Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Progressing with Shapes and Colours [1Y9M]

I am glad that Angel loves to learn and especially these few days / pass weeks, she was the one who took out all her learning tools and make me or hubby sit with her and repeat her picture book / stories book again and again and again and again until we almost threw-up by just looking at that particular book / story LoL However, we will and will be more then willing to continue our effort in supporting her constant desire for knowledge and the passion to explore with new things in her life. Although I might not come equipped with the knowledge and tools in this particular area (so pai-seh to admit this but it’s true :P) but I am trying my very best to upgrade myself everyday as well as constantly attended to her needs in expending her knowledge through some very useful yet entertaining learning kits or cards or books around us, as well as obtaining more real life experience from doing more outings together as well as from quite a number of very inspirational blog of some very experienced and dedicated mommies in the ‘blog’; and also from the extensive learning resources from the internet for some very fun + interesting activities to play or to do with my little Angel at home :P. It can be a ‘good pass time’ activities for me too coz it certainly requires a lot of preparation work before hand :P

There is no doubt that the main source of knowledge as well as the new skills learned by Angel are from what she normally sees and senses around her everyday. I am not speaking / referring to knowledge in terms of academic terms in the future at this moment (oh no … that’s certainly not my MAIN purposes), but more of learning to maximized her potential as well as fulfilling the thirst of knowledge at her age now, at her own time (normally 15 - 20 minutes per day), following her own pace / speed (e.g. through singing, exploring with colours and numbers, arts, animals, words, creativities work, role play, tracing, cake baking - yup :P, outings, etc) without sacrificing the fun of it. I do believe that playtime is the MOST IMPORTANT activities for her age at this moment so I will try to make the best out of her playtime too. FUN is very important not only to her but to me especially LoL I hope that I am able to cope with her constant thirst of learning new things everyday with the hope that my little girl will enjoy the way she and Mommy are learning together, playing together, spending time together and growing up together :)

My little Angel’s development following her ABCs and 123s :

So far, Angel manages to point and tell the following with her 'baby' pronunciations.

1) Red -
2) Yellow -
3) Blue - Byuu
4) Green - Geen
5) Orange - Or-wen
6) Black - back
7) White - white
8) Purple - per per

1) Triangle - ang-gle
2) Square - wear :P
3) Circle - Cir
4) Oval - ovel
5) Diamond -
6) Star -
7) Heart - heart
8) Crescent / Moon - moon

9) Cross - Kross
10) Rectangle - tangle


Merryn said...

so cute her baby talk. i believe in learning through play too. and i believe in learning at her own pace at her own time too. i dun believe in having a scheduled or time tabled activity for toddlers her age because she might not be interested at that particular fixed time. so being a SAHM mom is the best as you are there anytime should she suddenly be interested to learn/explore. even in just five minutes of HER own desired time, she'll learn a heapful of things. u keep up the good work and wat u've done for angel is certainly an inspiration to us mommies out there! (now, if only i can be as rajin as you... )

Cath J said...

Woww... I am so proud for lilltle angel..keep it up mom..;-)

the little prince said...

wow...Angel can remember so many thing!! Fantastic!!

any plan to send her to playgroup?

UmmiRosma said...

Really daughter is about the same age as yours but she is still learning numbers form 1 - 10. She is progressing well so far and she can remember 1 till five. I havent introduced my kids with ABC's as the education system in Brunei has changed a lot that the preschool pupils are introduced with the phonic ABC's. I bet your country's education system does too. I have gotta master the phonic alphabets first..huhuhu...

Mummy Gwen said...

Yes..totally agree with about learning through play and follow their own pace. Angel is progressing so well. She is really a smart girl.

Anggie's Journal said...

oh dear, she is a really fast leaner !! brovo lil angel

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday ANGEL.............

agnes said...

today is angel bday?!!??! if yes then happy birthday to her!!! *muaks muaks*

hahahaa.. very funny since chloe is totally terbalik.. the way she learn is frm the real life objects ard us.. she hardly open the books and sit steadily one.. :S

she managed to recognized and pronounce most color and shapes correctly now but still no interested in ABC or 123!!!!

nvm la.. i think it's normal.. but angel did it very well!!!!

quEeNie said...

Angel is a fast learner, clever gal...

is it her B'day today? if yes, happy birthday to lil Angel...

Wonderful Life said...

Birthday?? Today??

Happy Birthday Angel!!

Hehe... my Ryan also say moon for the crescent shape. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Angel is indeed a smart girl. You must be really proud of her eh?

Fussy mum said...

Angel just turned 2yo, right? Happy Birthday to lil' Angel!!!

She's progressing very well at her age. Well done and mummy has done a good job so far :)

sting said...

ohhh... she's pretty fast ya... bravo to lil angel! :-)

Esmeralda said...

Any video? Must be real cute lar! When I see her must ask her to recite for me yar... kekekeke... so bad ah me!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Great achievement!~

Serene said...

Ya ya, i totally agree with you. FUN is very important. Angel is a smart girl, looking foward for more achievement from her.

MeRy said...

Good job, is a great achievement.

Mummy Moon said...

Oh, she is doing very well! Smart girl, Keep in up!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

All the big effort from mommy and daddy definitely worth it...See, now Angel is so smart and clever in indentify the shape and colours.

MommyAngel said...

Merryn, wow … you still consider you are not rajin enough ah? Hahahaha ……. Anyway, I am glad to be a SAHM and go through all this development stages together with her. I feel really contented actually, not only about her development but I am happy that we get to do this TOGETHER!! Thanks for your encourage comments and we jia yu together ya :)

Cath, thanks a lot dear :)

Yugene, thank you so much!! Not that many that she knew but I will continue to work into that :)

Ummi, I am glad to know that Habibati is progressing well. Oh … talking about phonics, I am scratching my head now too, I really need to polished up myself before I can get on with Angel. Ah well, just trying our best la ….. what to do? LoL

MumyGwen, ya …. I think learning through play not just important for kids but for mommies as well. I really can’t stick with those boring books for long, story books still ok as I love readings but definitely not academicals books :( I am still having my nightmares about them :(

Anggie, thanks :)

Rahcel, thanks for the wishes girl :) Appreciate it very much :) *hugs*

Agnes, thanks for the birthday wish :) Ya …. I think learning from real life object is easier and will remains longer in their brains too as as their memories is being refresh everyday. But I do hope to cultivate the good reading habit in Angel too coz hubby don’t like book at all and he regrets that very much actually. You will see him walking left and right in a bookstore if I were picking books for Angel coz not 1 single book that he is interested, so kasihan to see him like that, not even newspaper he likes. Cham la …..
- ya, no need to rush Chloe into Abc or 123 if she is not interested coz different kid, different way of learning. Forcing will not help much, it will just turn them away from books more. Actually I think Chloe is progressing more then well, she is really a smart girl like I have told hubby about how chatty and cute your little Chloe is and can’t wait for Angel to talk (smart talk) like her too :)

Queenie, thanks for the birthday wish :)

Doreen, hahahaha …. Ya, it’s Angel birthday 2 days ago and thanks for your wish dear :)

Healthy Freak Mommy, She is not that smart actually, she has poor memory but I am grateful that she is willing to learn :) Thanks for your kind words dear :)

Fussy mum, Thanks for you wish dear :) And thank you for your motivation for me too :)

Sting, thanks :)

Esmeralda, Hhhmmm …. I think I’ve got the video (I am not sure) but I think not a good one lo, nvm hor …. Anyway, will go and find first to see whether can see her reading or not la then I will pose it up here

PeiWun, thanks.

Serene, hahahaha …. Ya lor, FUN is very important coz I can’t stand books all the time too. Stories book still ok la.

Mery, thanks dear.

Mummy Moon, thanks for your kind words gal :)

JT, oh …. I am glad that at least she knows them now more interesting for me to play games with her now and a lot more activities that I can done with her now :)

Kristie said...

it's funny... i thought i already commented yesterday on this post... but didnt see it? that's weird.... :)

anyway, i was saying it would be nice to hear angel speak those words in her baby voice, sure damn cute!

well done angel dear!

MommyAngel said...

Thanks for your nice comments Kristie, if Angel reads this, she will be so happy :)