Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Angel - Part 1

Angel celebrates her 5th Birthday few weeks ago. My girl is 5 now!!!! Kids really grow up so fast, aren't they :)

And we had an early celebration with Hubby 1 week before her actual birthday and when asked about what birthday present that she wants, there she goes again," How I wish I have a Hello Kitty!"

Hello Kitty again?? She have way too many Hello Kitty already to be honest. Imagine, Hello Kitty for Christmas, Hello Kitty for birthday, Hello Kitty for New Year, Hello Kitty for Children's day, she wants Hello Kitty soft toys, Hello Kitty bags, Hello Kitty watches, Hello Kitty Bottle, Hello Kitty shirt, Hello Kitty panties, and Hello Kitty for basically EVERYTHING .... :( :( To the extreme, she even wants me to get her the Hello Kitty panty liner which she saw in Watson which I don't know why on earth does she need a panty liner!!! @_@

And she handpicked her own birthday cake too this year! And guess what, she insisted to have the same birthday cake as mommy's birthday last year (hubby bought me that cake for some reason!). Ok ok, since it's her birthday, she is the boss, no choice as long as she is happy.

Can't wait to see her cake! :P :P

*laugh* Yup, she got herself another Hello Kitty cake again!!!! And that's her 3rd consecutive year that she is having a Hello Kitty cake on her birthday!!! Sigh ..... Hello Kitty cake every year and still never gets bored, that's way too much! I am kind of having phobia when I saw another Hello Kitty cake already, no joking here .... *sweat*

But she is indeed very happy with her cake! She said to me, " Mommy, I feel GLAD that I have my Hello Kitty cake again!" *see??* A big Hello Kitty fan!!!

After the birthday song, we asked her to have the first bite of her cake cos it's her birthday! She stares at me for a moment then ....... she bite into poor Hello Kitty's ear :P The naughty daddy saw it and then suddenly pushed Angel face onto the cake ...... Muahahahaha!!!! A very 'creamy' birthday girl she has turned into :P :P

She can't stop laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing till she was rolling on the floor for daddy's naughty act! kekekekeke ..... she suggested that we have a cake fight and putting fresh cream on each other's face but NO THANKS my dear ..... we told her that only birthday girl gets to have such 'privilege" of having creams on her face, luckily she didn't pressed further *phew*

(Few days later, Annabelle saw Angel's video and pictures loaded with cream on her face and cried out very very loud!!!!! She is indeed horrified and told us "不要这样嘛!!!" and showing us the gesture not to push Angel's face onto the cake :P :P Poor Mei Mei Annabelle.)

At 5 years old, Angel got her first ever remote control mini bike from Daddy!!! :) :) Hubby said he was planning to get a remote helicopter for Angel at first but oh boy, I am so glad that he didn't or else, I will surely fainted!!!!!!

And look at the little girl's eyes ~~~, all brighten up and sparkled brightly when she saw her 1st remote control bike!! Seeing that she is so happy, we are very very happy too :) :) :)

Happy 5th Birthday my girl.

p/s: and we have another celebration with her on her actual birthday itself. Too bad that her kindergarten doesn't allow birthday celebration in school.


Mummy Moon said...

The cake is nice. So happy to see her happy smile on the face though she has become the victim :)

MeRy said...

nice cake

ChloeRuoyi said...

The cake is very nice! Next year should bring her to the Hello Kitty amusement park (Sanrio Puroland) in Japan to fulfill her dream of a lifetime... she won't want to leave hehe! (heard there will be one in China, not far from Shanghai, opening in 2014)

Adrine said...

That's such a lovely cake! My girl loves Hello Kitty too, but I think that's partially influenced by me. he he.

The happy look on her face, looking at the motorbike is just priceless :)

Vickylow said...

Happy Birthday again. The cake is so big and cute.

Kristie said...

wow what a lovely HK cake! I am sure she is over the moon :-)

Happy 5th birthday again my dear angel xoxoxooxoxo

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...the Hello Kitty cake is so gorgeous. Breadtalk makes such beautiful HK cake?

Daddy so naughty huh..hehe.

Happy Birthday To Angel!

Merryn said...

Big girl dy. I remembered us getting to know each other through blogging when the kids were like babies still... Happy Birthday Pretty Angel :)

Merryn said...

Panty liner! Gasp!!!!

CathJ said...

Happy birthday Angel.... So cute la face with cake.. Hihihi..

1st time heard no bday celebration in school.. O.o

MommyAngel said...

Thanks to all mommies for the great birthday wishes, hugs!

Hweili, thanks for your info but Japan hor, very scared to go now :P

MommyGwen: Breadtalk shanghai did quite of number of nice hello kitty cakes :)

Cath: maybe too many kids in kindergarten (33 in her class)so the school write big big there at the school notice board : NO BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION TO AVOID CONDUCTING OF CLASSES! :(

Serene said...

She is soo cute! aiyoh... look at her excited face.. I know how happy she was. The remote control bike and the HK cake are nice!

Oliveoylz said...

Happy birthday to the biggest HK fan of all time! Bet she loved tasting the cake literally eating out from the whole cake! haha.