Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quirky Tag

I receive this tag from Mommy PeiWun and wanted to know my unspectacular quirks. Oh …. How I wished to say that I do not have any but, hey …. will you belief me if I said so? LoL Ok …. So here it goes and I am cracking my head now but it was fun ….. :P

Rules :
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each taggee's blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Here goes my unspectacular quirks:-

#1 When I go for movie, I must watch it right from the very beginning till the end. If I didn’t get to see the opening part, I will feel that I have left out something important (even thought it’s just a blank screen, etc) or I will be unable to concentrate for the entire movie thinking about the opening all the time. Of course I hate to miss the ending as well. So normally when I know that I am going to miss the opening part of the movie, I might as well don’t watch it at all because watching a movie without the opening is simply a torturing to me :)

#2 I will only buy handsoap with anti-bacteria shown on the label. The word anti-bacteria seems to make me feel ‘protected’ and serves the purpose of washing my hands. Of course I just love the smell of Dettol and that’s why even our shower gel also from that particular brand :P No no no …….. I don’t like the smell of the hospital for your information if that was what you were about to say :) I think I am a clean freak to the extreme but things has gone ‘better’ ever since I live with a grubby creature called ‘hubby’ :P :P

#3 I have to make my bed again every night before I go to sleep just to make sure the bedcovers, etc are neat and straight or else, I will be rolling on my bed for hours without sleep. The blanket also has to be laid neat and tidy on top of me coz I just can’t sleep with even a twisted corner of the blanket. It’s weird isn’t it?

#4 I am not good in multi-tasking so I would try to finished 1 task as soon as possible before getting to the 2nd task or else, I will be totally forgetting about the 1st one once I started on my 2nd one LoL

#5 I tends to forget things pretty quick when I am angry ‘especially’ after hubby has apologize, etc ……. sometimes half way quarrel with hubby, I will pause for awhile and keep asking hubby to remind me what’s the reason that I am angry with him at the first place because I simply forgot about it already LoL And even when we were in the ‘cold war’ (especially after hubby admits his mistakes, etc), I will be the one who always loose coz normally on the 2nd or 3rd day when I wake up, I will somehow forget about our ‘war’ and start talking happily with hubby until he is chuckling by himself >;( So normally our war won’t last for long thanks to my forgetful mind.

#6 I have to take my bath RIGHT BEFORE I sleep or wash my feet (at least) before I go to bed or else, I will feels that I have missed out something important and will not sleep well.
So now I am going to pass this fun tag to the following blogger friends. Kindly share with us your unspectacular quirks :

1. Julie
2. Esmeralda
3. Rachel
4. Doreen
5. Agnes


agnes said...

yea.. it's the same as what little prince's mom sent to me.. welcome and I think it's a very interesting tag.. doing it now.. :P

little prince's mummy said...

Oh~ I also wanted to watch movie beginning till end... but sigh~~ Long time no step into cinema d...

Julie said...

I'm totally the opposite of #4. I love to leave things half-way done. Then ended up got lots of incomplete task.

LittleLamb said...

okie. i will do it s-o-o-n ya..
many post i hutang alraedy...

Wonderful Life said...

Wow... you really a neat & tidy plus clean person!!

Thanks for passing me this tag... but again, i'm super lazy to blog about it... i'll blog about it when i find the time to do so.. hehe :P

MommyAngel said...

Hi Agnes, yes ... I do think it is an interesting tag too :)

PeiWun, you also cannot missed the opening part of the movie ah? hahaha ... give me five!!! Ya lor .... I think I have not been to the cinema for n years already :(

Julie, You like leave things half-way done ah? Hahaha .... but as long as you can manage, that is not so bad leh ..... multi-tasking at the same time :) If for me, sure have to do one thing at a time, single minded woman, kekekeke.

Rachel and Doreen, no worries ... only do the tag when you are free ok? No rush at all, take your own sweet time :)

Esmeralda said...

1. Not weird. I'll do the same.
2. Well, that's a bit weird. I'll buy hand soap that are "kind" to our hands. I hate Dettol smell.. ;)No offence ya.
3. Weird weird weird!
4. Not weird. That's normal.
5. This is weird. I thought when we quarrel we are sure to remember them very well?
6. Normal for me. I think for my case is weird-er. Check my blog and u'll know.

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, kekeke ... can't wait to see how weird is yours then :P

LittleLamb said...


MommyAngel said...

Thanks for completing the tag so fast ya. Will drop by your site :)