Monday, December 20, 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 (2 of 3)

Oh … another such belated post which I forgot to post up :P Must clear up those posts before new year 2011 :P

^ ^
China Pavilion at night view

I am totally falling in love and mesmerized by the Shanghai Expo 2010 which has already came to an end months ago! *Thank God!* (apart from China Pavilions which is still on and going till sometimes next year). Not just I missed this place so much but so does Angel and hubby too!! It’s has so much to offered to every visitors in terms of visual and senses, sending messages to each and everyone on how we could work together in achieving “better city, better life” in terms of energy saving options and also giving us a totally new aspect on how our future technology (future world) can be achieve from utilising natural resources and eliminating wasted energy. It also reminds us on the importance of protecting our mother earth from further damages and how we could correctly ‘utilised’ all the wasted energy in our world in a very interesting ways using high technology. It’s so incredible and yet so interesting!!! And most important is, this place is just a perfect world for photography enthusiasts too especially the night views!!!!! No kidding!!!!

Can’t believe that we actually went back there 7 days in a roll!!


2nd Visit:

^ ^ Colourful Pavilions!

We managed to cover 9 pavilion on our 2nd nights on Thursday, 21st October 2010, adding to the number of 732,700 visitors that day. We visited most of the African pavilions at the African square and 1 or 2 pavilions from American and the UK. Oh boy, it really feels like I am actually stepping onto the land of Africa walking down African streets and experiencing the African culture! Awesome!!!!!!

^ ^ More Pavilions

So many Africans items were on sale too and the crafts were absolutely magnificent! The pavilions that we managed to cover were:

1. South Africa
2. Egypt
3. Argentina
4. Tunisia
5. Nigeria
6. Hungary
7. Turkey
8. Caribbean (American Zone)
9. UK (Europe Zone)

The most magnificent pavilion of all (for me) would be the UK Pavilion!! I couldn’t imagine how on earth they could build such a ‘hairy’ and yet elegant looking building just like that! Extremely innovative designs! And believe it or not, the building’s lighting were actually ‘self powered’ using the solar energy that collected during the days without 1 single light bulb / tube! It just ‘glow’ naturally by itself in the dark!! I am totally amazed!!!!

^ ^ I am still speechless when looking at this incredible piece of ‘art’!! Day and night view of UK Pavilion.

More then 6000 type of precious seeds were embedded into every single tube that used to construct the entire building! That’s not light tube, the tubes just glow naturally at night providing natural lighting for visitors and we were the last batch to visit hence the natural light inside the pavilion is quite dimmed! Blame my lao-ya camera again, can't take good pictures inside UK pavilions in low lights without a tripod :(.

And after the expo, they will took down the building and get all the seeds out and reused.

^ ^ Incredible is the only word I can say! Worth for queuing up for hours coz that's one of the pavilions that I wanted to visit so badly!!

3rd Visit:

^ ^ Angel is enjoying herself so much there!

We continue our journey at the Europe Pavilion on Friday, 22 October 2010. Total visitors that day were 860,500.

1. Slovakia
2. Czech Republic
3. Belarus
4. Bosnia & Herzegovina
5. Portugal

Until now I still can’t figured out what that round shape ‘thing’ was (2nd row right hand picuture) because it looks like some sort of ‘planet’ built up on the ceiling! And the size is quite huge and makes some ‘alien’ clicking sound all the time too! An Alien planet maybe??

^ ^ Some of the pavilions we visited that night.

(to be continue .....)


prince n princess mum said...

Interesting outing... I wanna go Shanghai..... heheheh~

CathJ said...

wow... this is very interesting.. we supposed to be in Shangai to watch this... but what to do.. something comes up hahahaha... and plan change to HK..

Very interesting!!!

anney said...

The pavilions are stunning! Wish I was there to see them personally.

Alice Law said...

I heard a loads of good verdicts for Shanghai Expo, it's indeed a fantastic venue for an overseas vacation!^-^

vickylow said...

oh the UK Pavilion is magnificent. Thanks for sharing those Pavilion photos.

MeRy said...

Nice a nice outing....How I wish I can visit the shanghai world expo too...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is a spectacular view. Thanks for sharing Caroline.

You were mentioning "seed". You meant plant seeds?