Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[1Y9M] What Annabelle Thinks About Jie Jie's Birthday?

【Annabelle @ 1Y9M】

Little Annabelle behaved like an angel throughout her Jie Jie Angel's 5th birthday dinner and celebration
(apart from pulling the Snow White heads off incident in my previous post, of course :P). She observed whatever Angel is doing quietly at the side, smiling along whenever she saw something interested her and sometimes, will also lays her hands touching here and there without making much noise. She is such a sweet cutie pie (^_^)

And then she observed her big jie jie blows her candles, unwrapped all the gifts one by one ........

Without uttering a word, she just sat quietly on her high chair, and watched and watched and watched until ........

We pop a question to her Angel Jie Jie

"Angel, you are 5 years old today!!! Yeh!!! Are you happy Angel???"

Then suddenly before getting a reply from the birthday girl, we heard a voice from the other side of the table, Annabelle:

"No .... Not Happy!!! Belle Not Happy!!! Belle is Sad!!" :( :( and when we finally takes our eyes and concentration away from the birthday girl and lay them on little Annabelle, we saw little Annabelle already making a face as below ...... O.o

O.o We laugh so hard coz we didn't expect that this little Annabelle who is only 1Y9M old baby would have such hard feelings towards her elder sister's birthday :P :P She did enjoy the party laughing and giggling along as what I saw, but she was just not so happy to the fact that it's not HER birthday after all LoL

So to make up to this little cutie pie, we gave her a big piece of cake as a reward for being such a good girl throughout the celebration. She ate the cake happily but then, she stills uttering the same phrase on and on, "Belle not happy, Belle sad!" and give us that same 'not-so-happy' face with pouted lips which is just soooooo cute to associate with the word SAD, hahahahahahaha ......

After everything was over and Angel Jie Jie was happily playing with her new laptop that night, Annabelle suddenly grab one of her books and say:

"哪~~, 姐姐 有 computer, Belle 有 computer! Belle 的 Computer!!!"
(Nah, Jie Jie have her computer, Belle have a computer too and this is Belle's computer!)

Whenever Angel's birthday, Annabelle is not happy and when it's Annabelle's birthday, Angel is not happy either. O.o

To be frankly, how I wished both of them can share the same birthday so everyone can remain happy? *wishful thinking* But it's certainly so funny to see both girl's reaction, hahahahaha! What can I say. KIDS!!!!! :P

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Angel - Part 2

Oh dear ..... Angel's birthday posts still not yet completed till now so ok, I will make it a quick one coz I have been dragging it for way too long :P

She was dressed like a Princess (Snow White is a Princess too right? :P) and she was very happy indeed.

On the day itself, lovely grandma has prepared Angel's usual birthday meal with Mee Suah + a very huge drumstick + red eggs. She requested for pure grapes juice too which she doesn't gets to drink very often and wallop up everything in satisfaction!

And then, she requested for her sandwich 'in bento' style after her afternoon bath 1 hour later! A girl with big appetite!! Luckily grandma is a very handy person and came out with those lovely heart shaped chicken sandwiches in no time and makes her a very happy birthday girl :) :)

We had a simple dinner at T.H western restaurant with our immediate family members and the highlight of the night was the cake cutting session. This year's birthday theme was Snow While instead of her usual Hello Kitty Theme and I am glad that she loves her Snow White cake after I told her that Snow White is a Princess and Good Friends to Hello Kitty too coz all of them know each other in the cartoon world (opppsss .... a big white lie which works).

This year, little Annabelle is joining the celebration for the very first time :) Both are so delighted to see the cakes and little Annabelle can't wait to lay her hands on those pretty cakes, touching and dismantled all the leaves and pulling all the deco out when we are not looking too (>.<)

Then while we are snapping pictures happily and suddenly we heard a loud shout from Angel the birthday girl "MOMMY!!! LOOK WHAT ANNABELLE DID!!!!" and when we looked ......

Oh NO .... little Annabelle has pulled Snow White heads off from the cake while I saw tears started to form in her big round eyes although she tries to laugh it off :P Luckily I was quick enough to make a joke out of it and quickly fixed poor Snow White heads back to where it's suppose to be (with a missing nose which couldn't be fixed :( :( ) and glad that no one noticed the missing nose and quickly pull it over without bigger drama happening with a birthday song. Phew ......

Angel insisted to have the sparkled Candles at the side which truly scared both the girls away when it actually produced tiny little sparkles when lit O.o No more sparkled candles for her birthday as she puts it, because it looks scary acording to her :P :P

Angel got a lot of pressie from us and actually she had more but I have kept some of the gifts away and only to give her after some time. Her toy box are overloaded at grandma's!!!

A very happy girl posing with all her gifts! She would exclaimed out loud each time she opened up a gift :) :)

And among those gifts, this is her most favourite gift which she got from her beloved Grandma! She purposely requested for a Notebook with a 'mouse' and her wish came through that night!

"WAAHHH!! Ah Mah, how you know I wanted this???!!!" She asked grandma with her big wide eyes opened! :P :P

Taa daaa ...... Below is the gift from Mommy, the full set of Dr. Seuss Collection which she loves it to bits day by day. Certainly one of the greatest gifts I have ever got for Angel (as per her requests) because I can see her giggle away happily every night whenever she reads them and still finds it amusing after reading them for 'n' times.

That's the magical part of Dr. Suess book. I must admit that I really think that it would be a very boring book just by looking at its simple sketches and story line until I really read them to Angel.

Now, I have learn something ...... Never judge a book by it's cover!!! :P

"Mommy, how do you know I wanted this Cat In The Hat Books too?? Huh? Huh? Tell me! Tell me!" :P :P Kids are so cute, aren't they :P

Just with a blow off the candles, my girl has turned 5. That night, while stroking her hair to sleep, I told Angel,

"Angel, you are growing up so fast :) Big girl already lo and few more years later, you can't stick to mommy like you used to already."

She was very kan-cheong and replied:

"But Mommy, I wish I can grow up slower ~~~. I want to grow up slowly and not too fast ok, mommy?? I want to be 5 years old long long long long time so that I can stick to mommy for long long long long time EVER and FOREVER."

Of course my Baby :) You would always be my Baby girl forever and ever and glad to have you in our live. Happy 5th Birthday Angel Darling!!! We love you so much!!