Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Very Special Lantern From Mommy

I have always wanted to make a real lantern for my girls but just do not know where to start. Until this year before the Lantern Festival, I really couldn't find a decent lantern for the girls back home while Angel was asking for a 'candle' lantern instead of those electronics light bulbed lantern, then I have no choice but to make one myself. 

And believe me, it's not an easy job for a Mommy!!!  (Mommy doesn't program to make lanterns ok??  hahahaha.)  Luckily all the materials were source before our return from China which makes things less hassle. I think I would have running around like a mad woman for I really have no idea where can I get all the material here.  

Initially, I was so naive that hoping both girls could participate in the lantern making process. But at the end, Angel grab hold of the glue and start glueing whatever objects she could find, dancing around with the dangerous wire poking everything and everyone, deliberately cutting my hard work - the paper dots I cut for decorations into half (I really can't believe she done that!!!!), tangling the strings I used to hang those lanterns and then start using the lantern stick as a sword hitting almost everything that she could find, etc etc etc  ....... then I give up!! This process is totally insane and mission impossible with a very active kid who doesn't take instruction and wants to make destruction around!! So after putting both girls to sleep, with a very sleepy eyes while I have a heavy head due to the flu bug attacking me (call that lucky!!!) yet still burning midnight oil for 2 days, Finally, mommy's first ever lantern for both girls are done!! Yippie!!

Well as their wishes .... Annabelle asked for a Furry Bunny design while Angel wanted so much for a Colourful Polka Dots Bunny Lantern :) Angel did help to cut some of the dots used for her bunny and we are so please with the design :)

I am so glad that the lantern was complete just in time!!  So later of the day, we brought both girls to attend the Lantern Party at our neighbourhood and they are having such a blast!  I think both of them are so happy asking mommy to relight the candle inside their lantern as the strong wind blows it off every 10 minutes.  But hey, that's the FUN part of having a candle lighted lantern, isn't it?  ^_^  

I really miss those days when we are still carrying those traditional lanterns and those "lantern burning" experience which bound to be happen sooner or later and would guess whose lantern will get burned first!!  Hehehehe ....  but but but, having to say that, I do hope both Annabelle and Angel will not burned down mommy's "hard work" so fast and before the real Lantern Festival Day.   

Well, another wished/dreams fulfilled for me and my girls!!

I do hope that some day when they are older, they will still remember that their Mommy ever make them their very own lantern once open a time ...... ^_^

Happy Lantern Festival to All Ya ^_^ 
And hoping everyone will have a blast time celebrating with family and friends ^_^

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sexy Baby [Annabelle @ 9M]

Feeling a bit lazy and busy to update my blog lately and it's really not easy to maintain a blog and my sanity especially now having 2 constantly screaming and active kids at home :) However, I found these photos of Annabelle when she was @ 9 months old and can't wait to post it up.

Oh my oh my ....... Look at her belly ....... so big and round and so cute!!! ^_^

Babies looks the chubbiest at around this age and now, she has lost most of her baby fat but still maintaining that 'gigantic' frame inherited from her Mommy DADDY.

I hope these pictures will brings sweet memories to her when she is much older :) Babies are just so cute and so cuddly when they are in their best mood ^_^

Annabelle @9 Months old