Thursday, April 19, 2012

How She Wants to Celebrate her big 5 (and Beijing)

Before Angel turned 5 years old few weeks ago, we asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday. So, here's a summary of her list:

1. She wants to Celebrate @ her "Shanghai Home" (Top of Angel's list!!)

Ok ok ... since no Disneyland so I think Shanghai is not bad too ya :) Daddy's hard earn $$$$ all gone to flight company liao, hu~ hu~ hu~ *crying*

2. Eat Haagen Dazs 100 time! @_@

I know you didn't gets to eat ice cream very much but 100 time is way too much, my dear!

And also, Haagen Dazs in Shanghai is so expensive as compare to KL and this 3 small scope cost us around RM40++.

Nope, she only gets to eat 3 times of her favourite ice cream within a week and no more :P :P

3. She wants to go to Toys 'R Us

...... and stay there long long time, not only "5 minutes" as she puts it *hahahaha*

Have to put her jacket back on as inside is a bit freezing. I just bought this jacket from H&M KL not long ago. Quite a good bargain, but looks like she will soon outgrow from it :(

She stays in Toys R Us for a good 1 hour and me + hubby are like her bodyguard, waiting for her patiently, following her everywhere till she is done with all the touching here and there.

4. She wants a Double-Decker Bus ride @_@

Although she is very prone to car sickness but she just can't stop from asking to go for a Double-Decker bus ride whenever she is back in Shanghai! And she will turn very quiet after a few rounds feeling car sick but still, she doesn't want to get down from the bus!

No tourists on the bus that day!

So we transformed into 2 tourists touring Shanghai for a day again :P :P

RMB 100 (50 ringgit) per person -Shanghai Big Bus Tour. There is also a cheaper version of this double decker bus at RMB 30 (15 ringgit) per person - City Bus Tour, but expect more tourists and fighting for good seats lo.

We went to The Bund (上海滩) at the far end, can you see it?

5. Insisted to go to Nanjing Walking Street

This is another place that Angel must go. The very famous Nanjing Walking Street (南京步行街). Why????

Sigh, she is totally hooked with this little train which takes passenger from the beginning of Nanjing Street to the end of the street. She then will pay for another train ride and take the train back to where we start our journey.

Again, when she is up, she refused to get down!!

RMB 2 (1 ringgit) per trip per person one way including children, reached destination less then 3 minutes per trip.

6. Drink Coke and Japanese Food @ 和民

Ok, this is not in her list actually but after the Double Decker bus rides followed by a few rounds of that little train ride in Nanjing road, mommy is getting really car sick and need to find a place to sit down!

Too dizzy to even take picture of the food too but tell you, this restaurant is fabulous!!!

She gets to have her favourite drinks of all - coke + lemon and she told me, "Mommy, this lemon coke is so nice oh!" and drank 2 glasses!!!!

7. Dessert @ 恒记甜品

This is her must must list to do too!! This is by far her most favourite dessert of all!!

She managed to finished a big bowl even after a full meal!!!!!! RMB30++ (15 ringgit) per bowl of her most most most most favourite mix fruit in mango juice dessert.

"No sharing please .... not enough for me when it comes to this mango dessert!" :P

8. Go to the Great Wall, Beijing

For some reason, she starts asking about Great Wall after seeing a picture of it and tell us she wants to go to the Great Wall.

So we did make it a trip to the Great Wall in Beijing. Not a very ideal place for family with young children especially those active ones *gulp* and I almost have heart attack watching Angel making her climb!!

And half way, she did ask daddy to carry her! Carrying a 20kg kid walking up on a slippery steps?? We can't even walk steadily ourselves and too many people on the great wall pushing each other around.

So we sweet talked her into walking herself and this girl is like a wild horse let loose! @_@ So dangerous throughout the journey and my blood pressure raised quite a few times throughout the climb. And I am glad, I am glad that we make it safe and sound!!

So at the end, this little tough girl successfully complete this very dangerous journey and slippery climb all by herself! Long relief from mommy and daddy but a big Well Done my girl! Well done daddy too!! Well done mommy!!! *phew phew phew*

9. She want To Eat Something "Special"!

Or should I say she wants mommy to eat something "special"? She actually begged me to EAT those "still alive" scorpions still moving on that "satay stick"!!!! (or is that lava that I saw???) Eeeeewwww .... No Thank You!!!

I would never ever eat those even when I have nothing to eat, will you??? *yucks!!!*

I think eating a steamboat the Beijing-way is consider special too, my sweetie??

It's call 北京老火锅 :) Steamboat in a very ancient Beijing style hot pot using "burning hot charcoal" to heat up the soup which they dropped it in the middle opening as you can see from the picture :) :)

Again, steaming hot pot which is definitely VERY dangerous especially with kids who can't sit still and always wants to touch here and there whenever you didn't pay attention!!! And adding to that, a bunch of very careless and carefree waitresses who is walking pass by with hot burning charcoal and hot soup all night long?

*we had a very 'stressful' dinner that night* hahahahaha

10. The forbidden City of Beijing

She is very happy indeed as her dreams finally comes true as she has transform into the Little ancient Princess - 小格格 wearing that little outfit we rented from the The Forbidden City. She keep posing even for the other tourists who is taking her picture as if she is the movie star.

She looks very tired as it's way past her napping time. The Forbidden City is much bigger then I thought too! So tired ..... but feels great!

Everything is the same as seen on the TV dramas here :) :)

11. She wants to swim!

After a hectic day, she demand for her swimming and splashing time!

Ok .... we can't swim in the cold winter weather but we sure can swim in the warm hotel room bath tub :P :P Another must do thing which she enjoys to the max!!!!

Why not the pool but the hotel bath tub you might ask?
Answer: Daddy and mommy are too tired to even move a finger let alone swimming! That's why :)

At the end of the day, this has become her most favourable thing to do out of the entire list!!

Hhhhmmmm, in that case, should we just omitted the rest and skipped to list no. 11 instead next time? *thinking*

Mommy and Daddy had great fun and hope that my little girl had a whale of a time too :)


LittleLamb said...

So many wish-list items. and daddy and mummy agreed to all of them!!!!!

Small Kucing said...

wish my mummy was as good as you :)

Kristie said...

wow angel got all her wishes! lucky girl... and she does have one hell of an appetite! :-)

Cynthia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Angel! and she is good in planning for her to-do list ya... *clap clap*

Linda said...

Honestly... I am very tired just by reading the lists... hahaha.... Great great birthday Angel... :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, such a long list of things to do. very fun indeed. she's such a lucky girl :)

MommyAngel said...

This list is unplanned, so 1 wish per day and after we have done all then only realised it's such a long list.

Once in a blue moon event so it's ok :) I am enjoying the time spend with this little girl while I can before she rather spend it with her friends when she is much older :p :p

Mummy Moon said...

Very long list and so happy so Angel that most of the wish get granted!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy belated b'day to Angel! She's a very lucky girl. Eeewwe, you mean the scorpians on the skewer were still moving?? Aren't they deep fried?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Angel is such a lucky girl! If I were Annabelle mei-mei and happen to see all these photos one day, I would be so JEALOUS! Haha ;)

Anyway, Angel is getting prettier and prettier every day :) Happy belated birthday to her!

CathJ said...

This sooo good... Hihihi.. Angel really knows what she want oh.. Hihi

Mm.. I am goin to try this with my son.. Letting him have what he want bcoz he turning 6 this yr..

I am just hopping he dont request for a real airplane.. Lol..

MommyAngel said...

Mommy Moon: Thanks :)

Shireen: Nope, they are not deep fried. They are still very active and 100% alive!!!

Hweili: Annabelle sure will be jealous but she will gets her turn too when she is older :) :) Now I am glad that I only have to do this twice, hahahaha.

Cath: hahahaha .... real aeroplane?? I hope he didn't asked for that ... *wipe sweat*

BoeyJoey said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Angel dear!!

Such a little girl and she can give you such an impressive list of things that she wanted to do! Can't wait for her 18th year old list :-D