Sunday, August 30, 2009

29th Month Old [2Y5M] (Part 2 of 2)

Learning and Speech

♥ Still not talking much (but trying to) apart from some short sentences which forms maximum 3 words mostly. But I think it’s a great achievement as compare to previously and would sometimes surprise us with a long sentence. I think she is just very lazy to talk :(

♥ She speaks mandarin. But somehow she sounds really sounds like an ‘ang-moh’ talking mandarin and that is so funny ^_^! Maybe the reason was that the first language that we teach her was English and all the cartoons that she watched is all in English but we do speak to her in mandarin at home. We will try to expose her to more Chinese Vocabulary and also 三字经, mandarin children songs, etc in the future to polish up her pronunciation.

♥ Everyday after waking up from bed, she would never fail to say this same old phrase “妈咪 抱抱Angel Please ~~” (Mommy please carry Angel out.)in order to come out from her crib! It is trained by Angel’s grandma and seems like she is very good in making Angel speaks :P

♥ She can name us all!!!! Finally she is able to say out everyone’s name in our family. Sometimes she would even call us by our name too @_@ There was once when she saw me coming back and she shouted at me at the gate “K~LO~LINE~~~!!!!” @_@

♥ She is able to recite Monday to Sunday and also January to December. *Will post the video soon if possible * ^_^

♥ Her favourite phrase is - asking us to ‘look’! Everyday I would hear her telling us, “妈咪, 看这边!” … “Ah-Ma, 看这边!” (Mommy look here! Ah-Ma look here!) showing us the drawings she did or asking us to watch her favourite cartoon on the television. Or sometimes she would call to us and say, “Mommy, Come-on!!”, “Mommy, Make that!!”, “Mommy, Take this ah!!” etc.

♥ Can read quite well. She is able to relate those in the books with those objects that were around her. She even will point out what is an Island and tell us just that when we drive pass the harbour. But her reading is still constrain to picture books only and no luck on reading words still. I have tried teaching her with words but I guess she is not ready yet as she would still pronounce all the alphabets to me instead of reading them in words *scratching head*

♥ Can read out loud 11 – 50 in English (skipping the 16 >"<), and 100. Still working on teaching her to recognize the numbers as related to those she reads.

♥ Able to count simple maths. She is able to count out the objects that she saw and then pointed out the correct numbering on the page. Sometimes she would asked herself, "How many flags? 1, 2, 3! 3 Flags!" So far she only loves to count flags ^_^

♥ Learning great in Opposites. She is able to identify a lot of opposite terms and use it in her daily life including clean from dirty, fat from thin, and even heavy and light, etc.

♥ She can identify right from wrong. For example when we told her that the red traffic light is green in colour, she would tell us “No~~! This red!” (yes, she would use ‘This’ then ‘Red’ without the ‘is’ :P”

Likes and Dislikes

♥ Starts loosing some interest in Barney (still watch it), Not sure whether she still loves Mr. Bean.

♥ Refuse to watch Thomas and Friends. She finds Thomas cartoons quite horrifying these days :( :( Luckily she still loves her Thomas Train toys *phew*

♥ New found love ---->>>>

- Mickey Mouse Club House (Angel super duper love it!!!!!!!!!!) I think she is crazy about it and can even name most of the character in it such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, Pete, Pluto, etc. When she is watching this, never ever talk to her coz she won't hear you at all LoL

- Little Einstein (she is so into this lately!!)

♥ Guess which Character in Mickey Mouse Club House that she adores? PLUTO!! @_@ (Pluto is Mickey’s pet dog who is yellow in colour).

♥ A fans of MANGOES!! She is totally fallen in love with the fruits. She has not been asking for her favourite bananas as normally does anymore but instead, she would asked for mangoes and can’t stop looking at the mango tree at our backyard.

♥ Hates medicine and even Woodward’s Gripe Water! The only supplement that she loves so far is the one and only Scoot’s Emulsion Original Flavour!

♥ She loves to blow bubbles. She would noticed the bubbles on the supermarket and tell me she wants them @_@

♥ She loves to fly. Whenever I asked her whether she wants to board the airplane again, she would always answer me with a firm “yes!” :P :P And also she insisted to have her own hand luggage at this age and would take care of her own trolley bag all the way till we reached home ^_^ Of course she would still left her luggage once she saw something interested her then few minutes later only asked me to find her luggage back for her (>"<).

♥ Going Kai Kai is her all time favourite! Now she even refuse to get down from the car once we reached home @_@


ChloeRuoyi said...

She speaks very well and the way she calls your name is so cute hehe. I think she's very clever for her age. I'm training Chloe to speak Mandarin too but fail badly :-(

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..she is so smart leh. Gwen only knows how to recite 1-20 only wor. I think Angel speaks quite well already. By 3, she will be speaking very fluently. :)

MeRy said...

Angel is growing up alot.....alot of new development from her.
OMG...she like to drink Scotts' Emulsion Original flavour.I can't tahan the fishy smell...that's y I gave Ryan the orange flavour.
Going kai kai is all kids' favo activity. Ryan will faster grab his sandal n put on them...then open the door n take key,also say'bye bye'.

LittleLamb said...

she has surely grown up.....
n smart gal too

little prince's mummy said...

My son don't like Thomas and friends, also... :) Mickey Mouse Club House is his favourite, too!

Cath J said...

Lots of improvement lerr.... girls learn very fast... she named all of you?? ikikkikiki...

ayooo cute angel...

UmmiRosma said...

A very fantastic progress. I like it when she can recite the months of the year already. Amazing! S, is she schooling by January next year?

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 29 months old!!

She progressed very well. Great achievements! Well done, Angel!! *hugs*

Serene said...

Wow, Angel is really clever!! She knows so many things!! *Claps Claps* Xixi also fall in love with Mickey Club House lately..

coffeesncookies said...

lots of improvements in her behaviour... sweet and clever Angel. I like the way she call your name. very cute ler... :)

MommyAngel said...

Dear All, thanks for all the nice words :)

Ummi, I am not sure whether to enrol her into kindergarten yet next year. Still survey around :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Angel loves Scoot’s Emulsion Original Flavour? She really special one, normally kids love the orange flavour.

Ya wor. Sarah also started dislike Barney and loves Mickey Mouse.