Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angel says at 3Y8M

M: Angel, Mommy have to go out to do something and you stay home with Papa ok? Don’t be naughty ya!
A: Ok Mommy! Be careful Mommy, I love you very much Mommy!”

“I love you very much mommy!” *she says that quite often everyday* and continue with
“You love me very much or not mommy?” and
“Now say you love me too Mommy! Say eh ….”

“I am Princess Angelina! I am a beautiful Princess! Mommy, you are a beautiful Queen!”

She loves to play doctor and always tells us that, “I am Doctor Angel and mommy, you are my patient! Now ….. lets see where mommy feels pain pain!”


M: Angel, you look like Papa!
A: Nooooo!!!! NOOOOO!!!! I don’t look like Papa!!! I look like Mommy wor!! Ya? Ya? Mommy?

M: But everyone else says that you look like Papa!

A: Nooo!!! Wahhhh ….. (crying) I don’t want to look like Papa wor!! I DON’T HAVE ‘DOT DOT’ ON MY FACE!!!!

M: Dot-dot? What dot-dot?

A: Dot-dot is like Papa’s face!

**Note: dot dot = pimples scar, hahahahaha!


When she saw mommy is busy in the kitchen, she would asked, “Mommy, are you cooking for Angel? Mommy love Angel ah?”

And once the food is served, she would sometimes says, ”Oh … thank you mommy! That’s Angel’s Best Porridge Ever, Mommy! Thank you so much Mommy for cooking this porridge for Angel ~~~!” (Ya! That’s the exactly how she said it!) Oh …… don’t know where she learn to talk like that and of course mommy’s hearts melted straight away la! *mommy in cloud nine*

She get hold of a RMB1 coin from daddy and when I asked her how she’s gonna spend it, she have a thought and answered, “I can buy mommy some water!” *Yes, I always bought drinking water when we were out shopping and it’s so nice of her to think of mommy before herself* ^_^

A: Mommy, I will buy you a breadmaker ok?
M: Oh, OK!
A: No Mommy,you must say “Thank You My dear!” lah ....
*sound so much like mommy leh :P :P*

Start using exclamation such as “OH ~~MAN!” or “OH ~~ PICKLES” (what does that mean?) with hands hitting her chest whenever she was disappointed! *_* (I think she learn it from the Dora cartoon?).

She would mimic me saying, “Mommy, don’t speak when you are eating! It’s a safety violation mommy!” So whenever I forbidden her to do something, I would tell her that it’s a safety violation explaining to her the reason why and she would normally obey :P

When she’s angry:
A: Mommy, you are not LISTENING TO ME AT ALL!!!

When she’s sad:
A: Papa ~~~ Mommy is angry at me!! Mommy DON'T love me ANYMORE!! WAHHHHHHHH *crying*

When she is happy:
A: OH BOY!!! I can’t wait!! Now give me some FOOD!!!!

M: Angel, how are you?
A: I am 3 years old *@_@*
M: Angel, how OLD are you?
A: I am fine, thank you *@@_@@*

She starts popping us the question “WHY …. WHY …. WHY …..” in everything now.

She could express herself better now telling us whether she is happy, sad, hot or cold. Lately she keeps telling us numerous time that she Is ‘So Happy’ because she back here in Shanghai with mommy and daddy! *laugh* I even heard her talking to herself that day saying
A: Oh, bye-bye Ah Mah (grandma)! Angel go to shanghai already~~~! Angel not going back to Ah Mah house already …. Angel is soooooo HAPPY!!! *@_@*

M: Angel …. What are you doing there?
A: Emm …. NOTHING! *hiding something behind her back*

M: Angel, opened up the door! What are you doing in there?
A: EMMM …. NOTHING! *found that she was climbing on the ledge of the window*

M: Angel, what are you eating? *saw traces of food at the corner of her mouth*
A: Emm ….. NOTHING mommy! *found that she secretly hide the jar of peanut butter behind the curtain*

M: Angel, what are you doing locking yourself inside the toilet?
A: NOTHING ~~ mommy! *saw pieces of Kisses Chocolate wraps beside her potty*
p/s: if she says NOTHING, my heart pounded faster actually! NOTHING always means SOMETHING!!!

A:Mommy, I Love CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM!! It’s so delicious!

Asking mommy numerous times a day,
“Mommy, Angel good girl or not today?” or
“Mommy, are you happy today?“

“Mommy, are you happy with ‘me’ or not today mommy? Huh?? Huh?”

She still ‘overused’ the word Sorry. “I am soooooo sorry Mommy!! I promised!!! ” and forget all about it as soon as she turns around.

“Mommy, I am so sorry AGAIN, mommy!”

“I promise that I will be good girl next time AGAIN! Can you don’t be sad at me AGAIN mommy?”

“Don't worry mommy, I'll be OK, I promise! (means she'll behave! :P)”

“I don’t want to sleep Mommy! I want to lie down and REST!”
*we can't use the word SLEEP coz she hates to sleep*

“I am Angel Jie Jie!”

She would reply all our instruction with the word ‘but’ at the front.

M: Angel, go to sleep!
A: But Mommy, I am not tired!

M: Angel, please pick up your toys!
A: But Mommy, I still want to play the toys!

M: Angel, please don’t say ‘but’ anymore! Just do as mommy says ok?
A: But …. But …. But ….. But Mommy, I want to say ‘but’ wor!


Alice Law said...

LOL, such a lovely mama's girl! This is probably from the loves and cares you have devoted for her, she can really feel it and doesn't hesitate at all to express it to you!^-^

Happy holiday!

Mummy Moon said...

Very enjoy reading this post :P

My kids also don't like the word sleep, haha!

Linda said...

but why... mommy... but why???? haha......
big Angel jie jie already....

vickylow said...

haha Angel is very cute and cheeky. I guess soon she will ask you some scientific question, why the moon appear only at nite, why these and that keke

MeRy said...

Why Why?...I guess all kids are full of curousity. SOmetimes Ryan will ask me thousand of question on why,when,what,how...and I am getting tired in answering all his Questions...

LittleLamb said...

she is very talkative n a cheeky one..hehehheheeh some of the stuff just crack me up..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

May I know what time Angel normally go to bed?
She also dislike sleeping yeah? :-)

For Sarah, sometimes she also told me not tired. But I told her "OK lah, you stayed here by yourself, I go upstairs oi oi lor". Then she will obediently follow me to bed, hehe.