Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Angel at [3Y7M]

Lengthy post warning!!! A little bit of everything about Angel ....... For mommy's records :)



My little girl weights around 16kg and 97cm tall at 3Y7M. A bit short for her age actually :)

She helps a lot in term of doing house chores such as making our (mommy and daddy's) beds in the morning (job perfectly done), wiping the floor or table that she’d messed up with, mopping the kitchen floor when mommy is busy preparing dinner, helping with the laundry and clothes folding (she can do it pretty good), clean up her dishes and arranged her chair after meal, getting mommy’s bottle, mobile phone and all necessary into the bedroom before bed time, tidying up all her toys before she plays with another one. She considers all these were ‘her duty’ and would throw a fuss if she saw us ‘doing’ any of ‘HER WORK’!!! :)

^ ^ My great little helper ^_^

Whenever she saw groceries falling from the supermarket shelves, she would insisted to arrange them all up before she is willing to make a move. And worst of all, sometimes it was such a huge piles of ‘stocks’ which was put on the floor by the sales person and she thinks that it’s a mess and insisted (crying and refused to move away) to put them back onto the shelves *_* Sometimes she even ‘thinking’ of picking ups tissues or sanitary pads lying on the public toilet floor too! *_*

Attached to Mommy more then Daddy now ^_^ !!! She would asked me, “Are you Happy Mommy? Are you happy (with) Angel??” almost everyday (especially if she is naughty) and saw me putting on a sad face.

^ ^ My Sweet little Angel ^_^

Her bed time regime would be 1) having her milk 2) request mommy to sing her Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars 3) Saying “Good night Mommy” 4) Follow by a sweet lovely “I LOVE YOU” 5) Fly kiss good night to mommy (coz mommy has fallen asleep on the bed).

She would respond to mommy’s instruction with “Ok, mommy!”. But when mommy asked her to do it repeatedly, she would reply back with a loud voice, ”O-K MOMMY!!! O~~~K~~~~!!!! Oh Man!!!!” @_@

Once it was so windy and Angel suddenly turned around and tell me with a concerned voice, “Put on your scarf eh, Mommy! It’s so windy!!” Oh ..... Mommy feels so warm while daddy is so envious! *hehehe*

Once saw mommy is coughing, this little girl will straight away grabbing for mommy’s water bottle and pass it to mommy ^_^

Love kissing and hugging mommy all the time (in the living room, kitchen, toilet ..... Everywhere!!) while saying, ”Mommy! Mommy! Oh ~~~ I love you”. I love the fact that she would told me numerous times a day, “I ~~~ Love you, mommy!” and give me a big hug and a peck on my cheeks which is really so sweet! And she would also asked me numerous times a day "Mommy, you love me or not??". I wonder is this a “girl” thing? ^_^

This sentimental girl is so afraid of 'sad' moments. She would laugh loudly and cheekily whenever she sees a sad movie or heard a sad song until one day, I saw tears actually rolling down from her eyes which she quickly hide her face away from me and wiped it off silently :P :P *do kids normally do that??*

She likes Daddy to carry her still at the age of 3+! The excused she would normally used was, “Oh ..... Angel is so tired, Papa! Angel cannot walk anymore!! Can you carry me?”

^ ^ Only Daddy have the strength to carry our big missy now :)

She likes to bully daddy everyday such as jump onto daddy from no where, climbing all over him like a little monkey and demand daddy to carry her on her shoulder, or block daddy’s view from the TV screen when daddy is watching his favourite TV program! She feels happy doing all that from what I can see :P

Still a cry baby most of the time. Especially when it’s time to take her afternoon nap or night time when it’s time to go to bed, or when we need to make a move from the children’s play ground. She would also whine whenever her mood is bad or to seek for attention (which happens a lot lately.)

^ ^ my big crying baby! She was crying inside of the restaurant because she doesn't wants to eat and doesn't want us adults to eat too!

Extremely overused the word "I AM SORRY MOMMY!" and I would hear this n-times per day.

Once we put her into her stroller, she will goes, “Now ...... Give me some food! I am so hungry!!”

She would address herself as ‘Angel Jie-Jie’ or ‘Angel Princess’! She is a princess wanna be now and loves everything associated with princess. If you call her "Princess", she would suddenly turned into this sweet soft talking little girl with an extremely sweet voice and will do whatever we asked her to do! That's certainly a magic word and I am glad that the magic word still works so far :)

^ ^ My Princess wanna be!

She wants to be ‘like’ mommy and don’t want to be ‘like’ daddy! She says she looks like mommy and if anyone says that she looks like daddy, she would quickly turn her face black and tells you "I AM LIKE MOMMY!!!!"



She knows how to call mommy on the mobile phone now. She could almost remembers mommy’s 10 digit phone number too :P

^ ^ Ring Ring Ring .... Mommy, are you there???

She knows how to wearing her own trousers, jackets, shoes and shocks but doesn’t know how to take off / wear her own shirt(without buttons ones)!

She will put back her own shoes and jacket among returning from our shopping trip.

She would collect all her dirty clothes and placed them into the laundry basket. She also partially bathing herself if instruction was given and would wipe herself dry and wear her own trousers after bath then apply her moisturisers and lip balm too. (Yes, you read me right!! So vain isn't it??)

No more day time diapers but still wears her night time diapers to sleep. And ...... she refused to poo poo in her potty and insisted to do her 'big business' on her diapers instead! *Headache of the century for mommy*

Helps setting up our dinning table and take out the dishes too. I am glad that she didn't request us to let me make her own milk yet!



She has picked up the ‘computer skills’ (facebook games) from her Ah-Mah (grandmother) pretty fast! Luckily, Shanghai have no access of facebooks games :P :P

^ ^ I want to play PET!!! It's my PET!!!!!

Angel finally starts to read!!! She starts getting the idea of ‘words’ rather then only ‘letters’ and start reading short sentences! Yippie!!! *mummy is wiping sweat*

She starts telling the time (in hours) and still working on the long hands (in minutes) of the clock. She sometimes would lie on her bed 'awake' and then wait till it's 5pm and told me, "Mommy!! It's 5 O'clock already!! Now Angel can wake up!! so mommy can't fool her that it's still 4pm and have to stay on the bed longer!

She can differentiate position and directions such as left, right and in front, behind, etc.

Can open up a video files from my laptop and minimized / maximized the screen using the computer mouse to view my pictures. @_@

Know the meaning of “money’ and would say,” Papa, you go to work and make more money for Angel ya!” But when asked her what she wants to do with the money she has, she would happily hold the RMB 1 coin in her hand and told me that she wants to buy 'water' for mommy!! Kekekekeke ....

She can pronounced her full name correctly (last time she would only wanted to be addressed as Angel and nothing else!!) and starts writing her own name!!!!!


Eating Habit

Starts eating Vegetables but hates cabbage and silk squash or vegetables in the soup! She hates cream corn soup or western soup and she would only drink clear soup (i.e. nothing that can be seen 'floating' on top of her soup such as meat or veggie, etc)! So we have to take everything out from her bowl of soup or she would refused to touch them at all.

Loves nuggets, bread, cookies, pan cakes, doughnuts, egg tarts (Oh boy, she favourites!!) and anything that’s made from flour.

^ ^ She absolutely love this doggy cookies that we have made together!!!

She loves to chew on bones and everything with big bones such as drumsticks or chicken wings. Maybe that’s why she loves to eat the Hong Kong style roasted pigeon (香港乳鸽) so much until she would have 1 entire bird all to herself.

^ ^ I love to eat BIRDS!!!! @_@ (she would called the pigeon a bird!)

She starts taking gripe water (肥仔水) which she used to hate so much due to gassiness lately. Still loves her Original flavoured Scoot Emulsion as usual!

She could finished 2/3 plates of kon-lou-mee + 1 big glass of milo when we went out for breakfast! Boy ... she sure have a big appetite and I am so happy to see her enjoying her food!

^ ^ Yummy!! I love Milo the most!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Annabelle First Turn Over [4M1W]

Yeah! At 4 month +, my cute little Annabelle finally managed to flipped herself over! First she curled herself up into a 'ball', moved her legs to one side and then turned her face all down to the bed (the same style used by Angel too and I reckon that's why Angel has flat nose???) then slowly twisted her other legs over and after few attempts, walaaaaa ..... she is on her tummy!! Whenever she successfully flipped herself over, she would raised her head up high, kicking her legs happily, making a cheerful chuckling sound while putting on a big bright and proud smile on her face and babbles non stop showing us how happy this little person was ^_^ She also manages to hold her head up right for a longer time now and sitting upright with support too. Just a blink of an eye that she has entered into a total new stage watching us from a totally different angle now ..... and I am so proud of her :)

P/s: Angel saw Annabelle is sitting on her dinning chair that day and not so happy with it and asked me, “Why baby is sitting on my chair oh? Why she is not lying down oh?” Oh, I think I will have more explanation and preparation work to do with her about sharing things with her younger sister soon.