Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bento #11: Assorted Meals

Ok .... I think I have lost some of my bento boxes!!!! Can't find it anywhere :( :( That's the consequences of forever moving houses and maybe I have lost them in the process of our relocation 2 years ago, or the one 4 years ago*I guess*. Oh dear, I hope I didn't loose any of my bento tools or bento books though (aikkks!!).

Anyway, I have started to make some decorated meals for Angel again during our trip back in Shanghai last month. With no bento boxes, I don't know whether it's still considered as Bento, hahahahaha.

Here it goes ....

Hello Kitty Mince Meat with Mui Choi (Hello Kitty 梅菜猪肉)

Looks simple but took me 1 hour+ to prepare this. I decorated the face and ribbon with beet root.

Lunch was Hello Kitty Mince Meat over some rice, plus Beet Root soup. Ok, needless to say, when I came out from the kitchen, Angel had polished up ALL her food in a lightning speed before I manage to even take any picture! *jaw dropped* I really hoped that she didn't choke that day .....

Tomato-Eye face Rice

This is easier to prepare .... tomato fried rice, broccoli nose and grill chicken for mouth :P This is enough to make Angel happy :)

Disney Clarabelle the Cow

Don't know whether Clarabelle looks like this but Angel is please with it.

This time I did get the camera ready before she starts eating like what happened yesterday ...... smile and say CHEEEESSSS ^_^ I can't wait to eat!!!

Little Monster Egg Noodle

I didn't actually planned to do anything with this Mushroom Egg Noodle that I prepare for Angel breakfast. But then ...... this little girl wope up adn saw me preparing her breakfast in the kitchen then open the kitchen door and said, "Uuuuu .... I wonder what mommy will make for my BENTO this time!! I can't wait!!!!" then skipping away happily while clapping her hands.

*Gulp* How to disappointed her ah ...... so I make this loh with no effort at all :P :P. Raisin monster as bumps on his head, mushroom eyes, veggie nose and ketchup eyebrows and lip.

I told her the monster is still sleepy and luckily, she is happy with it and say, "Wow .... a sleepy monster ~~~, COOL!!!" @_@

Sanrio Shinkansen Train

She suddenly loves tuna bread spread! So I make her a tuna bread Shinkansen train sandwich for breakfast. 2 little quill eggs at the side and some cherries! So lazy to find my bento mould so I just do the train free-handed from memory.

I used some remaining bread crust on the train for decoration purposes and told her not to eat it as it's a bit thick and hard to bite but she is so excited that she ate everything (except those picks and food cups).

Little Penguin Tuna Spread Bread

Ok .... looks simple but Angel actually teach me how to make this penguin. We actually 'discuss' what should we make with a plain piece of bread with tuna spread without having to use any of the bento moulds/tools

Ya bah .... washing them is hard work you know, I got no maid you see, huk huk huk :(

Cut both side of penguin as wings, bread crust for beak, again, raisin for eyes and strawberry jam for cheeks. We used the back of the Teddy Bear Chocolate biscuits which looks actually like a paw to make its feet. Again, cute and very easy to do penguin is done, 100% Mommy and Angel's creation *yippie*

She is so happy with OUR first own creation and insisted to have the same penguin bread for the next few days and want nothing else!! I am more then happy :)

Little Miss Bear and Caterpillar in Garden

Little Miss Bear mince meat in a garden with 2 tiny bear made of quill eggs at the side + 1 busy caterpillar made of steam broccoli. Strawberries heart, carrots sun and a stalk of flower with strawberry and broccolli at the side (that is if you noticed that. Angel say the flower looks ugly, hahahahaha). Again, totally bento mould/ tools free today so no more washing :)

She doesn't eat veggie especially if she can still "identify it's original shape" but this time, she wallop the entire caterpillar in no time!

To put a smile on her face is really that simple! And the consequences since starting to pack these cute little meals for her was ...........

She has gain some weight, add in a small package (i.e.a round belly) and looks chubbier when she return to school :) I think I should stop doing bento for her for awhile now, hehehehehe.

How I wish I could do that same for Annabelle as well before I hear "someone" in the house saying, "You have nothing better to do ah???" :( :( ...... wait lah, till Annabelle is back in Shanghai then I will make the same for her too. Can't wait :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Angel - Part 1

Angel celebrates her 5th Birthday few weeks ago. My girl is 5 now!!!! Kids really grow up so fast, aren't they :)

And we had an early celebration with Hubby 1 week before her actual birthday and when asked about what birthday present that she wants, there she goes again," How I wish I have a Hello Kitty!"

Hello Kitty again?? She have way too many Hello Kitty already to be honest. Imagine, Hello Kitty for Christmas, Hello Kitty for birthday, Hello Kitty for New Year, Hello Kitty for Children's day, she wants Hello Kitty soft toys, Hello Kitty bags, Hello Kitty watches, Hello Kitty Bottle, Hello Kitty shirt, Hello Kitty panties, and Hello Kitty for basically EVERYTHING .... :( :( To the extreme, she even wants me to get her the Hello Kitty panty liner which she saw in Watson which I don't know why on earth does she need a panty liner!!! @_@

And she handpicked her own birthday cake too this year! And guess what, she insisted to have the same birthday cake as mommy's birthday last year (hubby bought me that cake for some reason!). Ok ok, since it's her birthday, she is the boss, no choice as long as she is happy.

Can't wait to see her cake! :P :P

*laugh* Yup, she got herself another Hello Kitty cake again!!!! And that's her 3rd consecutive year that she is having a Hello Kitty cake on her birthday!!! Sigh ..... Hello Kitty cake every year and still never gets bored, that's way too much! I am kind of having phobia when I saw another Hello Kitty cake already, no joking here .... *sweat*

But she is indeed very happy with her cake! She said to me, " Mommy, I feel GLAD that I have my Hello Kitty cake again!" *see??* A big Hello Kitty fan!!!

After the birthday song, we asked her to have the first bite of her cake cos it's her birthday! She stares at me for a moment then ....... she bite into poor Hello Kitty's ear :P The naughty daddy saw it and then suddenly pushed Angel face onto the cake ...... Muahahahaha!!!! A very 'creamy' birthday girl she has turned into :P :P

She can't stop laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing till she was rolling on the floor for daddy's naughty act! kekekekeke ..... she suggested that we have a cake fight and putting fresh cream on each other's face but NO THANKS my dear ..... we told her that only birthday girl gets to have such 'privilege" of having creams on her face, luckily she didn't pressed further *phew*

(Few days later, Annabelle saw Angel's video and pictures loaded with cream on her face and cried out very very loud!!!!! She is indeed horrified and told us "不要这样嘛!!!" and showing us the gesture not to push Angel's face onto the cake :P :P Poor Mei Mei Annabelle.)

At 5 years old, Angel got her first ever remote control mini bike from Daddy!!! :) :) Hubby said he was planning to get a remote helicopter for Angel at first but oh boy, I am so glad that he didn't or else, I will surely fainted!!!!!!

And look at the little girl's eyes ~~~, all brighten up and sparkled brightly when she saw her 1st remote control bike!! Seeing that she is so happy, we are very very happy too :) :) :)

Happy 5th Birthday my girl.

p/s: and we have another celebration with her on her actual birthday itself. Too bad that her kindergarten doesn't allow birthday celebration in school.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How She Wants to Celebrate her big 5 (and Beijing)

Before Angel turned 5 years old few weeks ago, we asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday. So, here's a summary of her list:

1. She wants to Celebrate @ her "Shanghai Home" (Top of Angel's list!!)

Ok ok ... since no Disneyland so I think Shanghai is not bad too ya :) Daddy's hard earn $$$$ all gone to flight company liao, hu~ hu~ hu~ *crying*

2. Eat Haagen Dazs 100 time! @_@

I know you didn't gets to eat ice cream very much but 100 time is way too much, my dear!

And also, Haagen Dazs in Shanghai is so expensive as compare to KL and this 3 small scope cost us around RM40++.

Nope, she only gets to eat 3 times of her favourite ice cream within a week and no more :P :P

3. She wants to go to Toys 'R Us

...... and stay there long long time, not only "5 minutes" as she puts it *hahahaha*

Have to put her jacket back on as inside is a bit freezing. I just bought this jacket from H&M KL not long ago. Quite a good bargain, but looks like she will soon outgrow from it :(

She stays in Toys R Us for a good 1 hour and me + hubby are like her bodyguard, waiting for her patiently, following her everywhere till she is done with all the touching here and there.

4. She wants a Double-Decker Bus ride @_@

Although she is very prone to car sickness but she just can't stop from asking to go for a Double-Decker bus ride whenever she is back in Shanghai! And she will turn very quiet after a few rounds feeling car sick but still, she doesn't want to get down from the bus!

No tourists on the bus that day!

So we transformed into 2 tourists touring Shanghai for a day again :P :P

RMB 100 (50 ringgit) per person -Shanghai Big Bus Tour. There is also a cheaper version of this double decker bus at RMB 30 (15 ringgit) per person - City Bus Tour, but expect more tourists and fighting for good seats lo.

We went to The Bund (上海滩) at the far end, can you see it?

5. Insisted to go to Nanjing Walking Street

This is another place that Angel must go. The very famous Nanjing Walking Street (南京步行街). Why????

Sigh, she is totally hooked with this little train which takes passenger from the beginning of Nanjing Street to the end of the street. She then will pay for another train ride and take the train back to where we start our journey.

Again, when she is up, she refused to get down!!

RMB 2 (1 ringgit) per trip per person one way including children, reached destination less then 3 minutes per trip.

6. Drink Coke and Japanese Food @ 和民

Ok, this is not in her list actually but after the Double Decker bus rides followed by a few rounds of that little train ride in Nanjing road, mommy is getting really car sick and need to find a place to sit down!

Too dizzy to even take picture of the food too but tell you, this restaurant is fabulous!!!

She gets to have her favourite drinks of all - coke + lemon and she told me, "Mommy, this lemon coke is so nice oh!" and drank 2 glasses!!!!

7. Dessert @ 恒记甜品

This is her must must list to do too!! This is by far her most favourite dessert of all!!

She managed to finished a big bowl even after a full meal!!!!!! RMB30++ (15 ringgit) per bowl of her most most most most favourite mix fruit in mango juice dessert.

"No sharing please .... not enough for me when it comes to this mango dessert!" :P

8. Go to the Great Wall, Beijing

For some reason, she starts asking about Great Wall after seeing a picture of it and tell us she wants to go to the Great Wall.

So we did make it a trip to the Great Wall in Beijing. Not a very ideal place for family with young children especially those active ones *gulp* and I almost have heart attack watching Angel making her climb!!

And half way, she did ask daddy to carry her! Carrying a 20kg kid walking up on a slippery steps?? We can't even walk steadily ourselves and too many people on the great wall pushing each other around.

So we sweet talked her into walking herself and this girl is like a wild horse let loose! @_@ So dangerous throughout the journey and my blood pressure raised quite a few times throughout the climb. And I am glad, I am glad that we make it safe and sound!!

So at the end, this little tough girl successfully complete this very dangerous journey and slippery climb all by herself! Long relief from mommy and daddy but a big Well Done my girl! Well done daddy too!! Well done mommy!!! *phew phew phew*

9. She want To Eat Something "Special"!

Or should I say she wants mommy to eat something "special"? She actually begged me to EAT those "still alive" scorpions still moving on that "satay stick"!!!! (or is that lava that I saw???) Eeeeewwww .... No Thank You!!!

I would never ever eat those even when I have nothing to eat, will you??? *yucks!!!*

I think eating a steamboat the Beijing-way is consider special too, my sweetie??

It's call 北京老火锅 :) Steamboat in a very ancient Beijing style hot pot using "burning hot charcoal" to heat up the soup which they dropped it in the middle opening as you can see from the picture :) :)

Again, steaming hot pot which is definitely VERY dangerous especially with kids who can't sit still and always wants to touch here and there whenever you didn't pay attention!!! And adding to that, a bunch of very careless and carefree waitresses who is walking pass by with hot burning charcoal and hot soup all night long?

*we had a very 'stressful' dinner that night* hahahahaha

10. The forbidden City of Beijing

She is very happy indeed as her dreams finally comes true as she has transform into the Little ancient Princess - 小格格 wearing that little outfit we rented from the The Forbidden City. She keep posing even for the other tourists who is taking her picture as if she is the movie star.

She looks very tired as it's way past her napping time. The Forbidden City is much bigger then I thought too! So tired ..... but feels great!

Everything is the same as seen on the TV dramas here :) :)

11. She wants to swim!

After a hectic day, she demand for her swimming and splashing time!

Ok .... we can't swim in the cold winter weather but we sure can swim in the warm hotel room bath tub :P :P Another must do thing which she enjoys to the max!!!!

Why not the pool but the hotel bath tub you might ask?
Answer: Daddy and mommy are too tired to even move a finger let alone swimming! That's why :)

At the end of the day, this has become her most favourable thing to do out of the entire list!!

Hhhhmmmm, in that case, should we just omitted the rest and skipped to list no. 11 instead next time? *thinking*

Mommy and Daddy had great fun and hope that my little girl had a whale of a time too :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

1st Birthday Present from YiYi and Ah Gu

(Another belated post)

This is the first time that Annabelle receive birthday gifts from Yi Yi and Ah Gu for her 1st Birthday. But due to mommy's busy schedule and she is so cranky during her actual birthday night (time to sleep), she only gets to open those presents few weeks (yup!!) after her birthday.

This little girl didn't know how to blow her own birthday candle yet but when it comes to opening up presents, she needs minimum of help.

She is very curious wondering why there are something popping out from inside the ordinary looking bundle of "paper". She always takes them out so carefully :P

She got a Hello Kitty from Yi Yi!! I didn't expect that she would turned into a Hello Kitty fans one day too but looks like she is heading that direction as well *giggle*. When she got her first Hello Kitty, she poked its eyes, touch its' mouth and then squeezing it hard!

She is very reluctant to tear those wrapper off at first but she did :) She is a very gentle baby as oppose to her Angel Jie Jie but ........ not anymore.

I think she is so happy with this interactive book that her Ah Gu got for her. And her happiness is all written on her cute little face, isn't she?

Annabelle @ 1Y

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where Is My Telephone?

One evening after Angel woke up from her nap

A: Mommy!!! Where is my 'telephone'???
M: Huh?? What telephone? You don't have a telephone.

A: I have!!!
M: Where you get a telephone? *curious*

A: I make it myself just now.
M: Huh?? You "make" a telephone? I didn't see you "make" any telephone just now.

A: I DID!!! I DID!!!

Then she suddenly pull out a piece of folded paper from the pile of waste paper that I was about to throw away later.

A: Phew!! There it is~~~~, MY Telephone!!

And when I look closer, I saw this .....


^ ^ Her very shinny "Telephone" (mobile) decorated with glitter glue and gems. *laugh*

That day she also done a lollipop all by herself and proudly show it to everyone! She is indeed a very handy little girl :)

When put aside of those naughty moments which I have lost count, most of the time this little girl is just like a little magician with her little magic potion that will never fail to put a smile on my face at the end of the day ^_^

^ ^ My Lollipop, yum yum!

Angel @ 5Y0M

Friday, April 13, 2012

Annabelle is 1 Year Old - 2011

(A very belated post again .... :P)

This is a very very x10000 belated post (and much more to come too, aikkks)!!!! Annabelle is almost 2 years old already and yet, I only started to post about her 1st birthday celebration in June last year, sigh! What to do, I was blocked from access blogspot nor facebook from Shanghai :(

At first, really so much "dramas" of getting Annabelle's first birthday cake! Everyone seems so busy and those who can bake good cakes seems to be so 'LCLY' (if you know what I mean :P :P) But finally, a found a malay baker who come to my rescue and I am really thankful to her! At last, what I want was beautifully baked, phew :) :)

We flew back to my hometown for the celebration and we certainly had the most wonderful Chinese dinner at MLH restaurant with families and friends (the family of Annabelle's nanny). Glad that both kids were very well behave that day and Annabelle got her first taste of 'restaurant food' on her 1st birthday :P :P

I also got a big and unforgettable birthday surprise from my little Annabelle on Annabelle's cake blowing ceremony! When we was singing birthday song and taking family pictures, suddenly Annabelle lean over and give me her first kiss!!!!!!! *almost in tears of joy*

My oh my!!! Actually I haven't seen her for months and I just got to see her again few days before her birthday which I think she has no memories of me at all. And yet, she just suddenly lean over and kiss me which surprised everyone! Wuahahahahahaha ...... Until now I also don't know what makes her do that as she is not those kissy-type of baby .... but I am glad she did!! That's the best gift from her that I will remember for the rest of my life ^_^

^ ^ Annabelle's first kiss to mommy!!! Then both of them kiss me non stopped till I was almost in tears of joy :)

But throughout the celebration, someone is not-so-happy and start crying and making a lot of trouble just because it's not 'her' birthday *sigh* She was not very please that she doesn't have all the attention anymore and the cake is not hers :P My Poor Angel.

^ ^ Although Annabelle can't blow out the candles but she is able to cut the cake after I show her for the first time :P
There she was, cutting her 1st birthday cake all by herself .... horizontally :P :P

^ ^ Angel Jie Jie also wants to have her own cake cutting session :P She is not totally happy in the previous picture, isn't she :P

^ ^ My baby Annabelle is finally 1 year old!!! Time flies!!!!

Although we have spend lesser time with Annabelle for the past 1 year but we do hope she knows that Mommy, Daddy and Jie Jie Angel loves her very very much!!!! She is just one sweet little girl to be with and honestly, I really enjoy spending time with her and this is the first time that I feel like I am a true mother to a baby girl (enjoying motherhood) rather then shouting all day long like a MAD MAD mama at the forever crying kiddo (although I must admit that Angel has grown up to be such a sweetheart now ^_^)

"My Annabelle baby, Mommy hope that you would continue to grow up strong and healthy and most importantly happily enjoying your childhood ya! Mommy and Daddy will love you forever my little Belle!

Happy First Birthday little Princess!"

June 2011

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Reunion of Angel and Annabelle 2011

(A Very Belated Post)

Last year we all fly back to see little Annabelle (before she turns 1 years old) at Grandma's for the very first time after we let grandma take over the babysitting job (hard work :P :P). Angel was very excited to meet Annabelle after such a long time separating from her sister.

And her in flight meal was so special too. She got a mince meat pasta which taste fabulous, a extremely cute fish bun and her favourite black forest cake in her pre-order kids meal. Yum Yum!!!

The very first time both sisters met with each other, and they looked a bit baffled :P :P I think Angel must be wondering how come Annabelle was not lying down like a baby on bed anymore and little Annabelle certainly looks a bit intimidated and have no memory about her big sister who keep kissing her and addressed herself as "Jie Jie, I am Jie Jie Angel~~" :P

And daddy's first time carrying little Annabelle after such a long time and she is no more the skinny little baby lying in his arms when he last carried her. Of course little Annabelle keep staring at daddy wondering who is this gigantically man with a very tan skin tone coming near her smiling from ears to ears as if he has strike jackpot :P :P

And then .........

The poor little girl cried! But yet, she dares not cried out loud as she looks so scared so she weep softly asking for rescue.

As for mommy, I have better luck, at least she is willing to let me hold her hands supporting her to stand up on the floor, no crying, no weeping. *phew*

And daddy bought little Annabelle her first gift after such a long time! A Tigger soft toy daddy personally hand picked himself at the mall. So hello there, the little 'miss tiger' meeting Tigger :)

There they are, my 2 most precious little darlings in this whole wide world! Yes .... they are my world and my life now :)

Although both of them are now constantly snatching toys from each other most of the time, crying and screaming is a norm in the house which sometimes drives me up the wall, but I am grateful and thankful that I have them both in my life and that they will never have to play and feel alone again.

^ ^ Saw the fish hanging on the bedside? That's Angel first gift to Mei Mei Annabelle which she bought with her own savings :)

From this moments onwards, they will have each others companion along the way throughout their growing up years, until forever. And a best friend and playmates who they call ....... Sister ^_^