Thursday, January 06, 2011

CNY Shoes and Cheong Sum

Yes! Chinese New Year is just less then a month’s time (oh my! Whoo Hooo :D) and of course, we start doing our first round of CNY shopping last weekend :P

The locals were out “grabbing” for clothing, shoes, scafts "everything" in the malls too and we almost have to ‘fight’ to pay for our stuffs as if they were ‘FREE’ :P No kidding! On 1/1/2011, one of the malls here in shanghai (太平洋百货) actually reached a target sales of 100 million in just 1 day!! Which is equivalent to 54k sales every single minute *crazy*. A lot of goods were sold out including gold articles as few of the huge display counters was totally swept empty (jaw dropped) before even reaching midnight!! *double crazy*! That's how rich the Chinese people can be!!

Back to our shopping :) I just bought a pair of grey boots before Christmas and adding in another collection of black flurry ones for new year :) I would love to have another pair of “winter” Crocs (with cotton layers inside, “canggih” huh?) replacing my current one but I can’t seems to find it anywhere this year :( I must look harder .....

^ ^ My current boots which is still very new and a pair of new Skechers UGG.
I can’t wear these back home so I am quite delighted actually ^_^

As for Angel, we finally bought her 2 very thick and ‘winter-feel’ CNY cheong sum :) Actually the outfit can be easily found everywhere but most of Angel’s size was sold out :( Angel was acting cranky throughout the entire shopping trip too :( Even hubby couldn’t stand her tantrum and behaviour and gave her a good smack on her thigh. And guess what? That gesture actually turned into a fight between them two hitting and pulling each other inside the shop and eventually ended with a red faced daddy and a crying kiddo!! *shake head* This Angel really is one tough girl to handle!

^ ^ 2 of Angel’s very thick and ‘traditional’ CNY cheong sum. So RED!!!!

So after getting the CNY Cheong Sum, we quickly grab some matching colour boots. As too many people was pushing here and there while “fighting” for shoes, we only manage to pay for whatever we could lay our hands on. Oh well …… it’s CNY soon so we don’t want to put on a fight just for a pair of shoe :P

^ ^ I like the pink one better but the red one is such a good buy :P
I think she will outgrow her shoes very soon!

As for Annabelle, Grandma is happily in charged for her CNY apparels :) And oh ya! This Grandma even learn how to "online shopping" for Annabelle which really shocked mommy!! *canggih la this grandma!* But I have also start browsing for some nice pre-walker shoes online for little Annabelle too although I am not sure when she will take her first step. I am really looking forward to the day that she will wear her first shoes and watching her making her cute wobbly baby steps :)

And how to get the right fit for the shoes? Here’s a very informative video from Youtube to share :)

Oh! I love CNY so much and I love doing all the CNY shopping too!! :) I still have few more weeks to do my last minute shopping. What about you? Have you done yours?


Alice Law said...

Just completed my kids' CNY apparels yesterday, woohoo~! LOL, I'm imagining the scene of an adult fighting and pulling hair with Angel, kids tend to be quite grumpy if they were tired or sleepy.

Lovely shoes and cheong sam, how come your MIL so geng one, so sophisticated to shop online, salute!;D

LittleLamb said...

Where you celebrating CNY? Ig uess in SHG? Will #2 come along?

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh you are not coming back to KK for CNY ah? Wah...nice boots leh..only can wear in cold countries. I actually love autumn/winter chic. :)

Lovely cheongsam and shoes you bought for matching some more.

Maybe you should prepare some snacks for Angel when you go out for "shopping". It's bored for them even Gwen sometimes will get irritated.

ChloeRuoyi said...

I didn't know the Chinese shopping style is so scary. So desperate until gold also habis disapu? *shake head*

Looking at Angel's winter cheong-sum, I assume you will be celebrating CNY in Shanghai?

mNhL said...

The adults and kids booths are so nice! Never have a chance to wear them in M'sia.

Wah.....fighting with daddy... haha...

Mummy Moon said...

China ppl can be so crazy one? Maybe is because of 1/1 people on holiday so all come out together and shop and made the mall so congested.

I like your boots. Angel is so lucky, get to taste the four season and wear all four season bajus, hehhe/

Chew Lee said...

I like your UGG boots... am going to get a pair next winter.. I saw those winter crocs when I was in Shanghai 2 years ago.. and look at those pretty cheong sums... Angels is one lucky girl..

CL from

Wonderful Life said...

Happy CNY to you and family, Caroline!(in advance)... =)

CathJ said...

Oh my... cny is coming.. I didn't do any preparation yet.. may be it's gonna be as dull as my Christmas too..*sad*

seems I am so 'preggy'.. not much I can do for fun .. so my family will be included.. *sorry to them*.. ;-p

CNY in shanghai must be very happening!! ^_^

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh i love your boots. they are so nice and pretty. i miss wearing boots so much.