping nothing at the end of the day apart from gluing his eyes to the TV set. During that period, it is such a hard time for me to really enjoy my pregnancy and with me juggling between my busy working schedule, my terrible morning sickness + solving my everyeday meals (cooking will be a no-no since the slightest smell would make me threw up badly). Hence, everyday working late and with a tired body and mind, I have to feed myself with either Maggie Mee or biscuits, and whatever junk food that I could find in the house. I guess after having Angel, after the horrible c-section (for me, it is horrible …..) and the period where we really did some adjustments in terms of ‘supporting and helping’ each other during the time in need and taking care of Angel who is a so call 'high needs baby', hubby somehow has changed for better …… which I hope this will be a permanent thing and on going :) Yes, I have finally saw a good father and good husband in him after all these years ^_^

Maybe someone would say that “Ain’t all hubby should do all these and act in such caring and thoughtful manner since the very beginning?” For me sure it’s not the case unfortunately. I do not mind to start off rough and hopefully, this man who I cared so much would keep up his good work and keeping his promises that he would “improved” himself taken up the role as to be a good father and a good husband day by day :)

I am not asking too much, just a 50% passing grades from him will be good enough for me ^_^