Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 (3 of 3)

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4th Visit to Shanghai World Expo:

^ ^ The top right picture was Denmark’s national treasure - ‘The Little Mermaid’ and it’s her first time getting out of her country. That’s very generous of them to exhibit that in Shanghai.

We continue our journey at the Europe Pavilion on Tuesday, 26 October 2010. Unfortunately it’s raining that day and Angel is extra cranky too. Temperature is very cold at around 12 degree Celsius but we still continue with our journey. This round we visited the bigger pavilion.

1. Finland
2. Denmark (the little mermaid)
3. Sweden (the home of Ikea)
4. Norway

^ ^ She looks boyish today and a lot of strangers come asking me whether she is a boy or girl :P

5th Visit:

We went to the expo again on Thursday, 28 October 2010. As the queuing was extremely long, we only manage to visit 2 pavilions but it’s awesome!

1. Spain (gigantic baby doll)
2. France

^ ^ The Spain Pavilion which was the facade was build using rattan (藤)

There is this humongous 小米宝宝 (if I remembered the name correctly) who has facial expression inside the Spain Pavilion. Angel is extremely horrified when she first saw this gigantic baby and starts crying! Really incredible to be able to stay so close to such gigantic BABY!

^ ^ The Gigantic 6.5 meter electronic animated baby - the Miguelin (小米宝宝) inside Spain Pavilion and it’s so huge! Do you noticed the actual size of the visitors down there?

Then we visited the France Pavilion. It actually has a nice restaurant up there which required advance booking! That’s a very good place for taking nice pictures, especially with a DSLR but not for a normal cameras coz the light is way too dimmed.

^ ^ The France Pavilion. There is also some LV display at the lower left picture.

France Pavilion has a very nice open air garden but then again, my digital camera failed to take a nice and decent picture there due to very dimmed condition again :(

^ ^ Top: That’s not real snow/drawings on wall, that’s just some lights and images projected from the projector. Looks nice isn’t it?
^ ^ Bottom right: She is horrified by those high tech mini size robots at her back :P

6th Visit:

^ ^ Pavilions!

We went to the expo again on Saturday, 30 October 2010. We managed to visit quite of number of Pavilions that day :)

1. African Republic
2. Netherlands (Holland)
3. Polska
4. Belgium EU (Land of Chocolates and ate a RMB20 tinny size waffles :P)
5. Ireland (the builder of Titanic)
6. Italy
7. Canada
8. Mexico
9. USA

^ ^ Views inside some of the pavilions. Those tulips are all real tulips from Holland in Netherlands Pavilion!

^ ^ Angel in African Pavilion.

Now only I knew that there really was a place call MADAGASCAR in Africa from one of my favourite cartoon Madagascar!! *embarrassing* It’s really an eye opening opportunity for me :)

^ ^ Oh ... she looks so tiny standing beside the wall sculpture there and on the right, those were Madagascar trees from Madagascar :)

^ ^ The Mexico Pavilion is full of beautiful kites! Enchanting views and great for pictures!!!! Oh ..... My camera ran out of batteries here! Urrgghhh ...... :(

7th Visit:

We went to the expo again on Sunday, 31 October 2010 (The Closing Day of Shanghai Expo 2010). The last day of our visit so we bought a special day ticket and the pavilions we managed to cover were:

1. Sultanate of Oman
2. Pakistan
3. Sri Lanka
4. United Arab Emirates (2 hours) – and oh boy, this place is even developed then Shanghai!
5. Turkmenistan
6. Nepal
7. India
8. Japan
9. Vietnam

^ ^ Nepal Pavilion

And that marks the end of our Shanghai World Expo 2010 Marathon! Angel enjoys the entire journey a lot and even asked to go to the expo again after it ended. That’s truly a journey which will last in our memories for a very long time as I have never visited a place for 7 times in a row within weeks! A place where I least expected to learn something but got a whole lot more from it for all of us :)

^ ^ My stack of used Expo Tickets!

The next coming World Expo would be held in Korea and I wonder would I be able to visit Korea and continue my World Expo journey there? Most unlikely I think :)


Small Kucing said...

you dont say..I also horrified to see the gigantic baby

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...took you guys several visits to the expo. Very nice indeed. When my husband was there he was speechless.

That gigantic baby was really scary.

Anggie's Journal said...

very nice very nice .... i wander why they not open this expo for long, is that means after 28 oct 2010, everything will be close down ??? then how about all the building that builted ?? i curious lor, cos i believe this expo surly cost million or billion to do it !!!
Any news about it after the 28 oct ??

CathJ said...

wow.. that was a huge baby!!! and very nice..

oh nxt will be in Korea?? mmm.. may be have a chance to visit Korea and visit the Expo on the same time.. haha

MommyAngel said...

Small Kuching: hahaha ... I have the same reaction as you too when I first saw such a huge baby :P

MummyGwen: Ya lor, your hubby is there and he must know it well. That place is really huge!

Anggie: Ya lor, I am asking the same questions too!!! I thought that they won't take those pavilions down coz it's all $$$$ (such as Saudi Arab Pavilion spend 13 million!!! Eyes dropped!!) but guess what, they really do take it down leh apart from China Pavilion and 4 or 5 other pavilion which was build by China. I think it really was such a waste but the land need to be used for other purposes too ..... such a waste isn't it?

Cath: Yes, you can planned your trip to go there if you are planning to visit Korea in .... 2 years time if not mistaken but under different 'theme'. Don't know will it look as nice :)

Mummy Moon said...

Wow, so nice of you shared out your World Expo journey in so details and full of interesting pics.. Very enjoy reading all!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

This is definitely an interesting and educational visiting. I love it too.

The baby is really huge and gigantic. I will be scared too if I see him there.