Wednesday, February 11, 2009

元宵节(Chap Goh Meh) 2009

2 days ago was元宵节(Chap Goh Meh) which marks the end of our CNY. At first I was planning to do a western meal for all of us but my cute mom said that CNY must eat Chinese dish, hahaha ……. So on that night, my mom was so nice to be the chef for the day ‘again’ and prepare us a simple yet warmth meal for the occasion. Actually she has named her dish with all the meaningful names but I just can’t remember much about the name because I was too busy helping myself with the food!! Mom’s cooking is always to best!!

So after dinner, we brought Angel to play with some fireworks which me and hubby bought for her before CNY. She was so ‘tense’ when the fireworks lighted up on her hands but luckily she was not afraid. There was once that she almost reached out to the fire and luckily we are all prepared with hubby holding one hand of hers and my mom holding the other hand of hers all the time :) I think few of the fireworks actually blew up in front of us (nope, actually it’s not supposed to do that …. ) so after playing with some of it, we decided to discard most of them while Angel crying for more and don’t want to leave :)

She slept very late that night, maybe thinking of still wanting to play with more lovely but smoky fireworks maybe ….. :)


Jess said...



Mummy Gwen said...

Agree with you, mum's cooking is the best. What's that dish on the bottom right ah..hehe? Can't tell what it is. :P Angel so brave, not afraid of the sparkles..haha

Kristie said...

angel looks like she really enjoyed herself!

wow ur mum's cooking looks so yummy, ya i agree with u... mum's cooking is the BEST!

Esmeralda said...

Mum's cooking is definitely d best! Is that sour pork leg there? I love my mum's sour pork leg. In fact, I even 'tapao' back the remaining from the Chap Goh Mei dinner... *LOL*

Angel is so brave, and controllable ya.. I can't imagine what will happen if Ashton were to hold the fireworks. I think the first thing he will do is to put it into his mouth!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your mom is really a good cook, all the dishes looked so good!
I wonder what is the dish that in white colour and the dish next to it is it fish ball or tang yuen?

So nice, Angel doesn't scared of fireworks.

I got a tag for you

MommyAngel said...

Hi Jess, thanks …..

Mummy Gwen, oh … the bottom right one is pork belly with marinated salad. Taste quite nice and refreshing actually. But the belly is really quite fattening wor but it’s hubby’s favourite! Mummy Gwen, I think most kids likes sparkles leh, isn’t it?

Kristie, my mom only cook some simple dish as it’s last minutes plan of her insisting that we eat Chinese food during that day, hahaha

Esmeralda, it’s not sour pork leg, more like Braised Pork Knuckle. Hahaha ….. I can’t stop myself from giggling when I read about your comment of Ashton putting the fireworks into his mouth!! Hahahaha …. So funny la and will kids do that??? Hahahaha ….. oppppsss…. Sorry. She is not controllable but hubby and my mom each was holding one of her hands all the time coz she wants to touch the sparkles …. So she can’t do much about it lah, hahaha.

JT, hahaha …. It’s tang yuen la coz you all spread the tang yuen fever to me liao la :) Thanks for the tag Joanne but I am still hasn’t figuring out how to do the tag coz it’s so complicated leh. Maybe my brain is not functioning well la. Thanks again for the lovely and interesting award.

Serene said...

Yes Yes!! Definitely is.. mum's cooking is always the best!! Your pictures really make me drooling la.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said... really tang yuen ya? It sure taste nice. What is the filling?
Then the dish which is in grey colour? What is it ya? Yam?
About the tag, actually I also found quite complicated at the first time, but actually you just need to type "Caroline needs" in google and see what comes up...
Let me know if you have prob.

MommyAngel said...

Serene, thanks :) I hope sometimes in the future our dd will also thinks that your cooking is the best ya :)

JT, Oh …. Mine is the Black Sesome Filling, quite yummy too although I also love peanut filling la :P :P Grey colour dish? The bottom right one? If that one it’s the Pork Belly leh, hahaha …. Hubby loves pork so much! Oh ya, thanks for your tutor about the Tag … now I know how to do it already :) Thanks again ya Joanne.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Black Sesame Filling? Nice...I like sesame too. So you do it?

Ok, it is the pork belly. It sure taste good!

You are most welcome. Great that you know how to do the tag.

MommyAngel said...

No lah .... I bought the ready pack la, hahaha .... don't know how to do myself leh.