Saturday, December 18, 2010

Annabelle 5th & 6th Months Old

^ ^ My lovely little Princess ^_^

Another belated post again :P

At 5th months old, baby Annabelle weights at 7.6kg and 68cm in length. I can see that Annabelle is a ‘longer’ baby as compare to Angel at this age and she is wearing most of Angel’s 9th months clothing at the moment.

She is very talkative and will babble and babble non stop. She loves to smiles and will smiles at grandpa and grandma whenever they talk to her without fail. They loved her to bits for that. Oh, she such a sweet jolly baby and never fails to melts anyone’s heart with her sweet smiles^_^

She’s afraid of strangers and even the Auntie next door talks to her, she would cried out loud!

^ ^ Not much hair still :) But her smile really brighten up our days ^_^

At 6th month old, she is having 6 oz of milk every 3 hours and hopefully that’s not too much for baby at such age? I can see that she is having a big appetite as her Angel Jie Jie too.

She is currently on her size M MP diapers but seems like she will be outgrowing the diapers size soon.

She sleeps around 10.30pm at night and wakes up around 8pm with 1 feeding at around 4 - 5am. She needs her pacifier whenever she goes to sleep too.

According to grandma, she is getting harder and harder to bath as she would want to stand up and sit down splashing water inside her bath tub. She loves bathing since young and would cry out loud whenever we took her out of her nice warm bath :P

She starts to understand whenever we talk to her. I can’t believe that baby at such age is so alert to adults’ speech.

^ ^ It’s Annabelle first Christmas strolling down the mall ^_^

She hates air conditioning :( That’s just opposite from her Angel Jie Jie! She would sneeze even in a 25 degree Celsius air conditioning room and that’s why, we were so worried that she would not get used to the cold winter here in Shanghai as heating is not provided during winter time :(

Her grips has become stronger now and would pull away any handkerchief put onto her face and smile at us. Is that mean more toys to come? *smile*

She starts biting her fingers and we’ll see whether it’s sign of teething. I can’t wait to see her first teeth popping out :)


anney said...

Very adorable!I love her smile!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

awww....she's is so cute and adorable.

Small Kucing said...

the 1st set of photos so cute :D

Serene said...

Such a lovely girl!! Yes, her smile indeed melts everyone's heart, including me! Caroline, I must say... you feed her very very WELL!!

So nice that she has good appetite like Angel. My boy is a small eater just like his sister ;(

UmmiRosma said...

Oh my...your little baby is very cute, cuddly and adorable. I feel like hugging her now :)

I remember, my kids started to teeth when they were at his age..5-6 mths..

Liz said...

cute and chubby your little princess...I wish I have one again

Alice Law said...

Annabelle is so sweet! My boy 15 months old still wearing M size diaper, jia lat(alarmed), I should feed him more fatty nutritious food from now on!

Ohhh, she must have sensitive nose! But it's good to avoid air con, as it will dry the baby skin.

Happy holiday!

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..sweet little Annabelle. She is so adorable and pretty. All her pics were cute. :)

Huh..heater not provided during winter...oh my how do you all stand the cold..brrr.

vickylow said...

Cute Annabelle, she is so pretty and sweet.

CathJ said...

6 mth... awww.... she becoming more into a princess now...

the age that I love sooo much... *cuddle*

quEeNie said...

Annabelle is so cute & pretty

quEeNie said...

Annabelle is so cute & pretty