Friday, October 23, 2009

Sharing Please ....

^ ^ She is happily munching her cakes while saying “Hhhmmm~~, Yum Yum Yum~~!!!” unwilling to share with mommy :(

Suddenly Angel is not only getting possessive over her belongings but also, she seems to be reluctant to share her food as well lately especially those food that she absolutely loves. Some parenting books did point out that this behaviour and being possessive is what a 2 year old would go through and would evolved through practice and maturity and hence at this stage, I will not be too worried about her actions but instead, hoping to constantly stressing the word “sharing” and finding way to help her understand the wonderfulness of ‘sharing’ part and not all of what she has hoping that one day, it will mean something to her.

^ ^ After much persuasion, she finally did just that by sharing a very very tiny piece bit of her cake with me ………. How generous! (>”<)

Here are something that I would love to do with Angel and would like to share with all mommies who is in my shoe :)


“Tussles over a toy happen often when 2 preschoolers are at play. They can be fiercely protective of their possessions, and sharing is a skill that won’t come naturally to your child for another year or two. In the meantime, help him/her learn:
  • Model sharing and use the word “Share”. “Would you like to share my cookie?”
  • Break up fights by removing the object of debate and moving the kids onto something else: “The car needs to take a rest now. Want to blow some bubbles?”
  • Casually point out big kids you see sharing.
  • Hide favourite toys when other kids come to play. Twos shouldn’t be expected to let others use things they’re strongly attached to.
  • Provide activities for playdates that involved a shared activity that each child can do on her own, like playing with clay or drawing pictures.
  • Praise your child when sharing does happen. Positive reinforcement is a terrific teacher.”
At this point, Angel still thought that Sharing = Giving up what she loves ……. Maybe that’s one of the reason why she is so afraid to share whatever she truly loves ^_^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Mischievous At 2Y6M

The first update after such a long time …… so let’s see how mischief she has become lately *wipe sweat*

After spending a couple of months of jolly good time with her grandparents, Angel finally came back to us for good. I surely missed her so much although I do get to see her quite often. However, I still remember vividly few weeks back how she cried her lungs out when she saw me living for the airport living her with her grandparents with tears rolling down her cheek for the very first time she saw me living (previously she would wave bye bye to me happily even though she knows that I am living). Although Angel’s grandma constantly update us that Angel is getting older and became well behave now, but after coming back to us for more then a week now, we do find that she not only getting more mischievous. Later after talking over with her grandma, I think that her well manner back then with her grandparents is mostly because she is afraid of her grandpa and hence do not dare to ‘fuss’ or misbehave or else, she would surely get a good spank or good scolding sessions!!

Now that she is back with us and her grandpa is not here anymore, suddenly she is like a loose horse, doing everything that would drive the adult up the wall. Whenever she went over the boundaries and saw that we put on an angry face ignoring her, she would start feeling sorry and came to us saying
“Ah-ma (grandma) Sorry~~~!! Ah-ma (grandma) Sayang~~~!!”
“Mommy Sorry~~~~!! Mommy Sayang!!”

Phrases like these would now came from her for more then 10 times per day but as soon as we put a smile back to our face, give her a hug and forgive her, she would be back to her mischievous self again doing whatever she was asked NOT to do previously putting a deaf ears on our advices and regard us like an invisible man!

When she wants something, she won’t asked for our permission no matter how many time we corrected her and instead, she would do like the way she liked it, snatched whatever we are holding / reading away from our hands out of a sudden, and run away as quickly as possible refused to give us back whatever she has taken and claimed that it belongs to her. Bringing her out to shopping is like constantly dragging a wild horse struggling to break loose every chance that she could, bend-walking 45 degree with us still dragging onto her hand! Whenever we are not looking, she would zoom off hiding from us taking that as an interesting game to play. She couldn’t stand still for even 1 minute lately and constantly moving, kicking, pulling, struggling and shaking her hands off ours, trying to do all sort of dangerous act and stunt while walking down the street. Crying and screaming in the mall or at home has become a norm to us and it can last for the entire day. Getting her to change her nappy or taking bath will eventually turning into ‘playing a catch’! Also, no matter how we try to please her or trying hard to fulfill her needs, there is always something that she wanted and her wants is always ever changing – want this, want that, what us to sit here and not there, want us to stand there and not here, want grandma to push the shopping cart and not daddy, she want to hold this and not that and when we give her this - she wants that instead, want us to eat that and not this then that again, wants A to feed her and not B and when A feed her, she wants B again, give her 1 she wants 2 then give her 2 she wants 3 …………. and always fuss fuss fuss for which seems like we will never ever pleased her or make her satisfied.

Previously, reasoning with her would work most of the time but not anymore! She would put on a cheeky look on her face knowing very well whenever she is doing something that she shouldn’t be doing but still, she would do that and repeated that again and again totally ignore what we said. Yesterday was her worst where she was actually acting like a hyperactive kid out of controlled, crying, screaming and throwing tantrums as if a Queen’s wishes were not granted after trying to please her for several attempts. Whenever she doesn’t feels happy, she would throw whatever she is holding and pushed everything including her bowl of rice onto the floor once. Stopping her from doing the dangerous stuns or making her to move away from dangerous stunt seems like too much to asked for. She has start using her crying as a way to get what she wants and throw tantrums like no body’s business disregard our sweet talk / tactic that used to worked on her. Instead, yesterday she even starts putting up a fight after coaxing her for an good hour until I finally cannot tolerant her behaviour anymore and give her a stern scolding and let her stand at her little naughty corner again feeling totally despair, exhausted and heart breaking watching her scream-crying on top of her voice showing no sign of compromising at all!!

That night after putting her to bed, I looked at her serene little face, feeling a little despair and drained. Suddenly I felt that not only that I am lost but I guess somewhere inside, she might be feeling the same too and I need to start handling her behaviour with a totally new approach. Things need to start from the scratched again just like before. I do noticed that she has become more hot tempered and demanding for some reason which I think I need to find a way to work it out on her. I do not know whether my new approach will work but I do hope that by showing her more Patience, Consistency in our actions, Understanding, and on the other hand, setting up a clearer boundaries and limits as well as explaining to her more on ones actions and consequences just like before as well as showering her with more Love and hugs ……. hopefully with all these, she would soon learn how to manage her own feelings and actions better and then move on from the terrible 2 stages marching into the next milestone in her development.

Despite all her mischievous, when she is in her better self, she still was the sweetest and cutest girl in the whole world which never fail to light up our life and put a smile on our face ^_^ She really needs a lot more of attention and dedication compare to other kids of her age that I have came a crossed but that’s my little girl! I just wished her to know that no matter how difficult these parenting path would be, Mommy will always by her side to guide her and lead her the way and love her no lesser.

Be good my dear little Angel, be good ya ……

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Greetings from Shang*hai!

Hello there .... I know I know, we have been missing in action for way too long! Everything are fine here and thanks for all the "hello"s and comments posted in our blog ^_^

The reason for our MIA being that we have just moved to SHANG*HAI, CHI*NA (yes, we are moving again :P) and too bad the government here didn't permit (i.e. BLOCK) the access of blogspot, multiply, facebook, youtube, personal blogs etc and lots & lots more websites including constantly banned other websites which 'helps' others in China to get access to those banned websites mention above, SIGH!!! Which means I am having a tough time accessing all your blogs and sites including mine too ever since ..... double SIGH!!!!! Anyway, I do hope that I will fine 'other' way to get access to my precious blogs like this round (but with very limited function) and at the same time visiting your blog too to do some catching up if possible! Really missed all your blogs to death and missing to be able to blog-hop freely so much!!!!

At the mean time, just a short note from Mommy and Angel saying that we are fine here and hopefully we will be settling down and well in no time and also, let's hope that I will be able to blog hopping as previously soon too (hopefully I manage to find a way la) ^_^

Take care ya :)