Saturday, August 29, 2009

29th Month Old [2Y5M] (Part 1 of 2)

She is still a very active little kid running and jumping all the time, weighing approximately at 13.6 kg and Height = didn’t take any measurement. And just when I thought that the terrible 2 stages has started where she would throw tantrums everyday while I have run to the bookstore to get more books on parenting, she somehow suddenly stop showing all her bad temper and back to her old self again ….. so I take it as a good sign? ^_^

Act and Behaviour

♥ She is extremely loving and caring! When she saw us being sad, she would be very concerned and would go forward and kiss us in order to make us smile again. She loves the word “Happy” and when she heard that one of us is “sad”, she would quickly approach us making a funny face or making funny action (making herself shivering with all her strength) in order to put a smile back onto our face saying “Happy!”. Even when she saw a baby, she would asked for our permission to touch him/her and then stroke the baby gently on the face and smile happily :) When I asked her to hit daddy (while playing), she would refused instantly and say “No! Don’t want! 不要!” firmly while shaking her head, frown her eye brow making a dilemma look *sweet*

♥ Start to have fear of “Thunder”! When she heard a thunder during the rainy days, she would run so quickly sometimes even shivers, jumping towards me shoving her face at my chest telling me “怕怕!! 怕怕!!” (afraid!).

♥ Start keeping her promise. For example we told her that she has to take her nap after finish watching 1 episode of her favourite cartoon, she did just that without making any more fuss! ^_^

♥ Will not eat the food when we say ‘No!’ to her. When she knows that she couldn’t have them, she would pointing at them and told us, “辣辣!” (Spicy) *laugh*

♥ Started to realize what is smelly! And she would cover her nose with one hand and mouth with the other, standing at the far corner of the bathroom face sticking to the wall, peeping us cleaning up her poo poo and cry for us to take her soiled diapers away coz it’s so smelly *rolled eyes* There was once she stick her face near her grandma’s chest then suddenly she turn to her grandma and told her “Ehhhh ….. 臭臭! *LOL*

♥ Calling “Mommy~~~” or “Ah-Ma ~~~” (grandma) a thousand times in a day still. Whenever she needs us, she need something or even when she feels boring ….. ^_^ I still enjoy hearing her calling mommy all the time ^_^

♥ Not afraid of the sand and the sea anymore. Last time she use to be afraid of the feeling of standing on the sandy beach bare footed or even watching the waves splashing near her but not anymore! So I guess she starts to enjoy digging sand at the beach now! ^_^

♥ Likes to play “monster”! She would cover her entire self with a blanket and then walk towards us lowering her voice raising both her hands up wanted to catch us, saying “Monster ~~~!!! Monster ~~~!!!” LoL Sometimes my clumsy little girl will knock onto the cupboard walking blindly inside the blanket but still wanted to do this trick all the time, sigh!

♥ She is a little vain pot! That day I bought her a set of accessories with the necklace, rings, etc. I didn’t expect her to wear it and then suddenly give me this brightest smile of hers and even moving her body left and right in delights showing how excited she was being accessorized!!

♥ Talk softly to Mommy. I find that she would use her very soft voice when talking to me / calling me as if afraid that she would give me a shockl, hahahaha! When she talks to the rest of the family members, she would use her normal tone and sometimes would even shouted for them. I didn’t realized that until one day Angel’s grandma asked me how come she speak so differently when she is with me. (just in case you are wondering, nope, I am not a soft speaker myself :P)

♥ Likes to mimic whatever we are doing. There was once in the restaurant, a kid was sitting on his daddy’s lap playing with his daddy, this little girl of us saw it and insisted to sit on my lap, eyes glued to the father-and-son and basically did whatever the kid is doing to her daddy (i.e. the boy lie on his daddy’s chest and she follows, the boy poke his daddy’s eyes and she follows, the boy laugh and she laugh too, etc) while asking me to do the same as well ^_^ I was laughing uncontrollably when I saw what she did that day :P :P

♥ Loves jumping on the bed!! She would jump on the bed while saying “跳! 跳! 跳! 跳! 跳! 跳! (Jump! Jump! Jump!)” then suddenly let herself fall free sitting down on the bed and normally the bed would bounced back where she nearly bounced off the bed onto the floor each time! That really makes me almost have a heart attach watching her does that! @_@

Feedings & Sleeping

♥ Having 9 oz of formula 3 times per day. Meal time twice and no tea break at grandma’s.

♥ Still very much a bread lover. But she tends to get tummy discomfort when she eats bread everyday :(

♥ She loves Baby Bean Sprouts (豆苗)!! Finally we found the 1 and only veggie that she is willing to eat!

♥ Still loves porridge as much as rice. Now she is taking rice more then porridge and would be eating whatever the family is having for lunch but all dish will be lightly rinsed with warm water in order to get rid of some access oil and salt in our adult food before giving it to her.

♥ She would normally goes to bed way pass midnight and waking up around 11am in these days, just like her mommy :P :P


MeRy said...

Angel is a big girl girl cute n chubby.
Wakup at 11am?? Nextime go Better train her to sleep bit early n also wakup early.

kenwooi said...

haha.. nice description of your baby daughter.. she's adorable =)

Mummy Gwen said...

High 5, Carol..hehe..we also wake up late. :P But Gwen sleeps earlier abit around 11 PM..haha.

It's nice to read Angel's development. So detailed some more. Angel is almost the same weight as Gwen!

Linda said...

i like Angel's photo at the beach...beautiful...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Angel is a very caring girl. I always see many of your post about her character. Nice and sweet Angel.

Is it out of sudden that she is afraid of thunder?
For Sarah, she is afraid of thunder too.

I totally agreed that kiddo's poo2 are very smelly. Sometimes I also could not stand of the smell:-)
For Sarah, recently she realized about things that has nice aroma. She loves to sniff the baby wet tissue.

Ouch...knocked her head while playing monster, but still cont the game after that. Brave!

Angel also likes to perform stunt on the bed? Actually it is a good exercise too. Hehe.
Same goes to Sarah, this is one of her MUST do thing daily before goes to bed.

UmmiRosma said...

Lovely girl....she is now more girlish with her hair getting longer. SHer age is almost like my Habibati who was born on 31st march 2007. Shhhh...she is still bfeeding esp the night time..oo!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow... you can think of so many things to write. Good to see that she's growing and developing well. Can see that she's also a milk fan. 9oz is a lot :-)

LittleLamb said...

27 oz is a lot of milk...the paed approve it??? she is not junking which is good. philip tend to be eating in between n that makes his main meals so undesirable. we never offer. he just go to the fridge n take what he likes or open the tupperware... heeheh

Cath J said...

hehhehe... nice to read all about her.. my boy recently called me as 'baby'... funny but like it hahhaha.. ;-p

MommyAngel said...

Dear All, thanks for all the nice comments :) Really enjoy reading everyone of it :P

Rachel, 9 oz of milk is a lot isnt’ it? Nope, her paed didn’t approve it but since her weight gain is quite on pace and only 100g-200g per month so her paed said ok :)