Monday, January 18, 2010

She Draws, She Writes [2Y8M]

Angel hasn’t been doing much colouring and drawing compare to her early days but her love and passion for it is still growing. When she is in a very good mood, she would pick up her drawing board and once in awhile surprises us with some of her funny little sketches which never fails to put a smile on our faces. *good to release tension :P*

“Mommy see~~!! Mommy See~~~!!” and when I heard that phrase again, I can’t wait to see what she wants to show me ^_^

^ ^ She starts writing 1,2,3 on her own last month. All the above were handwritten by her without our help, so cute ^_^

^ ^ Is that a .... Rambutan? Oh no no no! That’s Angel’s Mr. SUN ^_^

^ ^ Left: A boy with some dirt under his eyes (according to Angel)
^ ^ Right: Some orange coloured faces I found at the back of her drawing blocks

^ ^ Left: An Apple Tree
^ ^ Right: Oh .... that's one Ugly Looking Fish :P

^ ^ Left: She said she drew a PIZZA ^_^
^ ^ Right: She loves making traces out of daddy and mommy’s hand

Suddenly I kind of missed her colourful ‘abstract drawings’ which she used to do when she was 1Y+.

^ ^ Some of her recent colouring work. Have some room for improvement still ^_^

That day I introduced Angel to a live prawn and she is absolutely terrified with its wiggly looking legs. She put up her bravest smile for me to take her pictures while holding onto the prawn's long whiskery antenna. And once I am done, she quickly flipped the poor little thing onto the floor and ran away, ouch! Few days later, she drew me a picture of that poor little fellow ......

^ ^ Angel’s first encounter with a live Mr. Prawn and she drew this ....