Monday, January 17, 2011

Diamond, Diamond, I Love You

And nope, I didn’t get any diamond ring from hubby for my birthday if that is what you were thinking :P But I remembered clearly that when hubby (boyfriend then) bought me my first diamond ring surrounded by a few tiny shiny diamonds during our school days. I was so delighted and couldn’t believe my eyes! I show it to my mom and she jeered, “Be careful with that ring. Just remembered to cover it up when it’s windy!” and before I could asked why, “Those tiny winy diamonds of yours might get blown away if you don't.” She said and grinned LoL

Yes, those diamonds were pretty tiny but that was the simplest yet most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It was surrounded by a few tiny loose stones which were skillfully embedded into a 18k white gold band. Although the diamonds were a bit small, it was quite a lavish piece of stone article to have for a normal university student like myself then. After all, a diamond ring is unlike any other jewelry articles carrying the same price tag as it symbolized eternity and purity. I am contented for what I am getting and as a note, nope! I did not cover my ring up during windy days but flaunt it instead :P and those diamonds were doing just fine and still shine as brightly as it used to be over the years! *wink*

Just happens that few days back when I made an inquiry about a small 0.50 carat diamond price from our local jewelry store, I was quite startled how much the price has increased over the years. I could not imagine how much a 1.5 carat diamond ring, platinum, price would cost now if I own one of those.

By changes, I stumbled upon an online store - and found out they were actually selling a wide selection of diamond rings and articles at quite a reasonable and affordable prices. They even cater the rare 1.5 carat black diamond ring and earrings in beautiful black diamonds which I would love to have. Even some of their 1.5 carat diamond cost was slash to almost half of its original prices. How I wish I would have found such great bargains few years back which would really save me a lot over the years.

Well, Valentines' Day is just around the corner, do you think hubby will be extra nice to get me another diamond ring this year? :P

After all, diamonds are a girl’s (and women’s) best friend *wink*

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softwaresolt said...

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CathJ said...

I have a 'crush' with Diamonds.. but never ever tot of wanting having it.. LOL..

My wedding ring have few pieces of them too.. unfortunately.. My finger getting fat and I can't wear any of my ring.. LOL..

thinking of sending back to the shop to make it bigger.. But how if I slim back?? <<perasan habisss.... ;-p


Chew Lee said...

have to laugh at yr mother's comment... diamond prices are going up and up... before that cant afford, now even no hope of getting one..

CL from