Friday, August 28, 2009

Angel 的 (Angel’s).

She is very particular about which belongs to whose lately. Everyday, we would find her telling and distinguishing while pointing at whatever it is in front of her, whether it’s a plate of rice, books, clothing, bottles or even toys, etc.

A: This Ah-Ma 的 (grandma’s)! This Mommy 的 (mommy’s)! This Kung Kung 的 (grandpa’s)!

And her favourite phrase is non other then

A: This Angel 的 (Angel’s)!

Normally those that she distinguished as not belong to hers, she wouldn’t dare to touch them and she understands that they don’t belong to her. For those that she marked as “this is Angel 的 (Angel’s)”, she would claim full authority against them and whenever she picked them up, she would tell us again this belongs to hers and do whatever she likes with them and we cannot say a word :P :P

Of course when it comes to things that is not hers, she sometimes insisted that it is hers and would be crying until we agree that it belongs to her :) So when we refused to let her play with her toy some of the time, she would tell us loudly that it is hers meaning we cannot forbidden her to play with it (>”<). The other day she was holding 3 lollipop and we asked her whose lollipop is that, she divided them one by one but there is 4 of us, and at that point she really got into such a dilemma that the lollipop is not enough for 4 of us but still, insisted that one of the lollipop must belong to her. We joked with her that it is not enough for all of us, she cry out so loudly telling us that “This Angel 的 (Angel’s)!” and running away with all the lollipop in her hands.

I think this would be a right time to expose her to the idea of ‘sharing’ things with others. Normally I would sweet talk to her but still sometimes she would share them but most of the time, she still insist to keep them. I would love her to share things if she really wanted but not turning her into this little person who would give everything out just to please others. Any good ideas on how to teach young toddlers to share??? Mind to share??


Cynthia said...

so cute of Angel... I can imagine the way she get into dilemma stage of the lollies.. she must have love everyone, but more for herself.. :)

UmmiRosma said...

OMG! We are sharing the same experince dear... Our Habibati is very possessive towards the things that she owns. Even if the thing belongs to me..she would be mad if Ayah(father) or anybody else try to touch or borrow. Hahahaaaa...

I'm also trying to teach her the 'sense of sharing' as she is going to school by January next year. But Ayah's ok lah...she will learn how to share soon..but Ummi is worried now!


Linda said...

I'll ask Angel to share the last lollipop, half half with whoever left on her list.. :)

whenever she start to share, the other party must really take what she give, really take the lollipop, and only left her with one, and the last one too she REALLY have to share.. not only say say ya...

with my ziyi, usually food that she love, i'll really eat the last bit she is willing to share... hehe.. with toys.. it really need to depend on her mood... :)

little prince's mummy said...

Little Angel is so cute!

Mummy Gwen said...

I think at this age is rather difficult to teach them the concept of sharing. Gwen only listens to me around 3 years old...recently lah. I always remind her to share toys/food with whoever if she started to be possessive. I will tell her it's not nice..bla bla bla.. and sometimes I show her my "garang" face..hehe. Kids..they just want to please you..they will listen eventually. Just keep on teaching them the right from wrong. :)

the little prince said...

yeah..Angel is so cute...My son also started to say everything is Kyle's!!

Merryn said...

Cute nya angel there! As for me, each time we eat yogurt, I'll tell ethan, must share, mummy eat one, ethan eat one, mummy eat one, ethan eat one.. everything i do with ethan, must share.. mummy one, ethan one..

the outcome? he shares EVERYTHING with me.. but keeps everything to himself when daddy requests to share it with him! @@

Contentedmom said...

i am equally clueless...:(

ChloeRuoyi said...

I think sometimes, it is necessary to have some level of possessiveness. It's a survival instinct, to avoid being bullied, I guess. I always look at my girl... she's so timid and has no sense of possessiveness at all. I'm really afraid that she won't know how to hang on to her belongings or fend for herself later on.

MeRy said...

Cute Angel...:)

Adrine said...

I need "how to share" tips too !!

Elyssa can be very possesive of things. Sometimes when she's looking at a book and her cousin comes near (near only... not even touching the book) she'll scream out loud and push him away... adoi.

LittleLamb said...

for my case, i expose philip more often to kids and send him to kindy.. thus he began to share things n not being possessive.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I always teach Sarah to "share" things and even "share" mommy with her daddy. LOL.
Is true you know coz she doesnt like my husband to touch or talk to me.

I guess as they grow older, they will learned at what situation to share. I remembered Sarah used to share everything with my neighbour kid but now she learned to judge when she needs to do so. And she will hold the toy firmly and not giving them.

MommyAngel said...

Cynthia, yup ….. I do think that she feels that way too :)

Ummi, I have another friend told me kids will eventually learn that when they went to school and be with other kids. I guess at the mean time what we can do is to tell them how to share then when she finally goes to school, she will used what she has learn at home. I guess we as mommies always worried and wants to best for our kids :) :)

Linda, thanks so much for sharing!! You really have your point coz normally when at home we asked her to share we don’t really take the things away, just pretend and then give back to her. So I guess from now on, we really need to do it when we say ‘share’ :) Thanks for the advise :)

PeiWun, :)

MummyGwen, thanks for sharing! I also think that she doesn’t understand what sharing means at the moment too. However, I really hope that she will make it a habit and hopefully when she gets older, she really would listen to me more like how Gwen listen to you. She is really such a darling :)

Yugene, really? So fast? So did you do anything?

Merryn, thanks so much for sharing …. Hahahaha, your Ethan ah, that’s mean he loves mommy more *wink* Daddy jealous or not?? Kekekekekekeke

Irene, me too :( :(

Hweili, agree with both hands and feet!!! I also have the same thinking with you hence I do not want her to share just to make someone happy! And some level of possessiveness is a must!!! That’s why I hope that I can learn to get the balance of teaching her how to share and also not asking her to give away everything and that’s not sharing, that’s giving totally which is not very good. As your girl is totally the opposite, then maybe you should work the other way round in order to make her brave enough to voice it out when she doesn’t want people to touch her things.

Mery, :)

Adrine, really ah?? Hahahaha …. I bet kids are like that at their age :) So we mommies really are trying to find a way to teach them the correct way of react when somebody did come to snatch their toys away.

Rachel, you have a point there, mingle with kids sure will help them learn how to share faster and better then we mommies talk and talk to them at home.

Joanne, Oh ya oh ya ….. Angel also the same, doesn’t want other people to talk to me and she would make a fuss if I talk to the other person and not her :( :( Somehow, I think that she is able to judge whether to share is a good thing. I also wish that Angel willl have a balance in the sense of sharing and still preserving some sense of possessiveness like how hweili mentioned it in order for her to protect herself and her belongings. If Sarah doesn’t wants to share her particular toy, then it’s ok as long as she is willing to share the others she is not playing with :) :)