Friday, April 02, 2010

Angel is 3!!

Wow ..... Such a long time I didn’t update my blog here. It’s mainly due to China is still blocking blogger and facebook which makes updates almost impossible and another reason is, as some of you might already knew …… yes! I “hit jackpot” again since the day I landed my foot in Shanghai :P

A blurry line but it’s there!!


And guess what, Angel finally turns 3 few days ago!!!! OMG ...... time really flies! We didn’t celebrate Angel’s birthday on the actual day but instead, we did it earlier due to daddy’s busy working schedule with close family members and a few great friends who happen to join us on that day :) The special thing about Angel’s birthday this year is that she is finally decided to choose her own birthday cake!! Lately she is so into Hello Kitty (like mother like daughter) and purposely told mommy that she wants a Hello Kitty cake for her 3rd birthday! As it was such a rush hunting for cakes and other stuffs, finally mommy managed to find a cute picture of the Hello Kitty and asked the bakery to print it on the cake *phew, wipe sweat*

We celebrated her birthday in a restaurant and when the waiter finally took out Angel’s cake after our dinner, Angel was very excited to see her cake and asked whether it was hers! And when she look closer and saw the Hello Kitty print on top of her cake, she actually squeal in delights with a big grin + surprises on her face saying, “OH ~~ HELLO KITTY ~~!!! HELLO KITTY CAKE ~~!!! HELLO KITTY CAKE ~~!!!” bouncing up and down on the sofa and I tell you, I have never seen my little girl acting so happy and surprised ever!! *I certainly will not forget those happy looks on her little face and lights in her eyes that night ^_^ * That moment, I honestly thought that everything from hunting for her cakes, booking a decent restaurant and other stuffs for the past few days with a huge tummy + morning sickness *yup, still is* pays off instantly!!

When the candle was lid and all of us (such a big gang) sang her the Happy Birthday song, she looks extremely surprised and overwhelmed until she hide behind mommy’s back, peeping at us with her shy but extremely happy smiling look face watching all of us wishing her a Happy Birthday! Mommy and Daddy have to pulled her out from hiding, she happily cut the cake and blow out the candle one by one and I can see that she was extremely thrilled :)

She gets to enjoy 1 huge piece of her Chocolate Bananas birthday cakes for the very first time and thank God that no allergy reaction from her taking in all the diaries this round. After the celebration and until she gets home, I can still feel the excitement in her while she keeps telling everyone, “Angel 的 Hello Kitty Cake!!”

She was happily present with a few ang pows for her birthday but when she sees us holding the nicely wrapped gifts, she quickly handed all the ang pow to mommy and reaching out for those gift boxes instead!!! She loves all the gifts that she received that day especially the little Crayola Magnetic Drawing Desk from Daddy which she has chosen herself from Toys ‘R Us few days ago. Later that night before she went to sleep, she refuses to take off her party hat and even asked us to have another birthday celebration for her again saying, “Tomorrow Angel’s birthday again ok? Angel’s Hello Kitty Cake ok? Tomorrow blow candle again ok?” and finally goes to bed with a big smile on the face still ....

Sweet dreams my Little Angel and Happy 3rd birthday from Daddy and Mommy! We will always loves you and remember such a great birthday night at your 3rd birthday ..... Happy Birthday my sweetheart ~~ Everything was so wonderful for all of us ^_^.

p/s: And thanks to all lovely mommies who sent those sweet birthday gifts to Angel .... you guys are so thoughtful and sweet ^_^ I am really touched and Thank You so much ......