Sunday, July 01, 2012

Electronic Era

When daddy is busy working from home but still have to babysit little Annabelle, that's how he did it!!! *gulp* O.o

Kids (.... err, and babies O.o) nowadays are more interested in the electronic gadgets then kids toys. Most kids are going out with the Ipad in hand. I was thinking to get the LeapPad Explorer for the kids too but to my horror, it's more expensive then the Ipod Touch, and not including all the games that we need to purchase separately which cost us a bomb too :(

Hubby has been begging me to show the "ok" sign for the Ipod touch or Ipad long ago but I am a bit reluctant. I know once we got it, it will be very hard not to hand over the gadgets to them whenever we are out. And if we get it, we have to get 2 sets instead looking at how they are constantly snatching and fighting for the same toy 24 hours a day.

To buy or not to buy ..... that's a tough question! *think hard*


Small Kucing said...

like father like daughter

Adrine said...

Didn't know Leapfrog is so expensive!

I used to have a NO-NO stand in terms of electronic gadgets for kids, but nowadays, I use it too when I need a break ;)

Vickylow said...

Oh yes eventhough we dun have ipad but both kids will asking permission to use daddy's Galaxy note.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

we just got the ipad after so long and yes, the missy is hooked but i am pretty strict with her usage. only maybe 1 hour a day after she has done all her work.

MommyAngel said...

Small Kuching: :P

Adrine: I didn't know it's that expensive too. I think they are having a price increase lately.

Vicky: Mine will asked to use our phone too but sometimes, they will pressed something and messed up with the phone setting or deleting photos "accidentally", your kids won't?

Mommy to Chumsy: Ya, I saw the post that she got her 'apple' :P But she is good enough to stick to 1 hour only rule of yours. Mine ah ....