Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Little Annabelle Standing Up [6M1W]

Happy New Year 2011 everyone! This shall be my 1st post of the new year ^_^

Look at what my little Missy is up to during her 6m1w development? ...... She is able to stand up with support!! Oh my, she sure is growing up so fast!

^ ^ Look Mama, I am standing up high and tall now ^_^

^ ^ p/s: pardon me for the blurry pictures. I think Grandma is just too busy 'entertaining' me till she has no time to clean up her camera lens :P :P

^ ^ Ah ha .... that looks better!

Little Annabelle is also responding to our call now and will look at us when her name was called ^_^ Holding her own bottle during feeding time is not a problem since her 4th month old. She loves her milk so much that holding her own bottle will give her some sense of 'security' I guess :)

^ ^ Errmm .... I am busy 're-fueling' guys so can you come back later? *_<

She is also able to communicate her needs to us now. For example she was crying for something and when grandma asked what she wants, she would say:

"Maam Maam ~~! Maam Maam ~~!" (she wants to eat!)

When grandma told her it's not her 'Maam Maam' time yet, she starts crying and said "Maam Maam! Maam Maam!" pitifully again ^_^

So considering her first word would be "Maam Maam" then? (Angel's first word is "Maam Maam" too.)

^ ^ Hello! Do I look good in this 肚兜?

(肚兜 = "tou-dao" in Cantonese - an ancient Chinese undergarments wore by ladies/kids.) ^_^


Updates on Annabelle's [6M2W] check up

On 27/12/10 she got her first flu vaccination and the 2nd dose will be 1 month - 3 months later.

This little Missy is growing up fast:


Weight: 9.2kg
Height: 71cm

I do hope that she is not considering too tall. For Angel, she only reached 67.3cm tall on her 6th month and 69.5cm on her 10th month while Annabelle already hitting 71cm during her 6m :P

Grandma said The Doctor did comment that Annabelle looks like a 'mixed blood' baby but I think she looks very 'Chinese' wor. Angel also been having the same comment everywhere we went even here in Shanghai. Sometimes, people would ask hubby "她是混血儿吗?" (is she a mixed blood?) until she saw Angel calling me mommy. I think Cantonese + Hokkien also consider a "mix" ? :P Or some Sabahan-native gene in me start to show in my kids already? :P

^ ^ My Little Saliva-Diva :P


Alice Law said...

LOL, she sure growing up fast and bet her she can walk really fast too with her 2 strong legs!;D

God gracious, she is 6 m.o and weight 9.2kg?!! My boy 10 months older only weight 9.5kg, I really need to stuff my boy a lot perhaps add on more supplements! LOL!^-^

Love the last pic, such a darling!

CathJ said...

wowww... what a big progress there... I mean fast progress.. ^_^

Oh yeah... your baby really have a mixed blood looks oh... ^_^

Mummy Gwen said...

Annabelle is so advanced. Gwen started holding her own bottle when she was 1 year plus!

Her eyes are so big...really envy.

P/S: Happy New Year to you and your family!

Small Kucing said...

The last photo so cute. Taken in studio?

Happy New Year!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Annabelle is really living up to her name Belle, which means beautiful :) And my, she is very strong! I don't remember Chloe being able to stand at 6 mths. Your little girl is definitely growing very well.

MommyAngel said...

Alice: Hahahaha .... I think the 'size' of my little girl is in the gene coz both me and my husband is considered big size :(

Cath: got the Kadazan look or not? Hehhehehe

Mummy Gwen: Oh, Annabelle's eyes is only 1/2 of Angel's so not big at all :) Happy New Year to you too :)

Small Kuching: The last photo taken in grandma's bedroom :) Happy New Year to you too :)

Chloe Mummy: Ya lor .... I didn't expect her to stand up so soon too, worried that her leg will not support her weight but she is unstoppable I guess :)

MeRy said...

Such a big girl now and she looks so cute...

Serene said...

So super advance!! So Annabelle can sit already? so fast can stand with support ah... very strong! Her grandma sure feed her very well! My petite boy only weight 7.2kg at 5months old. :S

nicole said...

aiyo. little Annabelle so cute and adorable ~~ time flies she is 6 mths++ with 9kg?? wua... wat milk u given?
but very fast can stand up eh!!!!

MommyAngel said...

Mery: Thanks :)

Serene: Yup, she can sit since .... I think 4 months old. Your Chen Yi also very chubby and very tall from what I read from your blog leh :)

Nicole: Hahaha, thanks dear :) She drinks Enfalac A+ but I think her weight doesn't related to what milk she is taking but how much she is taking! Grandma is afraid that she gets hungry fast so she feed her a lot :P

the little prince said...

Happy New Year to you!!

How are u?

Wah!! Baby really growing so fast ya!! Love Annabelle smile!!

You take care!

Mummy Moon said...

She is so cute and growing so healthy, happy for you!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

awww....she's so adorable!

Oliveoylz said...

Annabelle's such a darling diva!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hello Annabelle cutie, you have grown up so much.

She is very Mixed Blood look:)