Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greetings for CNY 2011

Busy busy busy! Few days of our Chinese New Year will be the busiest for I will do ALL my CNY preparations, cleaning and shopping last minute :P So excited ^_^

^ ^ Have you done with all your CNY shopping yet?

I have got most of our shopping ready and thanks to hubby who 'share' the workload :) Besides those cheong sum (here), here are a part of the addition clothing which I bought last month for her coming CNY and no time to take picture for the rest so I'll just leave it! :P

^ ^ Part of Angel's CNY outfit which I manage to take picture for remembrance

And this year's cny will be extra special and magical for our little Angel coz ....... we'll be celebrating our CNY in the magical land of DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!! ^_^

^ ^ Disneyland Hong Kong, Here I come! ^_^

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my lovely family and friends

A very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year in advance.


Enjoy your new year and eat as much as you can ya!

See you guys again after CNY ^_^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You,Grandma!

Grandma loves both Angel and Baby Annabelle very much. Not only that she helps taking care of my little girl but she also brought Baby Annabelle to a place where all sweet smiles were freeze into beautiful memories ......


I still remember the first day when I suggested to bring Baby Annabelle for some photo sessions, grandma suggested that maybe the money can be put into a better use …… and looks like, this is indeed a better use after all :P

Looks how angelic and innocent a baby’s smile can be ...... From a teeny tiny peanut in mommy’s tummy turned into this bundle of joy whom mommy brought home 7 months ago. And look at her now, a gem that shines and capturing our hearts so effortlessly.

This little missy surely melts our hearts in many ways. Oh, I still can’t believe that this sweet little girl is indeed mine ^_^ I am counting my blessings each and everyday.

Annabelle would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to her beloved Ah Mah plus giving her a full-of-saliva-Kiss for such a nice and priceless baby portrait of her ^_^

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bento#8: Start Bento-ing Again

My bento tools have been putting away for way too long, until lately when I am doing my Spring cleaning ……

So they were finally out from their hibernation seeing sunlight again :) Time to continue with my practice to fix my girl some decent bento :)

I fixed her a simple ‘bento-in-a-bowl’ as a start coz I can't find where all my bento boxes were (@_@) I really have to polish up my bento skills more because this very simple looking ‘bento’ has took me over 20 minutes to prepare! *gosh*

^ ^ ABC pasta with broccoli and carrots. 2 happy face fish balls, carrots flower and broccoli trees as decorations

Nevertheless, Angel is more then delights to see her first ‘bento’ being put in front of her after such a long time. She must be missing her ‘decorated’ meals so much :P She even thinking to call hubby telling him all about her ‘happy face meal’ and force drag our ‘Ayi’ who does not speak English over to her lunch and say, “See! Ayi, you see~~!!! It’s my happy face! 我的!我的 (it’s mine)!”

^ ^ She was all over the moon to see her special decorated lunch ^_^

She finished her meal with a lightning speed until I have to stop her from eating too fast and swallowing too quickly without munching! *first time*

Boy …… she must have been either extremely hungry or extremely in love with her meal!

^ ^ Her extra large portion of pasta was being gallop down within less then 10 minutes time! She eats finely chopped broccoli but still, no luck with broccoli in stalk.

She gave me a big hug and a sweet thank you after she is done ^_^ Oh, it always put a smile on my face to see this little girl’s smile brighten up while wallop up her meal with just a simple touch ^_^

A wonderful day to me and I hope so does yours ^_^

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Do You Normally Do Before CNY?

What do you normally do before Chinese New Year? Yes, definitely a new hair cut!

After Angel's disastrous hair cut by hubby here, I finally decided to handle this important task to the hands of the professionals. And finally, it is Angel's maiden hair cut in a Salon after all these years! :D

She was extremely afraid of her hair being trimmed by a total stranger. But I told her daddy was having his hair cut too and she finally gave in under the condition that 1) I hold her hand throughout the process and 2) She do not want her hair being washed!

^ ^ Mommy! Don't let them wash my hair ok, Mommy?? *holding my hand tightly*

But .... once it's washed, no turning back :P :P And she quite enjoy her hair wash actually telling me that the 'Ayi' massage her hair :P while I was a bit apprehensive telling the lady, "Don't scratch so hard! Don't scratch so hard!".

Time to rinse off those shampoo. And look! She still clasping to my hand don't wanna let go :)

There, she is done and she looks so cute with her hair wrapped up that way :)

While waiting for her hair stylist who is busy with another customer, she was having a wonderful time jumping and running wondering around the entire salon, touching everything, then walk towards daddy who is busy with his hair being cut asking the same old question,"Papa, you cut your hair? Yes Papa? Huh? Huh?" over and over and over again. (she likes to repeat her questions over and over again lately.)

Finally, the moment of hair trimming! She was extremely nervous holding my hands firmly until I told her I have to check whether her hair was straight from afar and then quickly snap a picture of her precious moment ^_^

I requested her hair stylist to do a cute 'mushroom' cut for her, only realising that the hair stylist also having the same hair style and looks awfully strange *OMG* Then I hesitatingly told him I do not want 'his version' of mushroom style though (which half of his head was shaved bold at the back!) but he proudly told me his version is the newest trend and smile *gulp*

It's really hard to make Angel sit still throughout the entire process and I was so worried that this apparently very clumsy 'novice' leng-chai si-fu will poke her eyes. *wipe sweat*

When the work is finally done, Angel looks so urgency to check on her new look! She even grab the small mirror and wanted to check the back of her hair! @_@

So how does she look as compare to her very messy 'rockers' hair style the day before the cut?

So after Angel and daddy was done, it's mommy's turn ...... finally, phew! I thought I wasn't gonna get one this year! And guess how much is the Shampoo + Cut + Blow Dry cost?

Initially, it's RMB 20 + 60 + 110 = RMB 190 and since daddy is paying upfront joining their membership, we got a good 50% discount which makes it a finally total of RMB95 (around RM45++) for ALL 3 of us! Yes, that's before CNY and in SHANGHAI!! Can you believe it?? :P :P

So have you done with your new hair cut this year?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kids Sit The Darndest Way

How does your kid normally sits at home?


^ ^ Mine like it this way ^_^

Have A Wonderful Day Everyone!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Diamond, Diamond, I Love You

And nope, I didn’t get any diamond ring from hubby for my birthday if that is what you were thinking :P But I remembered clearly that when hubby (boyfriend then) bought me my first diamond ring surrounded by a few tiny shiny diamonds during our school days. I was so delighted and couldn’t believe my eyes! I show it to my mom and she jeered, “Be careful with that ring. Just remembered to cover it up when it’s windy!” and before I could asked why, “Those tiny winy diamonds of yours might get blown away if you don't.” She said and grinned LoL

Yes, those diamonds were pretty tiny but that was the simplest yet most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It was surrounded by a few tiny loose stones which were skillfully embedded into a 18k white gold band. Although the diamonds were a bit small, it was quite a lavish piece of stone article to have for a normal university student like myself then. After all, a diamond ring is unlike any other jewelry articles carrying the same price tag as it symbolized eternity and purity. I am contented for what I am getting and as a note, nope! I did not cover my ring up during windy days but flaunt it instead :P and those diamonds were doing just fine and still shine as brightly as it used to be over the years! *wink*

Just happens that few days back when I made an inquiry about a small 0.50 carat diamond price from our local jewelry store, I was quite startled how much the price has increased over the years. I could not imagine how much a 1.5 carat diamond ring, platinum, price would cost now if I own one of those.

By changes, I stumbled upon an online store - and found out they were actually selling a wide selection of diamond rings and articles at quite a reasonable and affordable prices. They even cater the rare 1.5 carat black diamond ring and earrings in beautiful black diamonds which I would love to have. Even some of their 1.5 carat diamond cost was slash to almost half of its original prices. How I wish I would have found such great bargains few years back which would really save me a lot over the years.

Well, Valentines' Day is just around the corner, do you think hubby will be extra nice to get me another diamond ring this year? :P

After all, diamonds are a girl’s (and women’s) best friend *wink*

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday last week and I am officially 1 year older again.*snif sniff* Oh ya, Thanks a lot for all your lovely birthday wishes in my facebook and through SMS. I appreciate those wishes so much ^_^

I noticed that when one (I mean myself :P) gets older, celebration always mean food, food, food and more food ..... then pile up on weight! Sigh!! :( Yes … I gained 1kg due to that *wipe tears*

Thinking back to those early days, we used to celebrate with …. a nice movie in the cinema with friends? Torturing each other’s auditory sense in a karaoke? Throw a great party Inviting family and friends over and get lots of great gifts in our wish list and so much money 'ang pow' from the elderly in return? Or dancing the night away in a great disco? And having a great time chatting and fooling around till midnight enjoying our birthday doing nothing except spending money and have great fun celebrating?? Oh … those were the days …. *looking out of the window and wipe tears again*

Hehehehe, ah well ….. I’ll let the pictures do the talking :)

I have a pre-birthday dinner at the 海底捞火锅 (steam boat) inside this 金玉兰广场 and the restaurant is truly very ‘special’!! Not to be missed!! I’ll write all about it next time.

So we are having steam boat again. I am addicted to steamboat lately because they taste so good~~ during the cold winter days! I am totally hooked!!

The dishes we ordered we mainly meat! The mushroom taste great and so does the beef slices. The green colour paste on the bamboo stick was actually squid paste and the grey one was prawn paste. I ate till I can't walk that night spending almost 3 ½ hours in the restaurant having a great time while Angel was having great fun playing in their kids room too!! ^_^ I gaining a few pounds after this meal :(

I even got myself a manicure! This is my first manicure in like almost ..... 2 years time?? Gosh, that was a very long time!

And on my actual BIRTHDAY morning, I got a birthday cake from Hubby! Initially I told him I wanted a cute and special decorated cake but he said this one is special too …… O.o I think he bought me the same old cake every year.

Suddenly we heard someone is wailing out loud from her high chair! *terkejut aku!* Thought that she fell down from her chair or something .....

Obviously she is not very happy it’s mommy’s birthday and got a cake!! She insisted it’s her birthday so it’s her birthday cake that's on the table!! Of course, I am not tolerating her behaviour and finally, she settle with ‘It is mommy’s birthday alright but we’ll get to blow the candles together!” LOL

^ ^ WUAAAH ~~~ It's 'MY' Birthday!! and it's 'MY' Birthday Cake!!!!

My birthday presents from hubby :P I can’t think of anything particular that I wanted this year so he bought me few skin care, a blue jacket and handed me a ‘big’ ang pow (as he put it). Aiiiksss! But those skin care has cost him a bomb already coz the sales girl told him if buy 2 got free samples and he bought double just because of those 'samples', aiyooo .....

^ ^ Angel saw hubby drew 2 hearts on my birthday card envelope and very 'kan-cheong' asking me,”Mommy, is this 2 hearts mommy and Angel? Ya, ya, mommy? Ya?” LOL

Of course, Angel gave me 2 birthday cakes and birthday gifts too :) The one the left, she drew 2 birthday cakes for me one with strawberries on top. And on the right, that’s her birthday presents with ribbons :P So ... I guess the breadmaker that she promised to for my birthday gifts is in one of that?

So after breakfast and walking around the mall, we are having Thai Food at 广州蕉叶 for lunch. Another very famous restaurant here and normally, we have to line up for hours just to get in but we decided to went there around 4pm so no queue at all :P

Yippee!! I got another birthday cake from the restaurant!! Just flash your ID showing your birth date and they'll give you a cake and a bowl of 'longevity noddle'(长寿面). The icing on the cake was so thickly spread but we still manage to gobble most of it down. Adding a few more pounds here ..... again :(

After that, I got myself a nice warm milky “foot bath” too (足浴 as what they called it here). It’s almost the same as a normal foot massage but before that, they’ll soak and bath your foot inside a super hot bath water of your choice. I am having the ‘milk bath’ while hubby is having a ‘ginger bath’. We asked Angel to have 1 too but she refused to let anybody touch her feet so she just lie down on the sofa watching TV and running around!

So hard to relax when a kid is tagging along. The male 'sifu' there is actually the nail cutter sifu and instead of nail cutter, he is using a long blade to 'shave' (i.e. trim) my long nails ..... walau eh!! So 'geli' la! Afraid that I'll lost a toe during the process but thank God, he did a pretty good job. Phew!!

Since I got an ang pow for my birthday, so we went shopping and mommy bought a few outfits for everyone for this coming CNY ^_^

There goes my very happy birthday being a queen for the day ^_^.... and so does my birthday ang pow too (sob sob).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is That Really Ah Mah? [3Y9M]

Is that really Ah Mah (Grandma)?

On my birthday, my sophisticated mom (Angel’s grandma) sent me an e-card:

M: Angel, come and see what Ah Mah (grandma) sent to me! Ah Mah sent me a card!
*She watched the animated card silently ….*

M: Nah ….. see? Ah Mah wishes Mommy Happy Birthday!
*as I pointed to the e-card’s dancing bear*

A: Mommy ………… is that really Ah Mah ??????

*pointing to the bear looking puzzled*

*Laugh* I always told her that there is an “Uncle” inside those human-sized Moscot. Now she thought Ah Mah has dressed up as a BEAR *slap forehead*

^ ^ A: Is that really Ah Mah?? LOL


Where is the “haa-aam” (filling)?

On my Birthday, Hubby gave me a “red packet” for good luck. Angel was crying for hers too so daddy handed her one and she was so happy waving her red packet until she looked inside ….

A: PAPA!!!!!! WHY NO MONEY INSIDE??? Huh huh huh ~~~ Why no money inside!?!! *started to wail*

Oh dear, I hope she doesn’t do that in this coming CNY if she happens to get an empty abg-pow for good luck :P

^ ^ Let me see ….. Whoo Hoo .... it's 5-zero! (cent :P :P)

note: Yes, there is a 50 cent bank note here in Shanghai which is around RM 0.25 :P


Seriously need a diet

I was standing in front of the mirror, checking on myself ready for a our day out and I saw Angel was grinning while looking at me at the doorstep

M: What are you smiling at?

She walk towards me then raise her hand rubbing my tummy

A: Mommy, your tummy is still so big and round la …….
*then she walk away with that sneer still on her face*

(@_@) Time for a serious diet plan for me liao … sob sob sob *cry*

^ ^ My belly while I was still pregnant with Annabelle and it’s still very BIG even till now :(



A: Mommy! Can I eat “Kay-Ep-Cee” please ~~~ !!!!

Note: Kay-Ep-Cee = KFC

^ ^ The KFC Promo Bucket in Shanghai consist of 3 pc OR Chicken, 4 hot wings, 4 Orlando wings, 5 pc nuggets and 3 medium drinks (Fries excluded). It cost RMB 69 (Approx. RM 35).
Expensive or Cheap??


Elvis Presley

I am watching “China Talent Show” on TV and a young man impersonate Elvis Presley singing one of his hit song and Angel suddenly said:

A: Mommy, ROCK ‘N ROLL!!!
M: Huh?? *clear my ears*

*a 3 year old knows what Rock ‘n Roll is?? Pui-fook!! Pui-fook!!*

^ ^ Her hip-hop moves??? :P :P


Money Buy or Buy Money

We were doing some groceries shopping in the supermarket

A: Mommy, I want to buy biscuits
M: Ok.

A: I want to buy some Bananas
M: Ok.

A: I want to buy Chocolate
M: I think we do not have enough money to buy chocolate *trying to brush her off*

A: Mommy, let's go and “buy” some money first then we can buy the Chocolate!
M: ………….

^ ^ Mommy, I want to buy this and this and this … and can we please go to “BUY” some money first and then we can buy all these???


You love someone else!

I forbidden Angel to do something and apparently she was angry and sad while snivelling:

Angel: Huuuk ~~~ Mommy!!! You (do) not listen to me at all!!! *I remain silent*

Angel: You (do) not love me at all, M-O-M-M-Y!!! *I still remain silent*

Angel: Huuuk~~ Huuuuk~~! You (do) not love me EVERYTIME Mommy! YOU ONLY LOVE PAPA EVERYDAY !!! *she suddenly bawled*


Poor girl ....... just because her mommy doesn't forbidden or get angry with papa as often as towards her so she thinks mommy is bias :P

^ ^ Huu ~~~ *crying* You only LOVE PAPA EVERYDAY !!!!! :’(:’(:’(
Note: It’s getting harder to snap the picture of her crying nowadays coz she would turn away from my camera.


Ultraman = ???

I bought this Ultraman toy for her in the market because I saw the TV was showing the Ultraman series lately and she seems to love the show very much. And guess what, it cost only RMB 2 (approx. RM 1) !! LOL

^ ^ This is the cheapest toy I have ever bought!
It even comes with a laser light on its chest.

Angel was so delighted:

M: Angel, do you know who is this?
A: YA~~~!! It’s a ROBOT!!

M: What do you call this robot?? *expecting ‘Ultraman’ of course*
A: This is "UNCLE"~~~ *@_@III*

p/s: She doesn’t know it’s call Ultraman coz the movie here was in Mandarin :P Now she calls him ‘ROBOT LIGHT” … well, it’s better then calling him UNCLE right? @_@

^ ^ When she saw Ultraman was on TV, she quickly dig out her new toy from her toy box and imitate his move kicking and ‘laser’ the monster in the TV ^_^


Between Chicken n Kitchen

Angel always mixed up certain words unintentionally especially when she speak quickly and it’s so funny!

M: Angel, put your bowl in the “Chicken” (Kitchen)!

She knows my intention and be extra careful:

A: I already put my bowl in the ……… "Chicken" ah!
*I laugh out loud and she was laughing embarrassingly too :P*

And there she tries very very hard again:

A: "Chicken"!!

A: ………. Emmmm …….. CHIC-KEN!!
*I nearly laugh my heads off and there she continues*

A: Aiyaaa …….. it’s “Shicken” la!!

A: No!!!! “KITCHEN” la, mommy!!!!

*LOL. She never fails to add colours into my boring daily life! ^_^ *

^ ^ My Dearest Sweetie Pie, your enchanting smile will always be mommy's brightest sunshine ^_^

Monday, January 10, 2011

English Trial Class/ Pee and Poo

English Trial Class

Angel attended the Disney Magical English trial class here in Shanghai and it’s the first time that she actually attended any classes. Not that we do not wanted to bring her but whenever we attended any of them (music classes), she would cry out loud whenever she saw the other kids were dancing and singing. So at the end, we have to leave before the class actually started.

But this round, she did pretty well. No crying, no fussing around at least. But throughout the ½ an hour class, she refused to participate at all. Not singing, clapping or dancing along as instructed, clasping her lips tight when questions was asked. The one and only thing interested her that day was the gigantic computer interactive screen on the wall and she walked up to touch and touch it repeatedly when class was conducted. @_@ Apart from that, she just sat there quietly turning back to check on mommy and daddy and it’s nothing like her old self!

When the trial classes ended, we found that they refused to let her join the 4 year old class due to her age constrain. I don’t think I want her to learn 1,2,3 (in English), colours, shapes, etc all over again for another year while spending RMB 1,600 /month (around RM 800 /month) for a 1 ½ hour class once/week learning things that she already knew.

Yes, enrichment classes here in Shanghai are really expensive so I rather teach her myself at home for the mean time :P

^ ^ When asked where is school, she would answer : “In the Shopping Mall!!” and sure it is!


Potty Training – Pee and Poo

Training this little Angel to poo in the potty is really a tough job! For some reason, she just loves to poo in her diaper and enjoy the "hot-mud-mask" on her bump! When she has the urge to ‘do her big business’ and was transferred to the potty, somehow her urge to poo just when dead! No matter how hard we tried to get her do it in her potty, she just won't do it!

So after months of tying and at my wit’s end, I told her that I will have to sent her back to grandma house for good! Surprisingly by next morning, she actually walk herself to her potty, take off her night diaper and do her ‘big business’ there, all by herself!!

^ ^ Hurray! I am so proud of her!!

Guess what’s the first sentence she says to me when she was done?

“Bye Bye Ah Mah (Grandma)! Angel not going back to Ah Mah house loh! Angel Ng-Ng (poo poo)in the potty already!”

@_@ I can see that she loves Shanghai a lot :)

However, thing doesn’t always turn out to be as expected ……

Although she doesn’t poo poo in her diaper anymore but she has gone back to her afternoon napping diapers again since she constantly wetting her bed during her afternoon nap for the past 2 weeks :( She even starts peeing on her pants during our day out despite constant visits to the toilet. She would tell us she doesn’t have pee while in the WC and then wet her pants 15 minutes later. These few days, she would wet her pants too while watching TV and then telling me that she has pee on the sofa! Uurrgghhh ...... I really don’t know what’s wrong with her lately.

Maybe too much distraction and too many things to see in the outside world or TV so she would hold her bladder until she couldn't hold any longer? Or is it because of the cold winter here in Shanghai? :(

Friday, January 07, 2011

Talking About Birthday Presents

Me and Angel was talking about my coming birthday and the birthday present this morning. From her conversation, she surely knows what we liked :P

M: What will you get for Mommy’s birthday, Angel?
A: I will buy mommy a BREADMAKER
* Ya ..... I have been eye-ing on this breadmaker from the shopping TV channel here :P :P*

M: What if it is Papa’s birthday?
A: I will buy Papa GLASSES!

M: What about Annabelle’s birthday?

M: What about Gong Gong’s (grandpa) birthday?
A: I will buy Gong Gong a BOOK!

M: What about Ah Mah (grandma)?
A: Ah Mah likes to 'see' computer EVERYDAY! I will buy Ah Mah a COMPUTER!
*hahahaha ..... Ah Mah, I think you are 'FARMING' too much already :P Wink*

M: What about Yee Yee (my sister)
A: I will buy Yee Yee Hello Kitty Mouse!
*hahahaha .... she is very observant :P*

M: What about Ah-Gu (my brother)
A: Cartoon (comic) Book
*I think he’ll love it if she really buys him one :P*

M: What about Ah-Kim (my SIL)
A: I will buy her ... Errrmmm ... Errrmmm ....(think hard) I will buy her AH GU!
*I burst out laughing! Even she noticed how much she loves my brother right??? Wink wink*

Then when asked what she would like for her birthday present:

A: I want Apples and Bananas!! 1 book and 10 toys!!!
*Sigh .... Bananas again??*

M: Ok ok ...... I know you likes Apples and Bananas, books and toys! What else??
A: Errrmm ..... I want 1 Oven, 1 Hello Kitty handphone and 1 Hello Kitty Camera!


A 3 and 1/2 year old kiddo start asking for Oven, Handphone and Camera already? No wonder one of the blogger mommy mentioned her 5 year-old start asking for credit card!

Sophisticated kids we have nowadays? ^_^

^ ^ Bergaya betul ~~!!


Work Harder, Papa

I was browsing at some cooking blog and Angel saw few nice cupcakes and cookies

A: Ohhhhh Mommy, I want these .....!!
M: But we don’t have an oven here :(

A: Oh, then ask Papa go working (to work) and make more money la!

(Oh .... I do hope that Hubby won’t mind to hear this, poor Papa :P)


Thursday, January 06, 2011

CNY Shoes and Cheong Sum

Yes! Chinese New Year is just less then a month’s time (oh my! Whoo Hooo :D) and of course, we start doing our first round of CNY shopping last weekend :P

The locals were out “grabbing” for clothing, shoes, scafts "everything" in the malls too and we almost have to ‘fight’ to pay for our stuffs as if they were ‘FREE’ :P No kidding! On 1/1/2011, one of the malls here in shanghai (太平洋百货) actually reached a target sales of 100 million in just 1 day!! Which is equivalent to 54k sales every single minute *crazy*. A lot of goods were sold out including gold articles as few of the huge display counters was totally swept empty (jaw dropped) before even reaching midnight!! *double crazy*! That's how rich the Chinese people can be!!

Back to our shopping :) I just bought a pair of grey boots before Christmas and adding in another collection of black flurry ones for new year :) I would love to have another pair of “winter” Crocs (with cotton layers inside, “canggih” huh?) replacing my current one but I can’t seems to find it anywhere this year :( I must look harder .....

^ ^ My current boots which is still very new and a pair of new Skechers UGG.
I can’t wear these back home so I am quite delighted actually ^_^

As for Angel, we finally bought her 2 very thick and ‘winter-feel’ CNY cheong sum :) Actually the outfit can be easily found everywhere but most of Angel’s size was sold out :( Angel was acting cranky throughout the entire shopping trip too :( Even hubby couldn’t stand her tantrum and behaviour and gave her a good smack on her thigh. And guess what? That gesture actually turned into a fight between them two hitting and pulling each other inside the shop and eventually ended with a red faced daddy and a crying kiddo!! *shake head* This Angel really is one tough girl to handle!

^ ^ 2 of Angel’s very thick and ‘traditional’ CNY cheong sum. So RED!!!!

So after getting the CNY Cheong Sum, we quickly grab some matching colour boots. As too many people was pushing here and there while “fighting” for shoes, we only manage to pay for whatever we could lay our hands on. Oh well …… it’s CNY soon so we don’t want to put on a fight just for a pair of shoe :P

^ ^ I like the pink one better but the red one is such a good buy :P
I think she will outgrow her shoes very soon!

As for Annabelle, Grandma is happily in charged for her CNY apparels :) And oh ya! This Grandma even learn how to "online shopping" for Annabelle which really shocked mommy!! *canggih la this grandma!* But I have also start browsing for some nice pre-walker shoes online for little Annabelle too although I am not sure when she will take her first step. I am really looking forward to the day that she will wear her first shoes and watching her making her cute wobbly baby steps :)

And how to get the right fit for the shoes? Here’s a very informative video from Youtube to share :)

Oh! I love CNY so much and I love doing all the CNY shopping too!! :) I still have few more weeks to do my last minute shopping. What about you? Have you done yours?