Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Very Hungry n Naughty Little Girl

Maybe due to the cold weather in Shanghai, this little naughty girl is constantly asking for FOOD!!

Every 1 – 2 hours she would tell me “MOMMY, I am SOOOOOOOO hungry!! Please give me some food!!” but she could not finished off the rice / porridge if I do not feed her for the last few spoons.

Once hubby’s 2nd Aunty who came for a short stay with us here jokingly said to me
A: Luckily you are not her (Angel) step mom!
M: Huh? What do you mean?

A: If you are, then people must have thought that you have starved your child till she is constantly asking for food!

So these few weeks, she would sneak out from her room very early in the morning, just to ‘hunt’ for foods from the table!

She would ransack the dinning room and find anything that can be eaten despite we warned her numerous time that she shouldn’t do that but instead, she finds that food that she ‘gets’ without our permission taste better! *angry* She would nibble off whatever hubby prepared on the table for our early morning breakfast!

If she couldn’t find anything else, she would grab whatever fruits that she could find in the house and ate it with the peanut butter jam or the peanut butter alone!!!

It has gone worst to the extend that she would picked up any food or non food traces from the floor/ on the sofa and quickly pop it into her mouth while running away from me stopping her. *fainted* I have explained to her numerous time why she should not ate stuffs from the floor and seems like she understand what I told but the next day, she would repeat the same action again.

Guess what she ‘ate’ this afternoon?? This little girl who is so terrified of taking medicine actually dig out my medicine box and popped 1 of my flu pill!!! *wipe sweat*

Asked her why she did that and her answer would always be, “….Because, I am so hungry!!!!” The fact is, she has just eaten a bread minutes ago!

Oh my … while other is constantly saying that when our kids gets older, it’s easier to take care and hence, it’s time to have more children but I found that it’s not for my case! Now that Angel gets older, she would starts doing things that I do not have to worried about when she is still a baby / toddler. Or should I say she would starts do things which she would have done months before while she was much younger like popping food from the floor or peeing on her pants, etc? Furthermore, she now starts to make contribution to the economics growth too i.e. breaking stuffs and appliances in the house. :(

Especially these few months, I have been watch her every action like a hawk! Can’t even take my eyes off her even for a split second! I cannot imagine when the time comes that I have to take care of baby Annabelle at the same time.

I think I need to grow another pair of eyes and hand fast!! Just hope that my heart doesn’t popped out too soon!


Small Kucing said...

cold weather memamng makes people feel hungry. Me too hungry.

alamak...she told the flu pill? She thought it's candy? have to keep it hidden next time

MeRy said...

I do believe cold weather may easier make people feel hungry faster.
WHy don't you increase her food portion and see how it goes..or maybe she has a habit of keep asking for food,just for fun...

Oh...pop a flu pill...better keep all medicines in locked drawer and keep the key at the safest place.

LittleLamb said...

hmm my son is in the hungry stage now. he will GO TO THE FRIDGE all the time or open up all the tupperware. he will tell me he wants chocolate, biscuit, drinks.. so i just let him. as long he takes he main meals, anything extra i dont mind. I think its growth sprout

Mummy Gwen said...

I think it's the cold weather making Angel feels hungry all the time. Haha...she only takes a few bites on the forbidden food?

Yeah..when they get older, they become bolder and smarter..hehe..but Gwen's very scared if I'm angry coz I'm very fierce. :P

vickylow said...

She is a good eater since young. But being too good appetite we scare they get obesity. hmm very contradicting

Alice Law said...

Seriously, I'm kinda envy... cos my kids don't eat much, just nimble a 2-3 spoons of rice would be too much for them!T_T

LOL, next time can tell her those medicine will make her more hungry. My nephew had eaten his mom's family planning pils too, luckily nothing happen to him(we suppose...)!

You are blessed with this lovely, 'notty' food endeavor, enjoy and have a nice holiday!

CathJ said...

Oh my.. Angel...hihihihi....

I love how she ate all the bread and the mcd potato in a same size...hihihihi...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ooo...Angel ate the apple with peanut butter? So weird but maybe yummy combi:-)

Ops, mommy gotto be careful in placing the pills. Maybe put it to a place that she could not reach.