Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peeling Eggshells/ IQ Beads Puzzle

Peeling Eggshells

I love hard boiled eggs but dislikes peeling the eggshells (especially quail eggs). Most of the time, hubby is the one who does all the work *embarrass*

^ ^ Peeling eggshells are so much fun!

Seems like someone can finally take over the job willingly and enjoying doing it so much!! She told me it’s so much ‘fun’ and even ‘thank’ me for that! :D

^ ^ Happily showing off her half done work ^_^

This is a very good exercise for small hands practicing their fine motor skills. As long as she is happy doing it, no complain from me here :)

^ ^ There you go! Perfectly Done! ^_^


IQ Beads Puzzle [3Y6M]

A sales girl was demonstrating these IQ beads Puzzle in the mall and Angel was hooked on the spots and when I saw the price, my eyes nearly dropped!! It cost nearly RMB 400 as tagged (around RM 200) while hubby is considering buying. Luckily we didn’t!! As we were book hunting in Popular bookstore in Xuhui, we found that it only cost RMB 45++ (around RM 20++), incorporating 2 different version (2D and 3D pyramid which the previous mall sold them separately) with the original laser marks proving that it's original set too *confused*. We grabbed it happily and I think it’s a very good buy indeed.

^ ^ Working and thinking real hard!

This is like a piece of puzzle which you need to solved the last few pieces depending on which level you are playing. At first she can’t even arrange the position of the beads but as she practiced, I can see tremendous improvements in terms of her arrangements and positioning. She loves it very much and will take it out from her toy box once every few days and show me her end results :)

^ ^ Mommy, Mommy, Look! I have solved the puzzle!


CathJ said...

That is 1 perfect egg.. ^_^

and good job on doing the puzzle.. :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, Angel is really good. I dislike peeling the eggshells too. Maybe Angel can tell us how she managed to do it so perfectly. Patience? hahhahahaa. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Alice Law said...

Wow, Angel has very well developed fine motor skill! WOwX2! You got Angel a very well brain teaser game, how interesting!^-^

Mummy Gwen said...

Well done Angel! She really good in fine motor skill. I've never let Gwen peel and egg before. I think she would tell me it's yucky and messy lah..haha.

wow..you got the puzzle set for such a good price..luckily u didn't buy the first one. Angel is a clever girl...great job.

Merryn said...

Lol! Peeling eggshell! Must get my hubs to read this post! He did a horrible job at peeling eggs yesterday!!! so happens i posted bout boiled eggs too! :P

BoeyJoey said...

we all love ahrd boiled eggs. and we all love peeling eggshells!

Angel did a good job there... her egg is so clean :-).

vickylow said...

wah you have a good helper now, helping you doing those task you dislike keke. I like peeling egg wor, crack and compress the egg shell, then I can remove it in big pieces instead of tiny2 like this.

Small Kucing said...

hmm...i dont like peeling egg shell too...maybe should consider getting my kid to do it LOL

LittleLamb said...

ehehhehehe r u trying to buy time..asking Angel to peel egg? maybe i will try this with philip n see if i can steal 30 mins or not

2ma said...

all these are about angel's patience, and i think she is really good!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Chloe likes to peel egg shells too but too bad, I seldom boil hard-boiled eggs cos she doesn't like to eat the powder-y yolk!

The IQ beads puzzle looks interesting. It's very good for developing kids' logical thinking. Chloe has many sets of such games too cos we adults enjoy playing with them too :)