Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26th Month Old [2Y2M]

I must say that after her 2nd birthday, Angel has certainly making rather a lot of improvements in her development milestones. She is no more a crying bb, instead she is now a considerable ‘expressive’ young toddler (crying toddler still)and I can really feel her difference. I do hope that the terrible 2 stage will not kick in so soon though ..... .

I am glad that things has been changing from ok to good these couple of months, with her being able to express her love and care by snuggling and kissing mommy and daddy every minutes and every seconds from the time she wakes up till she went to bed at night :) We can finally watched movie together and laze around the bed in the morning enjoying each other’s company hugging and tickle each other at times. Also I felt that we are actually communicating now!!!! *Feels so great*

Oh, I just love this little person more and more each day that sometimes I would carry her up from her bed in the middle of the night just to hold her for a second or two, touched her feet and hands (can’t believe that she has grown up so much now) and give her a good night kiss before I went to bed :)

Height: 84.5 cm (10-25 percentile)
Weight: 12.7 kg (50-70 percentile)

Acts and Behaviour

• Start to understand our simple instructions and questions
and will give us responses and tell us what she wants
• Love hugs and kisses. Tantrums could be control with lots of hugs from mommy.
• Can differentiate between family and strangers finally, LoL
• Starts showing concern to our feelings.
• Sometimes know and wanted to ‘make up’ for her own mistakes, either with a hug or word of ‘sow-rri’ (sorry) LoL
• Loves to wear pretty clothes and will be very happy + shy when we praised her 美美 (pretty) or she would tell us she is 美美 (pretty) herself.
• Starts using words like He-yooo (Hello), kek-kiu (Thank you) and Sow-RRRii (sorry) and Piss (please).
• Laugh out loudly when watching funny scenes in Mr. Bean or feel scary towards horror movie, starts to have a better understand about story lines in cartoons.
• Very independent, wants to do everything on her own.
• Get her own highchair and grab her own bib ready for meal time, will wipe her mouth clean after eating.
• Will grab her own towel ready for bath and switch off TV before meal time.
• Will take her moisturizers asking us to apply for her after bath.
• After milk will bring her own bottle to us and say “Wash!”
• Get and place books back to shelf after reading.
• Will asked for a favour by gently stroking and kissing my hands (testing) and follow by a gentle “Ma-mi~~’ with a sweet cheeky smile LoL
• Loves to make friends, normally would make the first move holding other kids hand first although feeling shy at times :)
• EXTREMELY friendly …. will shout “Auntie / Uncle” loudly from inside our house to greed our neighbours or at strangers passing by to get attention when she’s bored.
• Rough when play alone / play with daddy but gentle when mingle with other kids.
• Calling me “Ma-Mi~~!!! Ma-Mi~~!!!” 1000 times everyday (I am still enjoying it so far ….. :P)
• More willing to hold hands when going out to kai-kai.
• Have more patience compare to few months back.

Motor skills
• Can wear own shoes, take and place them back to the shoe rack, even help with mummy’s shoe before and after we go out.
• Start using kiddy’s scissors, know how to paste using a glue stick.
• Start drawing irregular shapes, lines and imperfect circles.
• Brush her own teeth with little help.
• Wash and dry her own hands before and after meal time.
• Can help setting up dinner table, manage to take a plate of rice and put on table
• Can balance a pot of uncooked rice + some water in it (her uncooked porridge) and bring it across the kitchen for me.
• Riding her bicycle like a pro.

• 2 porridge + 3 feedings of 9 oz milk + 1 tea break everyday.
• Starts taking adults food when we were out shopping.
• No more a picky eaters most of the time :)
• Ok with no additional seasonings in her solid.
• Starts drinking with a straws and cups, milk still from bottles.
• Can eat with no spills without a bib (but I still insisted that she wears a bib at home).
• Fully self feeding on soups and beverages from a bowl or a cup.
• Will ‘force’ us to feed her solid with mouth wide open most of the time (oh ya ….. now she decided that she loves to be fed again????)
• More willing to eat vegetables but still adores meat the most.
• Willing to drink Plain water
• Loves soup so much and crazy about Yogurt!!! And EGGS!

• Normally taking 1 nap 1 - 2 hours per day (sometimes no afternoon naps at all)
• Willing to sleep in her baby cot if I am willing to lie down on my own bed too
• Sleeps around 11 pm and wakes up around 9 am.
• More of a back and side sleeper now
• Still goes to bed with a bottle of milk

• Can recognized and name most item in her board books with her not-perfect pronunciations.
• Will say 要 (want) or 不要 (don’t’ want), want or don't want, when we order her to do something.

• Started to communicate with us with short 2 or 3 words e.g. ‘want go kai kai’, ‘drink water’, ‘eat banana’, “make egg’, ‘take shoe’, etc (no luck on sentences yet).
• Start using words like “Oh - No!!!” or “Oh-ow” (when she broke something, saw something bad happened, etc) or “OK~~” when something is done, to express herself.
• Will be squealing “Weeee” with both hands up in delights if she knows we are bringing her out shopping.
• Will say “WAH ~~ “ or “Nice ~~” (with a roller coaster tune) when she saw something amused her or things that she likes (e.g. food, toys, fireworks)
• Will say “Noh ……” with a big O shaped mouth and making a terrified look when I am angry at her.
• Will tell us “pain pain” when she hurt herself, “hot hot” with her meal or “Yeeeee …… 臭臭 (she pronounced as chiu chiu) ” (smelly) when I am changing her soiled diapers.
• Showing reactions when we tell her “Angel, Mummy love you” where she would instantly give me her sweetest smile, hug me + patting on my back while (obviously mimicking me :P) saying

“Oh ….. BB ……” following with a very gentle long long kiss on my cheeks, nose, forehead ….. Basically my entire face *LoL*.

* * Last night I heard her saying "Lizard~~! Where are you?" at the corner looking at the ceiling LoL Is that her first sentense finally???

Likes and dislikes

• New found love – Mr. Bean.
• Can’t get her eyes off Mickey Mouse toys and stuffs (She would pronounced as “Kii-Mouse”).
• Crazy about merry - go - round and slides.
• A fantastic footballer at home and absolutely fascinated about all types of balls.
• Loves French Fries and Coke (coz she never gets to eat them much) ..... and YOGURT!!!!
• Love kisses and hugs.
• Like to be tickle.
• Dislikes all kiddy’s rides that moves.
• Dislikes bitter food and leong cha (Chinese herbal tea) :(
• Hates medicine syrup.


Cath J said...

long 1...hehehhehe....next time angel grow up, she will know everything...^_^

I always weigh my boy too..he is now 22kg...peningggg......

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 26 Months Old to Angel!! Very well written and detail, mommy. You have super memory to recall Angel's milestones in such detail..haha..I'm old alreaddy la. Wow..Angel knows alot of things and she's really independent. Clever girl. :)

A gift from God said...

Yippie.... now is really the time to enjoy your toddler before the terrible two kicks in! :)

She is a smart little miss!

2ma said...

i'm surprised that she doesn't likes kiddy rides. anyway, good also la *hehe*

LittleLamb said...

wow time flies..
12kg is consider reasonable..not to worry k

Mama Mia said...

Angel loves football? hmm, same with my daughter...:)


agnes said...

cool.. sounds like a big big gal adi.. :) Mama can start planning for no.2 liao.. hahahhaaaa

Mummy Ryan said...

Happy 26 mnths old little Angel:)

When Angel can become "Jie Jie"...ha ha ha

Then Angel sure will REPLY bck..u ask my mummy lah..ha ha ha..*just kidding*.....

Merryn said...

u r great caroline, to jot down all these! as for me, i did not jot down ethan's milestone to so details and when he grows up he wont know all these! kesian...

anyway, back to angel. she is definitely growing smarter and cuter every single day!

wait till one day u find a lizard under ur pillow. then u will definitely hear angel saying.. lizard, where r u! LOL!

little prince's mummy said...

Haha! What a coincidence, my boy new love also is Mr. Bean.. haha! Everytime he saw Mr. Bean on the tv, he'll really concentrate and watch it until finish...

MommyAngel said...

Cath, har …. Did I read you wrongly????? Your son is now 22kg?????? Wow ….. you really have a solid boy there!!!

Mummy Gwen, I don’t have a good memory actually, it took me 4 days on and off to come out with that :) I think it has been ages that I don’t do an update for her already so that’s why the list is a bit longer :P :P

A gift from God, talking about the terrible 2 really makes me shivers a bit coz she is such a ‘high need’ kid even before terrible 2, I can’t imagine if it’s here :O

2ma, ya …. She doesn’t like kiddy rides coz she is afraid LoL We starts bringing her to the amusement center since she was 1 and no luck still until now.

Rachel, ya …. She has slim down quite a bit lately.

Agnes, hahahahaa …… I need to find a maid first before I can think of no.2 coz once I really got pregnant, I am those who will sleep 24 hours a day :P :P

KC, hahahahaha …. Not so soon la although it’s not that soon already :)

Merryn, actually that’s for me to remember rather for Angel to read, kekekeke …..
- Oh no …. I do hope that there will not be a day she will bring me any of the ‘insects’ or small creatures and scare the hell out of me, kekeke …. But she herself is very afraid of lizard herself though …. Don’t know why she says that yesterday night :)

PeiWun, oh … your boy loves Mr. Bean also ya, the animation or the real one? My girl will also watch from the starts to the end and I will watch together with her too …. Glad that finally there is something that she likes to watch and I don’t mind watching as well finally :)

Esmeralda said...

Oh.. Angel has definitely grown up.. She can say so many words now, and more expressive ya? She can balance a pot of uncooked rice??? And she has lots of good manners to by saying pls and thank you. She is a real darling lar. You must be reaally proud of her. Well done Angel!

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, yes ... she is 'helping' a lot in the kitchen nowadays. Not that I asked her to do so but somehow, she just loves to get involved in whatever I do so I will allow her into the kitchen before my stove is turned on.

Esmeralda said...

Same goes here. Ashton loves to 'help' around, and sometimes being too helpful too till clean clothes that fell on the floor also he threw into the laundry basket..

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, hahahaha ..... really ah? That's not her fault leh, kekekeke ....

My Angel also loves doing the laundry :) She will be very excited when she saw us pushing the laundry basket out ....

Esmeralda said...

Haha.. I know not his fault.. just that really funny when we do the laundry coz usually I'll wash either hubby's or my clothes - so I only take out 1 laundry basket only. He will automatically push daddy's laundry basket out too... kekekeke....

and he loves when I hang the laundry too... loves to hand me the clips and the hangers.. but sometimes he just won't let go... :)

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, oh ... see! Ashton is helping you there :) Sometimes when I am busy hanging the laundry, I will asked Angel to push the washing basket back to our room too :) But for the hangers, I will only let her hold onto 1 coz like you said, once she got it, it's her toy and she won't want to give it back until I chase her with another one, hahahahaha!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Angel loves Mr Bean now? The cartoon one or the real Mr Bean? She is no longer like Barney?

Angel has ride the Merry-Go-Round before? I am not sure Sarah will likes it because she is afraid of kids ride.

She can ride bicycle already ar? Her legs can reach the paddle? So nice...
Now I still have to push Sarah when she is on the tricycle.

You have brought Angel to cinema watch movie before?

Angel very good girl leh, kiss daddy too. Sarah seldom kiss her daddy, only when asked.

Esmeralda said...

Haha... Angel will keep the hangers as her toys? Luckily Ashton loves to play 'passing around hangers and clips'...

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, lately whatever Angel get hold off in her hands, she will refuse to give it back to me until she put them down herself :(

Esmeralda said...

Oh.. how bout the laundry clips? She did that too? Are there anything that can distract her?

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, oh .... we don't use laudry clips at home coz all our shirts and other stuffs are using clothes hangers. Even the clips are attach to those hangers and cannot be removed.

Esmeralda said...

Oh.. you are using the bulky hangers with clips right?

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, bingo!! Save my time for looking for them and keep loosing them all the time :P