Monday, March 26, 2012

All about Annabelle [1Y9M]

I hope that I can update my little Annabelle's development as much as I could just like what I did for my Angel, but I guess having 1 and 2 kids makes the difference in terms of time. Our sudden move to China also means a totally lost my internet access to blogspot, multiply or facebook (blocked by government) hence it's almost impossible for me keep contact and update as much as I would like to.

But since Angel start schooling in Malaysia half year ago, I starts flying between 2 (or more) countries every 2 weeks or so means I spend most of the time 'flying' rather then blogging. Tired ..... but I am trying to keep my blog going and try to post as much as I could when I am back home in Malaysia.

Little Annabelle is quite different from her big sister. This little sweetie pie doesn't fond of her picture being taken. I have less pictures of her as compare to Angel as Angel would requested we took her pictures and happily posing for us, but no luck with Annabelle as yet. But when she finally does look at camera, she either give us a fierce look or she would move so much that all her pictures looks 'blurry'. I remember Angel were in that 'blurry picture' stage once before too, capturing a decent picture seems impossible.

^ ^ In the 'blurry' picture stage

Since she is approaching nearer and nearer to the 'terrible 2', we have started the 'naughty corner' on her too. And when we say '罚站' and put her at her naughty corner, she wouldn't dare to move at all and start weeping softly holding onto her handkerchief wiping her tears like a little missy being bullied :P So 'kesian' just by looking at her weeping softly.

Unlike her big sister, Angel would retaliate and screaming on top of voice already if she were being put there!

Annabelle apparently to be a very tall girl and she can reach onto almost anything on the table already. But when we said "No" for something she wanted to reach, she would put her hands at her back and staring at the thing for a very long time, wanted but don't dare to touch them!

But these few weeks, she has changed into a totally different person, starts grabbing onto everything that she possibly could reach and 'No' doesn't seems to work magic on her anymore.

She is a huge fans of food and anything that can be eaten. She could finished a big bowl of rice, following by a huge bananas, then a bottle of diluted apple juice and starting to asked for her share of biscuits!!!! She surely have big appetite!

She manage finished 1 1/2 big Chinese bun (大包) all by herself too!! @_@ She is still having her milk every 3-4 hours intervals and also her 3 meals of solid food. At night, she is still waking up 1 or 2 times for her midnight feeding and if we don't give her, she would keep crying and refuse to fall asleep afterward. So normally her big can of 1.7kg milk will only last about 10-14 days @_@

She starts self feeding at 18 months too and refused to be fed most of the time. Lately, she would starts playing on her food rather then eating them nicely. She also doesn't want to eat porridge anymore and prefer rice or noddles. Most of the time, she loves to wipe her meal all over her face and hair and then ask us to see her naughty action :P

^ ^ She would be able to tell us "Hhhhhmmm, nice~~! 好吃~~~!" if she loves her meal.

Annabelle's hair grows very slow too. We did shave her hair as according to the tradition during her 1 month old but I think it doesn't worked to make her hair grow faster and thinker :( Therefore, she looks very much like a baby boy and most of the time being mistaken for a "handsome boy" instead. *laugh*

^ ^ She dislike her picture being taken and when we asked her to smile, she would give me that very fierce look of hers @_@

Luckily she is ok to put on her hat or hairband, and she would grab for them when she knows that we will be out shopping. She can be looking very girlie at times but once the hat/ hairband is off, she will transform back to "him" :P

Annabelle loves books too and play with dolls (Angel is afraid of most dolls). Learning wise, she could remember all the pictures representing A-Z and pointed them out all correctly and telling us 1-10 if she was in the mood. She can communicate with us pretty advance now (calling me for dinner too) and when we asked her, "Are you happy?" and she would answer, "HAA~PEE~~~~~" and give us a big bright smile :)

Unlike Angel, Annabelle doesn't likes drawing at all and until now, she doesn't even have a single masterpiece of artwork completed. She would play with the crayons, throwing them around and even scribble them on her high chair but just not the drawing board we bought for her :(

^ ^ Mommy, I don't like to draw ok?!
So please can you stop asking me to draw again?

But she surely has a talent that Angel doesn't have, that's singing! She loves to sing and her favourite VCD are not cartoons nor educational VCD, but Children songs or nursery rhymes. Once played, she would happily singing, swaying, stepping along to the beat of the music. Although she can't sing a complete song yet but she will follow and sing out one or 2 last few words at the end of each lines in a song.

And not forgot to mention, she has a very big feet too measuring 15.1cm at this stage and wearing most of Angel's 2-3 years old shoes!!

She is afraid of lightning and thunders and when it started to rain and thunder starts to strike, she would quickly lie down beside us in this position and not making a move! She then tell us she was "怕怕" (afraid) and starts looking for us or her Jie Jie Angel asking for protection :P :P

I am totally in love with this little girl especially when she constantly calling me "Ah Mee~~, Ah Mee ~~~~~~"

Height: 87cm
Weight: 14.6kg

@ [1Y9M]

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outgrow Her Baby Cot Soon [4Y11M]

Tomorrow, my little baby in the picture below will turn 5 years old ..... time really flies! Whenever I saw her baby pictures, I would exclaim: "Oh ~~~ , so chubby and so cute she was!"

Looks like little Angel will outgrow her sleeping cot very soon too. She has been sleeping in it for the past 5 years and time to pass her bed to little Annabelle ?

Height: 109cm
Weight: 20kg

Hobby: Copycat everything and every action mommy is doing! She even wants to wear the same clothing, same shoes, zipped her jacket the same way up, clipped the hair the same position, eat the same food, picked up the fork the same time, flipping the same page of book and even drink the water the same style and same time with me. *laugh*


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Every Kid Loves Disneyland

The school holiday is just over and we are back to our busy daily routine, waking up very early in the morning before my eyes were 100% 'awake' trying to beat the traffic to Angel's school.

School holiday mood is still all over us and innitially we were planning to go to HK Disneyland during the last school holiday but, we didn't make it at the end due to 'someone' is totally against it :(

Who?? Who else could it be??? Sigh ....

^ ^ I miss Disneyland HK, photo taken in Feb 2011

I thought that all kids would love Disneyland and it's everyone's dream to be in Disneyland (I do, although I am no longer qualify to be a kid long time ago) but I guess not for my little Angel.

We was there during Chinese New Year 2011 and she did enjoy playing in the maze behind of the hotel and also her big big ice cream cone ....

She also enjoy playing in the little activity room downstairs at the Disneyland Hotel and also have a whale of a time swimming in the hotel's big big bath tub ......

What she enjoyed the most was the 24 hours cartoon network in our room, refusing to go anywhere else but jumping on the bed doing all sort of acrobatic moves ...... *sweating*

Apart from that, I guess she doesn't like any of the rides and games in this fairyland.

And when the highlight of the entire journey - finally meeting with Mickey and Minnie that she absolutely adores in the TV, suddenly she cried out loud:

"Why they all are here?!!!!!! Why they come out from the TV?!!!! I don't want to see them here!!!! Wuahhhhh~~~~~" *She cried*

She refused to even take a look at them and her entire face turned sore! After a long session of crying while hiding under chairs and running away from the restaurant numerous time, we managed to settle her down making her gobble down some of the food. But her face looks absolutely pale and not happy at all!

My Poor baby! :(

Then after Mickey left, suddenly the crowd started to cheer on the other side of the restaurant ushering Goofy who is walking towards our direction, then suddenly I heard a very loud bawl,

"HUH!!!!!! NOT AGAIN~~~~!!!!! Heeiiiiiii YAAAAAA ~~~!!!!!! WHY GOOFY ALSO COME HERE AHHHHHHHHH ~~~~!!!!!!!" *bawled so loudly that everyone stares at us*

"MOMMY!!!!! I DON'T WANT THEM HERE!!! Huuu huu huuu ~~~~ Who asked them to come here????!!!!!!!!! Go away!!!! GO AWAY ~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I guess she just does not like the idea of all the cartoon characters all coming to life in front of her very own eyes. She is totally terrified by them looking so much bigger then in the TV and keep crying and bawling till her face looks like she was going to throw up any minute @_@ Poor little Angel.

So finally, after a few minute of watching them come and go plus constant crying wanted to leave the restaurant, she finally agrees to take just 1 individual photo with Mickey Mouse (so that she has something to show grandma) with the condition that we must leave the restaurant and never come back again.

What a waste of such nice and expensive buffet breakfast ..... :( She also refused to go into Disneyland afraid that she would bump into Mickey Mouse or any of his friends too :(

^ ^ A very rare photo of Angel with Mickey and it's very precious!

And now that she will be 5 next week and we thought that we would give her a real magical tour again, but she told us she doesn't want to go to Disneyland again, just because Mickey, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy were all in there @_@.

So, this school holiday, we ended up in KL visiting grandparent and family and then heading back to KK again, then fly back to the cold windy Shanghai instead of my favourite HK enjoying sunshine and great food.

We did have a great school break though and the holiday mood is still very much here for me.

The next school holiday will be in May and I think I am more anticipated then Angel looking forward for the day to come so that we could travel somewhere else again and sleep late!!! :P I am still in the midst of adjusting my biological clock trying to wake up at 6.15am every morning during school days. *yawning*

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Uttering 3 and 4 words [1Y8M]

Hello ~~ I am little Annabelle :P

Little Annabelle can finally utter 3 words few days ago. Yippe!!! She can communicate with us pretty well telling us what she wants and also she seems to understand Mandarin, simple English and Malay too! The few words that she likes to used nowadays are:

- 要坐坐咯(want to sit down)
- 嘘!你 diam-diam (Shhh ... keep quite)
- 要 minum juuce!(want to drink juice)
- Apa tu ~~~~~ *then make an angry face*
- duduk diam diam!
- 咪,你拿住!(asked me to take something)
- 要吃饭 (want to eat rice)
- 要 nen nen (want to drink milk)
- 打你啊!(beat you ah!!)
- 我不要!(I don't want)
- 我要 draw (Want to draw)

She can also remember how to address most of us since 1 year +. Even after few months she didn't see us, she still can recall who are who:

- Nong Nong (instead of gong gong)
- Ah Mah (grandma)
- 爸爸 (father)
- Ah Mi (mom) <<---- how she calls me is super sweet!!! *melted*
- Jie Jie (Angel)
- Kor Kor (boys)
- bb (all the babies)
- Yi Yi (aunty)
- Ah Gu (uncle)
- Ah Kim (aunty)
- Aunty

She address herself as "Belle" and sometimes when she saw my dinner is on the table, she would shout at me: " Hom!!!! 你吃饭啊!!!!" @_@
(p/s: Hong is what my mom use to call me @_@)

And today, I finally hear her uttering her first ever 4-sound words. Actually she was happily wearing Angel's bracelet on her wrist and told her grandma,
"Nah ~~~ He-llo Ki-tty!!!!" LOL

Maybe she is a Hello Kitty fan just like her Angel jie jie? I am not sure ...... :)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Registration for Primary One 2012 - Angel

These few days, I was busy searching and visiting schools preparing for Angel's Primary One registration which started today 1 March 2012 until 31 March 2012. The registration was intended for kids was born in year 2007. So here I am, the big day for registering my little girl for her primary one finally :)

As a first timer, I felt a little panic because I was not aware that the registration process will starts so soon. I didn't even know which school to choose for her. Distance vs Pressure vs Workload vs Learning vs Playtime are all important to me! Maybe I was exposed too much on the teaching method of International schools while we was in Shanghai and Bangkok, feeling that the kids in Malaysia are overloaded with school work and heavy school bag. I wanted to choose a school which is different, interesting, less pressure, more interactions in class but yet not left behind in learning what they are suppose to learn at their own age too. But at the end, I know I don't have much choice if I were to enroll her into a Chinese Kebangsaan School. Welcome back to Malaysia I told myself, take it or leave it!

Angel is a little girl who loves to go to school everyday! She would cry if I told her she can't go to school today! If she were to choose between going for shopping and to school, she would answer me:

"Mommy, can I go to school and then only goes shopping later?" ya, she interest in school is as interesting as going to shopping!

I just do not have the heart to 'unintentionally' kill her liking for school! I am glad that so far I could maintain her interest in school! That's not an easy task and it's something very precious to me and for her too ..... in order for both of us to walk further, walk longer in her lengthy journey of learning and progress together till I see her getting into the society. I have to accept the fact that we were living in such condition, nothing good or bad but only learning how to control and minimise the impact from it.


1. The A school

^ ^ A very green school!

First impression was quite good, very green and the school have a decent amount of tress and greens. It has around 900+ students currently. As I walked into the school, I saw the construction of new building blocks was still on going around 100 meters away from the classes. I was thinking will the kids be breathing in dust every day in school and will their attention be distracted due to the construction? The teachers say the impact is minimum though.

^ ^ New building blocks

^ ^ Existing Classrooms. White board behind a window? Can the kids see clearly with the flare from the morning sunshine?

It's good to have new classrooms, honestly the setting of the old classrooms is very unfavourable and conditions are pretty worn out. However I was told that once they moved into the new classrooms which is sometime this year/ next year, the old classrooms will be demolished! So is that mean construction will takes another 2 year or maybe 3?

^ ^ The 'padang' up up on the hill!!!! It should be a "fun" place for the kids :P

When I inquire about the teachers in the school, they told me it's sufficient and well trained! Oh well, how silly I am for asking such question!

^ ^ I kind of worry about the not so level-out steps and bumpy walkways throughout the school though .... maybe it's not an issue for most parent but I have my own reason to worry, I will blog about it later.

Overall, I liked the school and even will love it more if the new classrooms were ready for use + the construction work is all done! I can sent pipping hot lunch to Angel almost everyday too if she were in this school, it's near my place. The padang is a miss for most parents but for me, it's a plus! But the bumpy walkways ........ I would give it a miss. You will know my worries when I blog about Angel is her previous kindergarten :'(


2. The S School

^ ^ A very well maintained and wide open 'Padang'! Very nice school and I certainly love the environment and classroom in the school!

This is a so call top of the top school in KK! The amount of students is around 1,700++ and is still expending! Everything is top in this school, sports, academic, speech, etc!!! Even the amount of homework is also consider 'champion' among all!! I can understand that though. We must worked harder to achieve what we want, no pain no gain! However is that well-taken by my little Angel, I am not saying anything as yet.

^ ^ The school are so considerate!! They even provide a water machine for the students to purchase drinking water!! What a brilliant idea!

^ ^ Trophies and Trophies and more Trophies!!! The school and its' students must be doing very well in whatever they do!

I heard that everyone was fighting to get into this school and I am very lucky to meet one of the teachers there. When I asked her whether I should enroll my girl into this school,

she asked: Does your kid loves homework?
Me: Errrr .... she loves to go to school but when it comes to homework, not really, unless it's something not involving copy write or very academic homework.

She reply: Then better don't!!!! It will be too pressure for both the kids and the parent!
*she shakes her head profusely, aiikkss!!!*

I wonder will anyone answer "YES" to that ................??

After walking around the school, I met a mom in the canteen and when I asked about his son in school, she said the workload is still 'manageable' because her son is in the 'smart class' and he will do his own homework without being told to and he is very hardworking. *envy loh*

"During recess time, he will eat his bread while writing his homework. So normally when he reached home, only a few more that he need to complete, that's all." She says.

Well ..... I don't think I want nor my Angel will eat her bread + doing her homework at the same time :( Primary one will not have extra afternoon classes but those who are 'not so good' academic wise might be asked to 'stay back' after classes in the afternoon for extra classes.

The school will be having 6 exams or tests per year too which means every other month, they will be sitting for test or exams. I think we mum would certainly be very stressed out throughout the year!!! I know I would .....

^ ^ A very nice canteen! They even selling self-boiled herbal tea for RM1.00!! I asked, no gassy drinks? They told me not allow to have gassy drinks n junk food selling in school canteen anymore! I am sooooo please!!!

And when I left, I saw few students, doing their homework outside the principle's office. They were those who refused to do their homework therefore being put there to complete it after school!!! So must remember if your kids were here, must rajin-rajin to do homework lo .....

Hubby likes this school a lot and says, it's the perfect school for Angel to make her work harder, do more works and learn more things! *hhhhmmmm .....* But this school is very hard to get in as too many people are fighting over this school. After all, it's an excellent school in whatever they do.


3. The C School

^ ^ The basketball court cum padang of the school

The C school is my previous primary school and also consider one of the 'reputable' schools in town. This is the largest school of the 3 with over 2400+++ students and it's an very old school. The school didn't changed a bit, only more buildings were build and I can see some new classrooms was fully furnished with air con too!

^ ^ The school hall, hasn't changed a bit since those days!!!

The school compound was very clean although it doesn't look that new anymore. However, it's very well maintained including the classrooms are very tidy and clean. Not much green area in the school due to the fact that the school is in the middle of the urban city hence, what would I expect?

^ ^ The classroom, bright and wide.

^ ^ Open concept classrooms! Feels great during hot days and I liked it.

For me, the only drawback from this school is that it's a bit far from where we stay comparing the previous 2. if Angel were to get into this school, we will have to travel a long way which means waking up very early in the morning during her 6 years of primary school life. She starts around 7am! Poor kid .... I can't even send her lunch everyday as I would love to too :(

The same as School S, the school will have 6 test or exams every academic year too :( However after asking around, I find that School C has lesser homework comparing to the School S (for the time being).


After much consideration, I have picked 1 school and submitted my enrollment form on the 1st March. I do not need to queue up at all when handing up the forms as I was the last person to enroll that day! :P

We do not know which school that she will be allocated just yet. I was told to return to the school and check it out from the notice board myself!!! No letter, phone call or notification to us parents even when the list it out earlier than that!! Ok, ok then.

However, Fingers crossed that the Jabatan Pendidikan will granted me the school of my choice la :P

Finally I can have a good night sleep after so many days! Hurray!!!!!

^ ^ Hurray!! That means Angel has successfully being registered to her first primary school!
Which school?? Shhhhh ..... It's a secret :P :P :P *fingers crossed*



Registration date: 1 March 2012 - 31 March 2012

The documents needed for registration varies among schools but the most comprehensive listed I have gathered so far was as below:

i. I.C - both original and photocopies for both mother and father
ii. Birth certificate - both original and photocopies
iii. Marriage certificate of parents - original and photocopy
iv. Passport size photo for the kid - 2 copy
v. Electricity bill showing house address
vi. Salary slip - for parents showing house income (varies among school)

vii. 2 self addressed envelop with RM1.00 stem EACH (for those registered online)
, i.e. Selangor.

For some states in West Malaysia, you need to register online at before submit it to the respective school. For the rest, in my case Sabah, no online registration required, just registered ourselves to the school of our choice and filling in forms handed out by respective school.