Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sexy Baby [Annabelle @ 9M]

Feeling a bit lazy and busy to update my blog lately and it's really not easy to maintain a blog and my sanity especially now having 2 constantly screaming and active kids at home :) However, I found these photos of Annabelle when she was @ 9 months old and can't wait to post it up.

Oh my oh my ....... Look at her belly ....... so big and round and so cute!!! ^_^

Babies looks the chubbiest at around this age and now, she has lost most of her baby fat but still maintaining that 'gigantic' frame inherited from her Mommy DADDY.

I hope these pictures will brings sweet memories to her when she is much older :) Babies are just so cute and so cuddly when they are in their best mood ^_^

Annabelle @9 Months old