Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yesterday Once More

Thanks Joanne for passing this interesting Tag to me ….. Here are my Yesterday once more :) :)

1. In which month and year did you met your husband for the first time?
- August, 1997

2. In which month and year did you two officially starting dating?
- November, 1997.

3. Where was the first dating place the two of you went to?
- A restaurant in China Town, London.

4. What was the most touching thing he did to you when you two were still dating?
- He never is a romantic person …… so I will say NIL :)

5. How about after your marriage?
- Thing has definitely changed for better after we were married …… he has learnt to be a good husband and also a good father :)

6. Share your lowest period of your life with him.
- None that I can recall of …… which is a good thing I guess and hope I will never have one ever :)

7. Share your happiest moment with him.
- Definitely is the moment where Angel came into our life where we truly feel the happiness of being a parents.

8. Share your saddest moment with him.
When he knows that I am upset with him but he pretended not to see me being upset :(

9. Share your angriest moment with him.
- When he breaks his promise :( :(

10. Share your funniest moment with him.
- He will always “discover” something that we normal human being already knows long time ago, hahahaha …. (e.g. you need to rinse your hair after using the hair conditioner; facial scrub is to scrub our face; Crab stick can be eaten straight from the fridge, etc)

11. Share your most frustrated moment with him
- He is always so careless when taking care of Angel ……. His eyes will be glued to the TV instead of Angel and when I asked him whereabouts of Angel then only he’ll remembered his duty and only searching for her >:(

12. Lastly, when was the last time you two hold hands and walk under the moonlight, like how
you used to do?
- We willl hold hands if Angel was asleep in / willing to sit in her stroller but ……….. walk under the moonlight ah? No chance with my naughty girl around unless someone is willing to babysit her for me, anyone??? :)

Hope this tag would bring back lovely memories of Yesterday...and hmm, after the question 12, if your answer dates more than 24 hours ago, it's time to go over to your hubby or wife, give him or her a great big hug and a kiss!

Angel’s Studio Trial Session's Pictures

Oh ya, before I forget, I trying to post this up before I am off :) :) Here are the pictures which we took during Angel’s last Studio Photo Trial Sessions. All outfits and hair-do are done by mommy, they look ok, isn’t it?? :) I scan those pictures and do some arrangement and editing on my own because the photo shop do not provide this type of photo editing services and such, don’t know why. So please forgive me if the photos were not nicely edited :) At least I have learned that if I wanted a nice photo album arrangement next time, I will have to go to those professional bb studios such as The One or those who do bridal photography at least :)

We only manage to capture 2 different styles for Angel as she was crying furiously and do not wanted to co-operate with us after awhile. So in the end, we have to stopped the sessions and go with whatever we have earlier, what a waste!! :( Well …… at least we have tried and have ‘something’ out of it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shopping for A Wedding Dinner

I have been doing way too much shopping again over the weekend, I don’t think I have time to share them all but I would like to share some items which I bought for the “important night”, as my brother is getting married :) So I am searching for a decent dress for Angel and Mommy as well as a nice shirt for Daddy because my mom (Angel’s grandmother) insisted that me and Angel MUST wear a proper skirt this time as this is grandma’s beloved son’s big day and it is a IMPORTANT NIGHT!!! :P :P No more pants / jeans :( :( Yes, both me and Angel do not like those lacey fluffy skirt.

It’s also very tough to find a decent dress for Angel because most shops I went to do not have her size for that particular design … I guess a lot of ppl are getting married during year end so all the nice little gown are being sold? So after dress-hunting for more then 2 days … finally, I manage to find a white silk dress for Angel …. . But I can sense that Angel hates her dress especially the fluffy skirt. Well …. I guess I will have to find a way to coax her to wear the dress on the dinner night? I also managed to get a shiny little crown for her and guess what, the crown almost as expensive as her little dress, gosh!!! …… but no choice as we are running out of time …….. well, at least it is shinny enough. I have also bought her a sweet hair band from Mothercare just in case the little ‘crown’ doesn’t stay on her hair for long before she pulls it down. Daddy also managed to get her a white pair of shoe to go with her dress.

As for mommy, well ….. as you know …. I have ballooned up so much after Angel came along so I had a tough time getting a dress for myself. Sigh, I should have go on a diet few months back if I were to foresee this …… (MUST do something about that after I am back :P)….. so no choice, at the end, I decided to tailor made a silver dress for myself which I am picking it up tomorrow night (so no picture) but before we went home, I spotted this flowery little green evening dress which I absolutely fall in love with the combinations of the colours! Nope, the dress doesn’t fit me as I have thought …… but after some alterations here and there from the magic hands of the kind shop owner, Surprisingly I manage to squeeze into it LoL Ok …. And then??? So finally the little green dress is hanging on my bedroom wall now :P :P How I wish I could spotted this little green dress before I tailor make my other dress. Although I love the colour very much but I think the dress looks a bit too ‘flowery’ and very ‘green’ as well, don’t you think so? But at this moment, I am still looking for a decent scaft to tune down the colour of the dress a little. And on top of that, I have also got my nails art done finally, looks so RED isn’t it?? Initially, I was thinking for a green nails but I am thinking what will my ‘yi-ma-ku-jie’ (aunties) said when they saw my nails. Oh ...... This is actually the first time I bought something for myself after such a long long long long time since CNY most probably ….. so it does feels great for once :)

How about Daddy?? I guess that we both are busy shopping for the girls and forgot about Daddy's outfit but we still have few more days before the big day so hoping that we could find him a nice shirt too …… man’s shirt ain’t as difficult to get for sure :)

I think from this week onwards for the next 3 weeks, Hubby and me will be very busy prepare things, flying with little Angel for the weddings to the grooms and brides hometown and also visiting families, etc ….. Hopefully this will be a great time to travel and meet up with all friends and family. I better start packing my luggage now with the hope these few weeks will be a great and memorable one for us :) So see you guys soon :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Rose Award

I received the Red Rose Award from the pretty mommy Joanne and Sha, I would like to say a big thank you to both of them as they are so nice to share this award with me :) Thanks a lot ya :)

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls and boys you've nominated.

I think I will not nominate anyone for this award at the moment as most of my blogger friends have been awarded with this award already :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bliss Of Parenthood and a SAHM :)

Life has been pretty hectic for me lately. Last time while Angel was still a tiny crying baby, I would consoled myself that I will be much free to do my own things and be a little more relax when Angel finally can walk and run and play by herself …………. but I think I am not totally correct, at least not until this moment as yet.

Instead, she naps lesser and lesser nowadays and always wanted my attention to the fullest. She wants me to play with her, read her stories books (while she flips the pages without even listening to me), singing songs to her, etc or else, she will be crying and whining until I give in. When I am making her lunch, now and then I have to peep at her to see if she is climbing the dinning chair, jumping on the sofa, pulling out all my safety corner-guards, shifting our furniture around, attempt to break my safety locks with her 'iron fingers', try to climb on top of our glass coffee table to do her normal stuns or even using her books as her skateboard which is so dangerous, etc. If I saw her doing one of her stuns again, I will have to make my 100 meter ran out from the kitchen, sometimes holding whatever I am holding at that moment still (sometimes vege, sometimes meat, and sometimes even a cooking ladle, etc) to rescue her or stopped her from all the dangerous stuffs that she just loves to do. That is why I do not want a safety gate at my kitchen entrance or else, I will have to jump my hurdle as well which I do not know whether I am going to make it :(

Or else, you will hear me shouting, “Angel Nooooooooooo!!!!!” “Angel don’t do that!!!!” ….. etc from the kitchen as loud as the thunder which I think my whole house did trembled a bit. (I hope I am not getting any complains from the neighbours soon.) Sometimes, a 20 minutes cooking time will be dragged until almost an hour or 2 because I have to stop whatever I am doing just to entertain her or attended to her crying needs. Or else, she will be running into the kitchen pulling my pants and crying out loud ……. Sometimes all she wants is for me to give her a little hug …. (Most of the time, it seems like 1 is not enough but a hug in every minute which means I have to stop whatever I am doing basically.) If she finally naps in the afternoon, sometimes I will find myself sitting on the couch lifelessly and noticed that the morning coffee which I had made for myself is already turning into “Kopi ping” sitting nicely on the kitchen table untouched still. If she were still awake during my lunch time, I will have to eat with one hand holding the spoon and trying to swallow my food as fast as possible and at the same time the other hand is trying to hold / stop her from grabbing my food or pulling my plates away or climbing all over me as if she is the monkey and I am the tree. I think my left hand has been doing a lot of exercise and gaining muscles everyday :P Or else, I will be raising my voice with my mouth full, sometimes almost choked ...... asking her not to climb up or under the dinning table knocking her head or worst, pulling my computer cords trying to pull my notebook down from the table, etc.

I hardly can go online nowadays coz as soon as she sees me with my notebook, she will try to pull my hands away from my laptop and whining at the same time asking me to play with her. While she sleep, I need to quickly get those house chores done plus prepare the dishes for dinner time, dish washing, ironing, etc. Sometimes after hubby gets back from work and had our dinner, I need to rush for another round of groceries shopping while hubby looks after Angel. I need to do the shopping as quickly as possible so that I can rush back to bath Angel before the night gets too cold. To add in the fun, Angel refuses to sleep until it was almost 11pm nowadays but I have to lay in bed with her (with so much things to do and not done yet) which means my private times is really almost gone to NIL by now. Sigh!! I can hardly find time to do my own stuffs let alone blogging nowadays …….

I do hope that this will be just another phase of her growing up because I am already totally drained with 1 kid only. Really cannot imagine if I were to have 2 or 3 if they were all as naughty and as demanding as Angel. This is truly the ‘fun’ of parenthood so I might as well enjoy the ‘fun’ of it and attending to her needs because she will always be the priority in my life :) So if you mommies were to see me disappeared from my blog again, you will now what I have been up to lately :) :) I wonder is it only me or other mommies is also having such a hectic schedule and so much ‘FUN’ with the little ones everyday …… (You know what I mean ………… :P :P)

Quirky Tag

I receive this tag from Mommy PeiWun and wanted to know my unspectacular quirks. Oh …. How I wished to say that I do not have any but, hey …. will you belief me if I said so? LoL Ok …. So here it goes and I am cracking my head now but it was fun ….. :P

Rules :
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each taggee's blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Here goes my unspectacular quirks:-

#1 When I go for movie, I must watch it right from the very beginning till the end. If I didn’t get to see the opening part, I will feel that I have left out something important (even thought it’s just a blank screen, etc) or I will be unable to concentrate for the entire movie thinking about the opening all the time. Of course I hate to miss the ending as well. So normally when I know that I am going to miss the opening part of the movie, I might as well don’t watch it at all because watching a movie without the opening is simply a torturing to me :)

#2 I will only buy handsoap with anti-bacteria shown on the label. The word anti-bacteria seems to make me feel ‘protected’ and serves the purpose of washing my hands. Of course I just love the smell of Dettol and that’s why even our shower gel also from that particular brand :P No no no …….. I don’t like the smell of the hospital for your information if that was what you were about to say :) I think I am a clean freak to the extreme but things has gone ‘better’ ever since I live with a grubby creature called ‘hubby’ :P :P

#3 I have to make my bed again every night before I go to sleep just to make sure the bedcovers, etc are neat and straight or else, I will be rolling on my bed for hours without sleep. The blanket also has to be laid neat and tidy on top of me coz I just can’t sleep with even a twisted corner of the blanket. It’s weird isn’t it?

#4 I am not good in multi-tasking so I would try to finished 1 task as soon as possible before getting to the 2nd task or else, I will be totally forgetting about the 1st one once I started on my 2nd one LoL

#5 I tends to forget things pretty quick when I am angry ‘especially’ after hubby has apologize, etc ……. sometimes half way quarrel with hubby, I will pause for awhile and keep asking hubby to remind me what’s the reason that I am angry with him at the first place because I simply forgot about it already LoL And even when we were in the ‘cold war’ (especially after hubby admits his mistakes, etc), I will be the one who always loose coz normally on the 2nd or 3rd day when I wake up, I will somehow forget about our ‘war’ and start talking happily with hubby until he is chuckling by himself >;( So normally our war won’t last for long thanks to my forgetful mind.

#6 I have to take my bath RIGHT BEFORE I sleep or wash my feet (at least) before I go to bed or else, I will feels that I have missed out something important and will not sleep well.
So now I am going to pass this fun tag to the following blogger friends. Kindly share with us your unspectacular quirks :

1. Julie
2. Esmeralda
3. Rachel
4. Doreen
5. Agnes

Monday, October 13, 2008

Butterfly Award

I would like to say a big thank you to Serene, Mommy Gwen and Joanne for this lovely award ... I am very happy to have this award in my blog. Thank you once again *hugs*

Here are the rules to go with the award:-
1. Put the logo on your blog.
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Now, I would like to pass this amazing award to the following blogger friends because I think all of them have a very cool blog! Keep up the good work because I honestly love your blogs!!

1. YenPing
2. Esmeralda
3. Mery
4. Rachel
5. Julie
7. Doreen

and also I would like to pass this award back to the 3 lovely blogger friends Serene, Mommy Gwen and Joanne who has given this award to me coz I simply think thier blogs are way too cool to be missed :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oppss …. She Breaks It Again !!

Urrrggghhh ……… Angel broke her xylophone playing stick again!!! She broked her 1st xylophone (green colour) just merely 3 weeks playing with them despite I told her thousand of times not to bend them but she just loves to twist and bend the stick until they finally snapped! I tried to glue them back in position but in vain. So few days ago, I took out the other new xylophone (red colour) which I bought few weeks back to replace her broken one. I just missed and loved the sound of the xylophone and loved holding her hands and played her favourite ABC song together with her. After I handed the new xylophone to her and asked her to take good care of them and went into the kitchen to get ready her lunch and guess what, few minutes later, she came into the kitchen crying and handed me her xylophone playing stick ……. splitting into 2 ……. UUuurrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!! …….. She broke her new xylophone playing stick again!!!!!!! I almost screamed at her which I didn’t because seeing her crying so pitifully. She must be horrified and sad too (Errmm …… I hope).

I tried to glue this one back too but I think it can’t be put together as the previous one. I really do not understand why she loves to break the playing sticks into 2 and would get both her hands into the snapping position once she saw that I am not watching her. So today, I bought another new xylophone (sky blue in colour) for her again ……. I do hope that she will not break the playing stick again ….. or else, I will be really mad!! Now I am wondering should I throw away the previous 2 with no sticks to play with anymore coz I can’t seems to find a suitable tools to play them either? How do I keep her from breaking this one …. again?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nail Art

My finger nails used to be very long and very colourful …. (as you can see). However, every mommy will know it is almost impossible to keep them when you have small kid to take care of. They tend to poke or accidentally scratch our baby’s delicate skin. I find it a mission impossible to even wash Angel’s mouth and ears with my long nails too. Whenever I am putting nappy rash cream onto Angel on every diaper change, the cream will tends to go underneath my finger nails which are totally unhygienic!! So finally (1 month since Angel was born) I have them all cut short and keep them shorter and shorter (no more nail art, huk huk huk). I do miss my long nails "sometimes" so lately I starts wondering should I grow my nails back ..... ? But who will helped wash Angel’s ears and putting nappy rash cream on her, etc ? Sigh!!

What about other mommies ..... what do you wish you could have back before having your baby? Should be a lot I guess :) I do have a lot in mind ......... :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

'P' for Pasta!

Today I cooked Angel the alphabet pasta which has been sitting in my kitchen cabinet since months ago. As she will be having her ABC pasta for the first time, I think it should be nice to go with the ABC soup which she likes a lot. I did not add in the tomatoes due to some allergy concerns so her soup will be without tomatoes at least for the moment being. I also add in some red dates and some port mince (apart from those ribs) for taste. I did cooked her pasta for 10 minutes more then the required time according to the packaging to make sure they are much softer then normal so Angel will still be ok if she does choke on them.

Angel definitely loves her alphabet pasta in soup!! She finished a fairly huge potion for lunch (as you can see from the picture) and even crying for more. But I did not give in as her tummy was so huge making me feels that it will explode any minutes (I am not kidding)! Maybe it’s due to the soup as well. It’s good that she have no problem swallowing this particular type of alphabet pasta. However, I did notice she did not chew much on her food as she could easily swallow them with the help from the soup. I do hope that she didn’t burden her tummy too much without chewing them. So at dinner time, I decided to do a dry version just to make sure she does some chewing exercises.

I make a pasta paste with thicker consistency out of the potatoes, onions and carrots in the ABC soup and also top up with some chicken mince with corn starch and water which I steam it while I cook me and hubby’s rice in the rice cooker. I meshed the meat up before served and let her eat it like our normal pasta with sauce. I think she is fine with the dry version as well. She also chew her food more compare to the soup based version which I think it’s good for her to start practicing some chewing exercise before fully converted to having rice in near future. I can see that Angel loves both version as much but the later is definitely less messy when it comes to feeding time. It is a great satisfaction to see her gobble up her meal today and even asked for more. Apart from that, She also keeps pointing at her pasta and say “A” “P” “S” etc but I am sure she don’t know which is which :P I think her eyes were glued to her pasta meal for the entire feeding today :) Tomorrow I will do another dry pasta version which is cream corn style and also to start her with a home made spaghetti sauce too to test her on any allergy reactions on tomatoes. I hope she likes them too and hope they will just taste as nice. I guess this week will be a pastas week for my little Angel :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Look Who's Baking?

Do you believe that Angel is making muffins for Daddy and Mummy? Hahaha …. I wanted to do this with Angel long time ago but always cannot find the right timing until yesteaday :) After she woke up from her afternoon nap, I brought her into the kitchen and sat her down on the kitchen floor where it will turn into our kitchen table top for the day. I am using a pre-mix this time and handed the flours to her, let her have a good stirring fun before I started mixing the wet ingredients. At first she paused for a second and insisted me to hold her hands which I did. I taught her how to stir the flours which probably is new to her since she never stir anything that texture especially in such a huge bowl with so much flour fun!! Then I let her hold the eggs which she accidentally let go on the floor and looked at me with tears rolling in her big round eyes, poor girl …… so that is clean up no. 1. After the eggs were in and milks were added, we really had a great time doing the stirring game where I am trying very hard to make sure the batter remains in the mixing bowl instead on the floor / on both of our face while Angel happily stirring in all directions and screaming out of excitement :) After the stirring game, I handed her some muffin cups and let her arranged those cups on the baking tray but she is more interested to do her ‘stacking game’ instead which really took me a lot of effort in pouring the batter into the muffin cups. Once, I almost pour the batter onto the oven tray when Angel suddenly snatched the muffin cups away from its position. And when I am almost done with the batter, all of a sudden Angel grabbed her balls which she has brought along into the kitchen and put it onto one of my muffins and spilt it over the tray, how ‘fun’ could that be :P :P ….. so that’s clean up no. 2. Finally everything is done without more ‘unexpected events’ and all they went into the oven. 20 minutes later, the first and ever Angel & Mommy’s first Blueberry Muffin was done!!!! *wipe sweat*

I think both of us do enjoy the muffin baking fun so much until I almost forgot to take pictures until we were almost done! I hope I will get to do more of these activities with Angel since she is having so much fun and so am I (of course apart from those cleaning ups) :) Of course Hubby will be having so much fun eating those muffins too. But hubby says it is kind of 'entertaining' to actually seeing me cake baking with my merely 1 ½ years old “assistant” in the kitchen and I also looked funny in actually repeating phrases like “This is an EGG, Angel, look here …. E is for EGG” etc in the kitchen while both my hands were so busy with the batter and with Angel. LoL Oh ya ….. Maybe next time, I should let hubby take the lead instead. Oh …. How entertaining would that be?????

P/S: If any mommies is interested to play this little baking game with your little ones, remember to get ready a good disposable kitchen towels which definitely will comes in handy :P Actually I have used up at least half a roll of my mine solely on that afternoon :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The 9th and 10th Volcanoes!

2 Weeks ago, I think I saw Angel’s swollen gum on the lower right but I am not sure since my ‘Queen’ do not want to open her mouth for mommy to even have a good peek :( So I am waiting for the whites to appear to but …… nope, I didn’t notice any whites coming out soon. So yesterday when I was playing with Angel and suddenly she makes this “Ahhhhh ….. “ sound with her mouth wide opened, I accidentally noticed (oh .. I will peek into her mouth in every chance, hehehehe) that both her left and right gums are quite swollen and reddish in colour forming a ‘valley’ in the middle spot (which looks really like a volcano!!!) and something is coming out …… My oh my! Angel is growing her first (Oppsss … no no), first and second molar on both side at the same time!!! My …… I know I shouldn’t be over joy of some molars coz ever body gets them anyway ………. but let me enjoy such tiny event and joy being a first time mom *wink* and I am just so happy knowing that my Angel is growing her first pair of molar symbolized that she is hitting another milestone and growing a little closer to be able to chew on more food now :) I am glad that she grew her bottom molars first coz if they were the upper molars, I don’t think I will be able to notice them until they were fully formed. Angel just will not open her mouth wide for me to have a good look even when coaxing with a biscuits. Maybe she seriously feels that that her mouth is her own territories and no one should ever invade them in any case??? (Of course apart from mouth washing time where she would just open up unwillingly giving me just enough room for my 1 finger to enter …..LoL).

I guess since she is not feeling well for the past few days and being cranky all the time, that’s why I did not noticed the ‘cranky teething her’ and check for her tooth :) No wonder she did not eat as much for the past few days and would only want her milk probably also due to her swollen gums, poor baby. But I am glad that the teething process seems like doesn’t effect her much this round. Maybe I should give her some teething biscuits again to east those itchy gums. It’s glad to be able to see her getting back to her normal self again, running, hugging, kissing and smiling me all the time which really brings sunshine into me today :)