Friday, April 13, 2012

Annabelle is 1 Year Old - 2011

(A very belated post again .... :P)

This is a very very x10000 belated post (and much more to come too, aikkks)!!!! Annabelle is almost 2 years old already and yet, I only started to post about her 1st birthday celebration in June last year, sigh! What to do, I was blocked from access blogspot nor facebook from Shanghai :(

At first, really so much "dramas" of getting Annabelle's first birthday cake! Everyone seems so busy and those who can bake good cakes seems to be so 'LCLY' (if you know what I mean :P :P) But finally, a found a malay baker who come to my rescue and I am really thankful to her! At last, what I want was beautifully baked, phew :) :)

We flew back to my hometown for the celebration and we certainly had the most wonderful Chinese dinner at MLH restaurant with families and friends (the family of Annabelle's nanny). Glad that both kids were very well behave that day and Annabelle got her first taste of 'restaurant food' on her 1st birthday :P :P

I also got a big and unforgettable birthday surprise from my little Annabelle on Annabelle's cake blowing ceremony! When we was singing birthday song and taking family pictures, suddenly Annabelle lean over and give me her first kiss!!!!!!! *almost in tears of joy*

My oh my!!! Actually I haven't seen her for months and I just got to see her again few days before her birthday which I think she has no memories of me at all. And yet, she just suddenly lean over and kiss me which surprised everyone! Wuahahahahahaha ...... Until now I also don't know what makes her do that as she is not those kissy-type of baby .... but I am glad she did!! That's the best gift from her that I will remember for the rest of my life ^_^

^ ^ Annabelle's first kiss to mommy!!! Then both of them kiss me non stopped till I was almost in tears of joy :)

But throughout the celebration, someone is not-so-happy and start crying and making a lot of trouble just because it's not 'her' birthday *sigh* She was not very please that she doesn't have all the attention anymore and the cake is not hers :P My Poor Angel.

^ ^ Although Annabelle can't blow out the candles but she is able to cut the cake after I show her for the first time :P
There she was, cutting her 1st birthday cake all by herself .... horizontally :P :P

^ ^ Angel Jie Jie also wants to have her own cake cutting session :P She is not totally happy in the previous picture, isn't she :P

^ ^ My baby Annabelle is finally 1 year old!!! Time flies!!!!

Although we have spend lesser time with Annabelle for the past 1 year but we do hope she knows that Mommy, Daddy and Jie Jie Angel loves her very very much!!!! She is just one sweet little girl to be with and honestly, I really enjoy spending time with her and this is the first time that I feel like I am a true mother to a baby girl (enjoying motherhood) rather then shouting all day long like a MAD MAD mama at the forever crying kiddo (although I must admit that Angel has grown up to be such a sweetheart now ^_^)

"My Annabelle baby, Mommy hope that you would continue to grow up strong and healthy and most importantly happily enjoying your childhood ya! Mommy and Daddy will love you forever my little Belle!

Happy First Birthday little Princess!"

June 2011


mNhL said...

That 1st kiss is so priceless ya. haha

Happy belated 1 year old b'day to Annabelle. haha.....and her 2nd b;day coming soon in a few more months. Time really flies!

Linda said...

better late than never......
i have to say happy 2nd birthday to Annabelle soon... haha

Kristie said...

Omg so sweet! That's why they say kids will always know who their mummy is ;-)

The cake looks huge and lovely!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Better late than never. At least you still had this memorable occasion jotted down and can read it in the future :) The cake is very beautiful!

Annabelle may not have seen you often at that time but she still knows you are her mummy... she has a good instinct!

Chew Lee said...

wow.... very pretty cake ...

Oliveoylz said...

Such a sweet gesture...Her first kiss definitely melted your heart! Such a memorable birthday for Annabelle and you too! The cake is lovely!

CathJ said...

Haha.. Angel.. Remind me of my boy.. He did not join anything during his lil bro bday.. Not even a single family pic! None..