Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shopping for A Wedding Dinner

I have been doing way too much shopping again over the weekend, I don’t think I have time to share them all but I would like to share some items which I bought for the “important night”, as my brother is getting married :) So I am searching for a decent dress for Angel and Mommy as well as a nice shirt for Daddy because my mom (Angel’s grandmother) insisted that me and Angel MUST wear a proper skirt this time as this is grandma’s beloved son’s big day and it is a IMPORTANT NIGHT!!! :P :P No more pants / jeans :( :( Yes, both me and Angel do not like those lacey fluffy skirt.

It’s also very tough to find a decent dress for Angel because most shops I went to do not have her size for that particular design … I guess a lot of ppl are getting married during year end so all the nice little gown are being sold? So after dress-hunting for more then 2 days … finally, I manage to find a white silk dress for Angel …. . But I can sense that Angel hates her dress especially the fluffy skirt. Well …. I guess I will have to find a way to coax her to wear the dress on the dinner night? I also managed to get a shiny little crown for her and guess what, the crown almost as expensive as her little dress, gosh!!! …… but no choice as we are running out of time …….. well, at least it is shinny enough. I have also bought her a sweet hair band from Mothercare just in case the little ‘crown’ doesn’t stay on her hair for long before she pulls it down. Daddy also managed to get her a white pair of shoe to go with her dress.

As for mommy, well ….. as you know …. I have ballooned up so much after Angel came along so I had a tough time getting a dress for myself. Sigh, I should have go on a diet few months back if I were to foresee this …… (MUST do something about that after I am back :P)….. so no choice, at the end, I decided to tailor made a silver dress for myself which I am picking it up tomorrow night (so no picture) but before we went home, I spotted this flowery little green evening dress which I absolutely fall in love with the combinations of the colours! Nope, the dress doesn’t fit me as I have thought …… but after some alterations here and there from the magic hands of the kind shop owner, Surprisingly I manage to squeeze into it LoL Ok …. And then??? So finally the little green dress is hanging on my bedroom wall now :P :P How I wish I could spotted this little green dress before I tailor make my other dress. Although I love the colour very much but I think the dress looks a bit too ‘flowery’ and very ‘green’ as well, don’t you think so? But at this moment, I am still looking for a decent scaft to tune down the colour of the dress a little. And on top of that, I have also got my nails art done finally, looks so RED isn’t it?? Initially, I was thinking for a green nails but I am thinking what will my ‘yi-ma-ku-jie’ (aunties) said when they saw my nails. Oh ...... This is actually the first time I bought something for myself after such a long long long long time since CNY most probably ….. so it does feels great for once :)

How about Daddy?? I guess that we both are busy shopping for the girls and forgot about Daddy's outfit but we still have few more days before the big day so hoping that we could find him a nice shirt too …… man’s shirt ain’t as difficult to get for sure :)

I think from this week onwards for the next 3 weeks, Hubby and me will be very busy prepare things, flying with little Angel for the weddings to the grooms and brides hometown and also visiting families, etc ….. Hopefully this will be a great time to travel and meet up with all friends and family. I better start packing my luggage now with the hope these few weeks will be a great and memorable one for us :) So see you guys soon :)


Serene said...

Aiyoh... the nail art is coming back! So nice and it suits with the "green" dress. Actually the dress doesn't looks so flowery la. I like it leh, looks so gorgeous! Don't forget to post a picture of u and Angel wearing the outfit hor. Can't wait to see Angel wearing the shinny crown.. Hahaha!

Anyway, do take good care. Will miss you and Angel. =)

Mummy Gwen said...

Angel's dress is very nice. I like the lace and the crown too. :) Yr green dress is very stunning too. The size of yr dress looks small ler. You know what, I also just bought a dress for Gwen and I hahaha. It's my hubby's brother's wedding next month.
You have a nice trip and make sure post more photos of the wedding eh..hehe ;)

Mummy Gwen said...

Caroline, thanks for yr concern bout my dress. The dress was not sewn properly, the string came off a little bit at the waist area. Luckily, the shop assistant was kind enough to let me change for a totally different design of dress..hehe..coz they don't have a new one too.

the little prince said...

I love Angel dress & Crown!! Its so nice. But remember to bring extra dress or t- shirt, when the dinner already started and she start to pull her dress up-side down or whatever thing she can think of, quickly change the clothes that she comfortable with or else you will pengsan in the middle of your brother dinner! :-)

Can;t wait to see you in that green dress! So sexy yeah!!

Wonderful Life said...

Wahhh...Angel's dress very pretty! Same goes to mummy's dress leh...!

How I wish I could wear this type of dress... sigh, i'm still fat n couldn't fit in my dresses!!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ I'm imagining little princess Angel wearing her new lovely dress~

Esmeralda said...

Wow... It's "Fairy Tale Wedding".. and mummy and Angel has to dress up as fairies... and princess.. Haha.. really good dress selection for Angel. It looks so "cute" and "elegant"... I love the crown and the shoes too.. Perfect combination! About ur dress - talk about u being fatter than us. If u can fit into that, there's no way u r fatter than us.. Haha.. anyway, so r u coming back to KK for the wedding? Happy trip ya.. and don't forget to do ur "posting" here... Enjoy!

Julie said...

I can't wait to see both of you dress up in that beautiful dress. Must be as beautiful as angel. I love the nail art. So nicely done.

Ping said...

Wow! Angel dress + crown + show look so lovely ;p
Im wondering she will wear it for long hours?

Even my girl i didn't let her try this type of dress before and not sure she like it or not coz i seldom bring her to wedding dinner ;p

Mummy cloth so red and nail art so 'ONG' coz RED @ RED @ RED hahaha!

Hope whole your family enjoy the wedding dinner ;p

agnes said...

yea.. agree that year end is approaching.. a lot to spend on wedding dinners.. xmas.. etc etc ;)

so cool that angel is willing to wear the tiara?? chloe would probably throw away anything that is sitting on her head!! :S

MommyAngel said...

Hi Serene, yes and yippie, I finally got my nail art back as no need to wash and cook liao for few weeks :) Thanks for your compliment about the dresses :)

Hi Mummy Gwen, What a coincidence .... show me the dresses that you have bought leh, love to see other mommy's shopping as well la :) I love Angel's dress, just as pretty as what I have in mind. Yup, the dress does looks small from the picture hor but once I wear it, it will expand and looks huge. I think all dresses will look small when you hang them :) I am glad that you have exchanged your dress for a good one. Hope the new dress is as nice as the one you previously picked but ah well, with your hour-glass figure, I am sure you will look stunning in any dress leh. Envy with green now :P :P

Hi Yugene, it's so nice that you reminded me to bring a spare dress for Angel, never think of that at first, but I think most probably she will do as what you have said. Thanks thanks thanks so much, Yugene .... if not for you I think we will have a terrible experience during the dinner. You are the best!!! :)

Hi Doreen, I am almost doubled your size leh and I can't wear this type of dress as well la .... that's why I need a scarf to cover myself up ma :P If you are fat hor .... I don't know what I am now :P :P

Hi PeiWun, Angel looks ok in the dress but if she were to have longer hair, I think the dress will suit her more leh :)

Esmeralda, thanks for liking Angel's total package :P :P And you were so wrong about my dress, coz my dress looks so small in the picture leh, maybe because I hang it??? In real, it is much bigger then the picture shown ..... if not I do not have to custom made my initial dress :) That's why I need to find a scarf to cover up all those exposed part. I think this design even a pregnant woman also can wear leh, just need a scarf to cover here and there .... :)

Julie, thanks for the compliment :) I like nail arts very much .... although it's not as nice as plain nail polish but sometimes, it's unique and cute to look at in special occasions :)

YenPing, ya lor ... I am worried that she will not wear that for long but since my mom insisted, no choice :) Actually the dress feels comfy inside with silk lining cover all the lace, just that the outside looks so 'itchy' hor :P Hahahaha ..... ya lor, so ONG oh my dress and fingers :P Hahaha ... I like red colour too so nvm la, hahaha .... practice for CNY :P But I know my dress is not the most stunning one, wait till you see my sister's night gown, me also eyes almost cannot opened up :P

Agnes, oh no .... Angel hates things sitting on her head too but I have to try ... therefore I also bought a hair band just in case she do not wear the little crown. Actually the crown is very tiny, looks so huge in the picture :)

Esmeralda said...

Don't worry Caroline... I think u will look fine in the dress... Dun forget to save a pic for us ya... And just a reminder, since u r going wear a scarf with the dress, (I dunno about Angel) but with kids as naughty as Ashton.. haha.. u gotta beware of "zhao kong" if there's any change of u being "zhao kong" in the dress... Haha.. whereabout will the wedding dinner be?

MeRy said...

veri nice dresses....

Mummy Gwen said...

Caroline, I don't have an hour glass figure la *paiseh* I tak cukup isilah..hehe.. You be patient with the photos ah..hehe..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I like the dress colour and cutting. I think it will looked nice on you with your fair skin complexion. Make sure you take photo and show us ya.
-And of course, the nail art is nice too..I wonder you are not doing it by yourself right?
- Lastly, you have got a new skirt for Angel too..Maybe Angel is not used to the skirt, but after she wear it for few hours, she shall be ok.
- Poor daddy, did not get you any clothes. But I also agreed is not a difficult task to get a nice clothes for man. So is ok lah..haha

MommyAngel said...

Thanks to all mommies :)