Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is That Really Ah Mah? [3Y9M]

Is that really Ah Mah (Grandma)?

On my birthday, my sophisticated mom (Angel’s grandma) sent me an e-card:

M: Angel, come and see what Ah Mah (grandma) sent to me! Ah Mah sent me a card!
*She watched the animated card silently ….*

M: Nah ….. see? Ah Mah wishes Mommy Happy Birthday!
*as I pointed to the e-card’s dancing bear*

A: Mommy ………… is that really Ah Mah ??????

*pointing to the bear looking puzzled*

*Laugh* I always told her that there is an “Uncle” inside those human-sized Moscot. Now she thought Ah Mah has dressed up as a BEAR *slap forehead*

^ ^ A: Is that really Ah Mah?? LOL


Where is the “haa-aam” (filling)?

On my Birthday, Hubby gave me a “red packet” for good luck. Angel was crying for hers too so daddy handed her one and she was so happy waving her red packet until she looked inside ….

A: PAPA!!!!!! WHY NO MONEY INSIDE??? Huh huh huh ~~~ Why no money inside!?!! *started to wail*

Oh dear, I hope she doesn’t do that in this coming CNY if she happens to get an empty abg-pow for good luck :P

^ ^ Let me see ….. Whoo Hoo .... it's 5-zero! (cent :P :P)

note: Yes, there is a 50 cent bank note here in Shanghai which is around RM 0.25 :P


Seriously need a diet

I was standing in front of the mirror, checking on myself ready for a our day out and I saw Angel was grinning while looking at me at the doorstep

M: What are you smiling at?

She walk towards me then raise her hand rubbing my tummy

A: Mommy, your tummy is still so big and round la …….
*then she walk away with that sneer still on her face*

(@_@) Time for a serious diet plan for me liao … sob sob sob *cry*

^ ^ My belly while I was still pregnant with Annabelle and it’s still very BIG even till now :(



A: Mommy! Can I eat “Kay-Ep-Cee” please ~~~ !!!!

Note: Kay-Ep-Cee = KFC

^ ^ The KFC Promo Bucket in Shanghai consist of 3 pc OR Chicken, 4 hot wings, 4 Orlando wings, 5 pc nuggets and 3 medium drinks (Fries excluded). It cost RMB 69 (Approx. RM 35).
Expensive or Cheap??


Elvis Presley

I am watching “China Talent Show” on TV and a young man impersonate Elvis Presley singing one of his hit song and Angel suddenly said:

A: Mommy, ROCK ‘N ROLL!!!
M: Huh?? *clear my ears*

*a 3 year old knows what Rock ‘n Roll is?? Pui-fook!! Pui-fook!!*

^ ^ Her hip-hop moves??? :P :P


Money Buy or Buy Money

We were doing some groceries shopping in the supermarket

A: Mommy, I want to buy biscuits
M: Ok.

A: I want to buy some Bananas
M: Ok.

A: I want to buy Chocolate
M: I think we do not have enough money to buy chocolate *trying to brush her off*

A: Mommy, let's go and “buy” some money first then we can buy the Chocolate!
M: ………….

^ ^ Mommy, I want to buy this and this and this … and can we please go to “BUY” some money first and then we can buy all these???


You love someone else!

I forbidden Angel to do something and apparently she was angry and sad while snivelling:

Angel: Huuuk ~~~ Mommy!!! You (do) not listen to me at all!!! *I remain silent*

Angel: You (do) not love me at all, M-O-M-M-Y!!! *I still remain silent*

Angel: Huuuk~~ Huuuuk~~! You (do) not love me EVERYTIME Mommy! YOU ONLY LOVE PAPA EVERYDAY !!! *she suddenly bawled*


Poor girl ....... just because her mommy doesn't forbidden or get angry with papa as often as towards her so she thinks mommy is bias :P

^ ^ Huu ~~~ *crying* You only LOVE PAPA EVERYDAY !!!!! :’(:’(:’(
Note: It’s getting harder to snap the picture of her crying nowadays coz she would turn away from my camera.


Ultraman = ???

I bought this Ultraman toy for her in the market because I saw the TV was showing the Ultraman series lately and she seems to love the show very much. And guess what, it cost only RMB 2 (approx. RM 1) !! LOL

^ ^ This is the cheapest toy I have ever bought!
It even comes with a laser light on its chest.

Angel was so delighted:

M: Angel, do you know who is this?
A: YA~~~!! It’s a ROBOT!!

M: What do you call this robot?? *expecting ‘Ultraman’ of course*
A: This is "UNCLE"~~~ *@_@III*

p/s: She doesn’t know it’s call Ultraman coz the movie here was in Mandarin :P Now she calls him ‘ROBOT LIGHT” … well, it’s better then calling him UNCLE right? @_@

^ ^ When she saw Ultraman was on TV, she quickly dig out her new toy from her toy box and imitate his move kicking and ‘laser’ the monster in the TV ^_^


Between Chicken n Kitchen

Angel always mixed up certain words unintentionally especially when she speak quickly and it’s so funny!

M: Angel, put your bowl in the “Chicken” (Kitchen)!

She knows my intention and be extra careful:

A: I already put my bowl in the ……… "Chicken" ah!
*I laugh out loud and she was laughing embarrassingly too :P*

And there she tries very very hard again:

A: "Chicken"!!

A: ………. Emmmm …….. CHIC-KEN!!
*I nearly laugh my heads off and there she continues*

A: Aiyaaa …….. it’s “Shicken” la!!

A: No!!!! “KITCHEN” la, mommy!!!!

*LOL. She never fails to add colours into my boring daily life! ^_^ *

^ ^ My Dearest Sweetie Pie, your enchanting smile will always be mommy's brightest sunshine ^_^


CathJ said...

wah... so many story in 1 post... enjoying reading them all.. and laughing alone.. LOL...

LittleLamb said...

exactly...they r our sunshine no matter whether they hate us, mad at us, laugh at us...

mNhL said...

I always love to hear the kid's talk. They are so innocently cute.

Alice Law said...

LOL, I reckon you didn't give her the name for nothing, she is indeed an Angel!

I love especially when she said, "buy the money...", her Rock-n-roll you yeng outfit and pose, and of course her 'Chicken' that also put a big smile on my face! ^-^

You are blessed with such adorable Angel!

Mummy Moon said...

OMG, only RM1 for one ultraman! Cheap-nya. Very soon she knows it is call Ultraman!

Vickylow said...

hahaha can't stop laughing on her cute conversation.

Oliveoylz said...

Amah inside the bear costume? She is just tooooo cute!

Kristie said...

hahhaha so cute lah Angel cutie pie, love her smile :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

So cute lah, this Angel :D I was laughing alone too. Chloe also said a few of the SAME things before... the "buy money" one and the "kitchen-chicken" one :)

prince n princess mum said...

Cute angel!~ Cute conversation! Cute poses!~

Angeline said...

She is such a cutie to be with. Life is full of jokes with her around, isn't, Mommy? *wink*

Leanne Leong said...

Your sweet Angel has grown up so much. Such a darling and oh, so cute! I missed reading her blog for a while. Will try to catch up again. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Angel is cute and she really can talk lah. She has grown up soo much.

She likes Ultraman? hehe...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, I love the last one..
CHicken and Kitchen. It is so funny!
Angel definitely mommy's sweetie pie.

The KFC meal is very cheap lor. So worth it.