Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Angel's Drawings and Writings [2Y4M]

Angel hasn’t been doing much of her drawing lately while staying at her grandparents'. However, she has finally learned how to grip the crayons / pen correctly but still, she would hold her pen with her left hand for few minutes then shifting to her right hand for a few minutes more, repeating this process until she is done with her scribbling. However, we have taught her some simple ‘writing’ lately and she finally learned how to write some simple “1” and “0” with the correct strokes ^_^

Angel’s first writing of “1” and “0”. She would write the “0” so small and when I asked her to write it bigger, she wrote them real big LOL

She then drew me something on her magnetic drawing board then shouting “Mommy See! Mommy See!!!” and when I looked at her drawings, I was thinking what is that??? Then after I asked her and she told me what she drew, we all burst out loud :D

Can you figure it out what is she drawing??? Try your guess and tell me if you got it correct and I shall post the answer at the bottom of this post :P

Then we requested that she drew a man’s face and then she came out with the following simple drawings. We was quite impressed as we never teach her how to draw a face before :)

Angel’s drawing of a face with eyes and nose :P

Later I explained to her our face not only will have eyes and nose, we will have mouth, etc too. Then while I am talking to her, I was a bit annoyed as she was not paying much attention busy scribbling with her drawing board again and I thought maybe my ‘lecture’ is too boring for her so I just give it a rest until she is calling, “Mommy ~~ ….. See!! …. FACE~~!” We opened our eyes wide, silence …… and then cannot stop ourselves from laughing as when we saw what’s on her drawing board (as explained by herself to us).

Don’t you think a 2 Y.O’s drawing is just too cute????

She does asked me to draw her a mouse that day and when I passed her the drawing board with my sketches, she just looked at me saying "Dog~~!" (>"<) In order to catch up with my little Angel's progress, finally I went to the book store and get myself this basic drawing book (as below) to polished up my drawing skills just in case she asked me to draw another mouse again, which I hope I can do much better and put a happy smile on her face ^_^

A beginniers drawing book for mommy to practice my drawing skills at home :P Daddy, this one is for your homework too :P :P

Answer for the 2nd drawing:
Angel says …………………………… it’s a LIZARD, kakakakaka!!


MeRy said...

Clever Angel......You have done a good job!! Practice more and sure one day you can draw very well.
Ryan always ask me draw robot with different colour pencils...draw till my hand feel tired.

Cynthia said...

good good Angel.. clever clever girl.. and she can do her writing with both hands!!

Cath J said...

I almost answer 'elephant' lol..

sooo cute all her drawing!!!! Good Job!! Good Job!!! *clapping for Angel*

Irene said...

lizard? hahaha... i thot mouse :) wakakaka! but she is doin a good job leh, can draw :)

the little prince said...

yeahhh..I got it right!! Lizard!! :-)

Kids have great creativity n imagination...

can consider to send her to drawing class..must find good teacher who can lead her to find potential in her!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..Angel is very good in drawing. Oh..she knows what's lizard? So smart..hehe. That's a great book to learn drawing. I need one too..haha.

Serene said...

Angel is very very smart!! She can hold a pencil in correct way already ah? Her lizard really makes me smile.. heheh =) what a good imagination!!

Mummy Moon said...

She is so clever, can draw so nice at her age! Keep it up!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahahah....nice drawings. Oh..i was going to say it's a fairy...hehehehehe

little prince's mummy said...

nice drawings!~

Ann said...

her drawing is so cute...esp the face!!!

I thought it was a kite of something! :)

BoeyJoey said...

I love the face that she has drawn... so cute! Haha... I guessed that's a mouse :-)

Wonderful Life said...

wow... amazing!! So clever girl. Well done, Angel!

Carolyn said...

Angel is really a darling..so cute even the lizards looks cute to me :-D
I could still remember my 2 daughters..they scribbled anything even though some may looks so funny but now..at the age of 6 and 7..they really amazed me so much..they could draw and paint very well..

ChloeRuoyi said...

I guessed cockroach haha... Angel's drawings and scribbles are quite similar to Chloe's :-)

Julie said...

Haha...she got a very good imagination. I like her lizard. :)

Fussy mum said...

Angel's doing a good job in drawing. Keep up the good work! Btw, I like her cute little lizard :)

Mummy Ryan said...

Clever little Angel..keep up the good work!

2ma said...

well done angel!!

"gan-ba-tei" to you & hubby in your drawing practice :)

MommyAngel said...

Mery, you know how to draw robot? Not bad at all :)

Cynthia, thanks :)

Cath, hahahaha …. Does it looks like an elephant? Kekekekeke ….

Irene, Thanks :)

Yugene, you got it right, so keng!! I also wish to sent her to drawing class and still surveying :)

MummyGwen, yes …. She knows what’s lizard coz she is very afraid of them :P The book is quite good, simple and a lot of drawings inside for me to ‘copy’ :P

Serene, yes … she can hold the pen correctly now. Have been teaching her for quite sometimes already and finally after so many months, she is willing to hold the pen in the right way.

MummyMoon, thanks :)

MommyToChumsy, fairy? Actually it does looks like a fairy, at first I thought it’s a whistle :P :P

PeiWun, thanks :)

Ann, kekekeke …. Thanks :)

BoeyJoey, mouse with long tails :)

Doreen, thanks :)

Carolyn, yes … kids simply drew the most amazing things and I bet your 2 daughters can drew pretty well. Did you sent them to drawing classes?

Hweili, hahaha …. Actually she never seens a cockroach before, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I am hoping to see Chloe’s drawings too :)

Julie, thanks :)

Fussymum, thanks :)

MummyRyan, thanks :)

2ma, Hahahahaha …… yes, I think me and hubby need to work harder @_@

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thats the lizard? Ai yak, I thought it is a balloon.

That is how amazing kids drawing is...so cute and funny!

I am amazed with her drawing of a face. Good job done!

Steph said...

Angel is very thoughtful in her drawing. Every tiny little things she is trying to draw it out. The 'face' is a very good example.