Wednesday, September 09, 2009

She Loves Mango!!

Angel absolutely loves mangoes! Her favourite fruit used to be bananas and apparently not anymore. Nowadays, she would walk pass those bananas display on the table, instead, she would be pointing at the mango tree at our backyard telling us that she wants “mango” ^_^

So whenever Angel’s grandpa is preparing the mangoes for her, she would have all the patience in the world, standing at the back of her grandpa in the hot kitchen, watching his every move peeling and slicing the mangoes. If she gets bored after the long wait, she would swinging her hands back and forth, sometimes swing her hands hard left and right as if doing a spin, or putting her hands at her back while tapping her feet, sometimes she will even raised her feet a little looking whether her mangoes is ready on the kitchen table or not, etc. And no matter what she did, one thing for sure is she will never ever moved away from that spot until she gets hold of her bowl of freshly peeled mangoes.

Normally Angel’s grandpa would separated them into individual bowl and if Angel was requested to pass her grandma’s portion to her grandma first, she would be very anxious and become very ‘kan-cheong’ then she would asked “Angel de?? Angel de??” until she was shown that her portion is in another bowl on the table. Then after she has done all the distributing and finally gets her potion, she would hold her bowl extra carefully with eyes glued to the mangoes at all times while having a big grin happily face marching out from the kitchen.

I didn’t expect that she would love mangoes so much and I guess, that must be in the gene, mommy’s gene :P :P

Monday, September 07, 2009

Going To Pasar Ramadan

We brought Angel to the Pasar Ramadan near our place. In order to avoid the crowd, we went there very early, around 4PM and not much patrons can be seen at that time but most of the stall have set up their food with a few stalls which was not ready yet. The market were filled with all kinds of Malay savories such as Satay, Barbecue Wings (I love this), Redang, Nasi Lemak, Kuih Makmur, Abc (love love love this one) …… and a lot more of the Malay food delicacies which I absolutely love but can’t simply remembered the correct name of the dish and kueh :P

We really love Malay food especially Angel's grandma as we used to go to our relatives Hari Raya Open House here every year. But too bad that they have all moved to another place already. Missed the time spend with them and the their lovely open house food a lot!!

Angel was not interested with the food at all, instead, she found those huge umbrella very interesting and would hang on to each and every one of it while we are busy shopping for food. She hold onto them as in the picture below, sometimes would shake them furiously if she saw us not watching her calling out “ UM-BEAR-NA~~~”! Sometimes if she saw kids playing and running around, she would follow them around too so really have to keep an eyes on her all the time before she is missing in action again. Luckily it was not crowded at such early time hence Angel’s grandma still able to buy a lot of food while I keep an eye on this active little girl wondering around happily ^_^

After a quick round, we only found out that we have bought too many of the food that enough even for the next day! We didn’t headed home right away but instead, we went and have a in-car picnic at the beach while Angel’s grandma can’t wait to munched on her stick of Beef Satay while me sipping on my BBQ Wings once jumping inside the car LOL. Angel gets to share some of the Sugar Cane drink too but since her tummy is not feeling well, we didn’t let her try any of the food that we bought. It’s such a nice day to be able to get out of the house once in awhile despite the H1N1 when the crowd has not started.

Unfortunately, 1 of the burger that we bought from the market was not hygienic enough that has caused Angel's grandpa having terrible food poisoning for days after taken it :( :( Poor grandpa :( :(

Anyway, Happy Bulan Ramadan! ^_^

Friday, September 04, 2009

Angel Went Karaoke

Last week, we brought Angel to the karaoke for the very first time. She was very happy when she knows that she is going to kai kai and the next thing she would normally do is to take a look at herself then starts pointing at her clothes saying “Mei Mei~~ (pretty)!” which means she is dressing up nicely signifies she wants to follow us too :)

We reached the Karaoke pretty late in the afternoon but once the waiter lead us into our karaoke room, Angel starts crying out loud and refused to get into the room staring inside the room with much horror! The room is very bright actually but I guess she was horrified by the wall paper where they are pictures of some sports person as shown below. She must be thinking who are they looking so huge and some even ‘staring’ at her LoL My poor baby.

So basically we were dragging this poor crying girl in and turn down the lights where she couldn’t see the surroundings clearly and after looking at the wall for a few times, she seems to calm down finally. *phew* Once the karaoke music starts and she saw me holding the microphone started to sing, she starts crying again asking me to put down the horrible thing that I am holding (i.e. the microphone) as she never seen a mic before LoL. We show her how the mic will amplified our voice and chosen a chinese children song (泥娃娃) for her while we sing along, then suddenly she starts to show interest in it, grab the mic like we do and start to sing along while watching the screen showing a lot of cute expression like raising her hands left and right, swaying her heads to the music and switching hands with her mic as if she really knows what she is doing :P Oh, my little girl knows karaoke ~~~~~ ^_^

I think her favourite part is when the food is served. We ordered the Hainan chicken rice for her and she was really happy. Half way eating, Angel saw me singing again and wanted to do some back-up ‘singing’ for me too and refused to take her rice. So there I am singing with this constant “Ee~~! Ee~~! Ah~~! Ah~~! Wo~~! Woooooo~~! Waaaaaa~~~~!” sound coming out from the other mic and she sure was having so much fun ‘spoiling’ my song :P

Then after few songs, the waitress came in to clear up our plates and table while Angel is still woo-waa-ing with the mic in her hands. Just before the waitress was going to leave the room, Angel suddenly noticed that her plate of chicken rice has been taken away by the waitress then suddenly cry out so loud while holding the mic giving all of us a shock and starting to throws a fits, a huge one until all her face turned red! She told us she wanted her plate of rice back but all the plates has been stacked together hence we comforted her that we will get her another plate of rice later but she refused and was crying non-stop insisted that she wants THAT place of rice and she wants it NOW!!!! The waitress was shocked by Angel’s sudden reaction and didn’t know what to do. We thought that she would be ok after awhile but as time passed, she is still crying furiously for that plate of chicken rice despite how we tried to distract her attention with something else and with all that I have in my hand bag. Sigh!!

So Angel’s grandma has to run to the nearest supermarket to get her some bread and before she returned, Angel finally calmed down a little but still on and off telling me that she wants her plate of chicken rice. It’s not that she was still hungry as she has taken most of the rice which was left a few spoons of plain rice scatter in her plate only. I guess mommy’s hug always is the best way to calm my little girl down :)

Finally after a good half and hour of chaos in the room, she is finally back to her jolly self again but she refuse to sing anymore. Instead, she was having so much fun making the microphone’s wire as her jumping rope and moving all the round sitting sofa around like her play ground! Kids!!! ^_^ I am glad that the karaoke sessions ended 5 minutes before she starts to fuss again as it’s her napping time. So finally we get to leave the place with Angel waving bye bye to each and everyone in the karaoke :) Angel’s grandma thinks that she will never ever bring her to another karaoke session again until she would be able to sit still and enjoy singing. But for me, I think it’s a good exposure :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Angel's Drawings and Writings [2Y4M]

Angel hasn’t been doing much of her drawing lately while staying at her grandparents'. However, she has finally learned how to grip the crayons / pen correctly but still, she would hold her pen with her left hand for few minutes then shifting to her right hand for a few minutes more, repeating this process until she is done with her scribbling. However, we have taught her some simple ‘writing’ lately and she finally learned how to write some simple “1” and “0” with the correct strokes ^_^

Angel’s first writing of “1” and “0”. She would write the “0” so small and when I asked her to write it bigger, she wrote them real big LOL

She then drew me something on her magnetic drawing board then shouting “Mommy See! Mommy See!!!” and when I looked at her drawings, I was thinking what is that??? Then after I asked her and she told me what she drew, we all burst out loud :D

Can you figure it out what is she drawing??? Try your guess and tell me if you got it correct and I shall post the answer at the bottom of this post :P

Then we requested that she drew a man’s face and then she came out with the following simple drawings. We was quite impressed as we never teach her how to draw a face before :)

Angel’s drawing of a face with eyes and nose :P

Later I explained to her our face not only will have eyes and nose, we will have mouth, etc too. Then while I am talking to her, I was a bit annoyed as she was not paying much attention busy scribbling with her drawing board again and I thought maybe my ‘lecture’ is too boring for her so I just give it a rest until she is calling, “Mommy ~~ ….. See!! …. FACE~~!” We opened our eyes wide, silence …… and then cannot stop ourselves from laughing as when we saw what’s on her drawing board (as explained by herself to us).

Don’t you think a 2 Y.O’s drawing is just too cute????

She does asked me to draw her a mouse that day and when I passed her the drawing board with my sketches, she just looked at me saying "Dog~~!" (>"<) In order to catch up with my little Angel's progress, finally I went to the book store and get myself this basic drawing book (as below) to polished up my drawing skills just in case she asked me to draw another mouse again, which I hope I can do much better and put a happy smile on her face ^_^

A beginniers drawing book for mommy to practice my drawing skills at home :P Daddy, this one is for your homework too :P :P

Answer for the 2nd drawing:
Angel says …………………………… it’s a LIZARD, kakakakaka!!