Friday, January 07, 2011

Talking About Birthday Presents

Me and Angel was talking about my coming birthday and the birthday present this morning. From her conversation, she surely knows what we liked :P

M: What will you get for Mommy’s birthday, Angel?
A: I will buy mommy a BREADMAKER
* Ya ..... I have been eye-ing on this breadmaker from the shopping TV channel here :P :P*

M: What if it is Papa’s birthday?
A: I will buy Papa GLASSES!

M: What about Annabelle’s birthday?

M: What about Gong Gong’s (grandpa) birthday?
A: I will buy Gong Gong a BOOK!

M: What about Ah Mah (grandma)?
A: Ah Mah likes to 'see' computer EVERYDAY! I will buy Ah Mah a COMPUTER!
*hahahaha ..... Ah Mah, I think you are 'FARMING' too much already :P Wink*

M: What about Yee Yee (my sister)
A: I will buy Yee Yee Hello Kitty Mouse!
*hahahaha .... she is very observant :P*

M: What about Ah-Gu (my brother)
A: Cartoon (comic) Book
*I think he’ll love it if she really buys him one :P*

M: What about Ah-Kim (my SIL)
A: I will buy her ... Errrmmm ... Errrmmm ....(think hard) I will buy her AH GU!
*I burst out laughing! Even she noticed how much she loves my brother right??? Wink wink*

Then when asked what she would like for her birthday present:

A: I want Apples and Bananas!! 1 book and 10 toys!!!
*Sigh .... Bananas again??*

M: Ok ok ...... I know you likes Apples and Bananas, books and toys! What else??
A: Errrmm ..... I want 1 Oven, 1 Hello Kitty handphone and 1 Hello Kitty Camera!


A 3 and 1/2 year old kiddo start asking for Oven, Handphone and Camera already? No wonder one of the blogger mommy mentioned her 5 year-old start asking for credit card!

Sophisticated kids we have nowadays? ^_^

^ ^ Bergaya betul ~~!!


Work Harder, Papa

I was browsing at some cooking blog and Angel saw few nice cupcakes and cookies

A: Ohhhhh Mommy, I want these .....!!
M: But we don’t have an oven here :(

A: Oh, then ask Papa go working (to work) and make more money la!

(Oh .... I do hope that Hubby won’t mind to hear this, poor Papa :P)



mNhL said...

Ohhh......She is so clever. ahahaa....hp and camera are very useful!

MeRy said...

Very smart Angel.....Her cute.

LittleLamb said...

still drinking from bottle? P is using cup now.

Hope u get ur breadmaker n oven :)

CathJ said...

hahahhaha... what a conversation.. ^_^.. I smile all the way...

wah so action huh Angel..kaki lipat...pegang hp and pegang botol.. hihihi....

My boy once ask me to buy toys.. and I just said.. I have no money..because I don't work.. must ask daddy... wah.. my boy simply said... mummy you go to you have money... go... go make people shirt (He knows I do sewing for few friends before..)... ~.@

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hhahahaa...she's a smart and cheeky girl. I like the way she sits :)

Oliveoylz said...

Such a cute post...your gal's really very observant about her family members wants and desires...Grandma owns a farm on FB? Wahahaha. Cool!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Pandainya! She's very smart, observant and witty :) If I ask C the same list of questions, I'm sure she will just say "I don't know...", her favourite answer haha.

Mummy Gwen said...

Angel is so clever leh. She speaks like a grown up direct and innocent hor.

Gwen would say "I don't know" if Papa asks her what she wants..hehe.

Anggie's Journal said...

She had a high and good taste hor, hihihi .... cos 1 Oven, 1 Hello Kitty handphone and 1 Hello Kitty Camera! !!
i was surprise at this age she know what is BREADMAKER was ... !!!

smallkucing said...

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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Enjoyed looking at the lovely and relax pose of Angel. Extremely cute!